True Beginners Guide to Penis Plugs!

First Time Penis Plug User


Choosing a penis plug  can be a bit daunting the first time but what is even more intimidating is when you take it home and you are ready to use it the first time.  A mixed wave of emotions comes over you as you anticipate in your mind what it is going to feel like that your bodies natural defense gives you phantom sensations.  Do I go through with it or was it just a silly idea?  One dreamed up by some marketer who knows nothing about the urethral joy you want to experience and is only interested in selling you a $30 or $40 piece of metal.

Well let us go a little way to allay those fear and go through a step by step tutorial on how to insert a penis plug that very first time.  First up, a penis plug or wand or medical sound in most cases is a piece of surgical steel that is inserted into the urethra that may, or may not, result in sexual stimulation and play.

Beginners Cock Plug
Choosing a Plug

Lets start off with saying your first attempt should be with a smooth, perhaps slightly tapered plug of no more than 100mm in length.  Do not listen to those that say it should be the slimmest size as this may cause a piercing that will be very painful and may require medical assistance.  A good safe thickness should be 4-8mm to start.  Now, for gods sake, purchase one from a reputable shop – do not look around the house for a knitting needle or screw or something else to insert into your urethra.  Look after your urethra, it is a very sensitive part of the body and if you do the things I am going to divulge to you now, it may also derive you great pleasures.

There are a multitude of different plugs in the market but you do not want to start with a silicone one, or a wavy one, or a dominating sound of over 200mm in length.  Lets keep it simple for the first time.  So we have adequately covered the basics, so lets get into the nitty gritty.

Coming From The Inside Out

You have heard all the wonderful things about cock plugs and the fabled ‘cumming from the inside out’ and your curiosity now has the better of you and it is time for you to experience this ‘holy grail’.  Well settle down a bit mister, a bit more work goes into it than purchasing the first plug you see and stuffing it down your cock that will make you reach your new sexual nirvana.  See perhaps you did not realize this but  those that have experienced this majestic sexual enlightenment are/were not newbies.  They took the time and effort to learn how to carry out their cock-stuffing in a safe and enjoyable manner first, and you must do too.  There are no short-cuts.

To achieve the incredible ‘cumming from the inside out’ you need to possess a hollow or cum thru or pee thru plug.  All three are the same thing but those are the most common names for it.  To cum you have to have a hollow tubed cock plug so that your semen can pass through.  The inside out feeling is created because the flow of semen whilst ejaculated is hindered by the narrow channel and so as you climax a small amount dribbles through the opening and the remaining backs up into your urethral canal.  The more you ejaculate, the more semen goes up your urethra, creating that inside out feeling.

BUT, unfortunately for you newbies it is my humble suggestion that you use a solid plug first.  The solid plug should have a stopper, safe bend or flare at the end to make sure that you do not put the whole thing up your urethra and then have to rush to the medical center to have it removed.  I have a couple of recommendations for beginners plugs but the Ask Men Starter Penis Plug I feel is the perfect starter and you can pick it up for a measly $20AUD.  The link is from adultsmart but you can try and find it online somewhere else if you wish.

Starter Cock Plug
Beginners Penis Plug

This plug is safe, especially for a newbie.  You will notice that the tip is rounded, no sharp edges and the plug is slightly tapered. The end is curved so you will never have a problem with it going all the way in.   The handle gives you greater control for bringing it in and out.  This to me is the perfect training plug as it cannot be inserted to deeply or to shallow.

So you have taken my advice and gone out online or to your local shop and purchased the Ask Men Starter Penis Plug and have unwrapped it, looking it and asking what now?  Don’t worry my friend I am not going to leave you in the lurch.  As promised here goes my step by step guide –


When you receive your product have a look at it, feel it to ensure that it is smooth, there are no irregularities or sharp bits on it.  Trust me you must do this as most penis plugs are hand-made and although it has never happened to me I have heard of someone inserting a penis plug and slicing their urinary tract.  You don’t want to explain that one to the doctor.  This step should be followed each and every time you use a plug (even one you have already used) as it may have dropped and a dint or ridge may also cause damage.



Once you have made sure that the plug is safe to use give it a wash using an antibacterial toy cleaner or placing the plug in boiling water.  This will be going inside you so it is essential to make sure it is sterile.

Say NO to Urinary Tract Infections!


If you placed it in boiling water let it cool down, although many people prefer to slip the penis plug in whilst it is still warm.


Bring out the lubricant.  Many urethral insert enthusiasts carry on about getting a Surgilube, or only use water based lubricant.  These are great lubricants don’t get me wrong but if you like extended play the urethra actually absorbs water so you will be regularly having to re-lube.  I personally use Superslyde which is a silicon lubricant, however many say that using silicon lubricant may cause a UTI.  It has not with me but it may with others, so I will allow you to make your judicious decision on that one.  However, to start with use the water based ones.


