Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

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Christoph Baum awoke at dawn to the ringing sound of his hotel telephone. He rolled over lazily and grabbed the receiver.

“Your wake up call, Mr. Baum. It’s currently 5:00am.”

Baum muttered back a hazy and tired “Thank you” as he rubbed his eyes.

“I hope you have a pleasant day, Mr. Baum”.

He could tell by the concierge’s slightly sultry voice that she must have been beautiful, his member stirred. He felt a surge of memories run through his mind, the ones which he tried to forget. He thought that if he ran away to a nice vacation in Singapore that would be far enough, turns out they followed him there to.

He came to Singapore from Vienna to put the pieces of himself that he still had left back together. To perhaps find new pieces to replace the ones that were taken from him by Cassandra. Christoph can still remember the shock when he came home from work early that day which was less then a month ago. He can still vividly hear the faint moan of another man from just behind the door that lead to his bedroom that he and Cassandra had shared for seven years. “Are my ears playing tricks on me?” he thought as he could almost make out that faint groan and the strange male voice who said “Keep sucking that cock Cassandra, you suck me so well”.

He can still feel the soft carpet under his nervous steps as he slipped his shoes off and crept slowly towards the door, hoping that those noises weren’t what he thought they were. After all, how could they be? They were in love. She would never do that to him.

He can still remember how warm the door knob felt against his now cold and clammy hand, wet with the sudden sweat of worry. He will never forget what his eyes saw when he slowly pushed the door open. The love of his life on her knees, her lovely shapely ass pointed towards him, her long blonde hair bobbed vigorously as she knelt in front of the strange man who stood with his head thrown back in ecstasy. Christoph could just barely see Cassandra’s full vibrant lips wrapped around the hard cock as she bobbed forward to take the last few inches of him into her mouth.

Christoph couldn’t control himself, he let out with a loud gasp and shouted “What the hell is going on? Who are you? Cassandra, how could you?”

Cassandra and the strange man both suddenly became painfully aware that they had been caught, she let out a short scream and fell back onto the floor. The strange man grunted as he fell back in the other direction on to the bed and reached for the nearest pillow to cover himself with.

“I want you out of this house. Now!” Christoph could still hear himself as he ordered the strange naked man who crawled around the bed who searched for his clothes that had been sprawled across the room.

Christoph snapped back to the current moment, he did not want to think of the rest. He had resolved to not live in the past anymore.

Brunette Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singaporean Woman – Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

He was determined to have a good time in Singapore and to forget everything that had happened to him. In an attempt to create a new post Cassandra life, to build memories that didn’t involve her. What better way than to jet off to some beautiful place like Singapore and kayak around all the beautiful little islands.

“Which is it today?” he wondered. He walked over to the table and grabbed the pamphlet of the guided kayak tours. “Looks like today is an early morning guided tour of Pulau Sekudu, I hope there aren’t too many people taking this tour. I hate when they’re overcrowded” He wandered off to the bathroom to brush his teeth and prepare for the day.

Christoph made it out to where he was supposed meet his tour group, near the Chek Jawa visitor center. He was the only person there. It was now 6:45am, he was fifteen minutes early but normally by then there are at least a few early birds. He sat on a nearby bench and looked out over the water, he could see a few tall rocks off in the distance that poked through the haze of the morning fog. He wondered if that was Pulau Sekudu and what natural beauty the rest of the fog had hidden. It was now 7:55am and still there was no one there. He began to wonder if he had gone to the wrong place. Just as he was about collect his things and head back to the hotel, he saw a car drive towards him. It stopped and the driver’s door opened, and out stepped the single most beautiful woman Christoph had seen in years.

She had shoulder length brown hair that framed her face beautifully. Her deep brown eyes cut through Christoph as if he were made of paper, he immediately felt an attraction to her. She had a mouth that was curled in to a sort of permanent sultry and mischievous smile. She wore a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. Even with all that extra cloth that enveloped her, he could tell that her body was curvy in all the right places and that she had long seductive legs. Christoph hoped that she wouldn’t plan on staying on the beach in those baggy garments for long. He could feel his cock swell as he imagined her remove the oversized sweatshirt to reveal what must be a stunning body.

Christoph’s prayers were suddenly answered as she reached for the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her head, off of her body. As she pulled the excess cloth away from her body, she revealed the luscious golden brown skin of her stomach and chest. Her bright red bikini top contrasted against her perfect skin. Christoph could see the faint suggestion of toned abs leading from the top of her sweatpants up to her bikini top. He eyed the fire engine red bikini top outlining her perky and shapely breasts, he could see two nipple outlines sitting perfectly on top. After she threw the sweatshirt into the front seat of her car, she bent over slightly to remove her sweatpants, her back now towards Christoph. She pulled the sweatpants down over a divinely shaped ass, barely contained by the tightly fit matching fire engine red bikini bottoms. She wiggled her ass slightly as she worked to get her sweatpants off her long and seductive legs. With tight thighs tapering down to petite ankles. Christoph crossed his legs to hide the otherwise obvious erection that had developed in his swim trunks. He wondered if she was also going to be on the tour of Pulau Sekudu, he desperately hoped she would be.

She grabbed a kayak paddle out of the backseat of her car and casually walked up to Christoph, as if she is completely unaware of the vast amount of lust that she inspired in him. “Are you here for the 7:00am Pulau Sekudu kayak tour?” she asked with a big smile.

Christoph simultaneously felt his cock throb and his mouth suddenly go dry, all he could manage to say was a quick “Y… yes”.

Brunette Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singaporean Woman – Christoph and the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide!

“Good” she said “Looks like it’s just you and I then. I never really get many signups for the early morning tours, but it’s my favourite time to get out on the water. Much more peaceful, and private. Gives us a chance to really explore the islet. My name is Yang Li, what’s yours?” She smiled and extended a hand.

“I’m Chris… Christoph” he choked out again. He was taken by her confident energy and the raw sexuality of her body, he hoped that a sudden violent gust of wind would come and undo the knot that held her bikini top on to her and would expose the beauty beneath.

