True Beginners Guide to Penis Plugs!

First Time Penis Plug User


Choosing a penis plug  can be a bit daunting the first time but what is even more intimidating is when you take it home and you are ready to use it the first time.  A mixed wave of emotions comes over you as you anticipate in your mind what it is going to feel like that your bodies natural defense gives you phantom sensations.  Do I go through with it or was it just a silly idea?  One dreamed up by some marketer who knows nothing about the urethral joy you want to experience and is only interested in selling you a $30 or $40 piece of metal.

Well let us go a little way to allay those fear and go through a step by step tutorial on how to insert a penis plug that very first time.  First up, a penis plug or wand or medical sound in most cases is a piece of surgical steel that is inserted into the urethra that may, or may not, result in sexual stimulation and play.

Beginners Cock Plug
Choosing a Plug

Lets start off with saying your first attempt should be with a smooth, perhaps slightly tapered plug of no more than 100mm in length.  Do not listen to those that say it should be the slimmest size as this may cause a piercing that will be very painful and may require medical assistance.  A good safe thickness should be 4-8mm to start.  Now, for gods sake, purchase one from a reputable shop – do not look around the house for a knitting needle or screw or something else to insert into your urethra.  Look after your urethra, it is a very sensitive part of the body and if you do the things I am going to divulge to you now, it may also derive you great pleasures.

There are a multitude of different plugs in the market but you do not want to start with a silicone one, or a wavy one, or a dominating sound of over 200mm in length.  Lets keep it simple for the first time.  So we have adequately covered the basics, so lets get into the nitty gritty.

Coming From The Inside Out

You have heard all the wonderful things about cock plugs and the fabled ‘cumming from the inside out’ and your curiosity now has the better of you and it is time for you to experience this ‘holy grail’.  Well settle down a bit mister, a bit more work goes into it than purchasing the first plug you see and stuffing it down your cock that will make you reach your new sexual nirvana.  See perhaps you did not realize this but  those that have experienced this majestic sexual enlightenment are/were not newbies.  They took the time and effort to learn how to carry out their cock-stuffing in a safe and enjoyable manner first, and you must do too.  There are no short-cuts.

To achieve the incredible ‘cumming from the inside out’ you need to possess a hollow or cum thru or pee thru plug.  All three are the same thing but those are the most common names for it.  To cum you have to have a hollow tubed cock plug so that your semen can pass through.  The inside out feeling is created because the flow of semen whilst ejaculated is hindered by the narrow channel and so as you climax a small amount dribbles through the opening and the remaining backs up into your urethral canal.  The more you ejaculate, the more semen goes up your urethra, creating that inside out feeling.

BUT, unfortunately for you newbies it is my humble suggestion that you use a solid plug first.  The solid plug should have a stopper, safe bend or flare at the end to make sure that you do not put the whole thing up your urethra and then have to rush to the medical center to have it removed.  I have a couple of recommendations for beginners plugs but the Ask Men Starter Penis Plug I feel is the perfect starter and you can pick it up for a measly $20AUD.  The link is from adultsmart but you can try and find it online somewhere else if you wish.

Starter Cock Plug
Beginners Penis Plug

This plug is safe, especially for a newbie.  You will notice that the tip is rounded, no sharp edges and the plug is slightly tapered. The end is curved so you will never have a problem with it going all the way in.   The handle gives you greater control for bringing it in and out.  This to me is the perfect training plug as it cannot be inserted to deeply or to shallow.

So you have taken my advice and gone out online or to your local shop and purchased the Ask Men Starter Penis Plug and have unwrapped it, looking it and asking what now?  Don’t worry my friend I am not going to leave you in the lurch.  As promised here goes my step by step guide –


When you receive your product have a look at it, feel it to ensure that it is smooth, there are no irregularities or sharp bits on it.  Trust me you must do this as most penis plugs are hand-made and although it has never happened to me I have heard of someone inserting a penis plug and slicing their urinary tract.  You don’t want to explain that one to the doctor.  This step should be followed each and every time you use a plug (even one you have already used) as it may have dropped and a dint or ridge may also cause damage.



Once you have made sure that the plug is safe to use give it a wash using an antibacterial toy cleaner or placing the plug in boiling water.  This will be going inside you so it is essential to make sure it is sterile.

Say NO to Urinary Tract Infections!


If you placed it in boiling water let it cool down, although many people prefer to slip the penis plug in whilst it is still warm.


