Asian Silicone Sex Dolls vs. European Silicone Sex Dolls

Over the course of the years, I had the opportunity to speak to a few people about how they felt about silicone sex dolls. One-half of these people were not shy about talking about their sexual experiences with artificial things; the other half felt insecure speaking about such subject matter. However, one thing was clear from the study: several people make use of artificial toys or dolls to help with their sexual desires.

Sex dolls are artificial robots created or built in a human-like structure and used to enhance or stimulate sexual experiences with a human partner. Therefore, your sex doll can be whomever you want it to be. An Asian silicone sex doll is a type of sex doll built to suit one’s preference.

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The Characteristics of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls get featured frequently due to their size, physique, hair, capabilities, and a host of other categories. However, this is essential because this category is also seen in our modern society.

There are preferences when it comes to sexual partners, as there are for sex dolls. For example, A loves women with thick thighs, big butts, and hips, and in contrast, B might prefer a slender woman with a culpable butt and thighs. This does not change anything. If everyone on earth was made to exercise, eat, sleep, and act the same way, we could not still be the same. This is why preference is important.

However, for this article, we are going to focus on preferences based on race. As such, we have

  • European Silicone Sex Dolls, and
  • Asian Silicone Sex Dolls.

European Silicone Sex Dolls

European silicone sex dolls mean you are getting features that are likened to Europeans. As a continent, you can expect a mix of diverse ethnicities. However, Europeans are identified by some means. In other words, there are physical attributes that set a person apart as a European.

Additionally, Europeans are known to have oval faces that are full and symmetrical, with narrow noses, high-defined cheekbones, a sharp chin, small and almond-shaped eyes, thin lips, and so on.

As such, if you are looking at getting a European Silicone Sex Doll, you should be mindful of these little details. They can help you sharpen the bond you have towards your doll, and also help increase the attraction or drive towards your sex doll.

Asian Silicone Sex Dolls

Getting an Asian silicone sex doll is more than just getting a sex doll. It also means getting a sex doll likened to that of an Asian, and this includes every little detail.

Asian sex dolls are known to be very attractive and compelling. Their physique and body features are known to attract people and enhance the sexual desires of other parties quickly.

Normally, Asians are known to have long straight black hair, long straight legs, a small nose, dark eyes, a flat face, less body and facial hair, wider cheekbones, double eyelids, a V-line face shape, etc. It is important to understand that this feature is used to describe the commonly identified facial attributes of Asians and does not in any way mean there are no Asians that do not fall within this category.

Therefore, if you are in search of an Asian sex doll, do well to take note of the following physical attributes: However, USBBdoll highlights two categories that fall under the Asian silicone sex doll. These are Japanese sex dolls and anime sex dolls.

Your preferences are not far-fetched. You can always get what you want. And that is the most beautiful thing about sex dolls.

Importantly, after choosing your preferred sex doll, you can customize your sex doll to your taste and preference. In other words, apart from the physique, you can also control the attraction of your sex doll. You can choose the height and weight, skin color, use of implanted hair or not, eye color, hand type, Areola Color, Vagina Option, Pubic Hair, Vaginal Depth, and so many more customizable features.


In other words, the preference of your partner does not have to end with racial features.

Asian Silicone Sex Dolls In Today’s World

These types of dolls are made up of silicone, which is used to creatively improve the physical components of the sex doll. This is generally different from other kinds of dolls because sex dolls are made as realistically as possible.

Silicone is used to build sex dolls. They are used to form the skin of the sex dolls in such a way that they look very human-like and not in any way robotic.

Asian sex dolls are quite pretty and commonly selected. However, it is unclear as to what causes this common preference, but it can be traced to one’s individual choice and preference.

Between Asian silicone sex dolls and European silicone sex dolls, there are no better dolls. Apart from the different physical features, they both perform the same function and purpose. In other words, they are built to act similarly. The major reason why sex dolls get featured is to enhance individual attraction to them.

Therefore, there is no competition. European sex dolls are as good as Asian sex dolls.

As such, you can explore various sexual fantasies, places, positions, etc. with your preferred sex doll. These sex dolls are made out of silicone, so you can explore every means of intimacy with them with no worries.


The introduction of sex dolls to the world has brought numerous advantages to people. These benefits range from a reduction in loneliness, the creation of a sexual partner, a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), a decrease in abortions and unwanted pregnancies, etc.

The benefits of sex dolls can not be overemphasized. And as such, these benefits should be steered into continuity. Individuals should be allowed to select their choice from a wide range of other categories.

On this note, a proper sex doll website should have a proper organization of sex dolls based on classes of things. In this way, customers can easily move to the right page and select the perfect and most suitable sex doll.


Asian Silicone Sex Dolls are among the top-selling shelves of sex dolls. This is in no way a prejudice to other silicone sex dolls. As earlier stated, it depends on preferences. Preference is quite important because it helps you purchase the right sex doll for you. USBBdoll has a catalog of various silicone sex dolls made just for you.

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