Damaging Sex Worker Myths


Earlier this week I saw a photo graph that contained some incredible harmful stigmas surrounding sex work and since I am an online sex worker myself I have a huge connection to the whole community and only want the best for us. Unfortunately, there is still a huge amount of stigma and prejudice around sex workers as a whole, especially full service sex workers (and this includes from people within our own industry!), it’d be nice to live in a world where this isn’t the case, but for now all I can do is put the word out there and hope to make the work a slightly easier place to exist in as a sex worker. So I’m going to take this week to debunk some myths. Let’s go.


All Sex Workers are mentally ill:

This right here is the one that set me off to begin with, the graphic I saw was called “Sad But True Facts about Sex Workers in the USA” which stated “100% of cam girls have mental problems and 96% of them have drug or alcohol addiction” putting aside the terrible grammar, this just isn’t correct, there is no studies you can find to show these statistics, and it’s just harmful. The closest study you can find that can even be compared to this is a study on Full Service Sex Workers (FSSW) in Cambodia, and even then only 50% actually had mental health issues… It just baffles me that people can push out these kinds of things, and not even think of how that effects a whole community of people. This is a myth.


All Sex Workers Were Coerced or Trafficked:

While there is a major problem with people being sex trafficked and coerced into sex work there is also a huge amount of people who do it on their own accord, whether it’s because the money is great, or because they just genuinely enjoy the job and decided they may as well monetise on it, it doesn’t matter, there are so many out there who do it as a choice. I am an online sex worker and while the extra money is amazing, I also just love having people pay me because they find me that hot, it’s amazing for self confidence and for the wallet. As I stated there is still a large problem with sex trafficking and we do need to fight that and focus on trying to end it, we also need to focus on letting women who choose to be in it live in peace and do their jobs, while not being judged or bullied for it.


Sex Workers are Diseased:

Now, I do just want to mention I am in NSW Australia where prostitution is legalised for the most part, but here within legal brothels all Full Service Sex Workers do need to undergo STD testing, they MUST use condoms for literally everything including genitals, and they do check every client’s genitals for obvious signs of disease and infection before they engage in any act. So with that being said Full Service Sex Workers are probably cleaner and more regularly tested than your standard Tinder hookup. Of course, people love to use the dirty card regardless, because apparently if you exchange money for services suddenly you catch everything… That being said, this is STILL a myth.


Sex Workers ruin marriages:

So, this is probably one of the ones that gets me riled up the most. Married men, engaged men, and men in relationships are the ones that need to be respecting their relationship’s boundaries, I do not care whether a stripper offered them a dance while they were in a strip club, I do not care if an Onlyfans girl offered them a pay per view video made custom for them, and I especially do not care if a Full Service Sex Worker offered them services while they were in the brothel. These men shouldn’t be in strip clubs, they shouldn’t be on Onlyfans, and they shouldn’t be in strip clubs if their partner isn’t comfortable with it. You wouldn’t get mad at the TAB for allowing him to bet on the horses if he was a gambling addict, and you wouldn’t be mad at a pub for servicing him if he was an alcholic. Stop being mad at women for simply doing their jobs, be mad at your partners for disrespecting your boundaries and your relationships, it’s so simple.

Put simply sex workers may offer a service like bdsm that their client just cannot get at home.


While these probably don’t seem like a huge problem to people who work regular 9-5 jobs in an office, they are a huge deal for those of us who work in the industry. Imagine if we treated tradies the same way, calling them dirty, useless, and of course my favourite “bludgers with no skills”. Imagine if we told office workers they  were degrading themselves for allowing their job to take over their whole lives, all while making a shitty wage and barely seeing their families.
Sex workers are out there making money, living their lives, and not judging anyone else. Leave them be and work on your mentality.

Why should Prostitution be legalized?

legal prostitutes

Prostitution is the process of engaging in sexual activity with someone who is not your spouse for pay or in exchange of valuable items. Sex workers can be male, female or transgender. Prostitution forms an interesting chapter in the history of civilization. It is a rising problem in the history of current society. In most countries, sex work are activities associated with are criminal acts.  Sex work is criminalized not only through prohibitions on selling sexual services but also through laws that prohibit solicitation of sex work or brothel keeping. A number of developed countries have been in the run to offer solutions and none of them are satisfactory. The society often refers prostitution as the “oldest profession”. Prostitution has been in existence since Old Testament tales to todays red street lights. It has taken a number of stages from being praised, tolerated, and prosecuted to the current society which ignores the tales.

