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JimmyJane is a sex toy brand who have been making high quality products for customers all around the world. I had recently noticed that they had made a product named the Iconic Ring which is a cock ring. I have been using cock rings for many years now with varying degrees of success. For me the tighter the cock ring, the better, as

I love the feeling of my engorged penis

getting harder and harder without allowing it to step or limp backwards. They help to give you an erection that will last longer as the blood flow can enter the penis making the penis harder and the biggest it can get. I love the feel that my shaft is so full of blood that it feels like it will almost explode and it hurts BUT it hurts so good. Vibrating cock rings are especially useful for those suffering from erectile dysfunction problems.

So I took a look at the JimmyJane Iconic Ring with a bit of trepidation as it was silicone and in my previous experiences silicone will not give me that almost bursting sensation in the penis as the flexibility allows the penis to dis-engorge. I like something with a much stronger silicone that allows slight stretch ability so its comfortable. However when it arrived I was surprised as it wasn’t a thin, flat strip with a vibrator attached to the top, it was a thicker, solid piece of silicone with small beveled grips on the inside with the vibrator well integrated at the top of the ring with little arms of plastic confronting the front intended to better animate your lovemaking abilities with your lover. The nodules are there to create friction when you are making love which will cause sex to feel even better than normal.

JimmyJane charges their Iconic Ring,

a piece of “The Usual Suspects” vibrator group,

as a without hands path for couples to share erotic sensation. It underpins double mode settings, weight touchy or steady vibration, is water safe and able to be used in the bath or shower and with all JimmyJane products comes with a one year guarantee.

Jimmyjane Cock Ring
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The JimmyJane Iconic Ring fit extremely well on my cock, it did everything an ordinary cock ring does well, confines the blood stream so that your erection endures somewhat more, and feeling a bit harder – perhaps not to my usual standards but better than what most other silicone rings will In any case, having the vibration mode on feels incredible, it’s sort of like having a great time of wagging your dick around – it was an extremely agreeable sensation.

So I invested some energy giving this a shot and discovered while it did excite me when it tried it on my partner in the missionary position it really didn’t do a lot for her. The vibrating head on the Iconic Ring doesn’t exactly reach up to her clitoris, so it didn’t really do it for her. We tried both the undulating mode and the consistent vibration mode and to her it didn’t have a lot of an effect, so for me, I kept it on steady vibration mode as that was the one I liked the most. Most individuals have different modes that they appreciate more than others, so on certain days I might like a completely different mode to another day.

We then attempted this in the doggy style position and the opposite cowgirl and found this gave intense anal stimulation but unfortunately for me my partner is not that into anal sex so it didn’t help matters in that department. Although when I switched the cock ring around, so that my testicles would feel the power of the vibrations, I was able to build up a strong orgasm. The good thing about the JimmyJane Iconic Ring is that you can use it as a hand held bullet vibrator. This means you can hold it between your fingers and place it on different parts of the body to stimulate pin point erogenous zones. For example, place it on someones nipples, clitoris, testicles, perineum or frenulum.

So to sum up my sex toy review, even though I usually prefer a more rigid cock ring I found the JimmyJane Iconic Cock Ring to do a great deal for me and finding the perfect vibration mode was actually quite a turn on. However to stimulate your partner it fell a little short of the mark. I will certainly use it again though and may even try it with some solo play.


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