Bring out the lubricant.  Many urethral insert enthusiasts carry on about getting a Surgilube, or only use water based lubricant.  These are great lubricants don’t get me wrong but if you like extended play the urethra actually absorbs water so you will be regularly having to re-lube.  I personally use Superslyde which is a silicon lubricant, however many say that using silicon lubricant may cause a UTI.  It has not with me but it may with others, so I will allow you to make your judicious decision on that one.  However, to start with use the water based ones.


This to me is as important for a newbie as step one.  Put on some of your favorite beats, relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts as you put some lube on, and if you can in the eye of your penis.  DO NOT FORCE IT.  If it does not go comfortably…relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts….  Once your are lubed up lube up the insertible shaft of your plug…


Take it slow…. Did you hear me??? SLOWLY!!!! Slowly slide it down the eye of your pee hole.  If you have relaxed enough and you are doing it slowly it should slide in with no resistance and little or no discomfort. If you force it I almost guarantee you will never do it again and you will think that all of us that love this male sex toy play are nuts.  I got news for you, we are not nuts, and you are a chump for not following these steps that will addict you to this fantastic fetish.  I cannot stress this enough, if you experience resistance or it is feeling very uncomfortable STOP and .relax, do some gentle breathing, relax some more, have happy thoughts….

I liken this step is a bit like breaking your virginity and if you do it right the first time you will enjoy it and every time after that will be better and you can begin your urethral explorations.


Now you have inserted the plug into your urogenital canal, sounded professional I did then (pat on back whilst LOL).  You will be feeling aroused but probably have not got a full erection.  Starting very slowly begin to pull the plug out (if you have the Ask Men with the handle) and insert again slowly.  Do this, you can slowly pick up the pace, but being a first time user not too fast – you will have plenty of time to experiment at a later date.  Ensure that you are comfortable and experience no pain – for a novice user I would limit it to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Pleasurable Cock Play
Urethral Joy


Remove the plug, check your pee-hole, if you can, go to the toilet and urinate.  The first time you do some cock-stuffing there may be some spotting in your urine.  This is common so do not stress as long as there is no pain or discomfort.   Clean and sterilize your plug.

Now That Wasn’t So Bad Was It?

Whilst you were stroking the plug inside your urethra you will probably have achieved a full erection.  You would have felt extremely pleasurable and different sensations to normal sex.  After you have urinated you will probably want to jerk off as it has turned you on.  All those things are fine but you must give yourself at least 24 hours before you try more penis plug play – this is for your safety.

The next day you can try 7 minutes, and the next 9.  Slowly work yourself up to the level that you are most comfortable and enjoy the most.  My advice is not to expand your penis plug range for at least a few weeks and more prudently a month.  Then it is time for the fun to begin.

Try the different penis plugs, cock wands, medical sounds until you find the style that best suits you.  You may enjoy masturbating whilst a sound is inside your urethra, or getting a hollow plug with a glans ring that you can cum thru (inside out), some men like to wear them whilst they are having sex and other wear them for extended periods.   This fetish is very adaptable to you and your needs. there are heaps of different penis plugs on the market.  There are solid ones, cum-thru, smooth, corkscrew, tapered, double ended, stepped and more for you to discover.

So there you have it.  Always remember cost is not always everything with these type of intimate products and buy from a reputable store.  Saving yourself $10 or $15 and ending up at the local hospital is no saving at all.

Be safe and be well!







Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena's and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Urethral Sounding Guide

Men in Bed Pleasured

Urethral sounding refers to the deed of inserting a firm item into the urethra a considerable distance . It was originally used in medical procedures to keep the urinary passage open in males with prostate enlargement before the adoption of modern method of prostate-shrinking medication and to clear blockages in a woman’s urethra and bladder. However, urethral sounding now is commonly used by individuals seeking to have sexual fun. Actually, I use it and the experience is awesome. In this article, I will give you a thrilling revelation of what it is, how to use it and the sensation you get.

It is a method of sexual and fetish penetrative play using a totally different hole from the usual. The physical sensation brought by the sound while in the urethra can be exciting and intense. I will try to describe it but nothing in words can exactly describe it. Sounding can be a real mind fuck. It is penetration but in the eye of the male penis which according to many males is intensely related with the real act of sexual penetration but reversed. Some people really enjoy it while others totally hate it. Deep sounding is a nice way of doing prostate stimulation of a kind for which many would not have ever experienced it. It is often used for this as many men are hesitant to stimulate the prostrate with an anal toy as they do not want to feel ‘gay’ or are a top. In this manner the prostrate can be stimulated and even milked without anal play.

