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Scandal Bondage

I love being tied up and spanked as much as the next person, however through this adventure of finding my love for all things bondage I’ve struggled to find things that are both durable and sturdy, yet dainty and pretty.

I’m personally a 4’11 woman, so heavy duty thick collars and cuffs just don’t work for me, while they might be strong they usually overtake my body parts leaving me with no wrists and worse – no neck! Which might work for some people but I love to still look and feel sexy while being dominated. This has taken so long to find, usually if things are dainty and pretty they’re not heavy duty and vice versa. The few times you find something dainty but strong it’s probably pink… One of my least favourite colours, which has made my love for bondage hard!

That was until I found this brand:

Scandal is stunning, it uses absolutely beautiful materials while still having that durability you need to get hard and rough. All products are made with the same beautiful red and black designer fabric on the outside, while the inside is this soft and plushie material. You can still feel sexy and luxurious while getting your BDSM fill however you like.


Now onto the best part, MY FAVOURITES! We’re going to go from least favourite to #1 favourite, but remember, even my least favourites are the best thing I’ve ever tried!


Scandal Bondage Bar

I’ll be honest, this one would be higher on my list because it is beautifully made… But the positions you need to be in for this one just DO NOT work with my body. It doesn’t make me feel sexy, unless the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is your type, in which case I am the sexiest woman you’ll ever meet bent over in this bad boy. It puts you in the ultimate position as a sub, with all your most sensitive spots on display.

The bar has Velcro cuffs meaning they’re fully adjustable and will fit almost any set of wrists and ankles you put in them, and the bar itself is fully collapsible. This means it’s easy to hide and even easier to travel with!

Scandal BDSM Rope

This rope is beautifully made, using cotton and polyester, it has the most beautiful shine when used for photos but is made strong so you can use it to tie up your submissive or be tied by your dom and the rope won’t be stretching out under pressure. Now I don’t know many people with weird allergies like myself, but I’m allergic to nickel and surprisingly enough the more you look into it the more sex toys have this included in them! However, the caps on this rope have no traces of that in them, which makes my life MUCH better!


Scandal Breathable Ballgag to Cuffs

This… This is an absolute work of art, the only reason these aren’t higher is because I haven’t gotten to use them with someone yet and putting them on yourself and taking photos of it for Onlyfans is a nightmare, I imagine they’re much easier to use when put on by someone else. Anyway the stunning design on these matches with everything else in the collection and has the plush material on the inside too so no matter how much you struggle against them in your fits of pleasure they won’t hurt (I know this is a downer for some, but for others like me it’s a plus!). These are also Velcro so fully adjustable in all areas, the back strap is able to be tightened or loosened as necessary. Fun fact you can also remove the cuffs to be used on their own or will or items (possibly the Scandal Spreader Bar ?).


Scandal Paddle

A simple paddle, you can’t go wrong with this purchase honestly. With it’s stunning designer fabric and the fluffly soft material you get a solid thud, and a mark but still have comfort if you’re not trying to go too crazy or you’re just dipping your toe in for the night. I’m not sure how you could mess up the design of a paddle but Scandal has absolutely knocked it out of the park. I am in love!



Scandal Collar with Leash

Now this, ladies, gentleman, and my non-binary friends, this is my all time favourite. The struggles of being small and wanting my own collar and leash has been rough. Every time I’ve found something I’ve liked it’s been thick and bulky, or just too large for my neck, or pink. This collar is perfectly sized so it doesn’t take over my whole neck while still being a strong and sturdy collar. The leash it comes with is made of beautiful black chain and the handle for it matches the collar and the rest of the collection. It’s the dream collar I’ve always yearned for.


So with this I say, if you want a collection that matches, love black and red, love your bondage but want your gear to be beautiful and comfortable in all the right ways do yourself a favour and stock up on Scandal, it truly is a brilliant addition to any kit!


Pick these up at your local friendly Oh Zone Adult Stores.

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