Top Sex Positions You Should Try in 2021

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Your sex life could be boring, especially if you are a casualty of lazy sex syndrome. Most people cannot afford to stop in the heat of the moment to rearrange their bodies into unexpected positions. While it is tempting to rely on sex positions that you know or love, you should consider trying out some new positions with fresh twists for various benefits. Apart from better orgasms, new positions can also rejuvenate things with your partner. If you just met your partner from dating sites, below are new sex positions to make him/her want more of you.  So here are the 2021 best sex positions but if you missed out check out the sex positions for 2020.

1. Crab

If you are among those who believe what sex positions say about your relationship, you should always try new positions based on the status of your relationship. Among the new styles to try out is the crab. The style is quite similar to cowgirl with some tricks, as you will have to lean back and support your body with your arms instead of the knees. Once you are comfortable, you can move up and down or grind back and forth.

You should proceed slowly, as sudden movements can strain the penis. This style is not suitable if your partner is not flexible. However, the man can support the partner by bending their knees slightly for the thighs to provide additional support.

If there isn’t a penis in your relationship, don’t think you can’t try this sex position. Don’t be scared of putting a spin on this pose to make it work. For instance, your penetrating partner can use a strap-on and guide the toy by hand.

2. Cowboy

Cowboy is one of the effective sex positions for emotional connection. For this, lie down with legs spread out and allow the man to straddle the vagina from above. The lady should start with legs wide and the man’s knees between her thighs before adjusting. This sex position increases intensity and tightness for both parties, and most ladies can orgasm easily, especially with their legs clenched together.

3. Doggy Style

Doggy style is a classic option for many reasons, among them, offering different ways to enjoy your experience. It is also a good sex position to build confidence, especially for men with several sex-related problems. If you need some refreshing, you can enjoy this position on all fours by having your partner kneel behind you. Your partner can then hold on to your hips as you stay still or push your hips against your partner for better thrust. Besides, if you enjoy additional clitoral stimulation, this sex position makes it easily accessible for both of you.

4. Seated Wheelbarrow

If you are not sure which sex position matches your personality, you can try the seated wheelbarrow style. This option is fun for those who enjoy anal play while engaging in penetrative sex. As the angle allows your partner to penetrate deeply, it also gives him/her access to both holes. You can try this by sitting on your partner’s thighs as he/she sits on the edge of a bed or couch. Lean forward for them to enter from behind as they insert a lubricated finger in your butt.

5. The Lotus

It is a full-body and eye to eye style that brings forth physical and romantic intimacy. For this, your partner can sit on the bed, couch, or chair with legs crossed as if to form a pretzel. You should then sit on top and wrap your legs around your partner. Unlike other sex positions, you should move back and forth with your hips after penetrating instead of moving up and down. While the main goal of this sex position is better intimacy, it is not off-limits for casual sexual encounters. However, note that there is a lot of eye contact, which heightens your connection.

Bottom Line

Sex positions shouldn’t revolve around comfort and familiarity. You should be open to new ideas to increase pleasure and longevity. To reduce the variance between sex positions expectation vs. reality, feel free to modify any preferred sex position to your liking. Do you think your partner’s enthusiasm for new sex positions means he likes you to be his sex partner for a long time? Which sex position mentioned above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Spice up your sex life with the help of ThePornDude!

Dude porn

It is easy to build a routine and follow it day after day, but that can become rather boring. Keep in mind that one should not have to wait for their sex life to become dull to experiment with new pleasures. Nevertheless, if your sex life has become a bit repetitive and you need a change of pace, below you have some tips that might come in handy!

Sex positions

To start it off easy, you could always incorporate new sex positions into your usual sex routine. Keep things interesting with different sex positions. For those who did not know, there are over 100 different positions you could try out in bed, so if you have only been doing the standard five so far, now is the right time to try something new.



Sometimes, sexting and mind games really do a lot for us. Try sexting each other before the night comes, as you tell each other what you would love to do. Sexting can be very hot if it is done right, and if you and your partner are into dirty talking, it’s even better. Push the limits, and learn how much you are comfortable with.

