VIP Interview With Sherry Owner & Designer Of Adult Baby Welt

Interview Adult Baby Welt

Adult Baby Welt are the creators of hand-made fetish wear, specializing in latex garments and furs.  They specialize in the manufacture and supply of babified clothing, diapers, pet play as well as pvc bondage outfits, latex gear, sensory deprivation apparatus, masks, bed-covers, furniture s&m, cross-dressing and transvestite fashion as well as creating tailor made outfits and designs.  Loeselotte (Sherry) and Rosemarie Heinrich have owned and operated this business since 2001 and their creations have graced the pages of many fetish magazines as well as some mainstream ones.

All clothing is manufactured in Germany using the highest quality ingredients and as many are custom made, sizes and styles can be quite flexible.   Apart from welded PVC items all apparel is hand made in their workshop.   Having a loyal following worldwide they are accepted as one of the pioneers and leaders in extreme fetish wear.

babified bonnet
adult baby welt

Here is a VIP Interview With Sherry the Owner And Designer Of Adult Baby Welt

Tell me about yourself

I am the owner and producer and have designed most of the articles in my shop. My name is Sherry, I am 63 years old.

What inspired the creation of your company?

In 2004 in my function as a domina I came to this business. A slave of mine humbly asked if I could sew him a PVC ruffle apron. I’ve thought of a cut, ruffled sewn and I’ve found that it is a lot of fun to work with this material. I sewed the same apron again and she was torn out of my hands at Ebay. I initially limited myself to various aprons and masks. Later I added trousers, coats, bodies etc until I had created a complete collection.

Where are your products made?

I work from home in my workshop. What I feel as real luxury.

What is the manufacturing process like?

I am working with a special sewing machine with which I can sew thin PVC and latex. I do not stick to a haute fashion, but I have specialized in wide, waving articles. There are many fetishists who like to have a lot of their favorite material around them. That is why I designed, for example, a latex-cape, which brings the immense circumference of 12 meters.

What materials are your product made from?

I am working with PVC, latex, fabrics (mainly with adult baby patterns, and artificial fur.

What is the difference between the feeling of Latex and PVC?

This is a matter of taste. I personally prefer latex which has been chlorinated. All my articles can be chorused afterwards. This has the great advantage that you no longer have to oil and powder it and also sweats less in it. The pores of the material are sealed during chlorination. However, I am making this transfer from third-party companies.

Why do people enjoy the feeling of these materials?

That is hard to say. Because there are so many fetishes. I understand it somewhere. Some love the enclosed, others like to dig in soft fur. Where these preferences come from is certainly different.

What inspires your designs?

My customers inspire me the most. They approach me with ideas because they know that I am open for their special wishes. Then bizarre things arise like the down mask, or a panties with an integrated latex vagina.

PVC Body Bag
BDSM Sleeping Bag

What are your best sellers?

My bestsellers are various bodies and diapers, because I have many adult babies in my customer circle.

What fetishes do you find are most popular?

I think people still love latex fashion, because it is very sexy.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I’ve never regretted entering the fetish area. The global customers are extremely pleasant, friendly and discreet. Yes, it is a discrete business – from both sides. I have a very good webmaster who keeps my shop up to date and a pretty daughter who occasionally mods for me. So Tortureangel is a completely successful thing.

I ship worldwide and am happy about new customers and their bizarre desires.

Guide For Latex Wear

Latex is in the natural raw state .It still has transport-conditioned talcum layer to keep it beautiful for a long period of time.  To keep it that way you must

  1. Moisten the whole latex surface with Latexfluid or Latexspray.
  2. After use wash the article by hand warm water.
  3. Then rinse it thoroughly and add drops silicone oil spreading it over
  4. Touch dry it carefully with a soft towel. This will keep the gloss and the latex will look wonderful for years to come.


The Raw Truth About Miscarriage

What Is A Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a topic that hits home pretty hard, and for me, it was more mental than physical trauma that I struggled with. Sex and intimacy after miscarriage is a pretty controversial topic, it comes with a million different personal beliefs as to what the right way to do it is, as well as the correct time to wait.

Truth is there is no specific time and there is no way to do it, there are guidelines and recommendations but not one rule that fits everyone.

Miscarriage is rough and personal, it’s mentally draining as well as physically, and really unless you go through it you have no idea how you will cope or how you will react.

