7 Tips to Seduce the Straight Gay!

Gay Men with Straight Men

Many sexy men attract gay men and gays are disappointed when they find out that their target is a

‘straight guy’.

Though I’m going to be honest, if they’re interested in gay sex, they’re either not  comfortable with identifying as gay, or they’re a predominantly straight male who occasionally has sex with men. It can be very difficult to seduce a straight man and keep them interested as well. However, the odds can be increased very easily if you actually know how to use the correct techniques at a specific time. It takes a lot of practice and lots of self confidence to seduce straight men, but once you master the techniques, there will be no turning back. In this article you are going to learn seven techniques to seduce a straight guy.

Straight men who have intercourse with men, same-sex experiences aren’t about sentiment or sexual fascination, however they are about sexual and physiological excitement of relieving oneself with orgasming with another who’s male and open. They don’t sexually fancy or get stimulated by taking a gander at other men, just by the sexual demonstration to normally gain a sense of closeness. Their conduct may mirror a craving to examination, to take part in something that is unthinkable, or to express internal mental clashes including their sexual sentiments and wishes that have nothing to do with having a gay or indiscriminate identity.

Straight men who engage in sexual relations with men do as such for an assortment of reasons. Some have been sexually manhandled and are enthusiastically re-enacting adolescence sexual injury by male culprits; some find sexual discharge with another man more open; some have intercourse with men since it’s less demanding and requires less social abilities than those required to have intercourse with ladies; some are

“gay for pay”

and get money related prizes; some like the consideration they get from other men; some like butt-centric sex, which they’re generally excessively embarrassed, making it impossible to discuss or take part in with their female accomplices.

two men on beach

1  Start a Conversation:

The way you discuss things will make a huge difference in your success rate. Be humorous in your approach, but not aggressive. Always maintain eye contact. As the conversation progresses, attraction will eventually develop.

2  Talk Dirty with Him:

Dirty talk can spice things up. Get the guy to talk all about his sexual life and ask him about his satisfaction levels, discuss about the quality of sex and if he feels like there’s anything missing in his sex life. Try to show that there is something missing in his sexual life and that he needs improvement, which only you can provide.

3  Do Not Talk About Anal:

It is very important to avoid this topic as progressing directly to this topic can take the guy to a different level of negativity. Try to fire the guy’s imagination with lots of fantasies about sensual and erotic sessions, but do not indulge in too much explicit sex talk.

4  Avoid Kissing:

It is better not to kiss a straight guy as he might not like it. Kissing is not something that all men normally like. But if your man wants to, then try it.

5  Don’t Pressure Your Guy too Hard:

It is not advised to pressure your man hard, so let things happen naturally, and you both can enjoy it. Maintaining a gentle, yet seductive attitude is the ideal way to go. Being too pushy is often annoying.

6  Be Yourself:

Don’t gay it up, or gay it down. This can be really negative, so never be anything but yourself with a straight guy. You must avoid faking it when you are trying to seduce straight men.

7  Relax and Take the Correct Approach:

One of the biggest dating mistakes gay men make is they shouldn’t be aggressive and don’t be straight forward in your behaviour. Try to attract attention by maintaining your distance but keep a shy eye contact at the same time to pass the message. When you are trying to seduce a straight guy, always wait for the guy to make eye contact with you first but make sure you are not staring straight at his eyes. Your body language should be very confident, which will eventually make the guy attracted to you. Once the first step is done, the guy will make the move himself and will often times approach you for a conversation.