For people who like pain in their sex, sounding is ideal for them because it can be done in a manner that is erotically painful particularly by size choices and the way sound is stimulated when it is in place. It is important to not go too far with Urethral play and to be cautious, especially novices as it is common place to get small tears and even a little blood initially. Often the urethra will naturally hold the object you insert, making it difficult and sometimes even painful to get out.

urethral sounding
sound vibrator

Directions of using urethral play sound:

Sounding is a great enjoyable way of playing with the ideas of fuck with gender, penetration and experience hot and new sensations. The technique used for sounding is not difficult although there are some simple steps I follow to make it enjoyable and safer.

Steps to follow for urethral sounding:

  1. Spend some money on a good sounding kit than searching for things in the house that may fit in my urethra. Not only for hygiene but also for safety.
  2. Buy a sterile surgical lubricant.
  3. Buy an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and always clean your sound before and after play. If I don’t have one handy I will clean and rinse my urethral sound before and after each use using dish soap and alcohol but when I pray with many people, I disinfect my sounding set using a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner after every use.
  4. My advice is not to use the smallest sound in the set because the smaller the sound the higher chances of perforating the wall of the urethra. Urethral play so use the skinniest sound but that can be a risky business. Start with a mid sized one but never force it. I now find the biggest size that I can put into my urethra with very little resistance and no extra stretching feeling. With my Hegar sounds, I mostly start off with a third size up and then if will go up in size if the sensation is not extreme enough. A Hegar set is dual ended, mostly with a 1mm difference between the sides so you can actually increase size 1mm at a time so as not to make a drastic jump in Urethral Play.
  5. Lubricate the first few inches of the urethral play and apply some silicone or medical lubricant on the meatus being very keen to stabilize the sound with my hand, put the end of the sound into the meatus and gently and carefully direct it into the urethra. I ensure that I use very little force if any is required at this point. When it stops going in, I just let it be for a bit paying attention on the sensation and experience. I then try moving it out and in about half an inch. Mostly at this point, if I am not using a silicone lube there is a need of taking out the sound and re-lube it Water based lubes tend to dry up so don’t even bother with them as the water is absorbed into the body through the urethra. This also happens with water based lubes during anal sex so for urethral and anal play do not use water based lubricants.
  6. Once I am used to the sensation of having the sound in my urethra, I have two clear choices either to go a bit deeper or to bump up my size a bit. In either of the way, there is a need to use some force to push it further. This is a bit uncomfortable. Any sharp pain is a warning sign from my body and I always listen as you can do yourself some damage otherwise.
  7. For taking the sound deeper, I have to find the appropriate angle of my penis to my body for the urethral passage to do this easily and to a pain level I enjoy. I always ensure that I don’t force the sound once it hits resistance inside my body to ensure that I don’t enter or damage the bladder. When I use a smaller in length sound that I fully insert into the urethra I feel the end of the sound in m y penis checking how deep the sound goes into my urethra. When the sound vanishes in my penis, I always retrieve it by finding the bottom end along my shaft and then pushing it up.

Differences between penis plugs and urethral sounds:

Basically it is the size. Urethral sounds are designed to fully enter deep into the urethra whilst penis plugs just to the base of the penis. Bearing this in mind there is less chance of injury or infection using penis plugs. Wearing a penis plug helps me get a potent erection and I love wearing them during sex. It seems to me that when I wear a penis plug during sex I perform better and more vigorously and as my cum is restricted at the time of ejaculation my orgasms seem to go longer and hard wearing them. I am not sure if other wearers experience this too but I would rate sex without a penis plug at a 6 out of 10 and with one (and a bit of popper) 10 out of 10. Sometimes I will wear them during the day. I really love the feel of wearing cum thru penis plugs. Urethral toys are very enjoyable when correctly inserted and used.

For people that want to do prostate stimulation, a sounding may be used as a method on its own or in combination with anal penetration to do so. For prostate stimulation, I insert the biggest size sound comfortably beyond the base of my penis in the position that the tip of the sound is about three finger widths below my scrotum. I then softly rock my sound back and forth, forth and back about two inches away from my body and then toward it. This requires experimentation in order to find the ideal degree of movement and the exact placement but will ultimately result in a prostate orgasm which I will share is ten times more intense than a regular orgasms. They literally wipe me and it takes me minutes to recover.

I also have fun and use Penis Plugs as well as Urethral Play. They are generally surgical grade stainless steel that are introduced into the urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. It is advisable to use quality medical grade stainless steel penis plugs to avoid the chance of infections.

