Spice up your sex life with the help of ThePornDude!

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It is easy to build a routine and follow it day after day, but that can become rather boring. Keep in mind that one should not have to wait for their sex life to become dull to experiment with new pleasures. Nevertheless, if your sex life has become a bit repetitive and you need a change of pace, below you have some tips that might come in handy!

Sex positions

To start it off easy, you could always incorporate new sex positions into your usual sex routine. Keep things interesting with different sex positions. For those who did not know, there are over 100 different positions you could try out in bed, so if you have only been doing the standard five so far, now is the right time to try something new.



Sometimes, sexting and mind games really do a lot for us. Try sexting each other before the night comes, as you tell each other what you would love to do. Sexting can be very hot if it is done right, and if you and your partner are into dirty talking, it’s even better. Push the limits, and learn how much you are comfortable with.

Don’t disregard the beauty of anticipation from sexting to a simple gesture of ass pinching when saying goodbye. Next time you follow your partner to the shower, do dirty yet innocent things, pretend. After a bit of a build-up, the two of you are bound to engage in some memorable lovemaking.

Have a quickie

This might sound a bit odd to some, as how could a quickie spice up your sex life? Well, a quickie does not always have to be in the midst of an argument about a meaningless topic. Do not underestimate the impact the element of surprise can have. Know how to read the room and surprise your partner with a quickie, oral, or anything else they might enjoy.


Explore each other’s fantasies

What turns you on? What turns your partner on? Discussing such simple topics is crucial if you want to have a healthy sex life. The problem many people have is that they think that their fantasies are weird, or a bit too “out there” but in most cases, that is not true. Your partner might be thinking the same thing you are.


This could be seen in the same categories as fantasies, and in case you are into roleplay, you might want to consider going full out. Roleplaying can be rather fun, devious, and addictive, and if both of you dedicate yourself to your roles, dress up and do all the necessary work, the actual lovemaking act will be a lot more pleasurable! Of course, roleplaying is not meant for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Watch porn together

If you are unsure of your own fantasies, maybe it is time to start from zero. Search through your favorite porno websites, and check out the content, find something that excites you. With so many porn websites you can find listed on ThePornDude.com, you’ll surely find one that makes you want to try it out. Take your time and explore your own fantasies first.


You could also consider watching porn with your partner. This way, you could see which part of the video turns them on, what they searched for, and what kind of sex play they prefer. Of course, before you try anything out in the bedroom, which might be seen as hardcore, make sure that your partner is up for it beforehand.

Switch roles

Of course, this does not mean that you need to do something you are not comfortable with. But, if you are down to trying out new roles, then give it a go. In other sense, you could think about switching up the domination/submission roles as you get to see new aspects and beauty of BDSM lovemaking.

Sex toys!

This should be an obvious one, but if this did not cross your mind, consider using sex toys! This does not only imply the sex toys for her; there are plenty of pleasurable sex toys for men that could be used in the bedroom. Once you learn your likes and dislikes, it will be much easier to pick the sex toys that make both of you satisfied.

Sex in the shower

This is a big cliché, but it actually does work! If you would like to spice up your sex routine, try doing it in the shower. Now, this might require you actually to have a shower. Waiting for your partner to get soaking wet, before you surprisingly jump with them in the shower, could be just the sexy surprise they were waiting for!