Don’t disregard the beauty of anticipation from sexting to a simple gesture of ass pinching when saying goodbye. Next time you follow your partner to the shower, do dirty yet innocent things, pretend. After a bit of a build-up, the two of you are bound to engage in some memorable lovemaking.

Have a quickie

This might sound a bit odd to some, as how could a quickie spice up your sex life? Well, a quickie does not always have to be in the midst of an argument about a meaningless topic. Do not underestimate the impact the element of surprise can have. Know how to read the room and surprise your partner with a quickie, oral, or anything else they might enjoy.


Explore each other’s fantasies

What turns you on? What turns your partner on? Discussing such simple topics is crucial if you want to have a healthy sex life. The problem many people have is that they think that their fantasies are weird, or a bit too “out there” but in most cases, that is not true. Your partner might be thinking the same thing you are.


This could be seen in the same categories as fantasies, and in case you are into roleplay, you might want to consider going full out. Roleplaying can be rather fun, devious, and addictive, and if both of you dedicate yourself to your roles, dress up and do all the necessary work, the actual lovemaking act will be a lot more pleasurable! Of course, roleplaying is not meant for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Watch porn together

If you are unsure of your own fantasies, maybe it is time to start from zero. Search through your favorite porno websites, and check out the content, find something that excites you. With so many porn websites you can find listed on, you’ll surely find one that makes you want to try it out. Take your time and explore your own fantasies first.


You could also consider watching porn with your partner. This way, you could see which part of the video turns them on, what they searched for, and what kind of sex play they prefer. Of course, before you try anything out in the bedroom, which might be seen as hardcore, make sure that your partner is up for it beforehand.

Switch roles

Of course, this does not mean that you need to do something you are not comfortable with. But, if you are down to trying out new roles, then give it a go. In other sense, you could think about switching up the domination/submission roles as you get to see new aspects and beauty of BDSM lovemaking.

Sex toys!

This should be an obvious one, but if this did not cross your mind, consider using sex toys! This does not only imply the sex toys for her; there are plenty of pleasurable sex toys for men that could be used in the bedroom. Once you learn your likes and dislikes, it will be much easier to pick the sex toys that make both of you satisfied.

Sex in the shower

This is a big cliché, but it actually does work! If you would like to spice up your sex routine, try doing it in the shower. Now, this might require you actually to have a shower. Waiting for your partner to get soaking wet, before you surprisingly jump with them in the shower, could be just the sexy surprise they were waiting for!

9 Mischievous Valentine’s Day Sex Ideas

Valentine's kiss

Valentine’s Day is an excellent occasion to make your sexual life a bit more interesting. For couples, it gives them the perfect chance to deliver new and exciting pleasures to each other. It’s time to think about how you can please your partner and what can make the night unforgettable. Here are 9 mischievous Valentine’s Day sex ideas:

1) Dominate Your Lover

Instead of sighing and ecstatically moaning during sex, verbalize your own desires. Each of them! That is, say what your partner should do, how to stand, lie, where and how to touch or kiss you etc. Warn her that you won’t tolerate disobedience. All she needs to do is to listen and follow your orders.

2) Close Your Lover’s Eyes

For this one, you’ll need a blindfold, an ice cube, a feather, a vibrator, and other objects that you can adapt and use for foreplay. Use the blindfold to cover the girl’s eyes, then touch her in unexpected places with unexpected objects (the more unexpected the objects and the spots are, the better) until she finally begs you to take her. When her eyes are closed, other senses become sharper, so her orgasm will be unforgettable.

3) Visit New Places For Sexual Discovery

You need 10 sheets of paper and 2 pens. Each of you writes 5 places on the paper (“cinema”, “restaurant”, “parking lot” etc.), throw the pieces of paper in the hat and pull one out. Next, go straight to the location written on the paper. Find a quiet and cosy spot so you spend time enjoying each other. Sex will be spiced up with adrenaline (and the possibility of being caught is also a kind of extreme) which will feel incredible.

