Unusual Things That Get Stuffed Up A Cock!

The urethral canal serves  a bodily purpose which is releasing urine from the bladder out of the body.  It is longer in men than in women and curiosity obviously got the cat when both sexes worked out that when objects are inserted into it it can cause orgasm and sexual joy.  Medical sounds used to unblock the urethra had an side effect or causing sexual stimulation.

This discovery caused the creation of sex toys that are made to stimulate the urethra.  Penis plugs, cock wands, cock stuffers and all manner of devices some made from metal, others from silicone all to allow urethral joy.  However, this also brought about a dangerous practice of placing other objects inside the urethra – screws, nails, knitting needles, toothpicks, tooth brushes, forks and all manner of paraphernalia.   As this cock stuffing gained in popularity some began to go to extremes with urethral dilation, widening the opening with all manner of things.

What The Doctor’s Found Stuffed In His Cock

In August of 2013 a 70 year old Australian man probably took the cake in the department of unusual things stuffed up a cock. He told doctors he had inserted the 10cm dining fork into his urethra almost 12 hours earlier in an attempt to achieve sexual gratification.  However the fork became lodged inside as he had pushed it so that the actual forks had passed his pee-hole.  The fork was  not visible to the human eye but X-rays revealed it and its position.  After much deliberation the doctors put the man under local anesthetic and removed it manually by dilating the pee hole.

The team of three doctors published the case in the The International Journal of Surgery in September of 2013 in an article titled “An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body”.

Armed with these facts we urge those that wish to try urethral play to purchase them from a reputable retailer or from a reputed brand like Hell’s Couture.  That way you can use these sex toys confident of your safety.

Cock Plug
Image: Rosebuds Starpin 

What Are Modern Penis Plugs?

There are now luxury penis plugs that are made from surgical steel with adornments. This type of penis plug is also a type of penis jewelry which mimics what a price albert piercing looks like. There is a metal star attached to the penis plug so that the sex toy does not fall into the urethral opening. At the base of the penis plug is a blue crystal that looks delightful with the surgical steel silver colour. When your inserting the penis plug the tip is rounded with a slight point which will make entry gentle and smooth. This penis plug is called “Rosebuds Starpin”.

Cock Ring Plug Jewellry
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The penis plug pictured above has a larger base that is flat. Attached by rings of surgical steel is a golden designer cock ring that is deigned to sit around the erect penis. The cock ring can help maintain blood with in the shaft making the penis stay harder for longer. This cock plug and ring is called “Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra”.

Some people that enjoy urethral play may experience a small amount of pain, especially at original insertion.  The is often described as

Pleasurable Pain

To experience a cold piece of steel slowly up your urethral channel can be joyous and as it warms up relaxing and comfortable. There are so many men’s sex toys out on the market which fulfill the same purpose like the urethral medical apparatus, called the “sound,”. The sound is a longer version of the penis plug which is used by doctors to reduce scarring in the urethra, typically due to past contamination, which prompts narrowing of the canal causing problems with urination. Using these sounds from the smallest to largest the create a progression of unbending smooth medical equipment that are inserted into the urethra to continuously dilate it allowing for the unblocking or the urethral channel.  Often multiple treatments are required and often men and women experience orgasms during this process.

It wasn’t long before these urethral sounds came onto the sex toy market and have increasingly become more and more popular as the years go on. Companies like Hell’s Couture in Australia import and export a vast array of these types of urethral toys across the world.

In a paper from the University of California, 17 patients were treated in hospitals with various items requiring removal from their urethra’s. Items included

“speaker wire, an AAA battery, clothing pegs, a plastic container, straws, a marble, and a cotton-tipped swab.”

Other things have included wires for attaching to a battery to convey low-voltage electro-stim for the urethra.   It seems there are some strange things that people stick up their urethras.

Now in the 21st century, we must say—whatever you need to do in your own time, its fine. However, to avoid self injury If you are going to insert objects into your urethra use quality medical grade surgical steel devices from reputable sellers. Anything less is just plain dangerous and you are playing Russian Roulette with your health (and penis). It is especially important to avoid inserting anything organic such as woods or plants (one guy inserted a rose stem down his urethra). It is difficult to ensure that the company you are dealing with is a reputable supplier but unfortunately the only way you will know is when you obtain the items you have ordered and inspected them.


Urethral Sounding Guide

Men in Bed Pleasured

Urethral sounding refers to the deed of inserting a firm item into the urethra a considerable distance . It was originally used in medical procedures to keep the urinary passage open in males with prostate enlargement before the adoption of modern method of prostate-shrinking medication and to clear blockages in a woman’s urethra and bladder. However, urethral sounding now is commonly used by individuals seeking to have sexual fun. Actually, I use it and the experience is awesome. In this article, I will give you a thrilling revelation of what it is, how to use it and the sensation you get.

It is a method of sexual and fetish penetrative play using a totally different hole from the usual. The physical sensation brought by the sound while in the urethra can be exciting and intense. I will try to describe it but nothing in words can exactly describe it. Sounding can be a real mind fuck. It is penetration but in the eye of the male penis which according to many males is intensely related with the real act of sexual penetration but reversed. Some people really enjoy it while others totally hate it. Deep sounding is a nice way of doing prostate stimulation of a kind for which many would not have ever experienced it. It is often used for this as many men are hesitant to stimulate the prostrate with an anal toy as they do not want to feel ‘gay’ or are a top. In this manner the prostrate can be stimulated and even milked without anal play.

