VIP Interview With Lisa Clampitt Matchmaker, Author & Relationship Expert

Expert Matchmaker Lisa Clampitt

Lisa Clampitt is an industry leader in the field of matchmaking and has founded Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking as well as the Matchmaking Institute offering high quality services to singles and people who are interested in starting a career in matchmaking. Since 1991 she has dedicated her life to learning everything that is needed to know about relationships, dating and sexuality so that she was able to become one of the best.

Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking offers a variety of services which helps men and women find real love in New York. The services are offered by a range of experts in the field of romance and relationships which will help you connect with a special someone within your area. Qualified candidates are able to have a complimentary consultation. Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking also offers coaching services, one of the main skills they teach is the SWOT Analysis which helps you understand what you want in your relationships. It will help you to understand who you are and the type of people you would like to attract.

The Matchmaking Institute is one of the only accredited schools in the state, licensed by the New York Department of Education. They have worldwide conferences, live training programs, and educational literature. When you become accredited you will be able to have a career on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home or company so you are able to best support your clients,.

This is a VIP Interview With Lisa Clampitt The Founder & President Of Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking.

Matchmaking Lisa Clampitt Banner
Image: Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

Tell me about yourself

Lisa Clampitt, LMSW, is the founder and president of Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking (formally VIP Life), the founder and president of the Matchmaking Institute, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert for over 20 years, a book author and a New York State Licensed Master of Social Worker since 1991. I was educated at New York University, receiving a BA in Dramatic Literature, and received my graduate degree, a Masters in Social Work, from the University of Michigan.

In 2001 I created VIP Life, Now Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking; a high end personalized matchmaking service creating a bridge into a social network that allows my clients to feel as if “they have a best friend”, to introduce them to other amazing singles.

I founded the Matchmaking Institute in 2003 to set a code of ethics and strict quality standards in the matchmaking industry. It is the first institute offering a Certification in Matchmaking. We offer a professional matchmakers network, matchmaking workshops, yearly world-wide professional conferences providing matchmakers with a group of peers & support and is the only State Licensed matchmaking school in the world.

I have been so lucky to have become a top matchmaking and relationship expert and have had extensive National and international press coverage including ABC’s 20/20, the O’Reilly Factor, Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine,, Worth Magazine, Crane’s New York, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Reuters and Today in New York among many other media outlets.

I am also the author of two books on matchmaking published in September 2007, Make Me a Match: The 21st Century Guide to Finding and Using a Matchmaker and Matchmaking From Fun to Profit: A Complete Guide to Turning Your Matchmaking Skills into a New Business.

What inspired you to become a matchmaker and create the Matchmaking Institute?

After spending many years as a social worker, I noticed a common thread. There is nothing more powerful than helping people find love. For me, if you have love, you have everything. But finding love can be a struggle – so much so that we put it off until it feels too late.

It became my mission to help people create long-term compatibility by fostering real connections. And when creating that connection, time is our most precious commodity. And the more you have to offer, the more difficult it is to meet that special someone.

That’s why I bring my social work skills to the table so I can honestly listen to you – truly understanding your relationship goals, values, and personality – and match you with someone of equal quality and style.

What inspires you?

The first is a quote from my dad from all his work giving the under privileged a voice in the world through media

“Responsibility Transforms”

And another also from the work my dad did, one of the teens that was interview said

“I am afraid to tell you who I am, because if you don’t like me, I am the only me I got”.

What is it like being a matchmaker?

Being a matchmaker is exciting, inspiring and I feel like I am changing the world by helping people find the tools they need to find and keep a healthy relationship. It has changed my life from and intense and regimented social work career to one where I make my own hours, make great money, meet amazing people and learn and grow personally every single day. Instead of dreading Mondays I can’t wait for Monday to come so I can get to work!

How do you go about picking people who will match up together?

By combining insight on the psychology of relationships along with my own theory on the ethics of matchmaking, you’ll realize it’s about more than attraction and chemistry, it’s about something much more lasting. So I look at a person’s history, both their success as well as obstacles. I see what needs to be tweaked and what can stay in terms of what they want; which of their must haves is healthy and which need to go. Then I find the best possible choice in terms of healthy long term compatibility.

Are you more likely to find that opposites attract or people with similar personality traits?

I think complimentary traits are helpful. For example, my husband is a brilliant scientist and I, by trade, am a social worker. I am high empathy and EQ and he is cerebral and low EQ. So we balance each other out in a wonderful way. We inspire and respect each other’s strength and learn from each other.

What’s involved in becoming a certified Matchmaker?