“Nice to meet you Christoph” she said and smiled that heart stopping smile. She motioned him towards the shore. “Let’s get in the water, shall we?”

They each selected their kayak and got it on the water, as she climbed over the side of her kayak he caught another peek at her perky ass. As they pushed off from the shore she listed facts about their destination. “Pulau Sekudu translated into English is ‘Frog Island’, it stems from an old folklore tale wherein…” Christoph found his thoughts had drifted back to thoughts of Yang Li’s naked body, his thoughts had become bolder. He imagined her mouth full with his cock which heavily throbs. Her beautiful thin lips caress the shaft of his cock as her delicate hands massage his balls.

He’s suddenly pulled back to the present moment by Yang Li’s voice repeating, “Christoph? Christoph?” He shook his head to clear out the thoughts but they would not leave. “Did you hear what I asked? I repeated myself a few times”. She floated her kayak over to Christoph’s and asked “Are you okay? You’ve seemed out of it this whole trip”.

“Yeah… I’m fine, I’m just uhh” Christoph couldn’t think of an end to that sentence that would make sense.

Now with her kayak right next to Christoph’s. She looked into his eyes, then down to his crotch, then back to his eyes. She smiled sheepishly and said “It’s okay, I know that you’re attracted to me. I could tell since I got here. You were barely able to tell me your name, and you have been doing a very bad job of hiding that hard thing in your pants”. She giggled as she pointed to his obviously hard cock.

She then looked around to see if anyone else was in sight. There was no one there, she leaned in to him and whispered, “Look, there is no one around. Why don’t we get out of these kayaks, go on to the island and explore a little bit”. As she said this she slowly undid the knot which held on her tight fire engine red bikini top and let it fall off, her round perky breasts were now exposed. Christoph’s eyes devoured them, they looked even more amazing than he thought they would. Her hard pert nipples looked firm and Christoph could not wait to get his hands on them.

Yang Li turned her kayak towards the shore of the islet, parked it on the shore and got out of the kayak. She laid seductively on the sand next to her kayak. Christoph quickly paddled his kayak over and jumped out, unsure of exactly what to do. It isn’t every day that he is suddenly propositioned by a beautiful woman on the shores of a beautiful island. She giggled at his awkwardness and got up to her knees.

She winked at him and said “Come here and let me help you relax”.

Christoph sheepishly walked towards Yang Li, when he was close enough she reached for his swim trunks and pulled them down. His hard cock sprang out and throbbed. She caught it in her hands and stroked it gently.

“My, my Christoph. It seems you’ve really enjoyed our tour this morning” She kissed the swollen tip of his cock gently.

He moaned in pleasure and thrust his hips forward slightly so that the head of his cock pressed against her thin beautiful lips. She giggled and opened her mouth to receive his cock. Her mouth was warm and wet around his shaft. He quickly found out just how talented she was. She swirled her tongue around the underside of his cock head, he moaned and thought of just how lucky he was to have this beautiful Singaporean kayak tour guide suck him on the shores of a private islet. Between his feelings of intense pleasure and his reflection on just how lucky and rare this scenario is he couldn’t help but explode instantly in Yang Li’s mouth. She moaned and received his load. She swallowed and giggled. She laid down and patted the sand next to her to get Christoph to lay next to her.

“Did you like your trip today, Christoph?”

“Yes, unbelievably so” he said.

“Are you here tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yes” he said.

“I don’t have anyone signed up for my tours till noon tomorrow, want to take an extra-long trip and really explore the island?” she giggled.

“Yes please” he said and smiled not believing his luck.

“Look I have another tour starting in less than an hour – so let’s head back and tomorrow we can take our time and really get to explore!” she said. Christoph learned he would have any problems creating new post Cassandra memories in Singapore with the Pulau Sekudu Tour Guide. I was one lucky expat with an erotic Singaporean story to tell!





Her Private Invitation in Clementi, Singapore

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The invitation came in the way that she’d grown to expect them. At exactly 10:00am, a man in a dark suit knocked softly on the wall of Liya’s cubicle, a tiny space stuck in the middle of one of the Tower office blocks in the center of Clementi, Singapore. He slipped his hand into his pocket and wordlessly removed a small envelope. He handed it to her and she took it from him as her hands trembled.

“Thank you” she said softly. He said nothing, just nodded in acknowledgement and walked away.

Liya tried to force down the blush that had already crept up her neck. She glanced nervously around, but all of her nearby co-workers were busy at their computers, who had not paid any attention to her or the heated flush of desire that she wore like a scarlet letter. The envelope was not sealed. She opened it delicately to savour each second of exquisite anticipation. Inside, inked in his now-familiar hand were the words:

My place. 9pm. Dress to be provided.

She felt the arousal wash over her. She took a deep breath, then another as she tried not to think of the liquid heat that filled her every time she got one of those little envelopes. She put the card and the envelope back on her desk and walked down to the cooler to have a glass of water. That always seemed to help. Liya slowly walked back to her cubicle and tried not to smile or think of what would happen that evening.

The rest of the day went by in fits and starts, blurry hours of productivity, lazy minutes spent transfixed by the clock. She willed the time to be later. By 4:53pm she shut her computer down. At 4:58pm her purse was on her shoulder and at 5:00pm she was in her car. The drive home past Clementi’s famous steel truss railway bridge was uneventful, even though it was filled with the beauty of tropical scenery. She pulled into a parking spot and walked up to her apartment. The humidity sweltered around her, she barely noticed that her skin grew faintly damp on the brief journey from car to front door. Her preoccupied mind was focused on what she knew was inside. The key shook slightly as she unlocked the door.

It was the same apartment she’d left in the morning – same living room, same couch, same everything. But there was a large white cardboard box, four feet long by two feet wide, a foot high, that sat on the coffee table in her living room. She lifted the top off of the box. Inside, as expected, was a sheer, diaphanous black dress, cobweb-fine black lace panties and matching bra, silken thigh-high stockings and sumptuous black suede pumps.