A number of developed countries have legalized prostitution. For instance, Netherlands legalized prostitution in 1997 and in the same year, two hundred and fifty brothels were listed in Amsterdam. In the recent years, residents of the city of Amsterdam have been protesting against sex abuse and violation. In this regard, laws have to be established and governments should lift the ban on brothels. This will then help in reflection of today’s society reality. In addition, it will legalize employment of women who are above the age of consent. Australia and Germany have joined Netherlands in legalizing prostitution. One in nine bordellos have been legitimized in Australia. As a result, prostitution in this country has led to an increased demand for sex. The number of underground brothels have increased as well. The people who run these places take advantage of innocent young women and force them into prostitution which would be avoided if sex workers were allowed to speak up.

Although there are many reasons that support anti-legalization of prostitution, there are advantages associated to legitimization as well. Advocates of legalization argue that it will reduce cases of child trafficking and prostitution because if adults can practice it legally, they will not necessarily drag teenagers in to it. They also state it will help curb women abuse and violence. This is because it will no longer be against their will and thus, will engage in the act voluntarily which can be a source of income.

Prostitution Facts
Sad but true facts about prostitution
  1. Decrease in the number of rape cases

Legalization of sex work will lead to decrease in rape cases especially in urban centers. Sex workers will enjoy safer and better working conditions which lessens exposure to harm. Also, it will be an opportunity to pass laws in this industry that will protect the rights of sex workers. This means that they can sue clients who harass them or try to take advantage of them in any way.

  1. Helps in reducing human violation and exploitation

Cases of human violation and sex exploitation can be reduced if the society acknowledges the existence of prostitution. This can be achieved by guaranteeing the existence of legal and social rights of prostitutes. Safety policies in the brothels should be at par such that they protect women from harm. Clients and brothel owners should not abuse sex workers. Also, minors will not be forced in to prostitution and can seek legal advice without prejudice.

  1. Helps guard against violence and abuse

Decriminalizing of prostitution will also make sex workers less vulnerable to their clients. Clients sometimes rob sex workers off their valuables. Several murder cases of sex workers have been reported in countries where prostitution is illegal and clients often get away with. Legalizing sex work will give opportunities to sex workers to form communities where they can share experiences about dangerous and abusive clients. This way, they can work together to stop this trend.

  1. Improves access to health services

Sex workers can have healthy sex lives because they can freely seek medication from health centers without the fear of discrimination. Decriminalizing prostitution will also give sex workers access to health insurance from their employers. This way, they can get treated for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other infections.

  1. Helps in curbing human trafficking

Human trafficking is a form of violation where women and girls are coerced for sex exploitation. Sex workers can provide data that will aid in the fight against human trafficking by reporting persons who are victimized. In India, a sex worker regulatory body, the Durbar hila Samamwasya committee in songachi (Kolkata) were able to identify victims who had been kidnapped with the intention of exploiting them sexually. If prostitution is decriminalized, sex workers can collaborate with law enforcement.

  1. Helps in reduction of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Decriminalization will empower sex workers with the ability to negotiate use of protection e.g. condoms with their clients. Open negotiations rarely happen in countries where prostitution is illegal because sex workers are at a risk of being arrested thus hinders them from using protection. As a result, they can easily contract HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Some countries have banned the use of condoms and if one is found with one, it is immediately assumed that he or she is a sex worker.

  1. Establishment of safe working conditions

Decriminalization helps in establishment of safe working conditions. New Zealand is a perfect example of countries that have included sex work in Health and safety Employment Act. This has led to development of career regulations that sex workers can use to voice their rights with employers and clients. The act creates a safer working condition. They can organize collectively and address risk factors hindering them.