For people who like pain in their sex, sounding is ideal for them because it can be done in a manner that is erotically painful particularly by size choices and the way sound is stimulated when it is in place. It is important to not go too far with Urethral play and to be cautious, especially novices as it is common place to get small tears and even a little blood initially. Often the urethra will naturally hold the object you insert, making it difficult and sometimes even painful to get out.

urethral sounding
sound vibrator

Directions of using urethral play sound:

Sounding is a great enjoyable way of playing with the ideas of fuck with gender, penetration and experience hot and new sensations. The technique used for sounding is not difficult although there are some simple steps I follow to make it enjoyable and safer.

Steps to follow for urethral sounding:

  1. Spend some money on a good sounding kit than searching for things in the house that may fit in my urethra. Not only for hygiene but also for safety.
  2. Buy a sterile surgical lubricant.
  3. Buy an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and always clean your sound before and after play. If I don’t have one handy I will clean and rinse my urethral sound before and after each use using dish soap and alcohol but when I pray with many people, I disinfect my sounding set using a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner after every use.
  4. My advice is not to use the smallest sound in the set because the smaller the sound the higher chances of perforating the wall of the urethra. Urethral play so use the skinniest sound but that can be a risky business. Start with a mid sized one but never force it. I now find the biggest size that I can put into my urethra with very little resistance and no extra stretching feeling. With my Hegar sounds, I mostly start off with a third size up and then if will go up in size if the sensation is not extreme enough. A Hegar set is dual ended, mostly with a 1mm difference between the sides so you can actually increase size 1mm at a time so as not to make a drastic jump in Urethral Play.
  5. Lubricate the first few inches of the urethral play and apply some silicone or medical lubricant on the meatus being very keen to stabilize the sound with my hand, put the end of the sound into the meatus and gently and carefully direct it into the urethra. I ensure that I use very little force if any is required at this point. When it stops going in, I just let it be for a bit paying attention on the sensation and experience. I then try moving it out and in about half an inch. Mostly at this point, if I am not using a silicone lube there is a need of taking out the sound and re-lube it Water based lubes tend to dry up so don’t even bother with them as the water is absorbed into the body through the urethra. This also happens with water based lubes during anal sex so for urethral and anal play do not use water based lubricants.
  6. Once I am used to the sensation of having the sound in my urethra, I have two clear choices either to go a bit deeper or to bump up my size a bit. In either of the way, there is a need to use some force to push it further. This is a bit uncomfortable. Any sharp pain is a warning sign from my body and I always listen as you can do yourself some damage otherwise.
  7. For taking the sound deeper, I have to find the appropriate angle of my penis to my body for the urethral passage to do this easily and to a pain level I enjoy. I always ensure that I don’t force the sound once it hits resistance inside my body to ensure that I don’t enter or damage the bladder. When I use a smaller in length sound that I fully insert into the urethra I feel the end of the sound in m y penis checking how deep the sound goes into my urethra. When the sound vanishes in my penis, I always retrieve it by finding the bottom end along my shaft and then pushing it up.

Differences between penis plugs and urethral sounds:

Basically it is the size. Urethral sounds are designed to fully enter deep into the urethra whilst penis plugs just to the base of the penis. Bearing this in mind there is less chance of injury or infection using penis plugs. Wearing a penis plug helps me get a potent erection and I love wearing them during sex. It seems to me that when I wear a penis plug during sex I perform better and more vigorously and as my cum is restricted at the time of ejaculation my orgasms seem to go longer and hard wearing them. I am not sure if other wearers experience this too but I would rate sex without a penis plug at a 6 out of 10 and with one (and a bit of popper) 10 out of 10. Sometimes I will wear them during the day. I really love the feel of wearing cum thru penis plugs. Urethral toys are very enjoyable when correctly inserted and used.

For people that want to do prostate stimulation, a sounding may be used as a method on its own or in combination with anal penetration to do so. For prostate stimulation, I insert the biggest size sound comfortably beyond the base of my penis in the position that the tip of the sound is about three finger widths below my scrotum. I then softly rock my sound back and forth, forth and back about two inches away from my body and then toward it. This requires experimentation in order to find the ideal degree of movement and the exact placement but will ultimately result in a prostate orgasm which I will share is ten times more intense than a regular orgasms. They literally wipe me and it takes me minutes to recover.

I also have fun and use Penis Plugs as well as Urethral Play. They are generally surgical grade stainless steel that are introduced into the urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. It is advisable to use quality medical grade stainless steel penis plugs to avoid the chance of infections.

Penis plugs gives you a feeling like having an orgasm from the inside out although the feeling is different with each individual doing urethral play.

Penis plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some have lumps and bumps while others have smooth shaft, others are solid whilst some are hollow allowing you to pee and cum through them.

Safety measures when using penis plug:

  1. When selecting penis plugs, I make sure that they have an outside ring to ensure that the penis plug does not slip in and fully insert into the urethra. If a penis plug slips in, in most cases there is a need to visit the doctor to get it out.
  2. I also ensure that the ring is large enough and secure so as not to slip into my urethra together with the plug.
  3. I ensure that that the opening of my penis and the plug are well lubricated.
  4. I make sure I insert the plug when my penis is relaxed NEVER force a penis plug or sound.
  5. I always make sure that the plug or urethral play stimulation toy is clean to ensure there is no infection and ensure it is not scratched to avoid that the inner lining of the urethra is not damaged.
  6. Always inspect the device to ensure it has not be scratched or otherwise damaged. The surface must be clean and smooth. Early in the piece I inserted a penis plug that had a scratch on it. It scratched and tore my urethra causing me to bleed. I went to the hospital and was in pain for a number of weeks. This probably will never happen to you and has never happened to me since but each and every time I inspect my sex toys to ensure they have not been damaged, scratched or otherwise affected that they may cause me injury.

In conclusion, safety is very important when using urethral toys. If done properly, urethral play sounding can be very enjoyable, safe, fun and sexually fulfilling for both you and your lover.. Be safe always and always have fun.