She smiled as she looked at the clothes. Her fingers lightly brushed over them and her long lashes closed. She thought about how he him packed them, the delicacy with which he had folded them and how he arranged the tissue paper so that nothing would become wrinkled. She checked the clock, it was 6:34pm. It was easily two hours before she had to leave and the clock continued to crawl at what seemed like a snail’s pace. She ate some fruit and leftover satay as she watched some TV to distract her.

At 7:30pm Liya took a quick shower then left her chestnut hair to dry in long, loose waves as he liked it to be. Satisfied with her hair, she turned to her makeup, expertly highlighting her almond shaped eyes and flawless skin.

At 8:15pm Liya checked her reflection in the mirror for what seemed to be the millionth time. She began to pace, the dress flowed around her lithe frame, made of gossamer-fine silk that accentuated the sensual lines of her body. She forced herself to stop to drink a glass of water in an attempt to steady her nerves. She paced some more.

It was now 8:30pm. “Close enough” Liya thought as she walked out of her apartment, the heels clicked on the tiles of the entryway. She locked the door behind her, walked to her car in the sultry evening heat and drove to his place. She loved this drive; tonight was no exception. The lights of the city around her glowed brightly, it displayed the hustle and bustle of the busy hawker food stalls and wet markets busy with hungry patrons even in the sticky evening heat.

She pulled into his driveway, the tires of her car crunched on the gravel. She got out and walked to the front door, all thoughts of her everyday life disappeared with each step. It was open just a crack, she pushed it and the large, heavy oak door swung easily on its hinges. She walked into the large front hall and closed the door behind her quietly.


Business Man in Chair Photo
Photo: Business Man in Chair


“In here.”

Liya heard his deep voice from the direction of the living room. She felt her body instantaneously react to his voice. First every muscle in her body immediately tensed then with a soft sigh which released gentle relaxation that only intensified the sexual desire that pooled deep within her core. She steadied herself and walked towards the sound of his voice and entered the elegantly appointed living room. He sat in a large leather recliner, his suit jacket tossed on a nearby ottoman. His crisp white dress shirt was unbuttoned at the neck and his black silk tie was a slightly loose at the base of his throat. The cuffs of his shirt sleeves were rolled up his arms to just below his elbows. Liya felt another wave of unbridled need crash through her slender body at the sight of him. There was a tumbler next to him with scotch and a crystal bottle full of shimmering amber liquor sat next to the glass.

He smiled when he saw her and said “The dress looks good on you.” She felt her cheeks blush but she didn’t try to hide it. She closed her eyes once, slowly to savour the feel of his eyes which traced each accented curve of her body.

“Thank you,” she murmured demurely.

“Let me see all of you.” He commanded. He knew the request would not be refused. She walked in front of him and turned slowly to enjoy the silk which slid on her suddenly sensitive skin. She stopped to face him with her eyes lowered, a couple of feet from his chair. He let his eyes slide slowly over her to claim her without a single word or motion. He nodded once, a tiny gesture of approval then moved his index finger in a simple motion downwards. Liya knew already what it meant. As he took a long sip from his glass, she sank to her knees, the dress puddled around her. She slowly kissed his leg upwards from his knee, her lips slid over the fine wool of his suit pants. She reached his crotch and voiced a soft moan at the warm hardness she felt through the cloth. She looking upwards, she found that his eyes slightly clouded by the scotch, were locked on her as he watched everything. She loved this.

She kissed her way up the fly of his trousers then unbuckled his belt, never taking her eyes off him. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then reached in and slid his cock out of his boxers. It was already hard like silken skin over steel. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and slid the head into her mouth. She move her hands to his thighs. She took him into her mouth. Slowly she slid her mouth up and down. Quickly, droplets of his sweet precum mixed with her saliva to lubricate his cock.

She knew what would come next and craved it. She felt a wet heat run through her as it happened. His hands slid into her hair and tightened. He began to fuck her mouth with increased urgency. She relaxed and gave in to let him use her mouth for his pleasure. His cock pushed deeper with each thrust and he let out a guttural moan as his head pushed against the tight rim of her throat. One more push and she felt his orgasm pulsate in her mouth. She felt the thick ropes of his cum, squirt after squirt, slide down her throat and fill her mouth. She barely managed to keep it all in her mouth before he slid his shaft which throbbed from her reddened lips. His grip relaxed on her hair and he gave one more soft moan. She swallowed quickly and smiled up at him. He graced her with a smile that broke across his face like the sun.

“Lovely Liya” he said “Stand up.”

She stood gracefully, on legs made shaky by what was yet to come. He drained the rest of his scotch, stood and took her by the hand. His hands were large and strong but his skin was soft against hers. He led her down the hall to the master suite’s marble bathroom. She had used it before but never been in it with him. She looked up at him, confused by this new turn of events. He turned her around and kissed the back of her neck as he slid the zipper down on her dress, then slipped it off her shoulders. Her body trembled at the touch of his warm lips and the coolness of the silk dress sliding over her skin.

“Step out” he instructed.

Liya did so without hesitation and he draped the dress over a nearby towel rack. He went to the large, old-fashioned claw foot tub and turned on the faucets. It began to fill, steam rose off the water. He rolled his sleeves up a bit further, slowly and carefully, until they were above his elbows. He stood behind her, unclasped her bra and draped it over her dress. He slid her panties down her long legs and she stepped out of them. He knelt before her and gently placed his hands on her left calf. Taking the cue, she lifted her leg slightly and he slipped her foot out of her suede heel, her hand on his shoulder for balance. He did the same with the other heel then rolled her stockings off. She stood naked before him.

The claw foot tub filled quickly. He removed a blue glass bottle from the medicine cabinet and emptied it into the stream of running water. Bubbles formed rapidly and there was soon a thick layer of perfumed bubbles covering the warm water. He tested the water with his fingers then turned the water off.

“Is the temperature alright?” he asked quietly.