  1. Reduction of police abuse and violence

Majority of the people who are abuse sex workers are police officers. Where commercial sex is prohibited, police officers often arrest and threaten sex workers. They also face public humiliation and physical abuse. In Cambodia, sex workers have been reported to being beaten and raped by police officers. In this context, police officers take advantage because sex workers fear being arrested and further being physically abused if they are reported. In as much as decriminalization of sex work may not completely phase out police impunity, it can however empower sex workers to file cases on officers who assault them.

  1. Respect of Human Rights And Personal Dignity

Some people venture in commercial sex for various reasons. A source of livelihood and additional revenue can be a major reason why they opt to prostitution. However, despite the nature of their source of income, all people deserve be treated with dignity. Sex work must be acknowledged like any other source of livelihood because these workers are able to comfortably support and fend for their families. Sex workers around the globe have united to fight for their rights but this cannot be achieved if sex work is termed as illegal in many countries.

  1. Decriminalization Challenges Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma that is associated with commercial sex lowers one’s self esteem. In United States, individuals who commit crimes relating to commercial sex are treated similarly with sex offenders. In addition, they must carry documents that identify them as sex offenders. This restricts them from getting equal access to housing and other social amenities. Further, they cannot find work that is not sex related. If prostitution is legalized, sex workers can be recognized as individuals who engage in sexual activities for money or other rewards but not as out casts in the society.

  1. Source of livelihood

Adults indulge in sex work so as a means of employment. For some, Sex work can be the only the source of income they can find. Others find sex work as better paying and with more flexible working hours. For some, it is a part time job. Governments should therefore legalize sex work as this can be a source of tax revenue. Benefits can be derived by both the government and sex workers.

In conclusion, prostitution should be legalized. There are strong arguments that attest to the above. Like other people, sex workers deserve to be treated with dignity. They ought to seek legal advice and health services without being discriminated or abused. Also, the income they get from these activities enables them to fend for their families which reduces poverty levels. Legalization of prostitution is undoubtedly the best strategy towards eradicating the issues that sex workers are currently.





What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting Private Escorts


Take note! Chances are, if any of these happen to you- you’ve booked a circus performer, not an escort.

Much like women, cars, and icy poles flavors- not all escort experiences are created equally. That means that when trying to answer the question “What should I expect from private escorts” it’s often easier to say what one shouldn’t expect. This is largely because each professional escort has a different way of handling her business, different preferences when it comes to gifts and tips, and altogether a different personality and style. Which is most of what makes escorts so incredibly wonderful- is that there is enough variety within their profession, it’s next to impossible not to find the perfect fit.


Private escorts offer a tailor fit experience like no other. Largely depending on your know-how, penchant for going bold, and understanding of your personal sexuality, professional escorts are equipped with the skills required to give you exactly what you’re looking for- no muss, no fuss. But there are definitely a few things that you shouldn’t expect to encounter when booking with a pro. Our friends at Naughty Ads, a top escort directory, tell us the top 7 things you should never expect to experience with a good escort.

Bad Reviews

Yes, bad reviews happen. Yes, bad escort experiences happen. But if you book an escort that has a ton of bad reviews… well, that one is kind of on you. You also shouldn’t be banking on having a bad experience. Even more than sex, escorts are trained, and really good, at making people happy. From genial conversation, to just having a really great time around town. Some give killer massages; others are deft with a paddle. Whatever it is you’re into, whatever it is that puts that sparkle in your eye- there’s an escort for that. Which is why it’s important to check out review forums and directories before you book- this way you’ll never have to give a bad review yourself.

Unclear Expectations

Another thing you should never expect with any private escorts dealings is unclear communication of expectations. Each and every escort worth their salt has what’s considered a “menu”, a little list of all the wonderful services they offer. Most times, there is also contact information so that you can have a little chat with your new found friend before you end up shelling out hundreds of dollars. If what you’re looking for isn’t explicitly listed on the menu, then it’s usually considered reasonable that you contact your possible date and ask them how they feel about meeting your particular needs. Oftentimes escorts will happily discuss anything you’ll need to know about your upcoming booking- not just where to meet, but what to wear, what they should wear, what you’re looking for, what they provide. Not exactly a script (unless you’re into that sort of thing) but definitely a well-defined plan.

