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Penis Pumps and Extenders

Penis size is a big problem for many men today. Many men remember being teased in the locker rooms at school because of the size of their penis. Despite of what people say that ‘penis size doesn’t matter‘, we men know this is not the case that indeed size is important. For many of us, sexual relations with women fail because we are; anxious of not being able to rise to the occasion or pleasure our partner, and; our partner laughing at the sight of our small penis. Even though one’s own perception of your own penis is different to the other person’s idea some may say that a big penis is truly a symbol of masculinity and something more attractive to the eye.

Penis Growth Tips
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Penis enlargement has always been shrouded in an enigma to those who have not been initiated to this ailment.  Natural penis enlargement was never an option because many had believed that it was impossible. Surgeries too, most experts say, offer a 67% statistic of people who have gone under the knife only to emerge dissatisfied with the results.   And since penile surgeries in the US or even in Europe can cost thousands of Dollars, alternative products are always welcome.

This niche has been captured by natural products that are truly afforable to the T!  So while other options slowly exhaust themselves out with non-performance and bad disasters, men have started trusting the natural sex toy haven where their manhood is safe! There have been a variety of different enlargement methods dating back to the medieval years. The method of attaching weights to the penis was commonly used to improve their sexual stamina and improve their performance. So as you can see, penis enlargement methods have been used for a long time and are not something new.

If you have been online and have a general know-how of going around the Internet, you will know of penis extension and natural penis enlargers. These products, supposed to be taboo to society and a generic shame to men who opt for the same, have outgrown such primitive mindsets and have become immensely popular online. While experts have called for penis stretchers to be used in the same breath as penile surgeries while talking about improving the length and girth of one’s manhood, in reality, the former have come even further as far as success and demand is concerned!

The choice depends upon you and you can choose any of these best penis enlargement methods according to your comfort level. Penis enlargement pills are good for you in case you are looking for sheer discreetness. You can even find sleek penile extenders nowadays. These can be easily worn in your pants without anyone having the slightest of idea that you are wearing them.

Penis enlargers are completely natural and do not offer complimentary drugs or boosters to enhance your length or girth. This means that everything you do to help increase your junk size is in your hands and in your control, unlike pills and other such substances. For instance, if you think a particular penis enlarger is being used for too long and is causing bruises or pain, you can relax the hours you need to wear it and so on and so forth!

The main advantage is the complete absence of physical or emotional damage. While a penile surgery may cause emotional distress that can be traced back to loans taken to fund the surgery, natural penis enlargers for penis extension are devoid of such unnecessary trouble. Penis stretchers also make sure that your budget is minimal and results are top-notch. The penis enlargement products include:

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a simple device that was invented in the 70’s. A penis pump is a cylinder for the penis and includes a handle to push out air, creating a vacuum. The vacuum makes blood to run into the penis which results in an erection. A constriction ring is then worn around the base of the penis allowing the erectile state to be maintained by keeping the blood in the penis. Unlike penile extenders, these pumps exert different amount of pressure on every part of the penis and lead to an overall increase in the blood flow of the penile tissues. But one has to be very careful with these pumps as any type of mishandling can lead to serious damage to your slender tissues and ligaments of your penis if you don’t follow the instructions included with the sex toy. Some penis enlargement devices are FDA approved and clinically tested to work.

Penis Traction

Penis traction is the most recent system known worldwide. It is preferable over the risky penile surgery and ineffective pills. Traction is where carefully controlled pressure is put to use on a body part to help to mend after a surgery or an injury. It means stressing the tissues by stretching and then allowing the body to rebuild itself naturally. The stretching opens up room for more cells, which triggers the growth in the body. In our case of penis enlargement, a penis traction device is put into use and the device applies the stretching force. As the penis lengthens, the controlled stretching pressure begins the healing and growth response of the penis. This growth causes millions of new cells to grow resulting in enlargement of length and width.