She bent down, her distracted mind barely registered the temperature and nodded silently. He gestured to the tub, and she got in. It felt wonderful. Her eyes closed in bliss as she sank into the mountains of jasmine scented bubbles. The heat from the water soaked into her skin, into her bones and she let out a deep sigh of relaxation.

“Enjoy,” he whispered. “I’ll be back in a little while for you.”

He turned off the light and closed the door. As the door shut, all of the light from the master suite was cut off and she was left in complete darkness. She slipped down in the bath a little, letting the warmth work into her muscles, it drained every ounce of tiredness and soreness from her body. She felt like she could barely lift a finger. The peaceful restfulness was so deep. She opened and closed her eyes to see if she could make out anything in the room, but the room was perfectly and completely dark. She let her eyes rest shut and allowed her other senses to wake up. Her hands found their way upwards over her skin, feeling the slight lubrication of the soap as her fingertips caressed the dips and curves of her frame. Liya breathed in, slowly and deeply, the exotic scent of jasmine flowers filled her nose. She let her mind and hands wander aimlessly, without any purpose other than to experience each sensation to its fullest.

Before long, the bathroom door was quietly opened, a faint light from the hallway spilled in. He was back. He turned on the lights with a dimmer to keep them low, courteously letting her eyes adjust from the darkness.

“Hello again” he said with a smile. “It’s time to get up. Stand, please.”

She stood without question. She moved slowly as her relaxed muscles regained their lost strength.

“Sit on the far edge of the tub, facing me.” He commanded.

She did as he asked. Beyond the edge of the tub there was an alcove which gave her a comfortable nook to sit in. He turned the lights up a little bit and opened a cabinet beside the double vanity sink. He removed a dark wood box and opened it to reveal an old-fashioned shaving kit, complete with a lather brush and a shiny, silver, single blade razor.

“I’d like to shave you.” He said, his voice little more than a whisper.
She looked down at her neatly-trimmed mound and her brow furrowed.

“You don’t like this?” She asked him.

“I do like it. But I want to shave you.”

She understood and nodded slowly in acquiescence. He removed a small tub and a bottle from the shaving kit. He poured a honey-coloured liquid from the bottle into his hands. He rubbed it into his hands and she could see them glisten in the warm, dusky light. He leaned forward and she closed her eyes at his touch. Liya felt his oiled hands slide over her. She exhaled a shaky breath as his fingers slid over her mound, her lips, her perineum, down even between her cheeks to rub the tiny puckered hole. The oil felt slick and warm. She wondered if he could tell how sexually aroused she was by just this simple erotic massage.

His hands left her skin and she opened her eyes to find him walking to the sink to wash the oil from his hands. He picked up the brush from the wooden box and returned to her, his eyes hungrily devoured her naked body. She watched him with languid eyes as he ran the brush under the hot water that flowed from the bath faucet, dipped it in the tub of lather cream and leaned forward.

“Spread your legs for me, Liya.”








Abel Rowland’s Young Sex Slave On St John’s Island

Singaporean Woman with Long Socks Photo

My name is Abel Rowland. I reside in the southern Islands of Singapore just next to St John’s Island. I am a 32 year old fifth grade teacher in one of the suburban elementary schools in Southern Singapore. Most of the students are comprised of middle range pupils, apart from this one spooky girl called Mandy. When Mandy first came to my school, anyone could tell that she was not from a well off family. She always had unkempt hair and only wore faded dresses. Most of the residents of this region are not very rich but they belong to the middle class. However Mandy was obliviously from a poor family.

Despite her unkempt appearance, Mandy was a very attractive girl, she was about ten years old when she was first admitted to my school. She had a height of four feet tall and had long straight dark hair. But her figure was not the typical boyish figure, Mandy appeared to be much older than most of the girls, with full hips and small breasts already in place by the time she turned 16 years of age. She used to be a loner, and always got teased by other older kids. During recess, I noticed that she would wander off towards the beach which was at the farthest end of the school’s playground. When the bell rung, Mandy would rush back to the school and join the other students. I never gave her behaviour much thought.

One day, I was on recess duty. While doing my rounds, I saw something strange that drew my attention. I saw several older boys going towards the beach where Mandy used to stroll towards, and some other older boys also coming from that direction. I got curious to find out what was happening in the area because, like any other responsible teacher, I thought that the boys could be smoking down there. St John’s Island used to be a refugee prison and then an institution to keep drug addicts a long time ago and therefore the place was now a quiet spooky place. However having pristine sandy beaches where families would come for their picnics during the holidays it was also a place to hang out in a hideaway place. If any of the students wanted somewhere where they would smoke unnoticed, this was the perfect area, and therefore I came up with a plan to observe the boy’s activities in the area without being noticed. When recess was over, I got some of the school’s cameras wireless cameras installed in the area. I set my computer up so that it could automatically record each and every day during recesses.

During the days that followed, I had a very busy schedule and didn’t get a chance to view what the camera had captured. However on Friday after school while alone in the classroom, I decided to go through my laptop to pass time. I selected one file from the camera’s recordings, and to my astonishment, a show started playing. At first, nobody was in the picture then Mandy appeared. She seemed to be waiting for something for a while before three of the middle classes boys appeared and positioned themselves in one line before her.

Mandy got on her knees facing the boys and the boy in front of the line handed her what seemed to be an amount of loose money, which she kept in her pockets. Then she reached over with her hands, unzipped the boy’s pants then popped out his cock. Quickly, she placed the cock in her mouth and started sucking him off, with the cock was completely inserted in her mouth. After just a few minutes, I guessed that the boy cumming in her mouth because she withdrew the five inch cock and immediately swallowed. This continued with the other next boy after he handed her the money. The second boy’s cock was larger than the first, so Mandy was forced to use her hands and mouth to pump the cock until the boy came deep down her throat. She swallowed his cum too.

