The Sex Toy That Cradles Your Clit Whilst Stimulating The Labia!

It didn’t take much to convince me to upgrade to the We-Vibe Touch 2 being a convert to the original. It has been my tried, tested, trusted and reviewed sex toy of choice for both solo and couples play for a couple of years of frequent use but having now seen better days it was time to say a sad farewell and see how the upgraded and improved version fared. So after ordering it online and patiently waiting the two days it took to arrive in the post it arrived at my doorstep in a discrete overnight satchel. Excitedly I opened it and found that the silicone was not a soft matte rather than the glossy style of its predecessor. This was fantastic and the feel was silky smooth so already I had a smile on my dial. I enjoy the matte effect over a plastic shin, I believe it makes the product look and feel better over all.

Then I took out the charger and plugged it in and noticed that this charger appeared to have a bit more magnetic power and the charging points of the We-Vibe Touch 2 just connected a lot easier and quicker. Switching the power on I saw that the charging light turned on and I then took the time to read the instructions.

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The Touch 2 controls remained virtually the same but what I did notice in reading the instructions was that the battery is fully charged after 90 minutes where my recently departed older model took up to 4 hours to fully charge yet still had 2 hours of continuous running time. This is more than ample for me as even my most intense sessions are not going to last 2 hours and the charger is so convenient that it is powered up every time I want to use it.

After about 90 minutes the charging light went out and I powered up my new baby and felt the familiar deep rumbly vibrations and went through its different strengths and then through its four modes and when I found the one that I was after began my session. What I love about the touch is that it is ergonomically designed to be placed upon and

‘cradle’ your clit and labia

and if you are after a bit of pin-point stimulation you can use the tip which is shaped a little bit lit a mini tongue. I enjoy the way the sex toy molds with the natural curves of my body. I have fantasized about that tongue daydreaming during the day and not waiting to come home and have it against my pleasure zone. It’s easy to hold to so you won’t feel any repetitive straining injury happening any time soon.

There is a solitary button and you just press it to turn it on. Press over and over to venture through the settings. Pressing the button after the last example and holding it for a few seconds will turn it off and it will begin again at the most minimal vibration setting. You can likewise turn it off whenever by pressing and holding the button. The next time you switch it on it will begin on the setting it was on when you turned it off.

The charging light will start flashing when the battery is low. The Touch is completely waterproof and its anything but difficult to clean. Since it is waterproof you can use it in the shower or bath. Simply use a small amount of soap with luke warm water or a sex toy cleaner. I only use Superslyde with my toys which is a toy safe silicone lubricant that just lasts and lasts.

The new We-Vibe Touch has the same extraordinary rumbling vibrations and is wrapped in rich matte silicone that floats over my skin and clitoris. I truly love the luxury experience that all We-Vibe sex toys offer. I am always happy to use We-Vibe and feel the pleasurable delight of their Form range.  It’s one of my most loved vibrators and I can simply depend on it to convey happy climaxes. A few people surmise that the silicone tapers the vibration. Against the Tango vibrations that are just teeth rattling,  then yes, the vibrations are to some degree tempered yet its still sufficiently capable to get me or I think anyone else off.


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