Changes in Price

Just like expectations, prices should be firmly agreed upon before your meetup. While there are instances in which prices can change mid-meeting… say you get the random urge to throw in some rain gear- that’ll probably cost extra. With some escorts, you can negotiate whim satisfaction, or an extended booking, but it’s not guaranteed to happen. Generally, if you want more time, or a different kind of fun with your escort, you’re going to need to rebook. Agreed upon prices shouldn’t change if the agreed upon services haven’t. So, you should never expect to pay more than you both discussed, and you’ll always expect to pay upfront. So, unless you’re tacking on a tip for a job well done, the agreed upon initial price, is the only price you should be paying.


Escorting is a business. Whether your date is agency affiliated or one of the many amazing private escorts- they should still conduct themselves professionally. Which means that time is money, and you’ve paid for theirs. An escort should never be late to a booking. Ever. Frankly- neither should a client, but hey- it’s your time and your money, you can waste it anyway you see fit. Generally, if an escort is late for whatever reason, they will let their client know as soon as physically possible and the two will decide the best way forward, whether it’s a reschedule or a refund. Life happens, stuff gets in the way, but these issues should always be dealt with in the most efficient and professional way possible.

Unclean or Unkempt Companion

Escorts- and absolutely their clients- should always always be clean and well kept. Never assuming it’s okay to show up to a booking looking like a disheveled mess. Clients and escorts both should shower prior to any bedroom activities happening, but more than that, they should show up to their date showered and fresh as a daisy. Any professional escort that is worth their price will be dressed to suit your occasion, showered, shaved, primped, primed, and in perfect condition. In fact, a huge portion of the high-class private escort’s professional life is dedicated to a beauty and hygiene routine. They literally spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars keeping themselves in pristine condition, the least you can do is wear a nice shirt.

What an Escort Can Teach You About Sex Toys!

toys for sex

Why the best accessory for your latest AdultSmart purchase might be a professional to teach you how to use it!

It’s so unbelievably commonplace these days to hire a professional for any number of things. You hire an uber driver, a chef at a restaurant, and a cleaner without a second thought to the idea. Professionals are there to handle the jobs you don’t want or don’t have the time to handle. In the case of a personal fitness trainer or a life coach, those professionals are there to help you get the most out of your investments in other things.

Why should sex toys be any different?

While it might seem silly – “what’s there to learn? You take it out of the box, place it on your parts, lather, rinse, repeat!” I hear you saying – exploring with a new toy can be a great way, not only to learn about the mechanics of the toy itself, but also a pretense or setup for an exciting evening in with a new friend. And lots of professional escorts will be able to offer you reliable advice about cleaning and storing your expensive new toys, and what sorts of lubricants work best with what sorts of materials.

While many adult toys are designed to be used solo, there’s no rule that says they have to be!  And if you live in a major Australian city like Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll have no trouble finding a verified and authentic companion or escort who would love nothing more than to show you everything that new toy can do. Here’s just a few ideas to test or put your own spin on: Buying your first Fleshlight? Set up an afternoon to get to know it with a buddy! One of the
best off-label uses for Fleshlights (or any male masturbator) is partnered cum denial or milking.

Have your partner restrict your movement (handcuffs or any restraints made for such a purpose work great here), with access to your penis totally unrestricted. Then let them test out different speeds, lubes, and pressure while you squirm and moan your way right up to the edge! Carry all that pent up energy into your post-toy play together and experience a finale like none you’ve ever had before!

BONUS: Blindfolds amp up the surrender factor. If you feel safe with your pro partner, let them call all the shots.

Buying your first vibrator or clit massager (or finally taking the plunge to an expensive upgrade)? While you definitely already know your body best, exploring with a trusted partner can be a great way to take that masters in masturbation right on up to a PhD. The most important thing is working with someone you can really feel comfortable with, and who will encourage you to open up and experiment in ways or with toys you might not consider

That’s where a professional comes in – many women report hiring providers (whether male or female) in an effort to pair up with someone who will respect their boundaries and focus energy and attention on them. Rather than working to please a partner or doing things because they feel as though they ‘have to,’ become afterthoughts, and the safe space created with a professional escort allows for a deeper and more comfortable exploration and expression of pleasure.