The third boy in line said something to Mandy before handing her the money. Mandy stoop up from her kneeling position and lifted her dress, keeping it help up. The third boy bent over and pulled her cotton panties down. From her bent position, I got a chance to view her pussy which was no more than a slit in between the thighs, with no hair or plushness. The impatient boy reached for her hairless pussy and inserted his middle finger inside her slit, and begun pumping. Mandy on the other hand, stretched her hand over, quickly unzipped the boy’s pants and started stroking his already erect cock with her hand. She pumped it with unison with his fingering rhythm. After a few minutes of the action, Mandy’s knees seemed to become wobbly and weak and she started shaking, I knew that definitely she had cum. Simultaneous to her orgasm, the boy started to shoot ropes of semen from his cock which landed on the ground. After this, the three boys left and Mandy, pulling up her panties, run back towards the school compound.

The other recorded files were similar to the first with different middle school boys, with a variation of fingering Mandy’s pussy and asshole and occasionally, one of the boys sucking and pulling her young breasts, while stroking his cock. I fast forwarded and selected Friday’s file. This one was different as Mandy only had one customer. He seemed to take more time negotiating than others had taken. Finally, he gave her a handful of notes which seemed to be more than what other boys normally gave her. Then she quickly lay facing up from the ground and lifted her dress.

The boy pulled off her cotton undies and spread the legs wide apart. The angle at which the camera was place allowed me a clear sight of the activities that were taking place. I counted myself lucky to watch her getting fucked on camera. The boy, who was much bigger than the rest of Mandy’s customers, took out his enormous cock and lowered himself on top of Mandy between the spread legs. The boy placed his erect cock on Mandy’s pussy and begun forcing it in. He seemed to struggle a lot to get the cock inside her pussy but after several unsuccessful attempts, he finally pushed it all in with one mighty thrust. I noticed all this time, that Mandy has a hand over her mouth to suppress her cries, but tears were freely flowing down her cheeks.


Man Computer Photo
Photo: Mandy’s Naughty Walks in St Johns Island, Singapore – Man Computer


Could it be that this was Mandy was a virgin and this was her first time? Did I just witness the uncensored deflowering of my student? What a time to be alive. As the boy pumped, it took him only a few minutes before his body stiffened, and he shot his cum deep within the virgin cunt. As he withdrew his cock, I noticed loads of cum and blood flowing down the young girl’s pussy. This confirmed my suspicion. Mandy had been a virgin. They both stood up, straightened and started walking towards school, with Mandy walking with a lot of strain.

Watching this recorded files got me both excited and shocked. At least, I would end up with a treasure of forbidden spooky videos which would serve to satisfy my fantasies. I closed down my computer to contemplate on the next move I would take. After giving it a short thought, I decided that I should talk to Mandy about the issue.

The week that followed, I asked Mandy to arrange for an after school tutoring on Wednesday in the pretense of tutoring in Science. Wednesday came and Mandy stayed back after the other students had left for home. I hung a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door then locked it from inside. I called her to where I was and told her “Mandy, you are not here for science tutoring.” I then logged into my laptop and showed her the first file on the recordings. As the recording begun to play, I could tell that she was shocked. “Why do you have that?” she asked, fear showing from her eyes. “Never mind, the real question should be what I will do after this” I replied. “Oh please, don’t show this to my parents I beg you please” she pleaded. “Well all that depends on you Mandy, what do you have to say for yourself?” “I just need that money. You know am from a poor family, I use the little money I get to buy the nice stuff that other kids have. I have no other way to make money and my parents cannot afford it.” She said, tears flowing from her eyes. “Please Mr Rowland, can’t we talk ad settle this in any other way?” she continued straddled on my lap holding my hand.

As she straddled, her dress rolled up such that I could feel her soft crotch inside her panties, which was rubbing against my erect penis. There was an extraordinary heat that was being emitted by her pussy she wiggled on me begging. I also picked out an amount of moisture coming from her pussy. I was at her mercy, instead of the other way round. “We could do those things you saw me doing from the recordings, if you promise to keep this between us” She suggested. “Well that is a good plan” I agreed. With that, she got up from my lap and knelt down before my crotch. She reached and unzipped my bulging pants and popped out my ten inch fat cock. I don’t mean to brag but my cock is quite huge, this being one of the reason why I can’t keep any girlfriend. They always break up with me after we fuck for the first time because I almost split them up. Back to our story, Mandy, just like my girlfriends, was shocked to see the size of my manhood. “Oh God, that’s a monster” she said.

She placed the tip of my cock on her mouth and it could barely fit. After getting it wet and nice, she slowly slid half of it down her throat and started sucking. I couldn’t help it and I started pumping. Her mouth was a wet, hot vacuum heaven and I couldn’t last very long, therefore I quickly withdrew. “I want us fuck like you fucked that boy Friday” I said. “Oh sir, I have only been fucked once but, alright, we will do it” she answered. She lowered herself further towards the hard floor and pulled out her panties. “No, I want us to do it right at the spot where you do it with other boys” I said. She got up and I also got up and arranged my desk in such a way that I wouldn’t need to come back. Then unlocked the door, checked carefully to make sure that nobody was in view and beckoned her to follow me. We waked quietly to St John Island. I made sure that we were in a position where the camera would capture the whole action.

“We are here” I said. Mandy had not bothered to put on her panties back up after sucking my cock in the classroom so she lay straight down to the ground with her legs spread apart like an expert whore. I followed suit and lay down on top of her, with my super erect cock positioned on her pussy slit which was by now agape waiting to receive my cock. Her pussy was already dripping wet, so the tip of my cock slid right in. We struggled a bit before we managed to push it in. Surprisingly to the two of us, the whole of my ten inch cock slid all through in, until it hit the hilt. I stayed in this position for a while, and Mandy seeing that I was hesitant, continued the action. She pushed me up away from her pussy, withdrawing my entire cock and the pushed me back down, burying my entire shaft again up until it touched her hilt. She continued this motion in slow, deep stokes. The sensation cannot be explained, her pussy was the tightest pussy ever and it gripped my cock on the entire circumference. Mandy’s cunt was smooth like velvet and very hot.