Penis plugs gives you a feeling like having an orgasm from the inside out although the feeling is different with each individual doing urethral play.

Penis plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some have lumps and bumps while others have smooth shaft, others are solid whilst some are hollow allowing you to pee and cum through them.

Safety measures when using penis plug:

  1. When selecting penis plugs, I make sure that they have an outside ring to ensure that the penis plug does not slip in and fully insert into the urethra. If a penis plug slips in, in most cases there is a need to visit the doctor to get it out.
  2. I also ensure that the ring is large enough and secure so as not to slip into my urethra together with the plug.
  3. I ensure that that the opening of my penis and the plug are well lubricated.
  4. I make sure I insert the plug when my penis is relaxed NEVER force a penis plug or sound.
  5. I always make sure that the plug or urethral play stimulation toy is clean to ensure there is no infection and ensure it is not scratched to avoid that the inner lining of the urethra is not damaged.
  6. Always inspect the device to ensure it has not be scratched or otherwise damaged. The surface must be clean and smooth. Early in the piece I inserted a penis plug that had a scratch on it. It scratched and tore my urethra causing me to bleed. I went to the hospital and was in pain for a number of weeks. This probably will never happen to you and has never happened to me since but each and every time I inspect my sex toys to ensure they have not been damaged, scratched or otherwise affected that they may cause me injury.

In conclusion, safety is very important when using urethral toys. If done properly, urethral play sounding can be very enjoyable, safe, fun and sexually fulfilling for both you and your lover.. Be safe always and always have fun.



Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena's and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Penis Plug Shopping Tips!

Man Holding Laptop

Thousands of men today are seeking new methods and devices to enhance their sex life and performance in bed. They want to spice up things again and amaze their partners in bed. The newest fashion in the adult market and one of the most efficient sex toys is the penis plug. The penis plug may look weird to you at the start and the whole experience may perceived as painful from people that haven’t tried this before. Men who already using penis plugs though will tell you that this is a small device that gives you lots of pleasure and further unique moments of intense orgasm. There are several types of penis plugs that exist in the market, with the most common being made off stainless steel material. There are also different designs and men can choose from different costs. Men can choose open ended designs that will let the fluids like urination and ejaculation exit the device, or the close ended designs that need to be removed before releasing fluids.

penis plug

Penis plugs are made from stainless steel that is used by placing it within the urethral opening of a penis for sexual play and excitement. I have to express that using household items that are found around the house are extremely risky to use for your health. Penis plugs are made from various materials. The most secure and body safe material penis plugs are made from are surgical steel. Penis plugs are used for sexual investigation and men are the biggest buyers of penis plugs.

Penis connects go to a scope of lengths and distances across, so there is one for each penis size. For a fledgling I would prescribe beginning off at a littler insert-able width and climb in size from that point until you locate the size that best works for you. You can get plugs that have a level, straight shaft, or attachments that have a scope of eggs, balls, knots, bumps,and precious stones, every giving you an alternate sensation when embedded. There are also plugs that have a loop on the end to give it that penetrated look, without the fear of being punctured. In recent years there has been the option of vibrators added to a penis plug or urethral sound that even gives more sensations.

To get the ideal penis plug you need to properly measure your penis. Different penis plugs can have different sizes and it will fit on different men. If a penis plug is very small it will injure your penis, so measure the thickness and the length of your penis. I advise you to purchase penis plugs that you can clean easily with simply hot water.

To properly use a penis plug just follow the following directions:

  • Lay some lubricant on top of your penis and some on the plug.
  • Push it slowly inside your urethra.
  • Gently let it fall in by pushing it inside at the same time.
  • When you make sure that the penis plug is fully inside, start masturbating.
  • Relax and enjoy the whole experience.

If this is your first time using one, get a novice penis plug. You can choose among those penis plugs that are 2 inch width and 5 inch long or you can go for bigger and more complicated designs. The culminating idea is to also get an open ended penis plug that will let you release fluids without requiring removal of the penis plug. It is important to clean your penis plug each time before and after using it. Ensure that you use it for a short amount of time because long use can cause an injury to your urethra. Be responsible and careful and handle with care.

Always buy your urethral toys from a reputable seller that sells a variety of penis plugs in various designs and styles. Each man will find the ideal penis plug but safety is more important than budget. Penis plugs are not a frightening thought or a taboo anymore. Penis plugs have been transformed into a normal sex toy and will offer pleasure to any man that selects it. Get your penis plug today and start experiencing pleasure.


