Ladies Can’t Get Enough Of This Womanizer!

Clit Sucker

I was very excited to receive my Womanizer from adultsmart for review as I had read about it and seemed like quite a novel idea for a sex toy. After searching for reviews on Baidu and other search engines, i discovered that the information surrounding the womanizer was a bit scattered. It is a clitoral stimulator designed to be used on the outside of the pumping action gently tugs the clitoris in it.

It is definitely not a vibrator

although it does vibrate and although there are many pussy pumps out there it is not exactly a pussy pump either – it is a hybrid to put simply. The toy cannot be inserted and is not designed to and the one thing that it should be it isn’t and that is waterproof. For me not being waterproof when it is sucking and vibrating round ones clit seems to be a major disadvantage – especially if you are a squirter.

The channel that is used to suck and vibrate around your clitoris is made of super safe medical grade silicone and is a light semi opaque colouring. It is completely late and phthalate free. The rest of the toy is made from a hard plastic and is shaped and contoured to fit easily in your hand. The silicone pressure head can be removed for cleaning and sterilizing that is a very good idea.

Before placing the pressure head over your clit I would suggest a little water based lube both for comfort and increased suction. It will allow your clitoris to be quickly and easily sucked into the chamber. The control buttons are easily accessible even when using the toy.

The Womanizer Oral Sex
Sex Toy: The Womanizer


Although cleverly designed the Womanizer is

not the most visually sensual sex toys around

looking almost like a doctors ear scope – so if you want your toys to look sexy this one is not it. However with 8 distinct modes of clitoral stimulation almost anyone will get off using it. One thing I wish they had done though is perhaps include 3 different sized suction heads as everyone’s clit is different and mine is exceptionally large so regardless of how much sucking this little device did my entire clit could not fit in the silicone head.

It is fully rechargeable through a usb cord that can be attached to most pcs or pda’s and is plugged into the base of the toy which is covered by a little cap. When it is charging a green light flashes and when it is completely charged the green light stays on. Fully charged it lasts for about two hours of continuous use.

The Womanizer is rechargeable and comes with the USB cord and a foreign adapter. The base of the toy has a little silicone cap that when removed, exposes the charging port. When it’s plugged in, a green light flashes just above the port. Once it’s completely charged (after a couple hours), the green light remains steady and the product is ready to use.

When you use the Womanizer you will discover that the vibrations are not really strong and that is specific to the design as any stronger would overpower the sucking sensations the sex toy provides. Put simply when you get the right mix of suction and vibration the experience is ethereal. The sucking sensation is not to strong to cause discomfort and is easily removed from the clitoris even whilst the device is still switched on. I reiterate that there should be at least three sized of pressure heads as my elongated clitoris did not fit in so I felt a bit ripped off that I could not have the whole experience.

The Womanizer comes in a nice box – nothing that you would think as marvelous but certainly adequate and both pictorial and written instructions. When you turn it on for the first time you will be surprised that it is rather noisy – not like a standard vibrator but more like a body wand – so it is not a toy to be used if you have neighbors with thin walls. I would described the sensations as that of someone giving me oral but concentrating on my clit, more sucking than liking. It is very specific the area it stimulates. Closing my eyes and concentrating on the sensations I was able to get off in a matter of minutes.

Is the Womanizer the best sex toy on the market? An emphatic No. Is it unique? An overwhelming, Yes. So if you are interested in having a unique experience the Womanizer Clitoral Pump/Vibrator is something you will want to try.



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