The sensation made me continue with the action without being beckoned in fast, hard strokes. Her breathing also quickened and the walls of her cunt started contracting. After a few more strokes, her body stiffened and she started making some sounds like she was gagging. I couldn’t keep it in anymore and with one final hard thrust, I shot my load deep inside her young womb. Her orgasm also shook her a lot and she held on tight onto me. We stayed in this locked position for a few minutes, then I lifted my body. She stood up and I noticed she was staggering. My semen started flowing down her thighs. We waited a while for all the semen to drip down before heading home. That night she spent in my house and I fucked her the whole night. She called her parents using my phone, lied to them that she was at a friend’s place. I gave her some money the next day and we left for school in different directions.

Mandy has been my sex toy ever since that day. I fuck her in my house and at St John’s Island beach anytime I want to. Her pussy has become loose with time, but I know it is because other teachers have started fucking her too. I guess she also gets fucked by other strangers outside the school. All in all, as long as she is okay with it, I don’t mind.






Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore

Woman in Pink Bikini Photo

My parents, my sisters and I have always had vacations in Tampines, Singapore. There are nice parks in the region which I guess still exist. To get there, you can walk at a relaxing pace through beautiful vegetation and very nice weather. At the farthest end of Tampines park near the man-made forest, there used to be fewer children and more couples. The further you walked clothes became optional. Couples, both gay and heterosexual would lye topping up their tans in the open sun. There were also some very strange ones. I remember one day I saw a naked woman in her mid-thirties walking through the meadows stark naked with a golden chain attached to her cleanly shaved labia.

My parents used to hate crowded places, so we always walked away from other families down to almost where the nude park was, where we would take off our clothes to bask in the beautiful sun. Our parents used to be much further away from where we would be but still in sight. We would sometimes hide and watch out parents take off all their clothes, we wouldn’t wait to see the rest of their activities. However, we always knew they had sex there just like everybody else.

I was the eldest daughter in our family but I can’t tell exactly how old I was at the time, I must have been 16 years old. At Tampines Park I used to love wearing my pink bikini under my clothes so that when we got to the park, I would take off my clothes and the bikini will be on. I was young and totally inexperienced. I didn’t even have a boyfriend yet. I was very small and skinny, compared to other girls my age. One day while in Tampines Singapore, we basked in the sun as usual. One of my sisters had met a friend and they had run off together. It was a slow afternoon, I was bored so I decided to take a stroll in the meadows. My parents were nowhere in sight and my other sisters gossiped and giggled as usual.

I walked for about half an hour and before I knew it, I had already crossed the nudist part of the park. Everybody was completely naked and some even had sex in the open. I noticed that there were also other girls about my age but with better bodies than mine. I walked through the park passing several couples and pretended not to be interested. There were all kinds of sounds as couples moaned and mumbled other words. Most of them didn’t seem to notice me while other just gave me a side glance and continued with whatever they were doing. It then hit me that even girls my age would sometimes come to this part of the park. As I walked farther into the park, I noticed a small crowd of naked men encircling something. I tried to ignore it but curiosity got the better part of me and I found myself walking towards them. The men were a typical group of nudists, some tanned a deep mahogany and others much older and not in any way good looking. They all stared at something on the ground in front of them, away from me.


Photo: Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore – Woman in Pink Bikini


As my curiosity piqued, I sidled down towards them being very careful not to attract any attention. I got closer but still couldn’t see anything as the ranks of what appeared to be a group of 15 men formed a wall that I, being too short, could not see over. At this point I was right in their midst. I stood on my tiptoes and peered to see over them. As I did so, I slightly overbalanced and had to put my hand on the back of one of the men in front of me. He was a tall masculine man who seemed to be in his forties. He turned around to see the intruder and was a little shocked to see me. He seemed to be confused on whether to send me away or to spare some space for me to see whatever they were staring at. He looked over my head, maybe to see whether I was accompanied by someone, then he stood aside to make some room for me in front of him. I was too embarrassed to decline and I moved forward. He put his arm around my waist as if to guide me. I said thank you and squeezed myself to the space offered. Even after I settled, I noticed that his arm was still around my waist, but in a friendly manner, as if he was protecting me.

At the position where I was standing, I was able to see what the men were staring at. I was shocked to see that it was. Standing there were two men who faced each other with a girl about my age or older between them. Her hair was all over her face, she moaned softly as she made involuntary movements. I looked closer and what I saw made me gasp. Both men fucked her vigorously from both sides. One of them inserted his cock in the woman’s pussy and the other one in her asshole. The girl seemed to enjoy it as the men fucked her harder and faster. They continued in that position for a while then one of the men lay down with the girl on top of him and the other man keeled behind the girl. The man on the ground forced his feasibly large cock into the girl’s pussy and the other one pushed an even larger cock inside the girl’s asshole. Then they continued to fuck her harder than before. This time they didn’t do it for long as the man on the ground started thrusting faster and harder as he clenched his teeth, then all of a sudden he withdrew his cock and a white creamy stuff shot forward and fell on the girl’s stomach. The man at the back followed suit as his cream landed on the woman’s butt. Both men stood up and left the girl on the ground who looked totally exhausted. I looked around to check whether my fellow spectators were as shocked as I was but was met with even a greater shock. Almost all of them stroked their cocks as they watched the girl who by now, had sat upright with her legs wide apart. Her pussy lips were swollen and her asshole was agape.

This was not the end of it as two more men from the crowd lifted her up and continued to fuck her. I wondered how such a young woman could take so much without crying out for help or giving up. I had just watched a Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore. All this time I had not noticed that the hand around my waist had moved and started to caress my butt. I was also shocked to notice that a force had pushed at the cleft of my left buttock from below. I think the man became aware of my discomfort and he withdrew whatever it was that had pushed against me, or so I thought. No sooner had the force been withdrawn, it suddenly came back, this time sharper and harder. It moved up and down the length of my bum. I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to see whatever it was. I turned around and my eyes were met by the sight of the largest cock I had ever seen. It was purplish with greenish veins that protruded from its length. I looked up at the man and all he did was smile and me and forced me to turn back around. I was too scared to push him away or to draw attention as I didn’t want to take the place of the girl being fucked in the middle. So I let him continue whatever he was doing, but this time, I felt everything.

He moved his cock up and down my butt crack and I became aware of a slippery liquid flowing down my inner thigh from the tip of his cock. He went further and pulled my bikini to the side and slipped his cock inside so that the contact was skin to skin. I was completely helpless and too scared to move. He glided on my ass gently but with intent, with his fat and hard cock pressed between my butt cheeks. He suddenly pushed at me, he forced me to lean forward for balance, with one of his hand at my belly and using his other hand to rub his cock on my butt crack. The movements changed and now he was pushing his cock back and forth, he pushed between my thighs with its ridge sliding along my vulva.


Photo: Gang Bang in Tampines Park, Singapore – Woman in Pink Bikini


I felt sexual pleasure immediately as the head of his cock brushed against where my clitoris was. It was the gentlest of all pressures, but enough to make me yearn for more of whatever he had done. I was wet and it made his glide much easier. I was completely intoxicated by his thrust by now that I leaned forward and pushed on the two men who stood in front of me. They turned around and shifted their attention from the woman being fucked in the middle to me. They also turned their cocks towards me. One of the men started to stroke my cheek while the other one reached for the nipple buds on my chest. I was so horny that I just let them. I don’t even remember what happened to my bikini but by this time, I was completely nude. I could no longer keep the upright posture so I bent down further. The man that stood in front of the men took this as a gesture and before I could get back again, his cock was in my mouth, deep down my throat it almost made me gag. My hands started to fly all over wildly and in the process, I accidentally drew the attention of more men who came at me like hungry wolves, they touched and lifted me off the ground. So many hands were all over my body with a few fingers inside my pussy and asshole, not to mention the cock in my mouth. The thought that I lost my virginity to a group of strange men scared me to death, yet there was nothing I could do. I just let them have their way.

All of a sudden, a cock was mercilessly pushed into my pussy which triggered a mixture of both pain and pleasure in my body. It thrusted hard and fast that I almost forgot that my mouth was full of cock. Another cock thrusted the same way into my asshole and I almost passed out. I don’t know how long they thrusted but all I know is that warm sticky liquids had flowed from my mouth, my asshole and my pussy. At some point, I could swear that there were more than three cocks inside my pussy at the same time. I think I passed out at some point because all I could feel was liquid that flowed down my throat and my legs. The pain had subsided and all I could feel was multiple orgasms as the men fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. There was so much pressure in my pussy and asshole from the different sized cocks that were thrusting in and out of me. They fucked me in all ways until the sun set.

I was saved by a woman’s voice which admonished the men. They dropped me down like an old rag and scattered in different directions. I tried to stand up by my knees gave way and I dropped back on the ground. Sticky liquid flowed continuously from my pussy and asshole such that I was in a pool of whitish stuff. Then a woman’s voice whispered in my ear “You are alright, it’s over” and she pulled me to my feet and handed me a new bikini, then walked me to a small wooden house where she cleaned me and gave me some water. I rested a bit and walked back to where my parents and sisters were but they had already left, the park attendant told me that they waited for me at the van. I joined them and refused to talk about what happened to me. That night, I masturbated with the thought of the events that took place that day.

Since that day, every time I visited the park, I made sure to visit that spot and I would get gang-banged, just the way I loved it. I am planning on visiting Tampines Park in Singapore soon this year. I hope I will get some action while I am at it.







My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

Singapore Airlines Photo

I arrived in Choa Chu Kang, weary from my travel. I had landed in Singapore a few hours ago and met my colleague Andrew who had picked me up from the airport. He treated me to lunch and we spoke about Singapore. I had been here on a couple of occasions over the past few years but I’ve never had to live in this country for an extended time. This time, Andrew designated himself as my guide. He had fixed me up in a comfortable apartment in Choa Chu Kang and after lunch, he dropped me at my new place.

For the next three months, this town would be my new home. I was excited about the project that I’d taken up for work which was the reason why I had moved to this new place, but I was already felt a little homesick.

London and my ex-girlfriend Beth were so far away. Beth and I had broken up a few weeks before I had moved to Singapore. We were still very fond of each other but our work kept us apart so often that we had become like strangers to each other. Our careers had mutually moved us away from each other but I still missed her. Being away from home, brought back her memories with a lot more potency. I curled up in bed that night, all I could think of was Beth’s arms wrapped around me, how she would have kissed my face lightly and stroked my hair until I fell asleep.

I was restless the entire night. I missed my bed back home. Singapore felt too hot for my comfort. Even though the air-conditioning was switched on, it brought no relief to me. I got up several times during the night, first to fetch some water, then to pee, then to check the time.

The next morning, when I finally woke up, I found that my eyes were puffy from lack of sleep. “Not a bright sight, are you Jack?” I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. Andrew had been kind enough to stock a few staples in the apartment on account of my arrival, but I still had to go shopping to fill up on some groceries and toiletries. Only, I had no idea where the supermarket might be.

I picked up my phone to dial Andrew in order to ask him where I could go to buy my essentials but then I realised that it was early morning on a Sunday. I didn’t want to disturb Andrew so early on his day off. So I decided to head out and explore the neighborhood on my own. That’s when I first saw Nina. She had just locked the door of her apartment, which was right next to mine. When I walked out of my apartment, she flashed a smile at me.

“Hello,” I found myself responding inadvertently. She smiled again. Only this time, her white teeth gleamed through her lips like a string of pearls.

“Just moved in?” She asked.

“Yes. I just got here from London yesterday.”

“Oh really? I was in London last month.”

We spoke with each other. She told me about the family that had lived in my apartment before me and how they had just moved out a few weeks ago on account of the husband’s transfer to Shanghai. Nina’s voice had a very calm and soothing quality to it. It was very melodious.


Choa Chu Kang, Singapore Photo
Photo: My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang – Choa Chu Kang


“Do you sing?” I asked her, the thought striking me out of the blue.

“As a matter of fact, I do. Not professionally yet, but someday I hope to”

“I would love to hear you sing sometime” I said.

