How to Find a Good Sex Shop or Adult Store in Phoenix?

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Phoenix is one of those cities in America that is known for its sunshine. From beautiful scenic escapes to the hip side of the town, this city has it all. But, what about sex shops in Phoenix? Are there any available?


To clear your doubt, yes, there are several adult stores available in Phoenix. You need to know the right places to be in. From the store’s location to the overall credibility of it based on user reviews, you need to keep a check on several factors.


Randomly visiting a sex shop is never the answer, especially if you want reliable products that are safe for use. Start by checking out this list of the best sex shops in Phoenix on Maxiwand.

Checklist Before Finding the Best Adult Store in Phoenix


Before you randomly scroll through your search engine results, trying to find the best sex shop around you in Phoenix, here are a few factors that can help you find the best one.


Relying on Word of Mouth Marketing 


Now, this is where you need to start. It is true that talking about sex toys and just sex, in general, is quite awkward for some people. But, if you want to source the best store for your sex toys in Phoenix, you need to rely on people around you.


Start with your friends and ask them about the possibility of them knowing a few right places. It can start a bit confusing at first, but if your friends have been to one in the vicinity, they can guide you accordingly.


There is nothing wrong with discussing sex toys and self-pleasure. The more you discuss it, the easier it becomes for you to find the good stores around you..

Trust the Search Engine


In a world where everyone is online, looking for the best sex shop in Phoenix should be done online. Since you are not the only one searching for the same, you will likely find resources for good adult stores online.


Once you have a list of Phoenix’s best stores, you can shortlist the one best suited to your likings.

Explore More Sex Shops in Phoenix!


It is likely the most convenient way of finding the best one in Phoenix. Once you have picked out a few of the best ones based on user reviews and the address proximity from your house, you need to take your car out and explore.


Just being reliant on one adult store and visiting it won’t let you compare. But, visiting multiple stores and checking out their products and toys helps you compare which one of the lot is the best.


This way, you know which one to return to, once you explore more of your kinks and fetishes. So, instead of sticking to a single shop, visit multiple ones around the city.




Uncovering the best adult toy store in Phoenix is not that complicated. Yes, likely, stores’ availability might not be abundant, but there are quite a few around that could suffice all your sexual needs and fantasies. It would help if you found a store that offers the best to you.

Bursting My Blog Cherry!

Adult Lifestyle Centre

I bet that headline made it seem like this would a heartwarming tale of one boys transition to manhood. But you could not be more wrong. This is my first time writing a blog. That’s right I’m a blog virgin.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just never felt the overwhelming urge to…

But enough about me, let me tell you more about me. I’m 29 years old with 2 children, My four year old daughter Amelia and my two year old son Tristian. My whole world. I was with my ex for nearly 6 years but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.

There’s very little that’s interesting about me but if I had to provide some examples they would be the following…

I attended The McDonald College (a school focused on the performing arts) for the duration of my HSC. During which I gained a small proficiency in French, the language of love.  After leaving The McDonald College I pursued an acting career performing in commercials, music videos and a feature film.

It was when I was 19 that I realised I lacked emotional depth, something crucial for an actor to succeed. So I left the city and my dreams behind to grow a little in the hope it would make be a better actor and also a better person. Than was 10 years ago. I didn’t mean to put my dreams on hold for so long but life has a way of throwing even the best laid plans to complete hell.

Since then I’ve loved women (and a couple of men) felt happiness so powerful I thought my heart would burst from pure joy to pain so visceral I couldn’t find the will to live. Despite all the adversity life threw my way, it was never enough to break me, though a couple of close calls did occur.

People ask me a lot since I’ve started this job, Why an adult store?

The answer is simple, I’m a people pleaser. Yes some people do take advantage of that but it doesn’t change who I am. “Be the change you want to see in the world”

I like making people happy, and the opportunities we offer here definitely make people happy.

Now to the nitty gritty, the stuff you’ve been waiting to read, my history…

I was always a little socially awkward, never really fitting in. But then again, I wouldn’t want to fit in. Normalcy is boring as dirt and I like to be interesting. It wasn’t til I hit 17 that I had a life changing epiphany, Confidence is a lie we tell each other, so I made a decision to be confident and as long as no one found how badly I was lying, I’d be fine.

