Penis Pumping Techniques!

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In this article I will talk to you various penis pumping techniques and try to explain if the available pumping routine is suitable for you. Making a good start is important and the key to get excellent results. The base for achieving any significant increase on penis size is a penis exercise routine. There are many penis enlargement devices on the market that can help you achieve your goals, but they are not the same like these techniques. If your penis hasn’t been “conditioned” with manual penis stretching and Jelqing for at least 60 to 90 days, due to the mechanical forces being exerted on the penis, the penis enlargement devices can actually do more harm than good. A manual routine is not the focus on this article, but I will get into how manual care can help pumping to enhance and help you achieve gains.

Penis Enlargement Techniques
Penis Enlargement Techniques

Penis pumping has been found to be highly effective in achieving girth. The continued practice of pumping causes the penile tissues to increase capacity of their chambers thus holding more blood during an erection; Jelqing is the main process. Penis pumping using proper penis pumping techniques, along with Jelqing, significantly enhances this force and provides a natural boost with increase and gains. There are several different techniques to aide in enhancing the pump routine; for the purpose of this article, I will focus on two. The following two penis pumping techniques are commonly used by penis pumpers and are considered to be the best of the pump routine:

Milking is done by griping the tube and trying to apply it from the base of your penis. The pump can be used to masturbating and the motion should only show in the tube no more than 1” augmentation from the base. If you have a pressure gauge, you will notice that the milking penis pumping routine causes the pressure to increase and then shot back to the original level when you return the tube back towards you. It is suggested to use low pressure levels as too much pressure can damage veins and arteries in the penis. Milking can help with fresh blood circulating in the penis; aides in faster growth. Although milking at high pressure levels can cause damage to the penis; if it’s not properly lubed, abrasions and blisters can be caused on the glans.

Pulsing has a more involved process and widely believed to be very effective for maximizing gains. Pulsing involves creating and releasing the vacuum at different intervals. Helps maximize gains faster by relaxing and expanding more frequently. Pulsing gelps with keeping the penis conditioned; helps minimize edema. Although continual pumping (there is no break in penis pump operation)

A great plan will consist of the standard warm-up, stretches, Jelqing, penis pumping, and warm down. When penis is pumped, it is best to divide your pumping session into sets. The length of each set will depend on your level of experience. Beginners (less than 3 months of pumping) should do no more than 3 short sets of 15 minutes each; advanced pumpers can do more sets at longer periods. Regardless of how long is the set, it is recommended that you take breaks at every 10-15 minutes to allow fresh blood to circulate into the penis. During the set, you gradually increase the pressure as your penis expands. In each set, you prefer the pressure to increase faster, but caution is advised. Raising the pressure quickly can cause painful blisters to develop.

Paying attention to the pressure gauge is important at every session. At all times you should maintain the level of suction to be pleasurable and comfortable and not feel painful in any way. If you feel a pinching or numbness or an ache, you can “milk the tube,” lower the pressure, or end the set. At any time during your session, feel free to disconnect your hose and walk around with your tube hanging free, once the suction is firm enough to keep it there. Reconnect periodically to make sure a consistent pressure is being maintained.

Toward the end of each set, your erection should be firmer. By the end of your last set, it is not uncommon to feel that you are on the limits of orgasm. Take it into consideration and don’t get excited and enthusiastic and pump longer or harder than you did before; try to follow a disciplined program using these penis enlargement techniques from this article and you will see some serious improvement.

Once the pumping is completed, it is recommended that a silicone ring or some sort of restrictive aide should be installed to maintain the pumped state. This helps to keep on the penis to continue this pumped image as long as possible and make active the tissues found inside. Additionally, try to never put restrictive clothing to allow your penis to be freely as possible to maximize the pumped state.

Penis Pumping is a natural form of penis enlargement and very effective, but it is how we use the correct and proper penis pumping techniques that offer us the overall experience and the final permanent results. You must be sober and in clear mental state when you practice with things that involve vacuum devices like these penis enlargement techniques; Take care of the penis enlargement devices and your penis and use all the methods safely and with caution. Finally, enjoy the positive benefits and the true results that these techniques will bring to your penis. At last you can get the penis you always wanted.



Penis Pump Use – Precautions & Techniques!

