Your Ultimate Guide to Pegging

Male Pegging

Maybe you’ve always been curious about pegging, or perhaps you saw the Broad City pegging episode, and it sparked your interest. It doesn’t matter what made you curious about it, you’re here and ready to give it a try. If your partner has given you the green light to try it, you’ve completed the first and most crucial step. But there’s more to pegging than just having a pegging chat with your partner. Now it’s time to prepare yourself and your partner. What do you need to do? Good question. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about pegging in this guide.


Talk to your partner about their boundaries

You two may have agreed to give pegging a try, but have you talked in more depth about it? Just because your partner gives you the green light, doesn’t mean you can whip out your harness and have a good time. There’s actually a lot of prep work that goes into this. Anal penetration requires communication. Talk about their boundaries and limitations, and go through the act itself, giving them an idea of how it works. If you can’t talk about this, then you’re not ready to try pegging.


Create a safeword

Whenever you’re trying something new with your partner, regardless of what it is, you need to have a safeword. A safeword gives you and your partner the ability to stop whatever it is you’re doing. Whether they’re feeling discomfort or pain, saying the safeword will stop everything at once. Many people use colors as safewords. For example, red means “stop now,” and yellow means, “I like this, but go easy.” By having an agreed safeword, your partner will feel more comfortable knowing they can stop the act at any time.


Learn about the male anatomy

Before you try pegging, you need to research and get to know the male anatomy. Everyone should have basic knowledge of their partner’s body. For your partner, you should know where the prostate gland, anus, and G-spot is. If you don’t know where these body parts are, pegging won’t be a comfortable experience for them. Plus, do some research about anal sex as well. You want to know what you’re doing.


Get the right equipment

You can’t peg unless you have the right equipment. No, you can’t use a cucumber from your fridge. Do your research and choose a beginner pegging kit which will include a dildo and harness; everything you need for your pegging experience. Choose a dildo that is of average size; you don’t want to scare your partner on their first pegging experience.


Bulk buy lube

When it comes to pegging, you need to use a lot of lube. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate which means it’s very dry. So, lather your strap-onup with some lube. If you’re not sure if it’s enough, add more. If you’re noticing the dildo lacks lube when you’re already inside of them, gently take it out and add more. If there’s not enough lube, it’ll be painful for them and can hinder the experience.


Don’t rush

You’re probably excited to try pegging out, but this isn’t something you can rush into. You need to work your way up to pegging. Before trying pegging out, it’s important for your partner to experience using a butt plug or finger in their anus. If they go straight into pegging without any previous experience, it won’t be comfortable for them. Start slow and let them get used to the feeling of a finger or small toy in their anus. Once they’re ready to move on, use a strap-on.


Let them set the pace

When it comes to trying out pegging for the first time, you need to let them control the pace. Yes, pegging is about changing power dynamics, but this is something new for them to get used to. They should control the pace, strokes, and depth. To understand what they like, let them move on the dildo and show you what they like. Always remind them to communicate how they’re feeling and whether or not they want it faster, slower, etc.


Experiment with different positions

If you’ve seen pegging porn, you’ll notice most of the receivers are in the doggy position. Though it’s one position you can try, it’s not the best for beginners. Cowboy position is great for the receiver when it comes to controlling the depth and speed. Another good position for beginners is having the receiving partner lay on their stomach, with the dominant partner entering from behind. After some practice in these positions, you can try doggy style.


Communication is key

When it comes to trying new sex acts, the key to success is communication. From beginning to end, you and your partner need to communicate with one another. Maybe he’s feeling pain or discomfort, but unless he expresses this to you, you don’t know. Before trying it out, make sure that you two can clearly and effectively communicate. If they’re not comfortable communicating with you, then that’s something you need to work on before pegging.


Pegging can be a great experience if you do it properly. Make sure you take your time when researching for pegging equipment, and focus on supporting and communicating with your partner. This is as new for them as it is for you.


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