If someone is serious about becoming a matchmaker and changing their life in so many amazing ways, the key is education. So we have a 12 week online course that is an intensive training on everything from the history of matchmaking, to starting a business, how to find clients, how to match them and how to coach them for success. Students are in a 24/7 support online forum during and after the course for additional support. After the completion, you submit a business plan for review. If accepted, you get your certification.  It’s a pretty thorough course with material from dozens of top matchmakers and coaches around the world so someone get all the key info for success as well as learning what to avoid in terms of mistakes that have ended business in the past.

What certifications does the Matchmaking Institute offer?

We offer one main certification for people who want to enter the business of matchmaking or are already matchmaking but would love to gain key tools to make their business more successful. We also have a yearly Global conference for Love Professionals every April in NYC. This a a conference not to be missed if you are excited to learn more about the psychology and business of love.

What are your favorite success stories?

I have many amazing success stories but I think my favorite is when someone comes to me and they are burned out from dating, or newly divorced and have no clue about the world of dating today. Then inspiriting them and supporting them through the process of finding the right person to create the beginning of the rest of their lives. That is always Thrilling.

Using the right services for you will help you to stay away from the anxiety of finding a date online through dating apps like tinder and grindr. If you would like to find out more information to help you on your dating adventure you can read a how to guide on dating and kissing.Save












Navigating A Relationship’s Emotional Roller Coaster

Managing your emotions with communication skills

Lately I have been particularly interested in witnessing the ways people behave in intimate relationships. Relationship dynamics fascinate me and seeing how people are with their partners – what works well, what is destructive and where people are thriving- allows me an opportunity to reflect on my own behaviours and values when it comes to the relationships in my life.

Good communication skills, presence, mutual respect, passion & love are just a few of the qualities that are vital in a romantic relationship. I also believe a significant aspect of what makes a relationship healthy & functional is an individual’s willingness to take ownership of the emotions they experience.

Upon a quick google search, I found an emotion to be defined as

“a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”

I find this definition encompasses the most important notion I support and that is emotions are our own. They can be affected by others but they ultimately are ours alone to feel.

How To Manage Emotional Projection

Many people go about relationships blaming the occurrence of certain emotions on their partner’s actions.

“She did this and that made me feel angry.”

“He doesn’t put effort into our relationship by making sex romantic with massage oils and sexual health aids!”

“He didn’t want to have sex with me so he made me feel unattractive.”

As well as being a disempowering way to go about life, this kind of behaviour can really cause chaos and disconnection between intimate partners.

It is usual that emotions that don’t feel good are usually the ones we attempt to offload onto our partners however the same can be said for feelings of joy & pleasure. The other day whilst experiencing gratitude for my partner, I told him how happy he makes me. As the words came out of my mouth, I felt my power slipping away with them. It did not feel true and authentic because I know that happiness is of my own making. I feel so much joy and happiness with my man and I love how I feel around him but he does not make me feel anything. Sure, he can behave in a way that triggers certain feelings & emotions within me but they are ultimately my feelings. By believing that he makes me feel a certain way feels dis-empowering for both of us.

Buddha Quote About Anger
Image: Buddha Quote

Expressing ones’ emotions without projecting them onto another is not usual practice for many people. It requires a level of self-awareness to feel your emotions and a dedication to step away from projecting them onto someone else-instead expressing them in a non-destructive and healthy way. Some healthy ways of expressing our emotions can involve bashing a pillow and getting out any anger that we may be feeling before communicating to our partner when we’re feeling frustrated or having a good cry, expressing our sadness and pain without blaming them for making us feel that way. When expressing our feelings to our partner, I also recommend speaking your own experience. It may look something like

“When you did this, I felt sadness and frustration”


“I felt really insecure when I saw you checking out that man.”

Communicating in this way is taking ownership of our own experiences instead of playing victim to them, whilst also acknowledging the fact that how your partner behaved played a part in how you felt. This brings me to my next point…

Buillding Strong Relationships With Communication
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Taking Ownership Of Your Feelings

What I believe is really important to understand is that when I speak of ownership of feelings, I don’t mean to say we can go around doing whatever the hell we want with little regard for the repercussions we may have on our partner. This person we are choosing to be with deserves our utmost respect, love and honouring when making choices in life. If you don’t feel this to be the case then it may be time to reassess your intentions & values in relationship. Actions we take in life that are done in full integrity and alignment may mean our partners do experience emotions that do not feel so great. It is not our job to change that or live in a way where we make choices based on fearing how we feel they may react. The best thing we can do is encourage the most authentic expression of the people we love, allow them the time and space to speak their truth and feel whatever emotions they are feeling-all this without feeling a need to fix anything or take it personally.

