Award Winning Superslyde Lubricant Does IT Again!

Sex friendly silicone lubricant
I had been suffering from a medical condition that caused my vagina to go dry, sexual intercourse had become very painful, and I could feel

a very unpleasant burning “down there”.

My husband and I were very frustrated as our sexual life was in real danger. I no longer had libido, only rarely, and when I did, I was reluctant about sex, because of the menacing pain it would bring. And I really was very afraid my husband would try to look somewhere else because of that.
So I have consulted many gynecologists, most of them said

it was a “minor issue”

and recommended lubricants! I had to look them in the eye and tell them they have no idea at what point this “minor issue” is affecting my life. Anyway I did as recommended. I purchased like at least ten different lubes, I tried many brands and types, silicone based, water-based, but none of them did the job. I even started considering some radical decisions, since my husband had became very irritated about the whole subject, and I became very uncomfortable with myself and my condition.
My self-esteem lowered, and I was always irritated. However, yesterday, and I can name her as she wanted the ladies at the SuperSlyde booth to know she recommended me, my best friend Beth spoke to me about an experience she had. Beth suffers from the same condition as me and we had been supporting pals in our misery condition. She spoke to me about our ‘minor-issue-that-is-ruining-my-sex-life’ thing. She whispered to me: ‘Sydney Sexpo, go there, and ask for the free Superslyde sample, you will thank me later!’ So I did as told, and to be honest I had no big expectations, since I had become an expert at ‘trying’; different lubes with no result whatsoever.
Superslyde Eros Aware Winner
Image: Superslyde – Eros Winner of Best Lotion & Potion
They gave me a small bottle, a very handy one and the friendly ladies there told me it is the best lube ever – well yeah I had heard that one many times before. I did like its good shape, but I told myself ‘hold-on, don’t get excited yet, you should wait till you give it a try; When I got home the first thing I noticed when I squeezed some of it into my palm was its too-watery consistence, not very common for a silicon-based lube. Most of it leaked through my fingers before I could apply it on my vagina. I made an internal note to myself not to use that much at a time, and to be more careful next time, if there would be any next time anyway.

Superslyde was a surprise

The second thing was a SURPRISE, a very pleasant, smooth, silky, sensation awakened, I dare say, my sleeping-beauty ‘down there’. I gasped when it first touched my skin. It was a very refreshing sensation, and only few moments later, I could not feel its presence at all, instead, I felt very natural and healthy, as if by magic I had recovered fully from my condition. No coldness, no stickiness, no more watery feeling, nothing, just a great refreshment in a very natural way.That night was really the best night of my life. I had almost forgotten how good lovemaking can be before using this lubricant. We made love all night, and there was no longer burning, no longer pain, and no longer itching. Instead, the act was very smooth and silky, and my husband was as impressed as I was. The other thing I loved about Superslyde is the fact that I didn’t need to reapply the lube every few minutes as was always the case in my previous attempts. On the contrary, this lubricant is actually long lasting and very fun. It was just like magic.
Compared to other products I had been using before Superslyde which used to stick to my skin, and just refuse to clean off, this lube is such a relief. To be honest, I’m not used to reviewing products I use, because I rarely get that impressed and really could not be bothered. But I promised Beth and the ladies at the Superslyde booth that I would leave a review on this site if impressed. But Superslyde did impress me a lot, and i thought i should tell others what i think about this great product. Hopefully this will save some other women’s sex-life, and bring back the joy they are looking for, which this lubricant did perfectly to me. And I’m intending to offer a very good gift to my friend Beth, and tell her a sincere ‘thank you’ for advising me on this. I really can’;t find enough words to describe my gratitude or my happiness, relief, joy, and all the improvements my life is witnessing now because of Superslyde.

Review written by Rosemary from Oh Zone Caringbah




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