This to me is as important for a newbie as step one.  Put on some of your favorite beats, relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts as you put some lube on, and if you can in the eye of your penis.  DO NOT FORCE IT.  If it does not go comfortably…relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts….  Once your are lubed up lube up the insertible shaft of your plug…


Take it slow…. Did you hear me??? SLOWLY!!!! Slowly slide it down the eye of your pee hole.  If you have relaxed enough and you are doing it slowly it should slide in with no resistance and little or no discomfort. If you force it I almost guarantee you will never do it again and you will think that all of us that love this male sex toy play are nuts.  I got news for you, we are not nuts, and you are a chump for not following these steps that will addict you to this fantastic fetish.  I cannot stress this enough, if you experience resistance or it is feeling very uncomfortable STOP and .relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts….

I liken this step is a bit like breaking your virginity and if you do it right the first time you will enjoy it and every time after that will be better and you can begin your urethral explorations.


Now you have inserted the plug into your urogenital canal, sounded professional I did then (pat on back whilst LOL).  You will be feeling aroused but probably have not got a full erection.  Starting very slowly begin to pull the plug out (if you have the Ask Men with the handle) and insert again slowly.  Do this, you can slowly pick up the pace, but being a first time user not too fast – you will have plenty of time to experiment at a later date.  Ensure that you are comfortable and experience no pain – for a novice user I would limit it to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Pleasurable Cock Play
Urethral Joy


Remove the plug, check your pee-hole, if you can, go to the toilet and urinate.  The first time you do some cock-stuffing there may be some spotting in your urine.  This is common so do not stress as long as there is no pain or discomfort.   Clean and sterilize your plug.

Now That Wasn’t So Bad Was It?

Whilst you were stroking the plug inside your urethra you will probably have achieved a full erection.  You would have felt extremely pleasurable and different sensations to normal sex.  After you have urinated you will probably want to jerk off as it has turned you on.  All those things are fine but you must give yourself at least 24 hours before you try more penis plug play – this is for your safety.

The next day you can try 7 minutes, and the next 9.  Slowly work yourself up to the level that you are most comfortable and enjoy the most.  My advice is not to expand your penis plug range for at least a few weeks and more prudently a month.  Then it is time for the fun to begin.

Try the different penis plugs, cock wands, medical sounds until you find the style that best suits you.  You may enjoy masturbating whilst a sound is inside your urethra, or getting a hollow plug with a glans ring that you can cum thru (inside out), some men like to wear them whilst they are having sex and other wear them for extended periods.   This fetish is very adaptable to you and your needs. there are heaps of different penis plugs on the market.  There are solid ones, cum-thru, smooth, corkscrew, tapered, double ended, stepped and more for you to discover. You can even use them with your trusted fleshlight sex toy.

So there you have it.  Always remember cost is not always everything with these type of intimate products and buy from a reputable store.  Saving yourself $10 or $15 and ending up at the local hospital is no saving at all.

Be safe and be well!







The Story of The Penis Plug!

cock plugs

Man has always been trying to find ways to boost his sexual arousal, experience and satisfaction. This involves so many things, all working towards the same objective. Initially, sounding was entirely used for medical reasons but later, it was realized to be one of the best ways of penis sexual play.  Later, penis plugs were introduced. Penis plugs are surgical steel toys, some do come in silicone, that are usually inserted into the urethra for sexual stimulation. The urethra is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis and its stimulation is likely to bring about instant erections and sexual pleasure.Penis Plug KitThere are many toys used for urethral stimulation and if inserted accurately, they can trigger lots of sexual enjoyment and pleasure. Due to the sensitivity of the urethra, the plug penis should be inserted gently in a way that teases the urethra. Plugs are more dominant to any other urethral stimulation toys. Preferably, go for plugs with rings on the exterior so that it doesn’t slip. You must never let the plug to slip as you risk ending up in a hospital for its removal. Also, you must ensure that the penis plugs is large enough lest it slides into the urethra alongside the plug. The main consideration when using some of these toys is to ensure that you observe the highest standards of safety. If you are unsure on what to look out for, don’t hesitate to find out from the store you are purchasing from and read the product specifications.

The penis opening when the penis plug slides into the urethra and the plugs must be lubricated. Ideally, use packets of lubes as opposed to lotion. Doing this ensures that you don’t transfer any germs from the lotions especially if you have used the same for other sexual pleasures bearing in mind that most lotion bottles are used multiple times and are likely to pick up and store germs that you risk to transfer to the urethra and cause so many issues.