Growing up, males are rarely encouraged to feel & express their emotions and females are usually taught that being an emotional person is burdensome or somehow makes them crazy. Letting our partners know that we encourage them to express themselves and feel whatever they are feeling without judging them for it is so important for both men and women in relationships.  I feel it is about time we shift these inauthentic ways of being so that we can feel our feelings and express ourselves in any way we see fit without causing harm to those we love.

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA Nursing







VIP Interview With Josh & Emma The CEOs & Founders Of Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys Logo

Geeky Sex Toys is an adult lifestyle company who specialise in the creation of fantasy sex toys. Have you ever wanted a collection of dildos in the shape of your favourite leading Pokemon characters (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle) because you “Gotta Get Em All’? Have you ever wanted to indulge in Game Of Moan’s Long Shaft or use Sailor Moons magical wand for some extra curricular activities? Geeky Sex Toys has made it or will invent it for your own personal pleasure! The names of their products are extremely funny and are reminiscent of adult movies spin off series which adds to their product themes.

This is a VIP Interview with Josh and Emma the CEOs, founders and product designers of Geeky Sex Toys.

Tell me about yourself

Josh (25yrs) – Emma (24yrs) – Founders, CEO’s and Toy Makers (It’s currently just the 2 of us so we pretty much have all the titles).

We’re from Redcliffe, QLD

We are a young couple who have been in a relationship for a couple of years.

What inspired the creation of Geeky Sex Toys?

It was never really one of those cool epiphany moments. It was more of a

“What do you mean that doesn’t exist?”

moment. We were both extremely naive in the realm of sex toys and on our first venture into an adult store together we both just kind of assumed there would be something in the pop culture realm for us to choose. There wasn’t. So we looked online. Nothing. After our online search for ANY kind of geek themed dildo came up with relatively nothing, we decided to look at Google Trends and Analytics to see if other people were searching for such products. The numbers of people searching were so large we almost didn’t believe it!

It was the day we got back from the adult store and did our google research that the planning began. 4 weeks later we had a couple of working prototypes and a live website. It’s now been almost 15 months since we launched our site.

Pokemoan Dildos By Geeky Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Pokemoan Dildos

What movies, comic books, books, and quotes inspire you?

This is a hard question to answer! We find inspiration everywhere, whether it is a small, obscure character from an unknown sci-fi show or a character that everyone seems to know and love from popular movies or games. What we love is that the ideas are never ending and there are always new toys to create!

What do you love most about geeky pop culture?

I think my favourite aspect of nerd/pop culture is the incredible inclusivity. Everyone is welcome and everyone is safe to just geek out over whatever they want. Nobody is ashamed to be a nerd/geek and we love it! I love the passion that people have over their favourite characters etc. and there is something for everyone to identify with.

Tell me about your product range?

We are continuing to expand our range and have so many new ideas for products. We have a suggestions page on our website where people send through what they would like to see. We receive emails daily from people with a wide number of suggestions. We have created a tally and the most popular suggestions will be made first!

Josh is the brains behind turning an idea into a working product.

Dildo Wand – Sailor Girl by Geeky Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Dildo Wand – Sailor Girl

What materials do you use in the production of your sex toys? Are the materials that are used body safe?

All our products are handmade. A big thing that we like to promote is that we only use 100% body safe silicone. We find a lot of cheap sex toys that companies are selling are not 100% body safe and people are not aware of this.

Are all your products handmade to order?

As it is just the two of us all the orders are handmade to order.

What are your favourite memories from working at Geeky Sex Toys?

Josh and I have loved creating a company together. It was the best feeling when we could quit our day jobs and both work completely on the business. We never thought that our crazy idea would get this big and have such a positive reaction from everyone. We were initially worried about telling our family that we quit our jobs to make dildos for a living. Surprisingly everyone was so supportive and jealous that they hadn’t thought of the idea first.

Have you funny stories about your products?

Our unicorn horn was the first suction cup product that we designed. Josh decided to test it and make sure it would stick on his forehead (of course!). It stuck so well and he thought he was so funny until he pulled it off and he ended up with a big bruise on his head!!! It was purple you could not cover it up with make-up. Now we are seeing videos and photos pop up all over social media of people doing the exact same thing with this product… the suction cup definitely does work.

Unicorn Dildo By Geeky Sex Toys
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What are your best sellers?

Our best seller by far is the unicorn horn!!!









VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos

A Popular Dress By Collective Chaos

Collective Chaos is a luxurious and high end latex fashion range which accentuates the natural curves of a woman’s bodies. Did you know that wearing clothing and lingerie can help to increase your self-confidence if it is made for your body type? This is why buying the right products for you is extremely important.

At Collective Chaos, the head designer Aliona places her musings down on paper which she personally drafts and designs with intricate detailing. Aliona’s designs are exclusive to Collective Chaos which celebrates and values people’s desires. If you are a lover of latex clothing you will be tremendously charmed by their unique designs which are handmade to ensure their level of high quality standards are always maintained.

An important aspect of Collective Chaos’s is her partner who takes photographs of the clothing range which includes fantasy lingerie, dresses, leg wear, swimwear, tops, bottoms, accessories and cage skirts. The photographs perfectly capture the detailing of the products which displays what you are shopping for. The photographs are extremely impressive and speak for themselves!

This is a VIP Interview With Aliona The Co-Founder & Head Designer For Collective Chaos.

Tell me about yourself?

My name is Aliona and I am the co-founder and the head designer for Collective Chaos.

What does fashion really mean to you?

To me, fashion is like a two way mirror through which we are able to project who we are and what we feel to the world, and in turn, it reflects all its events and drama against us. The dance of the social, psychological and artistic aspects of fashion is what attracts me most to the field.

What inspired the creation of Collective Chaos?

Collective Chaos was created with intention to reflect that dance and take an active role in it, delicately levitating on the edge of fetish apparel, body art and functional mainstream clothing. Latex allows us to hit that niche beautifully, with its endless design possibilities, sensuality and visual appeal.

How were you able to combine photography and fashion together?

Our photography, made possible by my very talented partner, is meant to enhance that experience by creating a visual context for the clothing, as well as adding the networking aspect for the brand through interaction with models and agencies. Some of my favorite photoshoots include intricately designed sets and outfits, yet some others were simply effortless accidents. Keeping an open mind for the outcome makes the creative process much more exciting.

Dres Gown By Collective Chaos
Photo: Ursula Tentacle Gown

What inspires you?

Inspiration comes to me most often through patterns, in catching the essence of things i find beautiful and interpreting them through the language of clothing. Some of my favorite things include octopus tentacles, poppy flowers, peacock feathers, snake scales, beehive combs, circuit boards and dreamcatchers. But nothing would be possible without the greatest inspiration of all – the sensual essence of human form and the divine spirit that it houses. I am most inspired by people and their stories and passions, which makes designing for a specific model or customer my favorite type of work.

Do you find your clothes help people express their sexuality and personality?

All clothing has great impact on how we feel and positions us in the world accordingly. Latex clothing makes you feel invincible, sexy, powerful and confident, like a superhero. That sort of confidence not only brings out people’s sexuality, but provides an opportunity for numerous life changing experiences. Which makes latex that much more rewarding to work with.

Mini Dress By Collective Chaos
Photo: Mini Dresses And Stockings

Tell me about your product range?

We have a wide product selection ranging from lingerie and catsuits to ball gowns, from simple to overly decorated, futuristic and retro, off the shelf and custom… there’s is something for everyone! We mostly work with latex, but also use lace, feathers and other materials as needed.

Why do people love Cage Skirts?

Cage skirts is another unique product line of ours that has been immensely successful over the years. We specialize in highly durable, uniquely shaped cage skirts that collapse for easy storage and can be work either under clothing or as a fashion statement on their own. We have supplied museums, dance troops and circus performers with our product and are currently working on expanding the line with more shapes and colors.

Latex Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
Photo: Dome Cage Skirt

How are your products designed?

All our products are designed, drafted and tailored by me personally or my team, and hand manufactured, right here, in the US, with the highest quality materials we can find. All latex clothing is hand made, which is an art form in itself, as it needs to be designed, hand glued, cleaned and shined, all with a great amount of patience, skill and knowledge of the material.

What products are you proud of?

I am extremely proud of our octopus appliqué pieces and all our perforation work, as well as our cage skirts. These products and methods are unique to our company and I am looking forward to expanding the range with the addition of laser cutting and other never seen before techniques in the coming year! I am also extremely proud of our simpler items, such as our halter and collar dresses, as well as the zip-it leggings, which are our best sellers, and the fit of which has been perfected so much over the years, they are simply flawless. There is always room for risky experiments, but there is something to be said for tested out, perfected patterns and styles that just work!

Cage Skirt By Collective Chaos
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In Her Jeans At Shillin Night Markets, Taipei!

Sexy Asian Woman

A former traveler to Taipei recounts his experiences of the beautiful city and its people.  But one story is the fondest of all and that was when he visited the Shillin Night Markets. He had never met her or anyone else like her before or after. She was stunningly beautiful and luckily spoke perfect English having been a student at the famed Ming Chuan University.

It did not take long before they knew where this encounter was leading so she took him to her place off campus.  When she took her clothes off he realised just how tiny she was – he was almost too scared to touch her in case he hurt of broke her.  But her persistent advances soon put an end to that and he soon learned how experienced she was and how little he knew in the sexual prowess games.

Read about his erotic night at the Shilling Night Markets, Taipei.

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