This new found confidence led me to my first girlfriend and you guessed it, the losing of my virginity. But that’s a story for another time…

Since then, I’ve developed what could be called a respectable number of sexual partners and experiences. Yes I’m a little bit of a f**kboy but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

Boy to fuck
Fuck Boy

Whilst I have no intention of cloistering myself until I find the right girl with which to settle down I’m opening up to the possibility that I do deserve more than mindless (albeit awesome) sex. A connection that is more than physical but spiritual as well. I hope when I do eventually meet this woman that my innate gift of self-sabotage doesn’t ruin it like it did my last serious relationship.

That took a depressing turn, didn’t it?

Moving on, as we all must. I’ve decided to open myself up more, to trust more and to be more. An old dog learning new tricks if you’ll allow a cliché.

My first step was quitting my shitty, oppressive job for something that actually makes me happy. Which is what led me here, sitting at Oh! Zone Penrith surrounded by things that make people happy writing these words for you.

Some words of advice from a 29 year old with delusions of wisdom. You deserve to be as happy as you can be and no one but you can stop that from happening. Every day you spend not being as happy and fulfilled as you can be is a day wasted that you will never get back. So do it.

Quit that job you hate.

Ask out that guy you like.

Call out people that are mistreating you.



Because when it’s all said and done we enter this world alone and crying, whether that’s how you leave it is entirely up to you.

Your friendly neighbourhood vibe salesman

P.S Stay tuned for my next blog “My First Time, For Real”


Matthew is a consultant at the Oh Zone Stores

The Importance of Adult Shops

Safe Zone Image

In this day and age there are a lot of things that adult shops can offer to a wide range of customers whether that strictly be a LGBTQI safe zone.  We also cater to many other people and i’ll tackle some issues that we actually help with and the benefit and good that we actually impact onto our culture which a lot of us overlook.  I think about this often. First and foremost I’ll tackle the males and what impacts and drastic changes we can make in their lives.

Men with erectile dysfunction can often be embarrassed by their completely normal medical condition, we offer a wide range of toys to help them with this from penis extenders, strap ons and even tablets which will help make them feel more confident and better equipped without the worry in the back of their head that their partner is not satisfied with what they can offer. And personally I know just from owning multiple fleshlights that times when I would get depressed or lonely these toys can offer a pleasing orgasm and makes yo feel a lot better than going out and wrecking yourself on alcohol or any other thing like that, sometimes all people need is a quick orgasm or the feeling of closeness or to act out a fantasy and things can change your perspective.

I find it astonishing how many couples come into the shop looking to spice up their sex life, they leave with couple toys such as some light BDSM gear and maybe a we vibe and the amount of joy on their face when they come back in and say things like “They helped so much that we’re going to do more stuff like that, show me ALL your  products” which i can tell has brought them closer to their partners or even relationships on the rocks, a little mix up and spice in their relationship life and suddenly you can be back to your honeymoon stage.


Adult Shop
Banner: The Important of Adult Shops


I have a regular who comes and sees me and she had a double masectomy and does not feel “sexy” or self confident anymore and after showing her countless items we came to a conclusion of what she wanted and what her husband liked, and i remember her big grin when she left the shop and i really value things like that, sex shops are seen as taboo or meant to be a place where creeps hang out but i can assure everyone that’s not the case, alot of the interactions i have with the customers is pleasant and they’re more than happy to open up and tell me what the situation they’re dealing with is and i’m more than happy to recommend products that will help them on an individual basis.

Around 75% of women can’t actually achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, so even as a couples toy the body wand is fantastic, i’ve been in situations with ex gf’s and they weren’t able to achieve an orgasm and that really affected my head i was thinking “Am i not good enough?, am i not attractive” and i took it personally when i really shouldn’t have but it’s understandable why it would make you feel unwanted.

But the fact that we offer such a range of products from toys to movies to costumes, i think we are really doing a good job, and being able to push people in the right direction for their fetishes or anything like that is great, especially when it comes to taboo things when guys are scared of trying anything penetrative on themselves because they will feel less “manly”, i try to break down that stereotype and be up front and say things like ” It’s alot more common than you think, we’re not here to judge, honestly it feels great it’s a prostate it’s meant to be touched for sexual pleasure” and more often than not i will see them again and they’ll end up buying a similar toy.

Bit of a rant but i honestly think we make an improvement in every customers life in a positive way.  So get your wallet out and start shopping now.