I will shed some light on my story and maybe a few of you will be able to understand and can benefit from it. October 2016 I fell pregnant, it wasn’t planned but there was nothing stopping it either, four weeks later something felt different, and my monthly period did not arrive. I took a pregnancy test (a clear blue digital) and those words “pregnant” came up on the little digital screen. I was happy, I was hopeful, but I was scared, my partner and I had spoken about this but I knew he wouldn’t be happy. At the age of 24 I did not think I’d have a miscarriage, I had never been pregnant before and honestly I didn’t even know if I was able to fall pregnant. What I did know was that since I was a little girl I definitely wanted children, I always wanted to be a mum.

Breaking the news to him was hard and those words he uttered stuck to me, he wasn’t happy. The weeks went along and other “options” were brought up, these options have never sat right with me and were something I was most definitely was not comfortable with. Finally, I went for a thirteen-week scan, I was excited, he came with me and the time came to finally see my little baby. I laid down the technician put the jelly just above my pelvic line and pressed on with the machine, I waited for him to turn the screen so I could see! He never did… I just kept staring at the ceiling because I knew in that moment something wasn’t right. He walked out of the room and told me he had to go get a doctor, I sat up slightly and looked at my partner, I could tell by his face something wasn’t right. The doctor came in to look at my scans and to take his own, I was then told to come back in an hour, I knew what I was going to be told and I was devastated.

A Patient Who Had A Miscarriage
Image: “Probably the single saddest, most gut wrenching moment of my life” – Miscarriage Association

An hour passes and I walked back up alone to the waiting room, a few moments later a doctor and nurse came out to speak to me and handed me my scans. They apologised and the nurse handed me tissues, that moment was raw, that moment crushed me, I was told to go to the doctors straight away because my body had not recognised that I had a miscarriage, well, in this case, a missed miscarriage. The nurse walked down to the car with me and watched me cross the road safely and I sat in the car and just cried, and spoke the words “its dead”. From then on it is a blur, I called my doctor they fitted me in straight away, I was then told to go to emergency, I went to St-George emergency, they took blood tests looked at my scans spoke to me and told me to come back in the morning at 7.30am to the early pregnancy unit.

I walked in with my partner to the early pregnancy unit they admitted me and sent me for more blood tests I walked back up to the rooms and went through my options with me. I had barely processed what had just happened let alone what the best way to deal with this was. I was given three options, a) I could be given medication to take home with me and see if my body would do this naturally at home, b) I could be induced at the hospital and wait a few hours, or c) to have an operation. Now I have had a fair few operations in my past so I wasn’t keen on that idea, I chose option b. they were slightly worried about me because of my past operations and how far along I actually was. They admitted me for safety precautions and to monitor me, I was given the inducing medication and then it was a waiting game. It was a long wait and I ended up telling my partner to go home and rest, then 3am the next morning the inevitable happened. After hours of contractions, it all started.

It was intense, traumatic and heart wrenching, gushes of blood and clots came out of me, I couldn’t think I pressed the button for the nurses and did as they told me and tried to collect everything in the bucket like thing they had given me. The bleeding, however, did not stop and they were worried, all of a sudden 3 doctors and 5 nurses were in the room with me removing my clothes, trying to “scrap” me out and using gauze to stop the bleeding. I then felt a bigger clot, it was, in fact, my baby, my doctor cleaned it up for me and asked if I wanted to look. I didn’t think I just tried to sit up, I was then presented with this perfectly formed little human that was no bigger than my pinky finger, with arms, legs a body a head and forming of a face. My heart at that point melted.

After that all I remember was being rush wheeled up to an emergency operation because I had lost over two litres of blood, what felt like five minutes but was actually about forty-five I woke up from my operation and was in the recovery room. The empty feeling is indescribable, but for a very long time and still, now I don’t feel complete.

Coming home I was still bleeding slightly which is pretty normal, but I was terrified of anything going near that “area” after what has just come out of there. For nearly three weeks I was petrified it would hurt or it would start bleeding again, not to mention every time I went to the bathroom I was too scared to look down just in case there was blood. Now I have no issues with blood but with this I did, and it was a horrible feeling.

Fast forward three weeks and I finally plucked up the courage to try something. Thoughts were running through my head like if I don’t try and force myself my partner is going to look elsewhere if I don’t give him something soon! My doctor had told me to wait two weeks to allow my body to heal, he also recommended waiting three months before trying to conceive again. Now, this is different for everyone but at the end of the day, it’s completely up to you and your own personal feelings. No one truly knows how well they will cope and when they will be ready. Never force yourself it’s more damaging than helpful!

