An Angel In The Moonlight!

Angel was lost in the Shanlinxi Nature Reserve not so far from Taichung high in the forest and clouds.  It was approaching dusk and she was afraid, she seemed to be surrounded by massive Cypress Trees and could not find a path back.  In less than an hour it would be dark and she did not really want to spend the night in the cold and dark place as she cried out for help.

Finally a voice from behind the Cyprus trees responded but she could see nobody – finally she saw him perched up in the branches of one of these massive trees.  She was filled with hope as he came down and introduced himself as Jack Spencer. He was an african american and built – she could see that by the outline in his pants crotch area.

Jack told her he was a photographer and they walked together – she could not help but visualize her fantasy about being with a black man in her mind.  Finally, it was dark but they came across a pool of water and it was not long before she was in the pool and he was photographing her. He then came into the pool and they had hot sex together.

She fell asleep on the side of the pond when the Park Rangers found her.  When she recounted her tale they explained that Jack Spencer had died ten year earlier from falling from one of the Cypress trees whilst photographing the monkeys.  Read about this erotic supernatural tale set in near the Blue Dragon Waterfall Taiwan…..

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