2021 Sexual Needs

Living in 2021

2020 has been an absolute mess, this whole year is one to put in the bin, 2021 could not come soon enough for majority of the population. Weddings cancelled, no festivals, a whole pandemic, people missing funerals, births, important milestones that should have been celebrated have been put on the back burner. Well, it’s coming to the end of the year and I think we should all have one date, a date with the most important person in your life… You.

It’s been tough and you need to treat yourself for getting through it like the absolute trooper that you are, self-care has never been more important. Honestly celebrate you however you do it, but this is my step by step guide to taking yourself on a date.

Step One:
Order your favourite take out (or cook your favourite comfort food), I don’t care if you’re on a diet, you have earned this. In a year where a lot of huge things have been taken from us, you deserve this little thing as a congratulations for getting through it. Eat that, eat dessert, have seconds and thirds and fourths, whatever fills the void that 2020 has made in all of us.

Step Two:
Run yourself a bath, get some bubbles going, light some candles, play some music (in my case I usually pop on my favourite show), and just relax. I really cannot recommend Wildfire Black more, it’s such an amazing 4 in 1 oil, but a pump or two in the bath will leave you feeling amazing inside and out! Now what you do in the bath is totally up to you, you can start the big celebrations in here if you like, nothing better than masturbating in the bath sometimes. I like to take the time to wash everything super slow and just take my time taking care of myself. It really is the little things and taking the time to go over every part of your body slowly while cleaning is so relaxing, this is definitely one of the things we skip over with the day to day happening.

Step 3:
Do your skin care! Moisturise everything! All the lotions and serums and whatever!! It doesn’t matter if it’s a 12 step routine or a 2 step, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and nourish from the outside in. COVID has really made some people forget that taking care of yourself and simply existing is so important, especially to help you de-stress from everything going on. Fuck it, put on a facemask and keep watching your shows, or listening to music, just find your zen in this time, use it to really remind yourself that you’re doing great and this year hasn’t gotten the best of you.

Step 4:
Do something you love, have a dance, bake some cookies, read a bit, go on a google deep dive, SIT ON TIKTOK FOR AN HOUR. It doesn’t matter what you do here, as long as it makes you happy you’re doing it right, self care is about making the heart happy and full. I should probably take my own advice and do some reading, I bought Midnight Sun as soon as it came out and I’m still only 15 pages in… Anyway!

Step 5:
My favourite step, of course. Masturbate!! I cannot write about de-stressing from a horrific year without including masturbation, it’s the good vibe hot spot. Again, dim the lights (or don’t 😉), light some candles, or use an oil burner you can go to the Wildfire Black again for this one as it can be used as an aroma and it includes aphrodisiacs so if the bath didn’t get you in the mood that definitely will. Get your favourite sex toy out, dress up if you want. And do you (pun intended). Nothing releases happy hormones quite like a bit of one on one time with yourself! And then tuck yourself into bed, you’ll have the best sleep of your life, trust me!


This is obviously just my advice and how I would do it, but the point is you don’t have to follow this, just be sure to take some time to do the things that you like, that help you feel the best you can.

2020 has been rough for everyone, it really has, and we all deserve a night dedicated to ourselves. Whether that’s from you to you, with a partner, going to a gym class, working on your car, or as I said taking care of yourself and taking care of your sexual needs.

Just be sure to make it so that at least one day this year was all about you, and end it on a good note, let’s go into 2021 taking care of ourselves and existing happily in the world, and let’s hopefully leave COVID in 2020 where it belongs.

