Penis Plug Your Urethra Will Love!

Massicho Vibrating Uretheral Sound 375mm x 10mm Sex Toy

Over the last 20 or so years penis plugs as a sex toy have really become easily accessible into the booming sex world.  There are a multitude of different penis plugs now available on the market with a size and shape to suit everyone.  Using a urethral plug is not for everyone but certainly those into tattooing, piercings and branding have embraced the use of them as the final piece of body art to their masterpiece. Most plugs are said to be made of medical grade surgical steel which is technically is 316L Stainless steel and it is used as surgical steel equipment or body pins and other implants.  Realistically most plugs are made of 316 Stainless Steel the only difference being that 316L has a lower carbon content.   Both are suitable materials for a penis plug and if cared for properly are hygienically safe.

Penis Plugs from Hells couture

It is important to buy your plug from a reputable store.  Most penis plugs are handmade so slight differences will occur in sizing.  It is also essential that you check any plug purchased to ensure that there are no rough bits or shards as they may cause harm or injury and this includes checking it before and after every use. For the first time user, the use of a penis plug as a sex toy is not as intimidating as it sounds. For a novice user it may seem daunting but honestly there is no real pain in inserting the plug into the urethra.  Some first time users says it sort of stings a bit but there is no real pain.  Any pain experienced is over compensated by the gain in pleasures that can be experienced.

Before we start going through the many types of penis plugs available the first thing to explain is there are two types of plugs.  A solid plug or a hollow plug.  Plugs can also be referred to as wands or sounds but generally these are larger in length.

A solid plug is recommended for first time or casual users. As the name suggests the plug is solid but that does not limit the variety of different designs or sizes a solid penis club can have.

A hollow plug is generally for the more experienced users.  As the name suggests the hollow plug has a channel hollowed through the center of the plug.  This allows the wearer to keep it on for longer periods and also allows it to be worn during sex, masturbation or urination.  All three of these actions whilst wearing a hollow penis plug can excite and validate a penis plug being a sex toyThese types of penis plugs are fun to use, due to their difference

A penis plug also known as a cock plug is a piece of jewelry that is used as a male sex toy.  It is inserted through the head of the penis into the urethra and for me heighten arousal during masturbation and sex.  The plug is usually made out of medical grade stainless steel so that it will not rust and is easily to maintain its hygiene. Penis plugs come in all different sizes and colors – and these days may also come in different material but I believe medical grade steel remains the best.   When I started experimenting I started with a beginner’s or starters penis plug which was a shorter plug about 7mm in thickness with a small curved handle at the base.  This handle allowed easier control of maneuverability of the plug as well as giving confidence that it would not be inserted too far. Most penis plugs are 8-10mm wide and around the 70mm in insert-able length.  Anything larger than 100mm in length are known as a penis wand or medical sounds.  These days penis plugs come in all different styles and even materials – however I believe the medical grade steel ones are the best and most hygienic.

The natural reaction of urethral muscles when something is inserted is to try and expel it.  One method to keep the plug in the penis is to wear a glans ring.  I prefer to use a tapered cock plug that causes the urethral muscles to form around the plug rather than expel it.  When I first started using penis plugs as a sex toy I preferred solid ones.  After using them for some time now I have graduated to what is termed as a cum thru or hollow plug.  As the name suggests the plug is hollow in the center and it allows the wearer to ejaculate when having sex or masturbating whilst keeping the plug in.  This has the effect to me of restricting the semen during ejaculation which intensifies and lengthens the time I come.

The cum thru penis plug also allow you to wear it during the day for extended periods and go to the toilet and pee with it in place.

How would I describe the increased arousal and heightened sensations caused to the urethra when using a penis plug whilst masturbating?  Well to put it into a few words – it is like having sex inside out.  To explain that description when you have sex without a plug the most intense feeling you get are on the head and shaft of penis – when wearing  the penis plug as a sex toy the sensations is far more intense on the inside of the penis rather than outside.