The timing of the insertion should be accurate for the best results. Penis plugs have to be inserted on a relaxed penis, which might be relatively tricky especially for first-time users. With some minimal experience and practice, it shouldn’t be such a scary activity after all. Ensure that the plug is clean before you insert it. In fact, make it a habitual practice to sterilize in hot water before and after use to kill any germs present. Furthermore, they shouldn’t be scratched as any minor scratch has the potential to damage your urethral linings, in the process messing up your penis play.

It goes without stressing that penis plugs cannot be shared. If by any chance one plug has to be used by more than one man, then it should be boiled in for about five minutes. Use a pot or glass pan which ensures that it is not scratched in the process. After cleaning, the plug should be placed on an equally germ-free surface. Handle them with gloves so that you don’t transfer germs from your hands to the gloves and into your urethra.

There are a significant amount of advantages of choosing a new plug penis toy. Those who buy themselves a penis plug may do so because they may have problems of impotency. Penis wands can be useful to a degree, because they can provide a form of stimulation and pleasure in ways that the penis is not usually accustomed to. For those with a Prince Albert piercing, they will have far greater variation of penis plugs that they can use, as some penis plugs can be attached directly to the piercing.  Females might have an ability to induce a multiple number of orgasms conclusively but rarely men. Nevertheless, the penis plugs can improve and protect your capability to sustain erections and experience new and unique ways to achieve a male orgasm.

Problems associated with unhappiness for women are usually that the men orgasms are faster and they generally come before the orgasms of women. You can learn to cease those ejaculation problems by using these types of plug penis, which in some ways can help. Another important thing to remember, is that even with erectile dysfunction issues, there a myriad of ways to enjoy sexual pleasure whether that be through manual stimulation or auto stimulation. In other words, even without an erection, couples can still have ‘sex’.

Men can get new forms of stimulation from the plug penis. Additionally a penis plug boosts ones sexual response; consequently, delaying ejaculation so that an extended amount of time can be granted to vaginal penetration – and this is achievable with a harder and more fuller penis. Guys read on. The penis plug can offer further self confidence in being sexual intimate with a hard penis. An easy method to fix the lovemaking unhappiness is a new penis plug. Because penis plugs are increasing in popularity they’re becoming highly sought after and as such they’ve made thousands of unique and different types of plug penis in order to meet the requirements of prospective clients. This glorious tool can be shipped to a person after it is ordered on-line. You need to buy from a reputable online adult store that have an incredibly large selection of Penis Plugs, and urethral stimulators. You should be able to see a large variety of cock plugs to choose from where you can certainly find the precise penile stimulation and what you are looking..

A new penis plug can be personally be made or ordered to meet personal requirements. The primary functionality and use of these device are similar, but often it is varied and different from each other. Some of the more captivating and fun penis plugs are definitely the mini fucker penis plug with the opening, the plug cum stopper, the stopper thru hole, the comparable orgasm stopper and others including the dick stopper, the glans ring and many more. Names can sound painful but I guarantee that once you try a plug penis, you will always include it for your sexual pleasure. You can also visit online websites and read the different reviews on the different types. You can see how people experienced each type. This is a way that can help you decide on what penis plug to invest.

Find the perfect penis plug from the majority out there. Or else, marketing and advertising can help you purchase a variety of them and check out each one of them. Anyone is only able to make a distinction in operations and features when he is more experienced. The use of a plug penis is not only for solo masturbation but it can also be used prior sexual intercourse to give harder and fuller erections. Imagine feeling the stimulation inside and outside of your penis. It will drive you and your partner crazy.

There’s no finish to help looking for sexual joy; partners attempt various and impressive ways to get total satisfaction.  Usually, matrimonial couples need some time apart in order to truly appreciate each other and there’s certainly going to be dry spell periods Therefore, you may require some spousal / marital sex toys or merchandise, which includes the penis plug, to get you both out of a rut providing the required and necessary effects.

The particular prince’s magic wand (generally known as any penis plug) is really a life of appearance piercing jewellery. That includes a plug that has a threaded cover at the end. The tip is just like a new fair play enforcement nightstick. The facet at the top assists in supporting the length of the shaft. Your threaded top of the Penis plug, typically in the shape of a ball, is taken off to ensure the person could use the bathroom for ejaculation or pissing while not having to eliminate the wand. A significant amount of penis plugs are locked in position with a Prince Albert piercing, however there are an equal amount of penis plugs that require no piercing.

Don’t forget to always use the novice design and as you master the art and progress, you can get a more complicated design that is intended for more experienced men. Practice this art slowly and carefully and you will feel incredible.