Valentine's restaurant date
Image: Valentine’s Date

4) Become Strangers

Meet in the lobby bar of the hotel and pretend that you don’t know each other. Offer to buy the girl a drink and try to make friends with her. You can both be whomever you would like to be and say whatever you want. For example, you can pretend to be a stewardesses, a millionaire or even a nuclear physicists.  The main thing is not to break character and act according to the role until the very end and by “the very end” we don’t mean the moment when the “stranger” agrees to go up to your room, the end is the check-out time the next morning. This way the “immersion” will be better.

Since both of you will be playing new roles (and this is the main rule), your sex will at least be non-trivial. It may even turn out to be the best in your life. Besides, it’s sometimes extremely entertaining and interesting to know how your partner sees herself.

5) Try New Sex Toys

Each of you can bring, say, 3 new sex toys to your bed and then go for a test drive trying all of them. The main thing is to be realistic about your capabilities and not turn the marathon into a sprint. Usually, the novelty of the sensations experienced inevitably affects the rapidity of a male orgasm. And the task is to unbox and try all your new purchases.

What’s the catch? This game allows both of you to suggest to your partner to try a new toy you have always wanted to bring into your sex life. When both of you are free to choose any device you want, you’ll avoid embarrassment, misunderstandings and phrases, like “normal human sex is no longer interesting to you.”

6) Try New Sex Positions

This sex position will be great if both of you want to reach maximum levels of pleasure. Get on your knees, take her by the ankles and put her feet on your shoulders. Once you’re inside her, move both her legs onto one shoulder. In this position, the blood flow to her genitals is increased, which means that sensitivity is much higher than usual. Besides, in this position, her legs aren’t spread, the vagina is tightly wrapped around the penis, which increases the sensations during friction. You can also use your hand to stimulate her clitoris.

7) Visit A New Place

Nothing brings brighter sensations than extreme sex. Why not leave the standard options for later and try something new and even exotic in the name of Valentine’s Day? Everything depends on your sexual fantasy and the level of adrenaline you wish to experience. For some couples, sex on the kitchen table is already extreme and for others, sex in a crowded bus is quite normal. Wherever passion gets you: in the fitting room of a shopping centre, on the roof of a multi-storey house, in an elevator or in a public toilet, do it.

Valentine's holiday
Image: Couple Swimming

8) Try A New Experience

According to the polls, more than 20% of couples in love go on holidays for a new sexual experience. The most innocent one is a trip to the nearest sex toy shop to buy a couple of toys and spend the night experimenting with them. But some couples go further. To spice up their sex life, they invite a third partner into their bed or even try tantric sex. Why not? Just make sure that your loved one is OK with such experiments.

9) Make It An Intimate And Romantic Atmosphere

If you’re conservative, you can simply limit yourself to a nice, romantic dinner and continue the evening in a hotel room with a glass of champagne. You can enjoy a striptease performance from your girlfriend and end the night with passionate sex. In general, everything depends on your desire and thickness of your wallet.

Make your fantasy work and give your loved one a truly new feeling. And if you happen to be alone, find yourself a mate on Contact Brides.

Top 6 Sex Positions For Women!

Sex positions for g-spot orgasm

If you are a woman that climaxes easily during sex count yourself lucky! Many women are not able to achieve an orgasm during penetrative sex unless they have their clitoris stimulated at the same time. A lot of people do not realise that clitoral stimulation is needed and often leave their partner orgasmless! Having sex and not orgasming can often make it feel more like a chore if they are not gaining anything from it.

The easiest way this problem can be solved is by communicating clearly what you really need before, during and after sex! Being honest and open with what you need will help your lover learn what stimulation you need to reach orgasm.

Step 1 – Work Out What Makes You Orgasm

The first thing you need to do is figure out the best way to reach orgasm on your own. Take some time to yourself to masturbation. You should read an article to find out where the G-Spot is located and what the G-Spot feelings like. Once you understand what you are searching for, you can use an ergonomically designed sex toy to help you find the area. You may need clitoral stimulation at the same time as G-Spot stimulation to achieve an orgasm.

Step 2 – Replicate The Orgasm During Mutual Masturbation

The next thing you need to do is replicate what you did during solo masturbation with your lover. You can do this by allowing your lover control of the sex toy to stimulate you. Ensure you communicate clearly on the things that you do enjoy and what you don’t enjoy.