BONUS: Spend some time with your partner simply acting as your audience.  Talk, show, teach how you play with yourself and what you like. Active pleasure display like this can heighten your arousal (and likely that of your partner), until it’s time for them to take over.

Curious about butt stuff?

It’s not gay, bro. Pegging is hot like fire right now, but lots of men still deal with stigma and feelings of shame around anything to do with their butts. One way to overcome this is by involving a partner of the opposite sex who has penetrative sex skills. There are tons of strap ons available, in a variety of sizes, and a partner who knows what they’re doing will be able to guide you through pre-play hygiene practices, introductory stimulation, and full
throttle pounding (if that’s what you’re after). Many men report they feel safer exploring this type of play with someone they can trust to keep their secrets – Slixa Australia escort par example.

Whatever your reasons, consider testing your limits in a safe space, rather than after a few too many drinks on a first date.  It’s worth noting too, that sexual sense memory can be strong. If your first time using a particular
style of toy is an extremely positive one, it’s likely you’ll bring back those same pleasurable memories each time you pull it out of the cupboard. You might even find it becomes a regular part of your partner play going forward – whether with professionals or not.

A Guide For Newbie’s To Choose The Best Licensed And Top Brothels

Newbie’s often land up in a difficult situation finding a licensed brothel. Going to an illegal brothel can put your health and reputation both in danger. If you are visiting brothel for the first time here is a guide for getting across to the best licensed and top brothels, ensuring that first-timers will be more comfortable when they arrive at the door.


Well, streetwalkers and casino girls may appear to be a good choice for first timers. However, why would you take the risk, given that prostitution is yet to be legalized in many parts of the world? You may get arrested or ripped off, so it is wise to approach the best licensed and top brothels in Australia.


Things to Check When you Choose a Brothel


Have a look at the following aspects before you pick a brothel.


Aspects to Check


For people who love to spend money for sexual experiences, choosing a licensed brothel is an important move.  You need to check out certain aspects before you get across to the brothel:


  • Operating hours
  • Whether it is licensed or not
  • Reputation, as evident through reviews
  • Security facilities and privacy
  • Range of services
  • hygiene, cleanliness, and maintenance



Sex Menu

In reputed and established brothels, you will come across a typical list of sexual activities. You will find all the details available in the sex menu. Often, first-timers find it confusing, as it is difficult to choose from so many available options. You can have your fantasies fulfilled in the best licensed and top brothels, as they provide a wide range of sexual services.


Negotiations and Prices

Well, you would want to get the most when you visit the brothel. The reputed brothels are known to deliver good returns of the bucks. However, you may have to negotiate regarding the number of hours and price at times. In certain brothels, a pre-fixed list of charges may be available. In these cases, you do not have scope for negotiation.

However, in some brothels, the escorts operate on the basis of individual contracts. In these cases, you may negotiate a little, according to the situation.


Room Accommodations

In most of the best licensed and top brothels, you will get to choose the room accommodations. Different categories of rooms are available for the customers, depending on the range of luxury amenities. You need to consider your budget before you choose the room. Besides, some brothels come up with transportation facilities to the customers as a complementary facility. You may seek these services, if you please.


Hooking up with the Ladies: How to Go About it?

Well, hooking up with the ladies is not an issue, as several escorts serve at the best licensed and top brothels. You may have your own preferences and choose from the list of options given.

At times, people reserve the rooms in brothels, fixing the time with a certain prostitute. However, first-timers may pay a visit without any prior reservation. Most of the time, people request the lineup and they are able to choose from the available courtesans. After the ladies introduce themselves, you can choose any one of them and go ahead.

Lady Escorts

Besides, some of the best licensed and top brothels have luxurious bars, where you can hook up with the ladies. You can have a chat and strike the deal.


Most men consider the licensed brothels to be secure. Besides, they can enjoy high privacy in these establishments. Before you have the experience at one of these brothels, take time to read the review and gather adequate data about the quality of services and facilities available. This will ensure maximum value for your money.