That First Night Part Two

sexy couple
Oh she loves him saying her name.  The tingling those words cause immediately make her nipples erect.  He see’s this and kneels in front of her as he gently licks and sucks each nipple, taking them fully into his mouth.
‘Ohhhh fuck’ she says.  Omg, she thinks as her innards begins to contract and she feels spasms of ecstasy course throughout her body.  Omg, wtf she thinks as she his hand rubs her pussy through her pants and cums for the first time……
He hears himself say, “well you are full of surprises missy”, and her smile broadens when she hears her name. Her smile gives fuel to his body, his urgent need to satisfy her desire for him and his desire for her. He kneels before her and wraps his strong arms around her waist, drawing her close to him.
He takes her hard, erect nipples into his mouth. As she gasps, his dick grows harder and strains against his jeans in demanding! But she feels and tastes so good and he wants to pleasure her so much. Savoring the scent of her arousal, he wants more of her and she pushes her fanny into his chest.
This sends electric currents shooting through his body and his shaft gets even harder and pulses urgently. He begins rubbing her pussy with his hand and because she is already so drunk with desire, he takes her over the edge of climax and she cums. Her vagina and her whole body convulsing uncontrollably.
Ohhhh! Her eyes are closed in ecstasy and her lips are open and glistening and she holds onto his broad shoulders to keep her steady. He stands now before her and she reaches down to his hard on and rubs her palm against his rod like dick. He gasps as she does this and pushes his dick into her hand.
He looks into her eyes and says “I want to be inside you!” With that, they undress each other. Frantically, feverishly, he picks her up and she wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his strong shoulders. With his hands under her arse, he can’t get inside her fast enough. He wants to take her and fuck her with all his being and every fibre in his body.
With her back against the wall, he thrusts inside of her, hard and fast. They both gasp with longing, her pussy, completely wet and hot and he fills her, deeper and deeper with every thrust, bringing her to that delicious brink of orgasm once again. She climaxes with her head against the wall, calling out “Ohhhh God!”
He can feel himself on the edge of orgasm and takes her to his bed. The smell of their sex is intoxicating. He wants to cum inside her. He wants to take her and own her, right here and right now….
She convulses in  orgasmic delight as he fumbles to undo her jeans.  The button is undone and like butter her jeans and undies fall to the floor.  He picks her up in his arms.  She feels herself opening up to him even before he has entered her.
She looks down and sees his hard and angry cock.  Without hesitating she reaches down and clasps it in her hand.  He slams her against the wall and the force only serves to turn her on more – igniting a desire to be ravaged.  She wanted him more than anything to ram it inside her.  The juices were flowing and innards primes for those moment.
At last she felt him enter her.  Fuck that felt good.  Her eyes closed as her head rose to face the heavens and deep within her, from a place never reached before she heard and felt a guttural sound come out as she moaned ‘ohhhhh fuck.’
He swung her round and they collapsed onto he beds as they feverishly made love.  He thrust his manhood deeper and harder into her.  She responded by opening her legs wider and raising them.  It felt like his cock was going to pierce her womb and exit her through the throat.  She moaned in delight as he took her nipple between his finger and first squeezed then and then pulled it.  It was enough to send her over the brink and her second orgasm began.
He had no mercy and continued to fuck her like an animal and one orgasm merged with another, until she her multiple orgasms became one long intense delight.
Time seemed to not be relevant anymore lost in passion as He began to grunt and yelled  ‘I’m going to cum’.  She did not think it possible but somehow managed to open herself more, more than she had ever with another human being wanting to feel  his hot jism spurt inside her.
‘Fucccckkkkkkkk’ he yelled as his strokes became harder – she felt like he was going to break her in half and then felt delicious hot spurts of his cum deep within her.  She clawed at his back as she felt something totally foreign and began to squirt in unison with him……
Her squirting gave him a second wind.  What had gotten into him.  His erection didn’t subside but grew even harder after cumming.  He was panting out of breath.  So slowed down and kissed her deeply, passionately.
His strokes slowed and he felt the luxuriously velvety wetness inside her…..
She could not fathom what had just happened. Never had she experienced anything like this before. All of her bodies intensity became concentrated in the centre of her vortex and culminated in a mighty release of ejaculation. All of this as his powerful jolting drove so deeply inside her, bringing them both to climax as one.
He became breathless and she struggled to catch her own breath. She became increasingly aware of the delicious soreness within her and moaned in sweet agony as his dick grew harder still within her. Their bodies were covered in sweat and their panting filled their ears…
She was not sure.  Had she drifted off?  Time seemed irrelevant an irrelevant concept.  Her mind was clear, all she could feel and think of was the delicious feeling of him being inside of her.
Somehow they had managed to get in the spoon position, his front to her back, and she pushed gently on his penis that was still inside her.  She heard him moan in pleasurable response.
She caught her breath and realised that she had been taking short sharp gasps – this is what it meant to be breathless, to have the air taken away from you by wanting to be with someone so much.
She manoeuvred herself allowing her to push her butt even harder against his hips, his dick penetrating her even further.  She felt him starting to find a slow rhythm pushing his cock inside her that brought a smile to her face.
Insatiable!!! That was the word.  She was insatiable for him.  The more he made love to her… no fucked her… the more she wanted it, him.  Not only could she get used to this, she could become addicted to this passion.  It was lighting a fire, an inferno of lust and desire when only recently there had been smoldering coals.
She wanted to be ravaged uncontrollably, in every single way by him and left conquered by him.  She wanted, no needed this more than anything at this particular moment in time…..