Step 3 – Replicate The Orgasm During Penetration Sex

Once your lover has worked out how to give you an orgasm during mutual masturbation, you can now begin to learn the different sex positions that are recommended to use to reach orgasm. With experience you will find out what works for you. Listed below are 6 of the best sex positions you can try.

The 6 Best Sex Positions For Women

The Cat Position

Sex PositionLovers face each other with the man lying on top. He thrusts gently inside and pushes his erection as deeply as he can. Rather than the man thrusting in and out. He gently pushes and massages his erection into the G-Spot. This sex position is also called the “Coital Alignment Technique”. The man can place his legs on the outside or on the inside of her legs. The lovers can also rock their bodies together for added stimulation.

The Free As Air Position

The man lies down flat on his back. The woman sit’s on top and lowers her body until his erection is fully inside. She that lays herself down so she is completely lying on top of him. It is said that when women are in this position they feeling weightless. The man can also easily extend his hand to stimulate her clitoris.

The Pinner Position

In the Pinner Position a women is able to touch her clitoris secretly without a lower knowing. The women lays down flat on her stomach. The man lays on her back and penetrates comfortably from behind. Since both lovers are completely level with the bed, the women can use her hand to stimulate her clitoris without him knowing.

The Spoons Position

The spoons sex position
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The Spoons Position is reminiscent of spoons that are lying next to each other in a drawer. The women lies in front and the man spoons her from behind with his erection below her buttox. Some women love this position but not everyone is able to reach orgasm as they are on their side. The man can also easily reach around to her clitoris for added stimulation. The advantage of this position is that neither of you is taking on the other person’s bodyweight.

The Standing Spoon

As the name suggests the Standing Spoon is done with both people standing up. The stands up facing forward as the man spoons her from behind. He can embrace the woman whilst she can place her hand behind his neck to push him towards her. People often find that it works best when both lovers bends their knees slightly and gently learn into each other for support. As he penetrates her, she is able to push back into him and relax. If G-Spot stimulation is your thing this is the perfect position to use.

The Crab On Its Back

There is another sex position called Crab On Its Back. This position allows for extremely deep penetration with a lot of body contact. On a bed, the women bends her knees to her breasts. The man sits in a crab position and uses his hands for support. The women is able to move her hips as he penetrates deep inside of her. This is a position that you may have to try a few times to get right but once you do, be prepared to feel physically and emotionally connected.

We hope these sex positions offer a new insight into how to orgasm during sex with a lover. If you would like to learn new ways to orgasm, read our lazy sex and orgasm guide for more information!

The 7 Best G-Spot Sex Positions!

Happy Couple In Bed Photo

There are many people who are not able to satisfy their partners in the bed due to various reasons. In fact, the study shows that around 6 out of 10 couples are not satisfied with their sex life, which is actually a serious problem.

Sex Positions And Sexual Satisfaction

There is more than just a climax when it comes to reaching an immense sexual pleasure. Only trying out one sex positions can be really boring for the couple in the long run. In the first few months of marriage, there may not be a need of experimenting with sex positions, but in the long run, it becomes crucial to experiment with different sex positions.

If you are one of the men, who are struggling with various sexual problems or infertility issues, then you should search for the ways to increase fertility in men. At first, we will discuss briefly on what the G-Spot is.

The G-Spot is situated on the anterior wall of the vagina. Women feel immense sexual pleasure if their sexual partners stimulate the G-Spot. Try experimenting with G-Spot to give your partner, a new level of sexual pleasure, if it has never been tried out by you.

There are some specific G-Spot sex positions that can provide an immense pleasure to a female sex partner. We will discuss them in the next part of this article. Men can also add penis enlargement exercises in their fitness routine to enhance their sexual performance for providing enhanced pleasure to their women.

Some Awesome G-Spot Positions To Experiment With

There are many sex positions to experiment with. All of them are different, and all of them provide a separate kind of pleasure. The study shows that trying out various sexual positions is one of the key factors that determine the sexual satisfaction in a long-term relationship.

