Get Used To the Vibe With O’Rabbit!

Female Sex Executive

I wanted to feel what any other woman feels when they are having a sexually good time but with the current lifestyle that I am living, this wasn’t to be. Sex is more of a basic thing but being a career woman commitment to my job could not allow me to indulge in any form of an intimate relationship with another human being. Keeping a pet wasn’t either a good idea but what is technology for? There are plenty of rabbits in the wild but now I discovered that there were vibrating ones too that could help me to fill this void.  Many of the other sex toys I had tried had left me little more than disappointed.  I decided to try one called Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit that I found online for around the $30 mark.

Yes!  For the first time I got what I have been looking for.  Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit is one of the best sex toys that can give a woman what many men cannot give. It will ensure that you get the orgasm you deserve and will make you feel good and relaxed after a hard days of work. The device will

make you scream ‘OMG’

and cry out of joy. It just took me to a place where I had longed to be for a long, long time, to have a wonderful orgasm without having to worry about anything else but focus on what was happening to my body. I bet no woman would feel fully sexually satisfied if they have not reached a climax at any stage of her sexual life.


10 Function Vibrator

The simplicity of the Aphorodisia Vibe O’Rabbit lets you play with your clitoris whilst the shaft is penetrating your vaginal walls. You can use the sex toy by yourself for masturbation or let your lover play with the sex toy on your body for some passionate play time.

What made me go for the Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit apart from the unbelievable $30 price is the fact that it is a pure silicone. It is made from 100% body safe silicone which is smooth to the touch. The sex toy is unscented and phthalate free so your health is protected from harmful chemicals and if you have any allergies to scented product’s you need not worry when you use the sex toy. To use press the button.

It runs on AAA batteries and this is what made it my best choice. It is these batteries that will provide the powerful force of vibration to make you feel good all over. If you feel that the rabbit is going down, you only need to change the batteries to re-energize it back to its full operation. It will never disappoint you if you keep it powered and it will definitely entertain you with lots of orgasms and you know what I mean with lots of them. To store the rabbit remove the batteries and place it in a satin pouch.

With its 10 functions, I found Aphrodisia Vibe O’Rabbit more superior to others of its kind in the market and oh did I mention the $30 price tag? It is a very affordable rabbit vibrator. Considering all of its functionality you really are investing in a bargain. With these functions I have been able to try several rhythms and I can guarantee you that you will ultimately get one that will take you to the

oh my god zone.

The one that will leave you helpless and full of satisfaction that you have never experienced before. The Aprhodisia Vibe O Rabbit comes in four colours including purple, pink, rose and blue. So you can match your sex toy up with your favourite colour.

So if you are searching for a vibrator that will give you great orgasms, then I would advice to try the Aprhodisia Vibe O’Rabbit. This is a sexual device that will give you lots of orgasms after work and it will leave relaxed and sexually satisfied like never before. Woman, you don’t need to beg for any man to provide you with any sex joy since this device have it all. No commitment and you can go on with your life or pursue your career comfortable. Always remember to use Id-lube as your lubricant as it is the best for vibe o rabbit. And did I mention the $30 price tag?

By Honey from Port Stephens



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