All The Things You Need To Know About The Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring !!

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Sensuelle is a sex toy range created by Novel Creations. The Sensuelle range is dedicated to all the must have sex toys that are essential to have within your drawer for wild nights of passionate sex or solo masturbation. They have everything from cock rings, bullets, rabbit vibrators, mini butt plugs and g-spot stimulation. Sensuelle offers a 1 year warranty with their products and they are made with exceptional quality. The Sensuelle range is so good, that our customers at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre’s love them whenever we show it to them and they are one of our highest selling products in the store. The Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring is no exception to this rule.

Let me start with a brief explanation of what a cock ring does. A cock ring is a couple sex toy which traps the blood flow in the penis. The trapped blow flow allows the pressure in the penis to hold, meaning it gives you a stronger, firmer erection that you can hold for longer lasting sex. To make it couple friendly, there are two bullets on this cock ring and on the silicone that is stretched over them is a textured area to provide extra stimulation. One vibrating bullet is to stimulate the man’s balls which will make his orgasm grow ten folds. This can be quite exciting for a man who has never experience vibration on his balls before. The vibration can also gently travel through the penis. There is also a vibrating bullet to stimulate the woman’s clitoris. This is exceptionally stimulating, especially is she thoroughly enjoys clitoral orgasms. Most woman can have clitoral orgasms much easier than g-spot orgasms.

You can use the Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring during any type of sexual intercourse. You can use it when you are masturbating. You can use it during any type of penetrative sex whether it’s anal or vaginal. You can also use it when you are receiving or giving oral sex. You can also add it onto a harnessed or strapless dildo. You can also place it on a sex toy that doesn’t have a clitoral stimulation to turn it into a rabbit. You can place the cock ring around their testicles so that the cock, testicles and also their perineum will be stimulated.

Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring


What makes the Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring so popular is not the ring itself, but the bullets that come with it. They can be taken out of the ring and used separately but where would the fun in that be! Well, you could take out a bullet and place it her clitoris or nipples after all Nu Sensuelle sells their bullets separately to just for that reason. These bullets are 7 functions, but Sensuelle is well known within the industry to provide bullets that harness a lot of extra power, in fact, it’s an instant seller once I put one of the bullets in a customers hand in the store, imagine what the two bullets do. The bullets are completely rechargeable also meaning that you will not have to worry about running to the store to get batteries or even wasting your month on batteries for them because they are charged by a USB cable, also making the fantastic travel companions.

The Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring is a quiet sex toy too, so you don’t have to be worried about other people hearing you enjoying your pleasure session. These rings are phenomenal, not only for the fact of their power, or their quality but their ability to be used in so many different situations making them a toy of value. Nothing beats a toy that is versatile, it allows you to focus on having fun instead of going to the draw every 3 minutes to see what else there is to stimulate your self and your partner. The Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring comes in black or clear.

Nu Sensuelle Double Action Bullet Ring can add a lot of fun and experimentation into the bedroom. You just have to think about all the things you can do and try them out to see if you enjoy it. Novel Creations the creators of Nu Sensuelle always impress me with their high quality products, I would feel very happy to have a drawer full of their adult products.







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