Penis Extenders

Most of the people prefer penile extenders as the best penis enlargement method because of the quick results these devices can provide. Most of these penile extenders are designed with two rods and you can adjust them with the help of screws. There are grips provided with the rod which acts like a comfortable straps holding the organ firmly without exerting any pressure on the head or base of the penis.  Your manhood is subjected to some amount of pressure so that the penile tissues are stretched out mechanically for improving the blood flow in these tissues. This overall process leads to a better flow of blood throughout the organs. If you are searching for a good way of enlarging your penis in a safe method, you should choose to go for a penis extender. Not only can you accomplish attain hard rocking erections but you can also experience a gain in size of up to 2 inches in length  and 2 inches in width. You can now feel comfortable and self confident because women will be satisfied with your size and your performance in the bedroom. Now you can enjoy the sex life you always wanted.

We hope to have helped you choose between the top penis enlargement and extension devices.

Penis Enlargement Methods You Thought You Knew!

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Do you feel bad about your sexual performance?

Sexual performance is directly related to a man’s talent and potential.  Ever since man realized that the penis size can be increased, he has never rested. Many quality penis enlargement products have been designed. However, not all guarantee tangible results. In fact, it will be accurate to say that 80% of the hyped methods don’t work. People have been swindled thousands of dollars by falling for ineffective devices and trying out inaccurate methods, as well as become trapped when surgeries were botched. People have taken advantage of the soaring demand and are out to reap from the unsuspecting men suffering from size challenges. Don’t be a victim; the following are the highly recommended methods for a longer and thicker penis.

Penis Enlargement
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There is a raving argument on the significance of size when it comes to female sexual satisfaction. The fact remains that size matters and women tend to be turned on by loaded men as opposed to those with tiny penises. To the unlucky fellows with very small penises, not all lost because you can attain a penis size to be proud of with one of the many available penis extension methods.

One of the earliest methods to be used to enlarge penis sizes is the use of penis pumps. They have been in existence for years and today are considered among the very best because they are backed by an in-depth understanding of the male anatomy. A pump creates a vacuum on the penis and the areas they cover, a factor that opens up the penis tissues for more blood flow. Actually, they exceed the normal, which stretches them and therefore if done consistently, might result in permanent penis growth.

Considered one of the guaranteed and foolproof methods, penis enlargement surgery, also called phalloplasty is increasingly becoming popular. This is usually realized by severing the suspensory ligament that connects the pubic bone to the penis and reattaching it a bit further out from the body for some gain in length. To increase the girth, some fat is suctioned from a fatty body part and pumping it on the penis. You don’t need to be reminded that you have to watch out lest you end up with a detached penis, a huge bill to foot and permanent impotence if you ever trust a quack with this. So many people are after money and you have to be careful whom you trust to elongate your penis.

In a simple way, the clients share the outstanding knowledge and report with each others. Don’t be worried about the quality of the products. Almost all the products for the penis accrual and improvement are certified and of high quality. Using the certified methods recommended, you reduce your risk of experiencing any health problems. Don’t bail your penis with unknown lines and materials. The penis is the most marvelous citation of the body and must be handled accordingly with extreme care. Use the recommendations and be grateful that you will gain a muscular penis.

What’s a normal penis and what’s not?

You might perceive that your penis is too small for you or to satisfy your partner during sex. But a number of studies have shown that most men who think their penises are too small actually have normal penises. Several studies suggest that a “normal” penis size is characterized by the following: About 3 and 5 inches when flaccid, and between 5 and 7 inches when erect. A penis is considered abnormally small only if it measures less than 3 inches when erect.

How your partner views your penis size:

The perception is that your partner cares deeply about your penis size. The issue of attraction is complex, but numerous studies suggest that penis size is not in the priorities for women and the main priority is a man’s personality. Keep in mind that understanding your partner’s needs and desires is more likely to improve your sexual relationship than trying to change the size of your penis.

Don’t believe what you hear

Companies offer many different nonsurgical penis enlargement treatments, and often promote them with serious gains. But if you look closely, you’ll see that claims of safety and effectiveness haven’t been proved. On close inspection of so-called sexual enlargement supplements, you may notice a sentence such as, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Indeed, and manufacturers don’t have to provide evidence to the FDA of safety or effectiveness before putting dietary supplements on the market.