Sad Couple
Image: Love

It is scary and intimidating and extremely personal! But if you are comfortable try out gentle things first, go slow and make sure your partner understands that you are scared, and communicate! I cannot stress enough how important communication is, in this situation but also so many other situations! It’s not something you can just google to get the right answers, everyone is so different and everyone reacts and copes differently. The best advice I can give is to go slow and talk, don’t rush into it and if it doesn’t feel right now it doesn’t mean it won’t always feel that way. Time is your best friend, and there is no shame in waiting. The body is extremely personal, and even though everyone is made with the same parts it does not mean everyone uses or reacts the same with them. This is the reason why intimacy is so personal and the reason why everyone likes different things and feels different ways, you cannot give a blanket description to what everyone will like let alone what everyone will be comfortable with after a traumatic event. Words and body language are a powerful tool that needs to be used more frequently. This is also the same with using sex toys in the bedroom, that “area” is tender and firmer or large sex toys that were once comfortable and pleasurable may not be now or for a while.  Listen to your body start slow and small and build up to a level that is comfortable for you. There is absolutely no shame in starting off slow, small, gentle and working your way up.

Miscarriage Statistics
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Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Sensational Stimulation With Lelo Liv 2!

Lelo is a sex toy brand that is conquering the Adult industry, with grace, style and pure brilliant Swedish engineering. LELO’s G-Spot Vibrator Liv 2 is one of their global best sellers of all time. Lelo Liv 2 is one of the many sensational products that have been able to grace adult store shelves throughout the world, generally not staying on those walls for long due to its extreme popularity. The Lelo Liv 2 is a middle-sized vibrator that gives off the impression that it is a one use sex toy, however, do not be confused at this toys versatility. It is 100mm or 3.9 inches long.

I’ll start by explaining that the Lelo Liv 2 does not only have to be used for vaginal stimulation, in fact, due to its shape and size it is a fantastic clitoral stimulator. The Lelo Liv 2 can also be used for numerous amounts of body stimulation including caressing the testicles and the shaft of the penis, running it down the spine of the back with it’s various different patterns, using it’s smooth silicone texture and long, flat side to caress the inner thighs and also don’t neglect the nipples, the tip of the Lelo Liv 2 is the perfect size to  massage around both male and females breasts and nipples providing a rather odd yet stimulating feeling.

Like most Lelo products the Liv 2 comes with some fantastic features that will make you be able to distinguish it from similar sex toys on the market. Firstly let’s start with the whisper quiet motor that can barely be heard, behind closed doors at full blast you can not hear it and with soft general conversation it is a struggle to hear it, the only reason you will hear it is because your brain is subconsciously trained to hear and listen out for things that you are holding and of course things that you don’t want to hear. To hide any vibrating sounds, you are able to put on some light music and no one will know any better.

Secondly, the motor is extremely powerful due to its rechargeable capabilities. The vibrator uses a Li-Ion 500mAh 3.7V making it a great investment which will lead to a lot of extra pennies in the bank account because you won’t be constantly changing the batteries. The Lelo Liv 2 can be used for around 4 hours, which will take a lot of sexual fun before you need to recharge it. A charger is included!

Lelo Liv 2 Sex Toy Image
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Thirdly, the Lelo Liv 2 comes with 8 different functions and power settings giving complete versatility and a chance to experience different types of vaginal sensations. The 8 functions will provide a break from toys that only just vibrate, and will allow you to use a different function every day of the week! The Liv 2 has a matte appearance made from 100% certified body safe silicone and is said to be completely waterproof. I, however, do not recommend that you take it in the bath or shower, generally waterproof means that you will be able to clean the product by lightly rinsing, try not to get water on the control panel.

Finally, all LELO products including the Liv 2 come with a 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee that is issued by the company. In the box that you receive with your toy, there is a little chip with a registration code where you online, register your toy with Lelo. So If there is a mechanical issue or fault with the toy that was not caused by yourself then they will go through the correct measures of either fixing the toy or completely replacing it.

From a salesman’s point of view, the Lelo Liv 2 is immaculately designed due to Lelo considering both beginner’s who are new to the use of sex toy and more experienced sex toy users. It is quite light at 86g you will barely notice it’s weight. This sex toy is for all-around toy users, even if it is only going to be used for the clitoris. From a consumers point of view, the product did not let me or my partner down and I feel that the only upset about the product is that it is not submersible, other than that the Liv 2 is fantastic!






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