Pregnancy and Sex!

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Before falling pregnant I heard a lot of things like “wait till your pregnant you will want SEX 24/7”. And “omg it’s so much better when you are pregnant”. Now let me tell you this was not the case for me at all pregnancy at the most of times is hard balancing work and studies in-between you almost forget the time your meant to make for yourself. My sex life went from a 20/10 to a 1/10 if that.

There became a time at month 3 that I decided to give up on sex completely as I wasn’t feeling it, it became a chore more then something that I wanted or craved. It’s funny how much the brain plays a part of sex, smells, touch, heat/cold your brain decides all of that. So something that may have felt tingly and amazing before now feels over sensitive or uncomfortable.

It’s a really hard thing to come to terms with because you don’t realize how much good sex makes you happy until you stop it and no I don’t just mean orgasming its so much more than that when you form that connection with someone should I say that constant lust for attention and touch a simple kiss on the neck can be the most amazing feeling you feel every hair on your body stand up. A hot shower running down your back and having your partner wrapped around you pressed against you …… these are all the things that stop when sex stops because there is so much tension on you both that’s the last thing you want to do.

The funniest part for me is how hard it is to change that, something that came so natural before is now so strange and foreign. That’s until ……..

I found the mighty sex wand and yes I’m talking about that thing everyone says “omg that looks like a microphone”. Now let me tell you that microphone in a space of 40 seconds if that brought on a frenzy of emotion and feelings back to my life and I don’t know how I haven’t brought this into my life earlier I will discuss this later in my blog. The sensation this toy gives you solo or with a partner in my case this was the saviour of my relationship 2 months on from the “end of my relationship if you want to call it that” this toy has simply fixed so much it has filled that gap of feeling unwanted and loved I now get to have the sex life I had and even more. I couldn’t recommend this enough to pregnant or not pregnant women that just are not “feeling it” in the bed room. And for women that are thinking they cant enjoy it and they haven’t I can only tell you my personal experience and this is it.

It’s a great way to allow you to take control of your body and not relying on him to try and do something that isn’t humanly possible we put so much pressure on males from things we have watched from porn and say that they cannot do there “job right” which leads to no communication and then your relationship forms around the thought of him doing his job wrong. But ladies its your job to make you feel good as well and to aid him with the information that feels good for you every female body is different. sometimes we forget that and we accept that we do not need pleasure and that as long as he’s happy that’s all that matters I believed this for 8 years with my ex until I had enough and took control. Yes that’s 8 years without an orgasm with a partner. So the current partner I have I just simply took control and figured out what I wanted and liked and once I figured that out I seen sex in such a different light.

The mighty wand has been the highlight of my sex toy experience I have owned many many toys and this for me just made my brain scramble when I used it its funny I bought it thinking “oh it’s a vibrator cool” pffftttt was I wrong the first experience I had with this amazing toy was a midnight just finished work and really just wanted a hot shower I wasn’t expecting much from this toy at all oh boy did it prove me wrong.

I started using it in the shower solo until my partner realized what I had gotten up to and decided to join me he stepped into the shower and kissed my neck from behind this is the first time I had butterflies since being pregnant I had Goosebumps all over my body a sensation I can’t explain he entered me from behind and my god my body started going crazy with the combination of this powerful wand and the thrusts of his penis deep inside me sent me over the edge with in 40 seconds making me unable to stand, he continued to thrust while holding me up pushing me against the cold glass making my nipples hard and sensitive he continued to fuck me while pulling my hair until I started gushing which lead to him Cumming instantly. It was the most sensitive and eye rolling orgasm I have had in 8 months. And I thank the wand for this and now when I talk about pregnant sex or sex in general with anyone this toy definitely gets a mention and comes under my must buy list. Doggy is a must with this toy hits all the spots perfectly and its also waterproof which makes it fun for those cold nights when you want a hot bath or shower and also want to have fun. It also doubles as an awesome massager so I don’t know what else you could ask for!!!!!!!!


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Having Incredibly Hot Pregnancy Sex

Pregnant Couple In Bed

Can I Have Sex While Pregnant?

A big question when it comes to pregnancy is about sex. Can you still have it? What’s safe? What about sex toys, are they going to harm you while you are pregnant or affect the baby that is now a part of your body? While there are precautions to take into consideration the short answer is no, you do not have to put down your vibrator. Phew!

If you are a regular lover and user of sex toys with your partner or just for masturbation you will be thrilled to know that just because you are pregnant it does not mean you have to lock your favourite sex toys away and wait that incredibly long 9 months to get them out again.

What Are The Risk And Warnings?

Now while every women is different and every pregnancy is different, some general factors to consider if you are wanting to continue or even begin using sex your while you are pregnant it is important to get the dangers and cautions out of the way first:

  • Check with your doctor.
  • Are you a high risk pregnancy or have you had complications? If so consult your doctor as there might be risks you are not aware of when it comes to sex or sex toys.
  • Every sex toy that you use or that enters your body MUST be sterilised and 100% clean. This is incredibly important as you do not want to be transfer diseases or infections into your body while you are pregnant.
  • Do not use anal sex toys in the vagina, mix and matching can cause infection.
  • Be aware of extra sensitivity. Although you may not realise now your body changes a lot throughout pregnancy and so does your sensitivity to certain areas, so what felt good before may not feel good while you’re pregnant e.g. nipples
  • Be gentle. While it is not in the pregnancy sex handbook, when using sex toys be aware of how you are using the sex toy and how rough you might get. As long as it feels good for you and there is no pain you are safe.
  • DO NOT use e-stim (electro stimulation) sex toys internally or externally. This is incredibly important to be aware of as this can affect your baby directly.
  • Stay away from certain sex toys that contain phthalates as they can cause disruptions to your hormones. Always opt for “phthalate free”.

Another product that goes hand in hand with sex and sex toys is lube. When you are pregnant be aware that anything with a high sugar level can cause yeast infections in the vagina and anything with menthol for “cooling” or any lube labelled for “warming” or “buzzing”, stay away! Keep it simple with a basic good quality lubricant to keep safe.

Although it may feel like a lot of warnings and cautions don’t be put off using your favourite sex toy, embrace the precautions and play it safe but make sure you still play. While women are pregnant there are so many hormones rushing through the body every day and once you have passed the first 3 months and all the nausea is gone you will start to feel an incredible surge of energy and endorphins along with the desire for sex. Oh yes, women become incredibly horny and desire things they may not have before, so embrace the feelings and have sex! Masturbate! Go for an old favourite or try something new. Keeping in mind the basic precautions sex should not be limited to “vanilla” you should be embracing your desires and feeding your body what it needs.

How To Have Sex Whilst Pregnant
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What Sex Toys Are Safe To Use While Pregnant?

When it comes to the sex toys themselves what is going to be safe and what should we be keeping away from? Maybe now is not the time to start training for a 13 inch don’t or a larger than life butt plug but you’re not limited to some of the greats:

  • Dongs (vibrating or non-vibrating) are more than safe to use while pregnant. Made to simulate the penis and to be used for internal penetration, dongs are a great way to satisfy the urge if you do not have a partner or just require a little bit of extra penetration. Although they are not as soft as the real deal careful and enjoy. A personal recommendation, the Real Feel range. These sex toys are soft and lifelike and will give optimum pleasure and realistic feel.
  • Vibrators are a women’s best friend and totally safe to use while pregnant. Use for masturbation or with your partner for more intense orgasms which are totally baby safe.
  • Anal play. While it is totally safe to use anal plugs, beads or dongs while pregnant, it is important to be gentle and considerate your limits.
  • Nipple stimulation can be amazing when pregnant if you are one of the lucky women whose breasts are not aching. Start out slowly and if you are comfortable with more intense nipple stimulation e.g. from clamps and suction cups go for it!
  • Get creative! While women are pregnant it can be a little more difficult to manoeuvre around the baby belly to find the right position that’s good for both you and your partner. Some great positions for optimum satisfaction; doggy style, women on top or spooning

For those who are still a little too wary of the cautions, don’t give up on sex toys all together. Try some light clitoral stimulation with something like the Nu Sensuelle Point bullet vibrator or something you can take in the bath to make your alone time a little more special with the Satisfyer Pro 2 next generation. These sex toys are designed for external use only and you don’t need to worry about any penetration that might make you uncomfortable.

Embrace your beautiful body and the new found sex drive you have from all the hormones pregnancy has graced you with because I can assure you after that baby is born you will not want this kind of attention for a while. Use your sex toys alone or with your partner and enjoy the intense orgasms and sense of euphoria.

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Sex & Pregnancy

Pregnant Family in Field Photo

It’s easy to forget sometimes the reason we actually have sex. Nature wants us to procreate and have babies. Unlike most living things on the planet though, nature made it fun for us too and extremely pleasurable. Nowadays thankfully we can make the most of our liberal societies and science and have as much of it as we like without necessarily ending up with a baby at the end of it. Most of us though at one point in our lives will follow the action through to its natural consequence and decide to actually have one. What happens then?

When you are pregnant, is it OK to carry on having sex? I thought the answer to that would definitely be yes, but I found out occasionally that isn’t true.

In general though it can be a great time to have sexual intercourse. The pressure is off for one thing, no more need for contraception, and it maybe the case that sex has been all about having babies and not so much about the fun part, so it can be better because of that too. Men can feel a bit left out at this time when it is all about the pregnancy and the woman, so it is good to make a bit of extra effort to keep that side of things alive.

Sex & Pregnancy is a bit different for lots of reasons, a pregnant woman’s blood volume increases and engorges the sexual organs increasing sensitivity and improving orgasms. And obviously breasts can grow to gargantuan sizes. Libido is something that will definitely have an impact, your man might be constantly horny because of your huge breasts and a lot of men find pregnant women very attractive. Pregnant women can positively bloom, with brighter eyes better skin and thicker hair. The fluctuating hormones can make a woman’s sex drive go through the roof once the first months are over. Couples report having more sex in the last 6 months of pregnancy than they ever had before. Lots of women experience very vivid erotic dreams too.


Pregnant Photo
Photo: Sex & Pregnancy


It isn’t his way for all couples though. 58% of women suffer with decreased sex drive and are nauseous and tired for the first months. Often men either find the pregnant body non-sexual or many even feel strange going near the baby with a penis in any way or else feel the baby is somehow watching.

Worries about somehow hurting the baby are common. It is impossible, the baby is not in the vagina and there is a cervix and an amniotic sac of fluid between everything. No matter how well-endowed a man is, he is never going to bump the baby. They do say that although oral sex is fine you shouldn’t blow air into the vagina as it may cause an air embolism in rare cases. Sex toys and lubricant’s are all fine just be extra careful when it comes to hygiene as any kind of infection can be bad news for a developing baby. Oral sex with someone who has had a cold sore is out in the last three months as if the mother is infected she will need a C-section.

There are as I mentioned a couple of situations that may mean laying off sex altogether. If there is a risk of miscarriage or preterm birth or a doctor puts the mother on bed rest, then the contractions and hormones produced while actually orgasming can bring on labour. They use the same chemicals to induce labours in hospital as the body naturally produces during sex. If the baby isn’t ready to come though, you can go at it like rabbits and not worry.

The sex positions will change too because of the shape of the woman and the weight of the stomach. Doggy style, side by side and woman on top are probably most commonly used. As well as the exterior shape the cervix maybe lower down and deep penetration might be uncomfortable. Doctors don’t usually advise a woman to lay for long on her back in the later stages as the uterus can press against the heart veins and restrict blood flow to the baby.

Once the baby arrives you will be able to resume your usual habits after the 6 week check-up. Some women feel like it will hurt their traumatised vagina which is completely understandable and the extra oestrogen produced for breast-feeding can dry out the vagina, (although you can buy creams to help that.)  On top of all this there is the stress and inevitable fatigue that go hand in hand with any new baby. Post-natal depression is also a reality for some women.

All a couple can do is wait until everything feels OK again. There is no normal time for that to happen. Nothing good will ever come from putting pressure on each other and it will eventually all be back to normal, it has to be, otherwise we would all stop having babies and nature doesn’t want that to happen.

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Sexy Pregnant Ideas!

pregnant woman dressed in white

If you are thinking about having sex whilst you are pregnant, you simply have two options; you either enjoy it and will do it or don’t and won’t. Change of hormonal levels in a woman’s body means that some women end up being put off completely with even the idea of sex while others can not ever get enough. When I was pregnant two years ago, I was very scared of having sexual intercourse with my hubby and I used to get sex toys online and give myself a treat. But down the line, I realized that were some ways that I could still enjoy sex during my pregnancy with my partner. During pregnancy, the sensitivity of women to have multiple orgasms tends to increase and areas become more sensitive especially around the vagina and nipple.

Pregnant woman enjoying the nature

Putting your partner week after week can be frustrating for both of you and lets face it, it is not the time for some oiled up naked Twister.  Because of the estrogen and progesterone levels rising they cause changes in your body that will either heighten or lower your passions. Estrogen specifically, which serves such pregnancy-related as increasing blood flow to the uterus (and to your whole pelvis), additionally increases your bodies vaginal wetness and makes your blossoms and nipples swell.

Carrying a baby can make one feel tired and drawn but this still is not an excuse as you can always have some lazy sex.  This will help you elevate from the rut you are in.  Months 4-6 I especially found difficult and found the new found awkwardness and ever expanding tummy difficult to deal with however I made an effort to keep my sex drive up, often with the use of external personal massagers when penetration did not feel quite right.

In most cases it is safe to have sex whilst pregnant.  No you cannot hurt the baby and I think the closeness of my partner helped when making love.  And it is also regular after having sex to have spotting.  Your uterus and vagina are streaming with blood and the vessels in the cervix are swollen so it is natural and generally nothing to stress over.  However how many couples have you heard have not had sex during the entire pregnancy because of spotting.?  I know a few.

If you have any doubts see your gynecologist or obstetrician. They will confirm that the amniotic fluids surrounding your precious cargo are there to protect it, and unless your man is bigger than John Holmes he is not even going to get near it.   But mix it up!  Sure you cannot do position 18-101 in the 101 Sexual Positions book but how about rewarding your devoted hubby with a blow-job.

During pregnancy things will turn you on that ordinarily do no.  You will have cravings for food you would not have even thought of eating before.  One strange thing I experienced that really turned me on was getting my husband to blow air up my vagina.  Discovering it when he was going down on me it became part of our foreplay during pregnancy that I show not interest in after child-birth.  We spoke to our Doctor about it and this is a rather common thing (not commonly spoken about).  Apparently this cools down and soothes the veins and arteries that are bulging and working overtime keeping your baby fed.  On a side note, on a few occasions I actually climaxed whilst he was doing it and it was different to any orgasms I had or have ever experienced.

My favorite sexual positions during pregnancy was –

Arm Chair Sex Position
Sex Position Chair

The Arm Chair – One of the more creative positions, the Armchair is hours of fun once you can get the rhythm down. To get into this position, the giver sits up with his legs straight while their partner sits on top of them with legs on the giver’s shoulders and arms being used for support. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of strength on behalf of the receiver to perform this position, so you may need to train before you can enjoy all of its glory.

Spooning – where the woman lies on side to her man and guides the penis gently to find its way into the vagina and then takes control. The penetration continues until the woman comes. This is a pleasant and comfortable position for both of you to enjoy. By combing this great sex positions with a female vibrator you will be gland to know that pregnancy doesn’t have to come between you and your sex life.

The Saddle: If you want to try something new with your sex positions, sideways sex is a great place to start! He lies down with his knees bent and legs apart, and you sort of slot in the middle at right angles to his body. With one hand on his chest, and the other on his lower leg, rock back and forth until he’s hitting the right spot. It’s all about you and you can wiggle around until it feels just right.

The one position I could not handle at all whilst pregnant was doggie style.  It felt awkward and my belly was uncomfortable.  I guess the main thing I want to get across is not to go without, because nine months is a long time for both you and your lover.



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