You might also want to use some of the easily available penis extension pills that have also been around for sometimes. The concept is almost similar to that of the pump as they channel more blood to the penis. Forget about millions of supplements that promise to help you realize up to 30% growth in size or even more within a week or two. Such products are only after your cash and there is nothing that they can attain, save your money. If you find the right pill, just stick to the listed prescription because failure might be detrimental as well. These usually contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones that claim to enlarge the penis. None of these products has been proved to work, and some may be harmful. Here are some of the bestselling penis enlargement methods:

Penis pumps

You are advised to buy the best penis pumps to enhance your sexual performance. The performance in this basis depends on your confidence and pressure. Therefore, you are required to do more than concentrate and perform.  However if you are interested to pump up the size of your penis and solve the problems of your performance once and for all, you will need to buy a small device. These devices are normally called penis pumps, plugs and rings. Buying the penis rings, pumps and plugs always provide convenient opportunities to the users. One of the most common risks is that a lot of pressure can rupture the blood vessels. In that regard, you might want to use a pump that is fixed with a pressure gauge and valve for proper pressure management,

Penis extenders

Stretching consists of attaching a penis extender device to the penis. These devices exert traction on the penis. Some studies have reported increases in length with these devices

Whether you want to get a larger penis or gain that unbelievable erections. Your partner and your body will thank you for your choice. Experience those earth rocking orgasms as they meant to be. You can choose among a variety of these devices and expect to see the best results. With the passage of time the penis improvement techniques that you will perform with these devices will help you gain a gorgeous and hard penis. Try the new techniques and devices that have already been used by thousands other users.  You too, can share your experience and knowledge with your own comments and reviews after you try a product.


How Safe are Penis Pumps?

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Man has for years been finding ways to elongate their penis, increase the girth of the penis or help solve erectile dysfunction problems to improve their sexual lifestyle. There have been numerous innovations, ranging from pills to enlargement exercises. Penis pumps are considered the very first real penis enlargement devices. It’s invention was driven by the realization that hanging weights on the penis has no impact at all on its length. The question that everyone asks thought is do penis pumps really work and what are the benefits?

Penile Growth
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Benefits of using penis pumps

The use of penis pumps has multiple benefits including:

  • Penis pumps are less invasive and pose less of a risk as opposed to invasive surgery of pharmaceuticals
  • The general expense of a penis pump is lower in the log run. After the initial but there is no further expences
  • Penis pumps are noninvasive as they don’t require surgery and the addition of penile implants
  • Penis pumps can be used in blended treatments easily
  • Enables the user to obtain an erection after prostate surgery, radiation treatment or penile dysfunction
  • A penis pump will straighten out as well as enlarge so is a great treatment for  Peyronie’s disease (twisted erections)

Though many people have blindly purchased most of the advertised vacuum enlargement system, there are some that may end up being hazardous, especially if not used accurately. In desperation for a bigger penis, some men are willing to sacrifice their common sense for the flashiest device on any web store or adult shop. Most of these devices promise heaven with the ability to fix the problem within the first few days of use. It is a lie and one thing that you must never forget is that penis pumps are not quick fixes to your size problems. The easiest way to have a bigger and longer penis is by birth, and if you are not that lucky, you have to work for it. Consistency is key, but you must never overdo it.

A vacuum enlargement system operates by removing air around the penis and ensuring that no air enters in cylinder. The resultant pressure from the vacuum system forces the tissues around the penis to stretch, filling them with excess blood and results in an erection. This results in growth in length in girth, some that might be permanent. Note that there is a possibility that you will realize some penis growth eventually but you must also understand that there are some risks involved. One of the most common dangers is the risk of rupturing the blood vessels as a result of too much vacuum pressure from the pumps. This can be long term damages that may haunt you for a very long term.

To ensure that you safeguard yourself from such dangers, you are encouraged to go for LA penis pumps that come with a pressure gauge and a valve. You can monitor the pressure levels so that it doesn’t exceed the recommended levels with the gauge and remove any excess pressure using the valve. You must also ensure that you stay alert on the discomfort levels lest they turn into a rare painful feeling. It is also recommended that you read through the product specifications and master the user manual to avoid exposing your body to any dangers. Even though some people argue that the growth realizes after using penis pumps is only temporary and fools the mind to believe that it is permanent, scientists have proven that these devices can indeed lead to permanent penis growth. It must however be the right device and used as instructed. Don’t share the device with any other person or risk infections.

As long as you follow the provided instructions and use the penis pump correctly giving yourself some break in between if your very new to the system. You will be able to find out what works best for you and have an improved sex life.


Penis Pump Use – Precautions & Techniques!

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There are many penis enlargement methods in the world today, thanks to advancements in technology.  Some are considered natural, while many others are treated as artificial. Whatever method you choose, you must consider the risk factors. Life is very important and too short to take unnecessary risks and lets face it, a man’s penis is not one of those body organs you would really want to mess around with. Of the man alternatives available, the use of the LA penis pumps stands as one of the most effective methods and solution for size and erection issues. However, are there any risk factors you should be worried about when using this method? Indeed there are, so lets address a few:

It must be clearly stated that LA penis pumps may pose some dangers if inaccurately used and may even lead to penile injuries if the safety instructions and measures are not followed. In their desires to accelerate results, some people use too much pressure that can cause injuries. Using a lot of pressure posses the risk of causing bruises or even clotting of the blood vessels or lymph node. This condition is medically referred to as thrombosis and a variety of other damages that may even be everlasting.

To avoid these risks, you should consider pumps that come with pressure gauges and pressure relief valves. You should also go through necessary preparatory sessions before undertaking any session and most importantly, seeing to it that you don’t use a lot of pressure. It is also very important that you introduce reasonable breaks after each session to safeguard yourself from any injuries. The overriding point here is caution when using pumps for your penis enlargement. Penis pumping either utilizing air vacuum or hydro pumps. There are different procedures for pumping, and when accurately used correctly will achieve significant penis growth.

Beat Pumping

The beat pumping method is performed by changing the pressure  levels all through the single session. Changing or shifting the pressure level inside each session animates the internal penis tissues to grow. Case in point, have a greatest pressure level in a session of say 5in/Hg. At that point; Differ the pressure at this level like clockwork. Bit by bit diminish the vacuum level more than 30 seconds time span until it achieves zero. Rapidly pump move down to the greatest level. Repeat the procedure until the session is completed. Beat pumping strategy is exceptionally effective, and pretty much as the draining technique, it quickens blood flow and release from the penis and its inner chambers

Vacuum Enlargement
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This pumping strategy is a standout among the most well-known and apparently the most productive system. Draining aides in keeping up legitimate blood flow to the penile internal chambers. As it name proposes, draining takes after a masturbatory movement. Draining ought not be done in vigorous movement, but rather in a smooth increase and ease back with a constant pace. In a perfect world, this procedure is done in short sets.  Plenty of lube is used and donut of the penis pump rubs up and down on the shaft of the penis with is inside the cylinder.  When this is done for extended period it can create a “Doughnut Effect”, which is also called “edema”.


This system accomplishes most ideal results if the penis is erect whilst pumping. Normally, it can be hard to keep up an erection particularly if the penis stays inside the pump’s tube during longer sessions. Shakes method is used to keep upthe  erection fortifying the penis nerve endings and improving blood flow. Shakes is finished by shaking the pump’s barrel tube in a here and there movement either by  hand, or through movement by the hips.  This method should be done in a slow and even manner, the object being to try and maintain an erection throughout.

One thing to recall that, this method ought not be done in a strong pace, but rather sufficiently compelling to permit an expansion in erection level. Moreover, differing the force alongside the scope of movement delivers a decent extend at the base of the penis.


