Abby The Rabbit By Romant!

I like the brand ‘Romant’ because they are priced halfway between the luxury and basic sex toy brands but definitely look like they belong in the former. A few of them have features that you usually pay a lot of money for. Abby is one example. It is not only a dual motor rabbit, but it also has a temperature feature too.

The product comes in a sleeved pearlescent sturdy gift box that is perfect for long-term storage, there is something a touch the 1980s about the style of the box within the sleeve, but as I say that is being pedantic considering the quality you get for the price. It is discreet though and only has the brand name written in italics. If anyone saw it they would probably think it contained a fancy pair of crimpers.
Abby is embedded in white foam alongside the charger and plug. It is USB rechargeable and you get the plug too, which most of the top brands seem to think we can all do without. It is a magnet charger, which can be a fiddle, but with this one, the attraction was so strong as I was plugging in the USB, the magnet and toy found each other without my help! How about that!

This rabbit comes in green, plum and pink. It is 9 inches long with 5 inches insertable. and a clitoral arm of 2 inches. It has a diameter of just over an inch. It is made of beautifully silky silicone, the type of silicone that works twice as well when it is covered in a good water-based lube. It is 100% phthalate free and completely body safe and the lower half of the handle is ABS plastic. The buttons are well placed on the handle. There is an on/off button, which must be pressed for 3 seconds and an arrow up button which you press for 3 seconds for the temperature function and when you just press it normally it scrolls through modes. The arrow down button also scrolls through modes.

Romant Abby Sex Toy Vibrator
Sex Toy: Romant Abby


It is worth noting Romant toys don’t seem to come with any charge in them and even in the time it has taken me to write this it will still not turn on, therefore the rest of this review will have to wait until such time as Abby is ready for me.) To be fair it does say to charge before use in the instructions, it flashes a violet light while charging, which illuminates the handle a little too. After an hour and a half, the light went off which is supposed to indicate it is fully charged. Until then the toy would not function. It has enough charge in it to play around with it for five minutes but clearly needs a lot longer for the 3 hours play the instructions promise…

What I can say about it so far is, it is not as easy to operate as the simple manual would have me believe. I couldn’t get any kind of temperature sensation going on at all. All that holding down the temperature button did was turn off the motor that is in the top end of the toy. I haven’t tried every combination yet to see what it does yet, as obviously, it conked out on me. Without the temperature feature, the toy works fine. The second motor is not at the base of the shaft it’s in the handle. When the temperature mode is on and the top motor is off you don’t feel much at all except in your palm. When the temperature function is off and you use the modes from the arrow up button, both motors work together well and provide a good level of power.

The shaft has a raised crisscross pattern on it for extra sensation, which some people will love and the ridges are gentle enough and the silicone smooth enough to make this a complementary feature rather than a distracting, unnecessary one. The clitoral arm is very flexible which in my opinion is a good thing because it will suit more bodies, and I also prefer less pressure there. Another great thing about Abby is that it is very quiet. The 10 different vibration modes are all very different and there is something for everyone. It isn’t rumbling but it isn’t buzzy either, you can find something approaching either with the great choice you have. It is splash proof too which is always good for some in shower fun.

I decide to investigate the temperature feature online as I am sure they would not make a heating toy OK for showers. From what I am able to deduce I think perhaps I am right, it doesn’t heat up it is exactly the same technology some of their other toys use such as the Lisa rabbit, (also in this range by Romant but a slightly different shape and 3/4 of the price) I think it has sensors inside which detect your temperature and make the toy vibrate accordingly. I feel slightly miss-sold. I don’t understand why it is marketed specifically for a function many of Romant’s sex toys have already. I cannot find anything on the internet to find out exactly how this technology works or what it does. I am assuming the hotter your body is the more intensely it vibrates. That sounds very intriguing.

Aside from discovering Abby doesn’t heat up, this is a perfectly good toy and if it charges well, later on, I would have no problem recommending it. Romant has some other great vibrators and rabbits in this range in Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and if you are looking for something around that price point they are definitely a brand to consider.


By Emily a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres