A Sex Toy That Transforms!

sex toy that transforms

I was similar to a little child on Christmas day when I got involved with the PicoBong Transformer a multipurpose sex toy . When I look at this toy I feel really excited for one simple reason:

I see a blank canvas. I love the versatility and the option to make what you wish of the toy.

I feel as though this is one of the only gender neutral toys we have for several different reasons:

  • It doesn’t appeal to one sex over the other by using packaging/marketing ploys. Whilst almost every toy on the market can be used by both men and women, they tend to almost always advertise as male or female toys by using colours, fonts, overall packaging, or even just outright saying it. The Transformer comes in a black box with a simple design just underneath where the toy sits.
  • They come in “unisex” colours such as yellow which appeals to all.
  • The actual shape of the toy makes the possibilities for both men and women endless.
  • This toy is can be used in any type of relationship whether its her, him, her and him, him and him, her and her.  It is not gender specific.

The Transformer was bigger than I anticipated. The Transformer has two different ends which both vibrate, joined together by a stiff yet flexible cord that moulds the two ends into different shapes. It should be noted that the cord holds a lot of vibration as well. Made of silky smooth silicone, the Transformer is pleasant to touch. I reshaped the thing around briefly, playing with the different shapes it could make, and understood that bending it took a tad bit more effort than I first thought.

There’s not a ton of “give” which let me know that I was expected to move the toy into the sought after “shape” before I took it for a spin.

It has a instruction booklet, which included charts of the distinctive shapes the Transformer can make, however it didn’t demonstrate them on human BODIES of how those shapes are to be used. I found this a bit odd as some of the shapes I could not work out how or where they were to go. They should have provided more an IKEA style of direction booklet which would have helped a lot. The positions were named things like “Inquisitive,” which  didn’t help me in figuring out where the hell to put it. It would have been more helpful if they had a picture of the toy position with a depiction on a human – that said “How To Try ‘Inquisitive’. Insert one end in your but and one end vaginally” or something like that. You get the point.

I chose to begin simply. I put one end at my vagina entrance and rest the flip side against my clitoris for erotic sensation. Simple and easy. I turned on the toy and flipped through a couple of vibration settings until I discovered one that I enjoyed. I picked one that was relentless yet solid, and put a couple of drops of lubricant on the end before putting it in.

When it was in my vagina, I understood that the toy wasn’t curved right in place for the flip side to rub the clit. When I attempted to modify the toy to develop the free end higher, the wire was so hard to move and the toy exited my vagina. Each time I attempted to move it, I had to use both hands, and it began to slide out. Not conducive to a great sex session.  I wound up needing to take the toy out, turn it in an alternate position that seemed as though it would work better and re-insert it. It was irritating, without a doubt. At last I got it in the right position and then turned up the power. It certainly did the trick and I had an orgasm after about 5 minutes but not to the intensity that I have experienced with other toys.

PicoBong Transformer Review
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I took the toy out of my vagina and cleaned it off with antibacterial toy cleaner and then lubed it up both ends.  l easily and gradually inserted one end into my ass. Note: in case you’re not regularly one to attempt ass play, I wouldn’t recommend using this toy your first time. When I attempted to get the flip side into my vagina, each twist of the free end pushed the butt end further inside. As I was pushing the flip side into the vagina, it pushed the anal end deeper as they are connected to the same wire. I needed to use both hands to keep it from diving excessively deep.  Again rather annoying.

When the toy was in both my butt and vagina, I needed to change the vibration setting however the main issue is that the settings are on one end of the toy, which was at presently up my ass. Why would any toy keep the settings controls in an end that will be inserted? At long last, after a couple of minutes, I climaxed hard. What’s more as you know, when you come, you frequently move around a bit, which was risky for my butt-hole. I have a belief this toy would be WAY better with a male using it as a cock ring and prostate massger

What sex toys can the Transformer become?

  • Bend into a cock ring that can also be used simultaneously to stimulate the clitoris
  • Clitoris massager
  • G-spot stimulator
  • Prostate massager
  • Rabbit vibrator: As we are all well aware, no vagina is the same. So how can you ensure when you spend money on a rabbit vibe that its going to “fit” your body? Maybe its not a big enough gap between the clitoral stimulator and the shaft, maybe its too big of a gap? Maybe you have children and your body changes and your rabbit vibe is no longer comfortable or fulfilling… The transformer is completely unique in this sense as you can 100% guarantee you can make a rabbit vibe to suit your body. Bend and twist until you reach desired shape. This is the best thing about The Transformer.
  • Both partners can sit at either end of the toy and use the vibrator together on different body parts which is an interesting way to use it as a couple’s sex toy.
  • And many many more, the only limit is your imagination!

Advantages of the Transformer

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable
  • EXTREMELY versatile
  • Easy to use controls with cool functions, For example, Double click “m” button to go STRAIGHT to maximum power
  • 10 vibration modes
  • 1 year warranty
  • The Transformer comes with a USB charger in the box and is stored in a small enough/compact box that can be used for storage

Disadvantages of the Transformer

  • Isn’t extremely powerful – its more of a buzz then a deep rumble, however, the Transformer still packs a punch
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • The controls are on an end you insert
  • It is not easily reconfigured
  • When doing DP when you insert one end the other moves further in too

I think some people will love the Transformer from PicoBong but I personally am not a fan.  All the hype about it being revolutionary perhaps the designers could have thought a little more about it as the revolution does not come with ease of use. If there is a version 2 I hope that they address these issues and I give it a generous rating of 5 out of 10.  Not a keeper for me.

Author: Chloe and Sarah are consultants from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave