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Today I’m taking a look at the iSex USB massage kit by Pipedream. Pipedream iSex USB Massage Kit is a bullet style stimulator with some extra interchangeable heads to mix things up a bit. Like their plain bullet, this is an all-white sex toy which is reminiscent of iPhone accessories. Honestly, I’m not heaps into Pipedream iSex USB Massage Kit for myself personally, for reasons I will go into in a minute, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be great for some customers.

Firstly, there doesn’t seem to be any control buttons and it only has one constant speed. Once you plug it in, it starts working immediately! Pipedream iSex USB Massage Kit has a USB plug, as the name suggests, so it has got to be plugged into a computer, an Xbox, a Play Station (or your car) to use it or else get an adapter. If you want to turn it off, you’ve got to unplug it. You will also need to unplug it when you are charging the heads as it will be a way to difficult to change them whilst it’s vibrating. The cord is pretty long, so it’s not a huge inconvenience to need to be plugged in to use it, although I do prefer more versatility in a sex toy and usually go for rechargeable or battery powered so I can take them lots of places and not be attached by a cord. But I really find it annoying that there are no control buttons. I don’t want it to vibrate as soon as the plug goes in. I really don’t want to have to unplug it to change the heads either as that is to time consuming. It may be lazy of me, but I just prefer to have something that is more convenient to use. I also prefer being able to switch between a constant vibration and a wave or pulsation patterns and that doesn’t seem to be an option here, unfortunately. The vibration is reasonably strong but it’s not ideal. I prefer a more rumbly sensation.

iSex USB Massage Kit Photo
Sex Toy: iSex USB Massage Kit


Pipedream iSex USB Massage Kit material is hard ABS plastic and that’s super body safe which is a plus, but I felt like the heads should have been silicone. I enjoy silicone materials as it will be more smooth and soft to the touch which is more gentle for the body. Oh well. One of the heads does have softer nubs for a teasing sensation at least.

The Pipedream iSex USB Massager itself has a rounded end with small hard nubby bumps for extra stimulation and I think it’s pretty decent, then it has three extra heads. Firstly a curved and kind of pointy head which reminds me of a bird’s beak or anteater nose. You could use that for very pinpoint stimulation. Secondly, there is a small probe that is reminiscent of anal beads and I assume it’s intended for the anus so that’s a nice addition. I should mention at this point that the heads screw on quite firmly so there shouldn’t be worries about the head coming off while it’s in the butt! You could also use this head externally. And lastly, there is a head shaped a bit like many finger vibes are shaped, longish and pointy-ish. It has the soft nubs I was mentioning earlier. This is probably my favourite head and I think it would be lovely for external massage anywhere delicate and sensitive. In general, though I am not wild about the heads although I don’t hate them. More of a ‘meh’ response from me.

I like that Pipedream iSex USB Massage Kit has a bit more variety than their plain iSex bullet but again, it’s just not hugely my cup of tea.

Pipedream does have a large selection of sex toys available from vibrators, dildo’s, BDSM, massage oils, lubricants, games and lingerie just to name a few! We recommend having a look at our other reviews to see what other product are available. Sex toys and products are so vast these days, there is definitely something for everyone.


About the Author: Jade a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres