Why Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs?

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Long gone are the days when the use of sex toys were something to be hidden or ashamed about. With our progressive society both online and in real life there is so much information out there that things that were once considered taboo or at the very least risqué are now commonly accepted.  Societies attitude has almost become as long as not one gets hurt and it is not a crime then it is acceptable.  There is nothing that beats a good pleasurable sexual experience and previous boundaries of how or where you could get those pleasures have been taken down. Arousal often leads to a climax of sexual activity for me and ever since I started using Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs, I have been able to explore new heights of sexual sensations and fulfillment. I was skeptical at first because I had used many types of sex toys before that had disappointed me, but once I got into urethral play all those things changed.  Finally, I had found a sexual activity that brought me to ultimate relief whether being used by myself or with my wife.

Hells Couture is the leading brand of Surgical Steel Sex Toys and BDSM products.  The company has nothing but the highest regards to product quality and materials used and I can safely purchase their products knowing that they have gone through a thorough Quality Control process. Their wide selection of penis plugs is astounding and I have yet to find a supplier with as much choice that has ensured that I got exactly what I wanted each and every time. Unlike many low quality cock plugs out there that are made using third grade materials, Hell Couture Plugs are made out of certified surgical steel material. This means that will not react harmfully to your body as let’s face it is something you are going to put into one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Regardless of the kind of fetish fantasy if you are into surgical steel sex toys Hell’s Couture products are the ones to own.  You know my fetish is urethral play unlike ordinary cock toys, the penis plug gives me intense sensations as the nerve endings in the urethra are extremely sensitive. The plugs also give the holder an undefined feeling of control of how much or how little you wish to push the urethra and to me that is very exciting. Penis plugs from Hells Couture finishes are incredibly smooth and instantly heighten my pleasure.  I love trying different plugs, on some occasions pushing how far I am going to dilate my urethra giving me a totally full feeling.

Inserting and removing the penis plug slowly in and out of my urethra will bring me to orgasm and then I choose whether to leave the plug in which causes a backlog of semen when I am coming as it attempts to spurt around the plug.  This sensation is often described as

‘cuming inside out’

and is a unique experience that only those that have used plugs will ever feel.  Other times I bring myself to climax and remove the plug at the moment of orgasm that has the effect of increasing the volume and waves of cum.

Finally, when I am lucky enough that my wife plays as well I will have sex with her with the plug inserted in my penis.  When I do this I choose to use a cum through plug with a very secure glans ring.  I tend to last longer when having sex and when I do finally orgasm my cum shoots through that tiny hole in the plug that does not dilate so even after having completed orgasming my semen still escapes through the tip of the plug.  Both my wife and I find this extremely horny to watch. If you have never used penis plugs before I suggest that you visit penisplugs.net.au to read all the tips on safe penis plug use.  I highly recommend this site and have learnt so much more about penis plugs and how to use them from this free resource site.

Prince Albert Penis Plug With Ball Hells Couture
Sex Toy: Prince Albert Penis Plug With Ball


Granted, there are many penis plugs that give us many sexual experience options. However, Hell’s Couture Plugs stands out. They have unique designs that makes it suitable for people with many different penis sizes and shapes to choose the right plug for them. They also come with different urethral designs, giving everyone something to choose from from their literally hundreds of different choices. I specifically found the plugs charming because they are sturdy, sterile but equally make for a perfect fit.

The plugs also stay in place no matter how much I move when I use a glans ring. Of course, plugs with stoppers gives a great feeling of control and enjoyment. The Hell’s Couture Penis Plug with stopper is also safer as it ensures that the plugs do not go deeper than intended. Honestly, this penis plug has been perfectly designed for my body type however you may not need or want a stopper. Even though there are many designs out there, it is important to go with a penis plug that will meet all your needs and wants; just like this one can for me.