“Of course. You are welcome to come home any time you want. I’m at home most evenings. Choa Chu Kang is a very quiet neighbourhood. So I don’t go out in the evening very often as there isn’t much to do” she said.

“How about tonight?” I asked as the words had just slipped right out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe the spontaneity with which I had just invited myself to her place.

“Sure, tonight sounds good. Shall we meet at 8?”

“Yes,” I replied, unable to contain my excitement.

We parted ways, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I found myself consumed with thoughts of Nina all through the day. She wasn’t beautiful in a conventional way, but something about her mannerisms made her charming. It was easy to talk to her and I thought perhaps Choa Chu Kang wouldn’t make me feel like I was alone and away from home.

That evening I was full of anticipation. I looked forward to spending time with Nina and swap tales of our adventures of what our lives were like and what our lives had been like in the past. At exactly 8pm I rang the doorbell to her apartment. She opened the door, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her. Nina wore a knee-length, white dress with a single red line encircling her waist. Her long black hair was tied back in a red ribbon and she smelled of lilies. Her brown eyes sparkled as she said “Welcome to my humble abode” and gave a little laugh. I walked in with a bottle of wine.

“I hope you like it” I said as I gave her the bottle.

“I do like red” She said. She tossed her ponytail back and gave me a glimpse of the ribbon again. I was tempted to untie the red ribbon that held her hair prisoner. I clenched my fist to save myself from giving into the temptation.

We had a lovely dinner that Nina had fixed. She had made a few Singaporean delicacies that to my English palate were exotic. We talked at length about ourselves; she about her family, her job, her best friend and I told her all about my home in London, what kind of a boy I was when I was younger and my own business which was what had brought me to Singapore. We didn’t realize how time flew and before I knew it, it was almost midnight. I didn’t want to leave, but decorum demanded that I leave Nina and head back to my apartment as we both had an early morning and for me, it would be the first day that I would work on my new project.

“I suppose I should get going” I said as I secretly hoped that she would ask me to stay.

“Yes, you should. But not before listening to that song I promised to sing” She replied and went to fetch her guitar.

I felt a little glee rise inside me. She came back with her guitar and sat down on the couch. She strummed it and sang a beautiful song, the lyrics of which escape me now. I was lost in her voice. I was lost as I watched the expressions on her face. A smile unknowingly played on my lips. And before I knew it, my hand had extended itself towards her back and untied her hair ribbon.

Nina smiled at my action and continued to sing. I stroked her back lightly. The sheer, satin fabric of her dress felt wonderful to touch. Nina’s eyes closed, whether lost in her song or in response to my touch, I don’t know. Just as her song ended, her face came close to mine. She looked deeply into my eyes. My mouth bridged the gap between us and I kissed her lips. Her lips parted in response. With one hand, she reached the back of my neck and with the other, she stroked my hair. I pulled her close to me as we continued to kiss each other, lost in each other’s embrace.

A little moan escaped her lips. A moan got stuck in the back of my throat. I was extremely aware of how clumsy my hands were around her, but she continued to stroke my hair and back as if I was exactly the person she had been meaning to touch for a very long time. When we pulled apart, her eyes still held my gaze. Her dress had hiked up and the soft flesh of her thighs was visible. I placed my hand lightly on them. She quivered under my touch. I kissed her neck and sucked gently as she sighed in sexual pleasure.

“Stay here tonight” She whispered to me. I nodded in agreement. We went to her bedroom. There were cushions of every size and colour piled up on the bed. The curtains were a vibrant shade of pink. There were photographs pinned to the wall.


Singaporean Woman on Bed Photo
Photo: My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang – Singaporean Woman on Bed


She laid down on the bed. I followed her without taking my eyes off her. We lay side by side for a minute before she reached out to me and put her head on my chest. My fingers began to stroke her lazily.

“You have very soft skin” I said.

“Yes, I do” She laughed.

She raised her head up to look into my eyes. I pulled her closer, this time I kissed her hard on her mouth. She moaned loudly, surprised at my ferocity. My hand reached out and pulled her dress off. She was petite, and I was too big for her. The more my tongue explored her, the louder her moans became. I held her tightly and continued to kiss her. She tugged at my hair, and I got rougher as the minutes passed. I was like a hungry beast that found itself in front of a feast after it had been starved. I craved Nina’s body. My hands fumbled when I tried to take off her bra, and she had to ease it off instead. She took off my pants more deftly than I would have been able to do it myself. We made love over the next few hours, sometimes gently, sometimes more aggressively.

Eventually, we drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning. It just began to get light outside. Nina’s breath was deep as she was fast asleep. I continued to look at her face, which seemed so serene. In that moment I found myself that I had grown fond of her. I let my fingers gently trail along her arm. It felt amazing just to touch her. She dreamily let out a soft groan, and her fingers clutched at my arm tighter.

We got out of bed a few hours later, and Nina fixed me breakfast. I left with a kiss on her forehead and a promise to be back again later that night.

We continued our conversations over the next few days, mostly over dinner and drinks. Nina took me around Choa Chu Kang, and I explored the town with her. We began to take walks in the many parks in this part of the town. Our evening strolls became one of the things that I used to look forward to with a lot of fervor. We explored the little shopping mall where Nina would help me pick out stuff for my apartment or my daily use. She was a smart girl and knew how to pick up things that were of high quality but reasonably priced. We discovered eating joints, regaling each other with more conversation.

And every night I would go back with her. We spent a night or two at my apartment, but mostly I would go and sleep at her place. We made love almost every night. When she was on top of me, she was the gentlest of lovers. She would kiss my chest and let her hands explore my privates. When I was on top of her, I would devour her with passion, kissing every inch of her skin and having sex with her.

We delighted in each other’s company for the three months that I lived in Choa Chu Kang. I came back to London after that, but by then we had become very deeply involved with each other. Now, Nina and I are in a relationship, and I still see her every month when I go to Singapore. Our nights continue to be filled with passion and lust whenever we see each other.