Andrew is right into the Fet Lifestyle and enjoys BDSM. He has written about these subjects in many arena's and is an expert at Shibari. He shares his knowledge by working with Adultsmart a sex toy store. Enjoy the descriptive and educational articles he has written.

Penis Plugs vs Urethral Sounds

Power Exchange xl Vibrating Sound Sex Toy Image

Penis plugs are generally made from medical grade surgical steel and are used to increase sensations in the urethral tract of men.  This sensation often results in an erection and even ejaculation and due to the constriction of the plug will often increase the length of time the ejaculation takes.  Many people describe the effect as that of pleasurable pain and is a popular tool for those into bondage, fetish, S&M and water sports.


man with beard thinking

A huge variety of penis plugs exist including vibrating ones, tapered ones, ones with ridges, curved ones and also those designed specifically for people with penis piercings like the prince albert piercing.  Most users of penis plugs enjoy cum thru plugs that allow you to urinate and ejaculate easily whilst wearing them – allowing the wearer to have them on all day. It is important to remember that a penis plug has to be sterile before use and cleaned after use.  Also ensure that when removed the wearer urinates to clean out the urethra.  Penis plugs range in sizes but generally will be no more than 12cm and are not designed nor do they reach the bladder and rarely do wearers contract a urinary tract infection (UFT).

Keep It Clean

Urethral sounds are medical probes that are designed to stretch the wall of the urethra and remove any obstacles from it.  Sounds are designed to reach the bladder and once a sound enters the bladder when it is removed usually urination will immediately follow.  As the sounds reach deep inside there is always a chance that a Urinary Tract Infection can be contracted so it is important to use in a sterile environment. A popular type of sex play is urethral play where the sound is inserted deep inside to the bladder via the urethral track.  The sound is then manipulated to cause erotic sensations, many times described as being painful but pleasurable.    Sounds are also used to expand the urethral to allow for genital piercings. Recently sounds have included variation’s of vibrating and ringing to increase sensations whilst using.It is important to use sounds carefully as misuse can cause tearing, irritation, bleeding.  Poor quality steel can also be a cause of UFTs and untreated UFTs can cause bladder and kidney infections so always buy from a specialist store.

The sensations experienced using urethral inserts can be outstanding and like nothing else experienced before.  When used correctly and the player is totally relaxed, the orgasms that can be achieved are simply stunning.  There is a growing number of men using them and incorporating them in their masturbatory play.  When inserted and the penis is stroked awesome sensations are experienced on the inside and exterior of the dick.

Take your sex play to a whole new level but remember take it slowly.  It takes time to get just the right touch – so practice makes perfect.  Those that experience urethral joy often will then challenge themselves with urethral dilating which is the use of longer and wider sounds that expand the urethral opening.  There are no hard and fast rules but be warned this type of play can become addictive and caution should be practiced so as not to end up in the ward of an emergency room.

There are so many choices of plugs, sounds, wands and of different materials.  Always purchase a high quality device as it is going into the most sensitive parts of your body.  Don’t skimp on a few dollars and buy on aliexpress or some other Chinese site, choose a reputable online store that offers customer service and more importantly piece of mind.

Penis plugs vs urethral sounds similarities and differences:

  • Both are utilized as a part of urethral play
  • Both are embedded into the tip of the penis
  • Both can improve sexual joy
  • A penis fitting is intended to be worn amid sex and masturbation exercises, sort of like adornments. Some are solid, and some are hollow, to permit pee and semen to go through.
  • Penis plugs are typically shorter and in some cases have a glans ring so that they can be worn whilst going out
  • Sounds are fundamentally longer (at least 100mm) and are generally smooth.  Some exceptions like the dominator series are ribbed but generally the length and width determines the sound.
  • Sounds can be moved in and out while masturbating. Sort of like kneading within the penis. Using tender strokes will bring orgasms quickly.
  • Some penis plugs can be worn whilst having sex.


PJ Weir was employed at the Gay Exchange for over a decade and was a regular contributor to the blog. He is a gay activist and an advocate for same sex marriage. PJ is proud of his aboriginal descent and has remained in a long term relationship with his partner Darren. PJ left work in late 2014 as his mother fell ill. He has moved to Queensland where he has become her full time carer. Unfortunately the iconic Gay Exchange, Sydney's first all gay adult store closed down in June of 2017 as the building was taken over by the State Transit Authority to build the new rail.