Hell’s Couture Penis Plug allows progression. When I was a beginner, the smaller diameter plugs served me well. Overtime, I progressed into the large couture plugs. Initially, they allow for slow use and as long as you do not tense up effortlessly slide into the urethra. Hell’s Couture Penis Plugs gives an easy and unique experience when it comes to sexual stimulation. They are also easy to clean and sanitize and even easier to use.  Personally after use I pop them into the dishwasher.

I found the plugs to be perfect for use with my wife as they make sliding them in and out a fun experience and I relinquish control to her loving and caring hands. It is always better to instruct your partner on how you want the plug to be positioned in order to be absolutely comfortable and you must have total trust in that person. The Hell’s Couture Penis Plug inserts naturally and my muscles rarely fight it. However, a lubricant also makes the insertion process easier. Even though the penis plug perfectly suits me because I am sexually adventurous, anyone who is shy can also try it on their own. It lets you explore and tap into that unknown sexual side and push the boundaries of both your sexual and emotional life. In comparison to other penis plug brands that I have previously used, Hell’s Couture is by far the highest quality with the best range.

Hell’s Couture is known for the best S&M and surgical steel sex toys.

Just like I did before; you may think that using penis plugs is unorthodox, or not the norm but in reality, it’s the best way to understand yourself sexually and you will not believe the amount of men that have tried them. You don’t have to be alarmed when using Hell’s couture plugs and each user experience may differ from person to person but the one thing everyone experiences with this plug is utmost pleasure and sensations. For me, it leaves nothing to be desired and is my ultimate sexual choice.



5 Question You MUST Ask Before Buying A Penis Plug!

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I have personally come across quite a number of good penis plugs, and during all this time, I have come to learn how to differentiate the good from the bad. Plus, my not-so-good experiences with a good number of bad penis plug in the past have all forced me to be very careful with the choices I make today. Now, for an adult industry that has continued grow and to see a multitude of different kinds of penis plugs being introduced, if it is your first time shopping for one how do you know which one is right for you?  How do you differentiate from the good, the bad and the ugly?

What is A Penis Plug?

First things first; before I give you my tips on how to choose the best penis plug, it will make sense if we first know what this thing is. A penis plug is an object that is inserted into the urethra. Although it is named a penis plug it may also be inserted into the urethra of a woman as well. The most popular are surgical stainless steel plugs, wands or sounds that are normally inserted into the urethra just for pure erotic purposes. It is something anyone can try and most people find them unbelievably erotic and most men and women get turned on with urethral play as the nerve endings in the urethra are super sensitive and when used correctly can achieve ultimate orgasms. When used incorrectly can be a very painful an dangerous experience.

How Do I Choose A Penis Plug?

Truth be told, for most sex toy shoppers, choosing the correct penis plug is one of the most stressing and difficult things on the whole journey to urethral joy. Penis plugs sex toys that are generally not spoken about, they remain shrouded with mystery with very less public opinion and personal discussions to rely on; singling out the best from the crowded market can be quite confusing. Well, if you are having trouble choosing the correct penis plus for your own use, here are my handy tips on how to choose the best. I use them every time I go out shopping for these items and so far have always gotten what I wanted.

Sex Toy: Vavoomsta Vibrating Uretheral Sound

What is it that you real want?

Although, finding a good penis plug depends on a number of factors, my preference and my body are some of the first things I take into great consideration before anything else. On any given day, before I fork out my money for a cock plug, I first make sure it has been made to professional standards and using high quality materials – my preference being surgical steel. Most Chinese products are made using steel with an alloy coating which over time becomes dangerous as shards or aluminum come loose and can dislodge and pierce the urethra. If this happens it will be a trip to the emergency room so each time you use a urethral plug check its condition for any bumps or shards that may or will cause injury.

I purchase Hells Couture branded Penis plugs as most are certified surgical steel and have randomly selected products and had lab test to ensure the material authenticity.

If you are just getting started with these urethra sex toy items, I suggest you stick to the so-called beginner models, or starter penis plugs. When I first tried my hands on these products, I first went for a beginner model and I was happy with all I could to do with them and you also should do the same testing your urethra, what feels good and what doesn’t – and determining how much you enjoy dilating it. They have been specifically designed for men or women who wish to try a urethral plug for the first time.

What width and length is right for you?

When it comes to width that is really a personal preference and I cannot guess what is right for you without discussing it with you. However, with the kind of experiences I have had with urethral play and my urethral journey the top any penis should comfortably accommodate 10mm in width; but as you go further down things get a little bit narrower. The best bet is to actually start with a small (6-8mm) and see how things work out for you. I have tried this initially and it worked out quite well for me. My tip though is to ensure that the end of these ‘thinner plugs’ is a bit bulbous as novice users have a tendency to rush or force and may run the risk of ‘piercing’ the urethra with more pointed plugs. As you progress in your plug journey most users will use nothing less than 10mm plugs.

Width in my opinion is more important than length and I have come to realize that is highly individual. For example, an average man’s urethra canal is very narrow measuring a mere 2-4mm; however, while this can be stretched/dilated, it is important that it is not over stretched. A good number of beginners’ penis plugs are extremely thin; around 6mm, which for me is a good size for people who are not used to this kind of stimulation. When it comes to the length, although that will largely depend on how you are endowed down there, I found starting with something around 8cm is a good point to start with. At the end, when it comes to the size and length of your penis plug, it is important for people to know that often a smaller penis requires a shorter plug and the first measure you need to take into consideration is the length of your penis.

At the end, when it comes to the size and length of your penis plug, it is important for people to know that often a smaller penis requires a shorter plug and the first measure you need to take into consideration is the length of your penis. It is important.

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What kinds of features should I look out for?

The kind of features my plug comes with are other things I always pay very close attention to. Most beginner’s penis plug models are small and normally come with no fancy additions like textured exteriors or a sharp tip; with this, you will be able to insert without feeling any pain. However, as you become more experienced and know how to play with these plugs you can then switch to those unique and more extreme styles. Regular penis plug users will find the threshold between pleasure and pain delicious and push boundaries to be at that precipice that will achieve ultimate orgasm and pleasure. It does not even stop there though; it is very important to note that, at times, it is very difficult to keep a plug in place and I now always go for a penis plug that comes with a slightly enlarged end – called a stopper, or ring so it cannot slip inside the penis – called a glans ring. For real, it cannot get better than that when you are able to wear a plug whilst walking around in public.

As a novice or beginner your plug should be pretty basic and the only feature that you may wish to try is a tapered on. Once you get the desire to experiment with penis plugs the boundaries are limitless and you can experiment with ridged, undulating, waves, vibrating, silicone, flexible, buddy plugs and more. My personal preference are waved penis plugs as each cm of my urethra is being subjected to a different sensation as I slowly insert it in and out of my urethra.

Safety Using Penis Plugs

Last but not least, you must ensure that you play safe when using penis plugs. When it comes to how safe your penis plugs is, just like any other sexual toy out there, your safety is of paramount importance and must be taken into account at all times; I never take any chances. For example, when I am out there buying this item whether for my own use of for a friend, I first make sure it is made of high quality and safe materials – my preference being surgical steel. It must be safe for insertion into the body. I wouldn’t want something that will come and leave me with an avalanche of health problems and injuries for the sake of a few minutes of enjoyment. Settle for nothing but the very best safe products – again my preference is hells couture plugs.

If you are a beginner. Repeat this mantra over and over 100 times before you have your first session.


Each time you are going to use your plug make sure it has been sterilized – this can be done by placing it in boiling water or using a sex toy cleaner that is antibacterial. You do not want a yeast infection down there. When inserting it ensure it is lubricated. A personal tip here – the urethra like the anus ‘suck up’ water based lubricants and quickly become dry and then not become an erotic experience but a painful one. So I use a silicone lubricant called Superslyde that covers the urethra with a silicone film that will not dry up and be lubricated for as long as you want to play.

However for me personally prior to applying the Superslyde I use a great antibacterial water based lubricant called Surgilube that I liberally apply to a plug and then insert it – as an experience user I use a starter plug to insert the Surgilube – this allows the urethra to be covered with basically an antiseptic which is ‘sucked’ into the urethral wall. I allow a few minutes for this to happen and then apply the Superslyde to my plug of choice for that session. This has held me in good stead and I have never had an injury of infection doing it this way.

Some plug users use numbing agents during penis plug play. I cannot stress to you how personally I feel this is extremely dangerous. The whole aim of penis plug play is to enjoy the intense sensations created by urethral play. Numbing it takes away the whole aim and from a safety perspective if will not allow you to feel pain if something is going wrong either with the plug or your use. To me it just is opening Pandora’s box regarding injury and more.

At the end, it is important to note that it might take some time to find that perfect penis plug for your needs. So if you are still in doubt, I suggest you start with the smallest and thinnest plug without a pointy end and you can find and work your way up from there. My own experience; it is always better to have a plug that is a bit too small than too large a one. Besides, I always tell people that before making any choice, it will make sense if they can talk to some of their close friends who have tried them before. The more you know about their use the more comfortable you will be trying them and enjoying urethral experiences.

5 Essential Steps To Insert A Penis Plug Safely!

Male Penis Cloth

A penis plug is a popular sex tool used for arousal, sexual experimentation and pleasure. They liven up many men’s sexual experiences. The penis plug is usually used for urethral play. It usually makes the penile organ more responsive and sensitive while making erections stronger. It heightens and intensifies the feeling associated with an orgasm. A basic penis plug is a smooth plug constructed out of metal or silicone and is inserted into the urethra. There are various slight design variations available in the market, and they may have a glans ring to keep the plug in place or may be textured. Other penis plugs have a central hole in order to allow sperm and urine to pass through.

Surgilube For Penis Plugs
Sex Product: Penis Plug Surgilube


Steps to insert a Penis Plug Safely:

1  In case you are a novice and new to the penile plug experience, make sure you identify the best plug that will suit you. I would advise you to consider the round, tapered variety in order to prepare the usually sensitive urethra for a gentle stretch as the plug slides in. The most common metallic material for penis plugs is stainless steel or aluminum. Silicone penis plugs are also available. Check out the various plug designs for safety. Some plugs have balls or discs and this prevents the plug from being inserted too far into the urethra. Penis plugs usually have a glans ring to keep it in place. This is because the urethral muscles will be constantly trying to expel the penis ring.

2  I highly recommend that before inserting the penile plug into your urethra, it is imperative that you ensure that the plug is completely sterile. This is to avoid the very likely possibility of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in case of using a plug that is not properly sterilized. Stainless steel and aluminum penis plugs are safe to boil and should be left to stand in boiling water for about 10 minutes before use. When handling the penis plug prior to use, it is important to have clean hands or use surgical gloves to avoid contaminating the plug. I would advise you to rub of the penis plug with pure alcohol and use a high quality antibacterial to eliminate any chances of even the slightest bacterial count on the plug.

3  I strongly recommend the judicial use of a sterile lubricant to the eye of your penis and the first few inches of the penis plug. I recommend the use of sterile lubricants like Surgilube, which is water based and Very Deep Urethral Lubricant. The water base actually facilitates easier insertion of the penis plug. You may also try out silicone lubricants such as Super Slyde Silicone Lubricant. Never use saliva as a lubricant as this may introduce bacteria and may cause Urinary Tract Infections.

4  Before inserting the penis plug it is important to note that your penis should be flaccid and not erect. After applying enough lubricant on the penis plug and the urethra, gently and slowly insert the penis plug safely through the eye of your penis. In case you encounter any resistance, you should stop the procedure until your urethra relaxes then you can proceed with the insertion. Do not force the penis plug in as this may damage the wall of your otherwise sensitive urethra. I would advise novices and first timers to take their time to learn and discover what works best for them.

5  At this point with the penis plug safely in place, you may begin to experience arousing stimulation. I would advise you to move the plug in and out in order to intensify the sensations. At this juncture, your penis will become erect and the experience is actually akin to masturbation. The experience will be heightened if your mind state is relaxed. In case the penis plug is solid throughout and does not have a hole, I strongly advise you to remove the penis plug safely before ejaculation to avoid embarrassing medical interventions or retrograde ejaculations. After much experimenting and use, you may soon realize wearing the penis plug during sexual intercourse will create a harder erection and restrict ejaculation. This has the gratifying effect of making your cum longer and stronger.


Own Your Own Hubble Urethral Scope!

Hubble Urethral Insert

When it comes to adult pleasure, there are plenty of sensations that come at different levels depending on what you use and how you like it. The secret towards experiencing such type of pleasure is through exploring new world of pleasure and pain. This will enable you to discover feelings that you never knew existed before. Hubble Urethral Scope is one tool or idea that will make you find your way into forbidden zones and this are some sensation that you have never experienced before. I first discovered Urethral play as the ideal way of satisfying my sexual function, which I believe is a significant quality of life subject and a human right to every human being who enjoy the ideas of penetration.

For a bit of background, I could not get the idea when urethral play was mentioned, but I knew that it was something that I could try. I could only associate the idea of inserting objects into the urethra, or the bladder with people into medical scenes. This explains why I first found it gross and dangerous not to mention a taboo. However, this did not prevent me from trying it since I knew it might not be what I thought it was. Moreover, if it was something that other people are used to then there must be a great deal of pleasure too. This is when I decided that I was going to use and experience what other users experience though with a lot of caution.

At the beginning, I found the penis plug very enjoyable though I could not embrace it fully due to the unknown fear of what it could lead to. I started by getting the right equipment and sliding the long smooth Hubble Urethral Scope into my penis. It really felt good and the scene of my penis accommodating to some degree something so taboo was arousing not to mention exploring my inner being. Feeling and seeing my long penis becoming so full was enough to make me want more of it inside.

Having said that, it all went down well and it became one of my favorite toys since I could easily incorporate it into all manner of play. Given that I was looking for more exciting sexual experiences, the Hubble Urethral Scope is exactly what I wanted to use and this time I just could not take less of the experience. Having belonged to the first group of men who did not know of its existence, the truth is that the very idea of using it was enough to get me sexual stimulation not to mention that it tested my sexual barriers.


Hubble Urethral Scope Penis Plug
Sex Toy: Hubble Urethral Scope Penis Plug


Inserting something into the urethra in this case, the Hubble Urethral Scope, is all about the feelings of stretching the urethra and the sensations within the inside layer of the penis since it is a very sensitive and tantalizing area of your body. If you love more existing sex then you will find the insertion of Hubble Urethral Scope the best method of achieving sexual gratification although it is relatively under-discussed.

In urethral play, there are different types of instrument designed differently. In this case, as a first timer I found Hubble Urethral Scope is designed perfectly for the novice. The slender design made it easy to insert while the ring base prevented over insertion. On the other hand, the design is made to heighten the erection while at the same time it helps in imitating the look of a pierced penis. It was amazing to see that the penis plug made the erection stronger as well as intensified the orgasm. The central hole was ideal for the free passage of urine and sperm. I would say that the product is well crafted to allow safe urethral play. The curves and texture are well suited to the male organ features or the male anatomy, thus allowing smooth, safe insertion that will lead to safe lay. With the knowledge and experience I have after using this lug for two years now, I have never experienced anything wrong or infection thanks to its four side balls and the quality of material used to make it.

The idea behind exploring urethral penetration is extremely pleasurable not forgetting the need for safe practice. To conclude, it is safe and it is upon you to ensure you see the right lubricant that works for you and always keep everything clean.  The Hubble Urethral Scope worked for me and I suppose it may work for you too!


Safe And Sound Catheter Play

Medical Fetish

Urethral play is a sexual based form of play that includes inserting objects into the urethra. Now and again the play may involve a catheter approach leading all the way to the bladder. Many times this form of sexual fetish will incorporate medical role playing, even including dressing up as say a doctor or urologist conducting their examinations.  Urethral inserts are also used in BDSM gear and incorporated with cock cages and chastity devices.

The urethra is a very sensitive canal filled with tens of thousands of nerve endings and the stimulation of it, often whilst having proper medical examinations can cause orgasms for both men and women.  Each urethral experience is different and mentally, the ability to choose and go through with inserting something into your urethra is a psychologically empowering experience.  For the majority though, they will never bring themselves to try it and therefore will never experience the joy of a uretrhal orgasm.

I discovered the joys of cock-stuffing many years ago and so wish to impart my limited wisdom to those that wish to learn how to play safely with sounds and catheters.


Image Catheter
Catheter Play


In urethral play, you for the most part have three sorts of instruments that you can use

a sound, dilator or a catheter.

Medical sounds are intended for probing a woman’s uterus through the cervix, to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus.   In urethral play these sounds are used in both male and female urethral canals to stimulate the passage.  Many men also masturbate with the sound in or stimulate their P-Spot with it.  Penis Plugs and penis wands are basically variations of the sound concept being smaller in size and of varying shapes

In medicine, a catheter is a thin tube made from medical grade materials serving a broad range of functions. Catheters are medical devices that can be inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform a surgical procedure. By modifying the material or adjusting the way catheters are manufactured, it is possible to tailor catheters for cardiovascular, urological, gastrointestinal, neurovascular, and ophthalmic applications.  In urethral play the catheter is pushed to the bladder to allow it to empty.  This is done by a bulb that will force the urine out or into a bag when the person voluntarily releases their urine through the catheter.

Dilators are primarily used to open and dilate the cervix to gain access to the uterine cavity, but can also be used as sounds.  In urethral play they are used to stretch and enlarge the urethral opening.  Sexual joy is achieved as the opening becomes larger and this practice is often referred to as cock stuffing.


8 Rules to Safer Sound & Catheter Play:

1  Do not use sedatives, numbing creams or medications that may lessen any sensations when you are doing any type of sound or catheter play. Numbing sprays and creams are even more dangerous as it won’t permit you feel when something is not going right or if something is hurting your body. If you can’t feel you won’t be able to know how your play is going both in a good way or bad way.

2  Use water-based sterile lubricant to support the insertion of the sound or catheter. Use a lubricant which is specifically made for this type of play that will prevent infections. Don’t use lubricants that contains nonoxynol-9, enhanced or flavored lubricant’s. Any type of lubricant which contains unnecessary added ingredients will disturb the urethra and can cause irritation and infection.

3  Be certain all equipment that you use is clean and sterile. You are going to put these things inside your urethra, not the bladder.  However  if you are going to use a catheter that will touch the bladder ensure that this is doubly and completely sterile.

4  Encourage your body is urinate after you’ve finished with your play, this will help to clean out any any bacteria, remaining lubricant or other deposits naturally.  Urinating after urethral play is more important than a lot of people think.

5  Should you feel irritation, itchiness or anything else after urethral play go see a doctor immediately.  It is better to go on a course of antibiotics than end up in hospital with a bladder infection.

6 If you are intending to include urethral inserts in your bdsm play make sure that you trust totally the person that you will be role playing with.  Do not allow someone you do not trust to put a sound or catheter in your body.

7  Never add anything into your bladder.  The catheter and sound will allow you to expel urine but never add anything into it.

8  Never share your urethral toys with another person and if you do ensure that you thoroughly clean and sterilize between uses.


Follow these tips for safer sound & catheter play.