This system is exceptionally basic. The penis pump’s chamber tube is wrapped with a warming object during the term of the session. This produces heat around the base of the penis and will thin the blood and invigorate circulation that will reduce the time it takes to enlarge the penis.  It must be considered that the warming agent should not be too hot nor used to long as to do either or both of these things may cause discomfort or injury.

Stay away from over pumping

It is a good idea to start off with a penis pump plan.  The first time  you use one it should be no more than 5-7 minutes and you can gradually increase these time as you get use to them.  The cardinal mistake that first time pumpers make is to do more.  Yes it is exciting going on your penis enlargement journey but it will take time and slow and steady in this instance will always win the race.

Remember to take frequent breaks

When you increase the length of time you use your penis pump you should consider taking breaks.  This is helpful as it allows the tissues and muscles of the penis to relax as well as allowing increased blood flow.  Many experienced pumpers will use them for up to 30 minutes in one time and then have a 3-5 minute rest and recommence their pumping session.

Optimally for maximum penis growth the devices should be used during two sessions per day and for a maximum of one and a half hours in each session.


LA Pump System – Vaccum Enlargement Explained!

LA Pump Deluxe Package

There are currently many different types and brands of penis pumps but we believe that LA Pumps design the best sexual health aids, but the effectiveness of their usage is by a large margin pegged on how effectively they are used. In fact, there is no single pump that can work for almost anyone. This is because the pressure levels they cause varies, and therefore are the end results. You must understand your current penis size and the one you would like to attain after using a Boston pump and find out if you can find it.

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These devices are manufactured by different people, and with technology and need to reduce cases of injuries during pumping, you should find one that has a wage of measuring the gauge. It is actually a very important consideration as pumping without keeping an eye on the pressure levels of your LA penis pump might result in bruises. Some people have ended up in hospitals or with permanent injuries for failing to differentiate between pressure when pumping and pain. Most manufacturers ask users to stop usage the moment they feel pain during pumping. It is a common cautionary measure that always result safeguards your penis. Therefore, if the device comes with more technologically advanced safety measures, it is better than one without.

You have read the guides on your favourite penis pump choices,  bought your penis pump and started your pumping session. You feel fulfilled for started that important journey towards the realization of your ideal penis size and therefore, cannot wait for another great session. Well, there are some important things that you should always bear in mind after every pumping session. To stimulate blood circulation in your penis, you are advised to wrap a warm towel around your penis. This should be done whenever an LA pump is used.

It is also important that you rinse the penis pump with hot water and some dish detergent or soap. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that your pump lasts longer and is free from any germs when used next. Furthermore, if you were using lubes, the hot water washes off the lubricant better than cold water. Though highly discouraged, there are still some people who share their pumps. For example, gay couples may use the same penis pump but if you do plan on sharing your penis pump you should ensure that it is properly sterilized. However, a penis pump, just like most sex toys is not meant to be used by more than one person.

Storage of an LA pump is also a very important consideration to bear in mind. You actually don’t want to throw it around the house but somewhere secure and free from the reach of children. Note that adult toys belong to the bedroom, and it doesn’t matter if you are single or married with children. Keep them safe in a drawer and if you still have the original packaging, then keep them into the box. Make it a routine and never leave your penis pump lying around in the house because it might accumulate germs from the surrounding.

After every pumping session, take some time to relax, and maybe take an energy drink. Penis pumps are used for two main purposes; penile size and penis firming. If your main issue was penis enlargement, then relaxing on the couch for sometime gives the body the time to relax and the blood to flow to the penis freely. If you use the LA penis pump to attain an erection, then you should proceed to the business at hand and have a good time.

You must use a quality product to get the best from it and therefore, you should first ensure that the penis pump you are using is of superior quality and best suits your penis. There might be many similar products, but not all may work for all. Take your time to shop for the best penis pump from the nearest adult store or online and work towards the realization of your core objectives. The success of your penis pumping sessions will by a large margin depend on the consistency of using a penis pump and therefore, ensure that you do it more often for the best results. Nothing is as fulfilling as having a penis size you are proud of. Actually, one that your sex partner will yearn for and look forward to feeling it.