About The Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Why I Shop At Oh! Zone Caringbah

Woman Shopping Bags

I started shopping at Oh Zone Caringbah out of pure curiosity, I used to walk past it quite often on the Kingsway in the Caringbah Shopping District and always wondered if there would be something of interest to me since I already had a perfect sex life with my boyfriend and thought adult shops are just for people who are having troubles in their sex life or women who do not have partners. One afternoon however I decided to walk in and see what the inside of such a shop looks like, I certainly was not ready for what I found and ever since then I have become a regular. Here is why I seem to be hooked and I love that I am and do not wish to be cured.


Happy Person
Happy Woman
  • Wide range of products: Like I said before, I thought that Adult sex shops are just for lonely women and men who cannot get someone to have sex with or couples that are having trouble with their sex life, well when I walked into Oh Zone Caringbah, that opinion changed. I found a wide range of sex toys that I had never in my life imagined existed. Many of these toys are exactly that – Toys, but toys for adults which means they are fun and whether you are having a great sex life or not, you will actually enjoy adding these toys to your sex life which will become even more fun and I experienced things I had never experienced before when I bought some of those toys. Even 2 years down the road, I still find something new when I pop in, it is like they are constantly updating their stock and always have the latest innovations in the sex toy range.
  • Women friendly: This is one adult shop that I have found to be very welcoming to all types of women. They have something for all types of women regardless of your sexual orientation, size, sexual fantasy or relationship status. If you would like to remain single but enjoy the pleasures of sex, you will find toys for you, if you have the most outlandish fantasies, you will be able to bring them to life with the toys you find here.   As soon as you walk through the entry door you will see the store is spotlessly clean, everything is in vivid white so nothing can be disguised or hidden.  When a sex toy is shown the staff wear surgical gloves to ensure that you will always get a toy that has not been held by human hands.  Oh Zone Caringbah you certainly see that cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Helpful staff: When I first walked into Oh Zone Caringbah, I did not want anything, I was just looking around out of curiosity, one of the staff came up to me and asked if I needed help and naturally I was a bit shy but told them I was just looking out of curiosity, she then went on to talk to me just to find out what kind of person I was and what my situation was and then gave me a guided tour of the entire shop, taking the time to explain what some of the toys would do for me and making a few recommendations, I was really amazed by some of the possibilities with the toys and I asked a lot of questions which she very happily answered. By the time the tour was over my perception about sex toys had totally changed and I actually wanted to try out some of those toys though I was still shy to be open about it and did not buy anything the first time round but I learnt a lot from this lady working there and I have since learnt that they are all just as helpful.  I liked that the staff are predominately female.
  • They are patient: All the times that I have been to the shop, the staff have been very patient, they do not hurry me to make a purchase, I am always able to walk around on my own, read the labels on the packages and even look online to see customer reviews, all the while there is no one following me like you find in some of those other adult shops unless of course I am after assistance and they are only too happy to spend time with me. And if I need help, the staff are very happy to come to my rescue no matter how many times I may call for their help and later ask to continue on my own. It just creates a very calm and relaxed atmosphere and I always feel like I have made the best choice when I make a purchase
  • Convenient location: The location of Oh Zone Caringbah is very convenient for me, it is just on the way home and not in a secluded corner and bus stop is out the front and across the road and it is only about 200 meters from the Caringbah Train Station.  One hour parking is available directly out front and there is a Council Car Park across the road and behind the shop.   I find it very easy to make a stop over as I head home not like some other shops that seem like I will be making a detour to get there. I also noticed how convenient it is for disabled people that may have minor mobility issues as they can still get in easily and the parking space is more than enough for customers.
  • Comfort and excitement: Walking into the store always fills me with excitement, there is something about the atmosphere and what I have come to associate it with. I am happy when I’m there and the staff are very cheerful and full of good humor and recognize me as a regular. It is not like you feel like a dirty pervert when you ask about certain products everyone in there just seems like they are doing normal shopping and the staff are educated well in their products. In fact I now wonder why the first time I walked in I was feeling shy, shopping here is such a very nice experience.
  • Satisfaction: Oh Zone Caringbah is not just about making money, they take the time to listen to their customers and what they want and they make sure they get it. Whenever I make a purchase I am convinced that it will serve me and my partner well, there has never been a toy that I have had to return because it did not live up to what it was supposed to deliver. I always get value for my money even though I may get tired of some of them.   The staff there have also ordered products in for me that they usually do not stock that I have seen online and wanted to purchase.

Overall I have always had a very good experience and even after trying other adult shops I still find that they do not quite measure up to Oh Zone Caringbah so I keep going back there and I have taken my girlfriends there with me who also love it.