And, men with sexual disorders also cannot satisfy their women in the bed. The most common sexual disorder among men is an erectile dysfunction. According to the statistic, around 18 million American adults are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Men with sexual disorders must seek out help with a doctor, and they can also adapt to a healthy lifestyle. There are exercises for erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. Furthermore, there are also many other natural treatment methods.

However, men with no sexual disorders also have problems satisfying their sexual partner.

Here are 7 of the best G-Spot sex positions that can help people to satisfy their women.

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most common sex positions, and it is also one of the best sex positions for G-Spot stimulation. Both men and women can get immense sexual pleasure from using this sex position. A female partner can increase the pressure of a man’s penis against her G-Spot. Most of the women cite this sex position as a way to reach guaranteed orgasms.

There is also an unfortunate side of this position. It is true that most of the men like this sex position because of the depth they can reach. However, there is a chance that the entire sexual intercourse may end up sooner than usual due to the increased depth. This is a great sex position to try with the We-Vibe 4 Plus The Number 1 Couples Vibrator!

2. Cow Girl

The second sex position to experiment with is cow girl. This position puts a woman in a commanding position. She can move forth and back, according to her wish to get a maximum sexual pleasure without asking her partner to adjust the position. This allows her to apply desirable pressure on the G-Spot for satisfying stimulation.

In addition to a woman’s freedom of moving forth and back in this sex position, she can also adjust the pace, angle, depth, and tempo of the sexual intercourse. This is one of the fewer sex positions that give so much control to a woman.

This sex position can maximize the pleasure for a woman, as it is a very comfortable position to be in. For further experimentation, couples can also try out reverse cow girl position.

3. Legs Over Shoulder

This sex position requires a male sex partner to sit up while a female sex partner places her legs up, one at a time and rests her ankles on the man’s shoulder. This sex position assists in creating deep and powerful vaginal penetration for enhanced sexual satisfaction.

Along with a powerful vaginal penetration, it allows a male sex partner to hit the G-Spot for better stimulation and pleasure. There are many ways to experiment with this sex position. A female sex partner can either wrap her legs, all the way around the man’s shoulders or she can also keep one leg up and put the other one on the bed.

4. Woman On Top

It’s not a necessity for a man to always be on the top. In this sex position, a female partner is on the top of the male sex partner. Ask your partner to lean back at a 45-degree angle. Put some soft pillows on the back for enhanced comfort. When you are on top, lower down onto your partner.

A woman being on top gives more control over the stimulation. It also gives an opportunity for women to find the angle that creates the best stimulation on the G-Spot. In this position, the man’s penis is backward, which helps in rubbing up against the anterior wall of the vagina.

5. Modified Doggy Style

The modified doggy style position starts with a normal doggy style sex position. After being in a normal doggy style, both partners should lower themselves until a female is flat on her stomach.

The great thing about this position is that it allows a man to hit all the angles perfectly. A man can afterward rest on his forearm while a woman can spread her legs so they can become closer to each other.

6. X Marks

At first, you need to find the bed that is hip height of your partner. And, as the name suggests, a female partner should lay in the bed with her legs in the air in an X position where the man stands in between her legs. The X position creates a very tight fit for better pleasure. This is also a great position to stroke right against the female’s G-Spot.

Couple Holding Each Other In Bed Photo
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7. Spooning

This is a sex position, which requires both the partners to lie, facing the same direction. A female partner may need to raise her legs and change the angle of the body for better penetration.

In this position, the guy stands behind a female partner, which allows him to stimulate right up against her G-Spot. This is not an intense position, which allows both the partners to feel close and connected.

Experiment With Different Positions

One of the best ways to satisfy a woman in bed is through G-spot stimulation. Experiment with these sex positions and experience the level of difference in sexual pleasure before and after the stimulation of G-spot.

However, do not try to experiment with every single position mentioned on the list above in a hurry. Try one at a time, as there is no hurry to experiment with everything. Maintaining some level of suspense with your partner on the bed can always be very useful in making your sex life interesting.

Along with experimenting with various sex positions, also try to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner to enhance your marital and sexual satisfaction.