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Today, I reviewed the We-Vibe Application, as it is something I sell daily as a feature to my customers. But here is a confession; I have owned a We-Vibe 4 for over a year and I have never downloaded the We-Vibe Application! I don’t really know why I haven’t downloaded it! So today, I downloaded the application to find out for myself how good it is. The download process couldn’t have been more simple, I just found the free program in my mobile’s application store and pressed the download button! Even though the application is completely free this doesn’t stop me from my negative thoughts. I am a harbinger of doom by nature and I always think I am about to be ripped off.
Application to Control We-Vibes
Application Review We-Vibes
Before I opened the program to explore all the features, I always read the product review’s online. Thank goodness I read the first reviews, it tells me the customer is thoroughly pissed off because she bought a We-Vibe on the premise that her boyfriend could control it from overseas. Instead, she found the application could only work when he is no further than 10 feet away!  Normally I would feel a comforting tinge of self-satisfaction that ‘Yes!’ the application was indeed rubbish, just as I had predicted but no, not this time. This time I am completely mortified because I am the one who has told god knows how many customers what a great idea it is! I am then reminded that instructions can sometimes be difficult to follow, and perhaps I should stop reading and try it out for myself.
The purpose of the IOS and Android mobile application is to be able to control We-Vibe compatible toys from anywhere around the world. Whether your partner is in a completely different room to you or they are on the other side of the planet, the app is still usable no matter your location. It also enables you and your partner to get creative with inventing new patterns of vibrations, timings, and intensities that you can save to your application for future use. There are many modes to choose from within the app some of which are not available when the toy is used on its own. Other great features include; Each motor can be independently controlled; Face to face chat options, and it displays the products battery life.

In theory, your smartphone and the We-Vibe don’t have to be close together to work.  The easiest way to play is via Bluetooth, couples hoping to use it over long distances can send a private code which allows a partner to control the device.  The downside to this is that there is no element of surprise, it is something that you both have to arrange. The device then has to pair up and you have to wait for it to vibrate a couple of times so you know there is a connection. Your partner has to request control and you get 30 minutes to get ready.
When I was using the application in the same house, as the We-Vibe I had absolutely no problem getting the application to work really well with Bluetooth. But I would be lying if I didn’t tell you, I seem to be one of the exceptions. I have heard from both customers and read online that once the toys are being used, during sex particularly, the connection is easily lost. Then there begins the dance back and forth between the application and the device trying to get it to pair up again. You can use the application as an alternative We-Vibe remote, is the preferable method for using the remote that is packaged with the toy. I found with the remote I had to be a foot away from the toy. I am afraid, I couldn’t get the app to work successfully at a distance via the Wi-Fi option at all.
What the application is really good at though is personalising your vibrations with simple steps. The application is so simple that you are almost disappointed when you first look at it because it has so few options, but that is as it should be, you are operating a vibe not landing a plane. You can add as many vibration modes into your personal vibe setting with their own independent times and synced motor intensities. For example, you could set the Pulse vibration for 20 seconds with an intensity of 1, followed by the Echo vibration for 30 seconds with an intensity of 2, followed by the Bounce vibration for 3 minutes and 21 seconds with an intensity of 10. Follow these steps to personalise your vibrations:
  1. Write a name for your new mode.
  2. Select the vibration mode you want.
  3. Select how long you want the vibration to last.
  4. Adjust the intensity.
  5. Adjust the two motors separately.
  6. Adjust the order of these vibrations by dragging and dropping them.
  7. Press play on the app. The vibrations will scroll across the screen like sheet music that you’ve written to help you reach a ‘climax’.

I found the application to be really simple to install and use with endless possibilities. It should be perfect for long-distance couples, couples who are too horny to get through the work day or even those who just want to play around in public together without anyone noticing. I discovered it can be used as an alternative remote more option and it is much more reliable. The application name and logo give nothing embarrassing away for when your phone is inevitably borrowed by a friend or family member. The face to face option is really fun and even if you can’t get the toy to connect you can still chat with each other and have fun trying. There is a small window with graphics on what the toy is doing too so it’s like a three way chat.

I don’t know enough about the world of technology to know whether the things that are wrong with the connection are my fault, the toy’s fault, the applications fault or the Internet’s fault. There are a lot of variables when you think about it and that is why I am not writing this application off. The jury is out on this one though and I would love to hear peoples success stories.
Emily is a consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Kogarah.
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