Penis Sheaths in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Penis Care

The Ancient Egyptians developed the penis sheath that are now modernized and called penis sleeves or extensions.  Also African tribes and natives from Papua and New Guinea commonly used them both for tribal festivities and during sexual play.  They were used as a technique to broaden the penis and support the male penis.

In Ancient Egypt a penis sheath was a fundamental part of an aristocrats attire.  It was deliberately worn and not hidden.  The sheath was there to demonstrate that the penis was being protect as they valued it as a

holy organ.

The sheath was there to reassure the wearer that the penis was protected from things like spiders, insects, ants and bugs and also ailments, diseases and infections that may impact on the penis.  They were worn during work to ensure it was not damaged and even during natural disasters such as flooding, fire etc.

The ancient Egyptians embraced outfits that looked after their family jewels and one of the traditional items of clothing worn by men was the schenti which was almost like a kilt but made out of hide or fabric.  The shanti wrapped around the wearers hips and covered the genital area folded a certain way to respect the penis that was viewed as a holy part of a man’s body.  Wearing the shanti was believed to make the man more fertile and would help in populating the nation.  Egyptians were careful to display and use this material considerately, especially around the genitals.

Egyptian Shenti
Ancient Egyptians Penis Sheaths


In Papua New Guinea tribes used penis sheaths during customary gatherings, whilst hunting and as a sexual aid.  Each sheath was developed for a specific purpose and could be made from weaving grasses,  from collected shells, crafting timber and other materials.  There were so many different phallocrypts and each tribe decorated them differently.  They are now a sought after souvenir for travelers in that Country.

The phallocrypt could be basically hanging from the male genitalia and worn on social occasions or when going to tribal war.  Each one was individually stylized.  Some aboriginal tribes in outback Australia still wear them but they are called the Lonka and traditionally made from oyster shells.  The lonka is held in place by braided human hair and are often engraved to identify the tribe and painted in traditional aboriginal art.  Even the South American civilizations wore them and they were made from jade and other gems and stones and held in place through piercings on the penis and testicles.  The ancient South Americans only wore them during ceremonial proceedings.


Tribal sheaths

Now in modern times when they are used solely as sex toys they are often used together with a cock ring to assist in sexual performance increasing endurance and satisfying the wearers partner.  The penis enlargement is used as a sexual and marital aid in many instances. At which point penis sheaths lost their traditional value and became a male sex toy is not clearly defined but it is interesting that our ancestors were not perturbed by their use or wearing them. Perhaps we should take follow their example!



Choosing And Using A Penis Extender

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Choosing a Penis Extender is not a small job for the novice guy as there will be several issues he may encounter. After taking home the penis extender, he will commonly overuse it by overstretching his penis or by using too much pressure resulting in a penis injury. This article will help novices to resolve these issues mentioned.

Choosing a Penis Extender

Choosing a Penis Extender

When choosing a penis extender, it is critical to choose one that has a good design. There are three things to keep in mind regarding penis extender design.

  1. There are spring loaded tension screws for precise traction.
  2. The extension rods that can be inserted into the extender to increase it’s length.
  3. Another important feature for a penis extender is that it is offered with a comfort strap. Many penis extenders on the market today can cut off blood circulation to the penis as well as cause pain. Several of the new penis extenders are designed with a comfort strap or pads that lengthen the penis by pulling on a larger area on the penis, which puts less stress on the penis. A penis extender will work only if it is worn for a long duration of about 8 hours.

While using a penis extender device

Certain men get so excited when they buy a penis extender that they end up overusing them and causing damage to the penis. To be safe, you should always gradually lengthen the length of time of each session to allow your penis to get used to the device. It is advised that a novice follows a break in plan.

On the other hand, there are men that do not use the penis extender sufficiently to maximize it’s benefits. Following the break-in plan described above, you really need to try to stretch gradually in order to see any long term length increase. However, when aiming to stretch, be on constant look out for signs of pain or discomfort. The penis is a delicate tool that can easily get injured. Don’t be impatient in making it bigger.

If you ever feel pain or discomfort from the use of a penis extender, take the device off immediately and do not use it until the pain or discomfort disappears. If the issues do not go away, seek the help of your physician by telling him what you have done to result in the problem. Do not procrastinate until it’s too late to undo the damage. You only have one penis after all. Even if you never feel pain or discomfort, it is still vital to take some breaks once in a while. You need to take some days off every few days in order to let your penis to recover from the stress. The penis needs to recover and heal its cells so that it can get bigger. A good plan is to wear the extender regularly to achieve small growth and take frequent small break off the device.

Penis Extenders have been in the market for many years and real world testing has now proven that they do offer results without any possible risk. This is great news for men who have been searching for any penis enlargement method without the need to visit a doctor or undergo a surgery for penis enlargement. With the success of penis extenders, more men have taken the chance and have invested in a penis extender system. The most basic tip in maximizing the results is to ensure that the penis extender undergoes proper maintenance and hygiene.

What is a Penis Extender

Today there are two types of existing support pieces for the basic penis extenders; the flat strap and the comfort pad system. The older flat strap system retains moisture and as such proper maintenance and hygiene must be taken in order to avoid serious bacterial infection.

The penis extender to work needs to be worn daily, up to 8 hours a day. Due to this extensive use of the penis extender and the fact that it is worn in a sensitive part of the body it is advised that the penis extender device be cleaned frequently after each use. The sweat or the fluids coming off the penis during penis extension exercises can remain on the device causing bacteria on the device to grow up to 72 hours after contact with skin. In order to correctly clean your penis extender device a cleaning formula must be used. You can simply wipe down the penis extender with a cloth or even use a toothbrush dipped in this formula.

Cleaning formula:

  • A cup of water
  • ¼ ounce of alcohol
  • ¼ ounce liquid hand soap

How to remove and store your penis extender after it’s use?

  • Before removing the device from your body, wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitiser.
  • Remove the penis extender and place it on a clean surface
  • Remove any glans support or remove all the comfort pads and the silicone straps so each part remains separate.
  • Use a clean cloth or a toothbrush and dip it into your cleaning formula. Do not leave the cloth or toothbrush in the formula for too long to the point of dripping.
  • Gently scrub the device thoroughly and make sure to wipe down the silicone tubes, comfort pads, glans support, aluminum rods and the plastic penis extender base.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes to allow the penis extender device to air dry.
  • Once the device has dried repeat the process with a clean cloth dipped only in water.
  • Finally, store the device in a cool, dry room safe from the hands of children, until next use.

By following the above steps you are reducing the chances of any potential complications related to hygiene. You are also ensuring a safe and healthy penis extender that will help you see results without interruptions. Penis extender devices should never be neglected.