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There are many penis enlargement methods in the world today, thanks to advancements in technology.  Some are considered natural, while many others are treated as artificial. Whatever method you choose, you must consider the risk factors. Life is very important and too short to take unnecessary risks and lets face it, a man’s penis is not one of those body organs you would really want to mess around with. Of the man alternatives available, the use of the LA penis pumps stands as one of the most effective methods and solution for size and erection issues. However, are there any risk factors you should be worried about when using this method? Indeed there are, so lets address a few:

It must be clearly stated that LA penis pumps may pose some dangers if inaccurately used and may even lead to penile injuries if the safety instructions and measures are not followed. In their desires to accelerate results, some people use too much pressure that can cause injuries. Using a lot of pressure posses the risk of causing bruises or even clotting of the blood vessels or lymph node. This condition is medically referred to as thrombosis and a variety of other damages that may even be everlasting.

To avoid these risks, you should consider pumps that come with pressure gauges and pressure relief valves. You should also go through necessary preparatory sessions before undertaking any session and most importantly, seeing to it that you don’t use a lot of pressure. It is also very important that you introduce reasonable breaks after each session to safeguard yourself from any injuries. The overriding point here is caution when using pumps for your penis enlargement. Penis pumping either utilizing air vacuum or hydro pumps. There are different procedures for pumping, and when accurately used correctly will achieve significant penis growth.

Beat Pumping

The beat pumping method is performed by changing the pressure  levels all through the single session. Changing or shifting the pressure level inside each session animates the internal penis tissues to grow. Case in point, have a greatest pressure level in a session of say 5in/Hg. At that point; Differ the pressure at this level like clockwork. Bit by bit diminish the vacuum level more than 30 seconds time span until it achieves zero. Rapidly pump move down to the greatest level. Repeat the procedure until the session is completed. Beat pumping strategy is exceptionally effective, and pretty much as the draining technique, it quickens blood flow and release from the penis and its inner chambers

Vacuum Enlargement
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This pumping strategy is a standout among the most well-known and apparently the most productive system. Draining aides in keeping up legitimate blood flow to the penile internal chambers. As it name proposes, draining takes after a masturbatory movement. Draining ought not be done in vigorous movement, but rather in a smooth increase and ease back with a constant pace. In a perfect world, this procedure is done in short sets.  Plenty of lube is used and donut of the penis pump rubs up and down on the shaft of the penis with is inside the cylinder.  When this is done for extended period it can create a “Doughnut Effect”, which is also called “edema”.


This system accomplishes most ideal results if the penis is erect whilst pumping. Normally, it can be hard to keep up an erection particularly if the penis stays inside the pump’s tube during longer sessions. Shakes method is used to keep upthe  erection fortifying the penis nerve endings and improving blood flow. Shakes is finished by shaking the pump’s barrel tube in a here and there movement either by  hand, or through movement by the hips.  This method should be done in a slow and even manner, the object being to try and maintain an erection throughout.

One thing to recall that, this method ought not be done in a strong pace, but rather sufficiently compelling to permit an expansion in erection level. Moreover, differing the force alongside the scope of movement delivers a decent extend at the base of the penis.


This system is exceptionally basic. The penis pump’s chamber tube is wrapped with a warming object during the term of the session. This produces heat around the base of the penis and will thin the blood and invigorate circulation that will reduce the time it takes to enlarge the penis.  It must be considered that the warming agent should not be too hot nor used to long as to do either or both of these things may cause discomfort or injury.

Stay away from over pumping

It is a good idea to start off with a penis pump plan.  The first time  you use one it should be no more than 5-7 minutes and you can gradually increase these time as you get use to them.  The cardinal mistake that first time pumpers make is to do more.  Yes it is exciting going on your penis enlargement journey but it will take time and slow and steady in this instance will always win the race.

Remember to take frequent breaks

When you increase the length of time you use your penis pump you should consider taking breaks.  This is helpful as it allows the tissues and muscles of the penis to relax as well as allowing increased blood flow.  Many experienced pumpers will use them for up to 30 minutes in one time and then have a 3-5 minute rest and recommence their pumping session.

Optimally for maximum penis growth the devices should be used during two sessions per day and for a maximum of one and a half hours in each session.