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The adult industry has always embraced new, revolutionary technology that is always being updated. Sex Virtual Reality was one of the first uses to embrace High Definition and 3D technology. With sex toys like the We-Vibe being mobile friendly and Lelo Wave technology with its “come hither motion” that massages the G-Spot which is integrated in their latest sex toys, they are all definitely a step forward in technology advancements. So it shouldn’t be surprising that these days the adult industry is looking to offer people a new a way to experience sex toys and pornography. As such, the adult industry is looking to capitalize on the latest technological trend especially Sex Virtual Reality. You might have seen the ads or the news but more and more companies are revealing and releasing their versions of the virtual reality headset, you can even get Samsung’s Virtual Reality bundled with their new phone now.

Virtual Reality is here and it’s growing in popularity by the hour. The Oculus Rift is the newest Virtual Reality headset to be released and already there is loads of Virtual Reality porn to watch with it.  Virtual reality is the most immersive way to watch porn and it’s obviously in crazy demand but what if you could have that immersive feeling……and actually feel it? Sounds amazing right? Well, what If I told you that there are toys that exist right now, that actually work in conjunction with Virtual Reality. It’s true, there are already a few toys already released that take advantage of Virtual Reality but I know that in time there going to be much more while get better and more exciting.

What I love about Virtual Reality is that the experience confuses your body into thinking you are actually there. So if you are placed in a rollercoaster and you are standing up using the Virtual Reality machine, your body will naturally try to compensate with the movements and you end up losing your balance. The same can be said about Sex Virtual Reality, your brain won’t naturally be able to tell the difference between reality or fiction and will react according to the visual sensations.

The Matrix
Photo: Sex Virtual Reality – The Matrix


My favorite thing that I’ve have seen while doing research is what Tenga is doing, they have created a 3D Sex Virtual Reality machine!!!! YES, you heard right, Tenga have made a masturbator that actually has sex with you.

How this one works is that the user simply wears the goggles, straps the device to his/her chest while sitting or lying down and allows a character of his or her choice to do the pleasuring. The character will respond to your own real-life movements and actions. Not only does it stimulate the male penis ……hand free and in many different angles and positions but it has a squeezable bust, so you can also feel the breast of the character your viewing. I’m honestly shocked that this exists in the most positive way possible. This device has delivered the future of safe, exploratory sexual relations in a virtual reality – the only problem is that some owners will struggle to ever leave the house again.

VirtualrealPorn and lovense are collaborating in where lovense will be integrating their Bluetooth enabled toys with VirtualRealPorn’s limited (but growing) category of porn.  What this means is when you’re watching Virtual Reality porn the masturbator (fleshlight and rabbit) is synchronized with the video,  so it vibrates and squeezes to simulate real sex, this is supposed to trick the brain and think it’s real.  Lovense isn’t alone though, over in japan there is a Virtual Reality male masturbator that has actually already been released. Its called the BKK cybersex cup and it is a fancy matte black fleshlight type sex toy that not only has the ability to detect your motions but also translate your thrusts and jerks into the virtual world, which you view through a Virtual Reality headset.  In this virtual world is a animated character that you can actually customise with different looks and clothes.

The potential and possibility of Sex Virtual Reality excites me, I have used a Virtual Reality headset about once or twice in shops and my initial reaction was  “WOW” and it seems like that reaction is  the same with so many others, so to be able to have that ‘WOW’ feeling when watching porn would be incredible and I can’t wait to experience it myself one day.