I Love My Colorful Chastity Device!

Cock Lock

For quite a few days I was searching for something that can help me to stay away from sexual intercourse or other sexual activities. Though I tried several products, they didn’t work for me. I was upset and depressed because I was desperately in search of something to protect my chastity. But, finally my search got over when I recently came across a chastity device. I found it to be extremely useful because this fantastic device is specially designed for those men who want to abstain from sexual intercourse or other sexual fantasies. It is just perfect for me and is absolutely what I was in search of!! I love my Silicone Chastity Device and am fully satisfied with its role to abstain me from any kind of sexual act or intercourse.

What’s Special About It?

As the name suggests, it is a protector of chastity and helps to stay away from all types of sexual acts.   Coming in various colors and packed in an excellent way it made me stick my eyes to it for a very long time before I purchased it. It consists of a plastic lock which is numbered uniquely and a padlock made of brass which when locked with the plastic lock, the metal detectors are not set off.

Chastity Devices
Male Chastity

The advantage of the plastic lock is that it has a serial number which doesn’t allow me to cut the lock without the knowledge and presence of my friend having the key. In this case, the key holder has all the power and thus, it prevents me from sexual activities like sex, masturbation and erections. I found this extremely helpful as I wanted to stay away from sexual acts and after a lot of search and research I found this product.

Benefits of Using It are after using it for a few days, I observed that this device had the following advantages. It effectively helped me to stay away from all types of activities relating to sex. This device comes in a well-packed box which is very attractive. I found it quite comfortable to use as it is made up of high quality material. It is aided with all the necessary equipment required thus saving me from spending more time on adjusting and using it.

These are the disadvantage of using a chastity device. During desperate situations I had to struggle when I did not have access to the key in order to get rid of the lock. But, from other perspective this drawback greatly helps me to stay away from doing any sex act even in a desperate situation. Sometimes, it can cause allergy to the wearer but I did not have to face this problem. I am stating this problem on behalf of someone I chatted to on a forum who was complaining about this.

What I Loved about It is not only comes with uniquely numbered locks for the key holder which is the essence of this product. But it also comes with all the components like the Silicon Cock Cage and 5 rings measuring 25 millimetre, 37mm and 48mm respectively that are required for its proper functioning.

I personally love this product, not only because I found it after a lot of struggle to get rid of my problems and it helped me to reach my aim of abstaining from any kind of sexual activity, but also because it is very helpful in a lot of other ways. I used to suffer from an addiction to masturbate frequently and this chastity device helped me to get rid of that problem. It in turn improved my health and I also started gaining weight. All the side effects which I was facing due to frequent masturbation vanished after a regular use of this product.

Simply, I love my Silicone Chastity device and I greatly I recommend any one who is reading this review and wishes to abstain from sex to purchase this chastity device as soon as possible in order to enjoy a healthy life abstaining all kinds of unusual sexual acts like I did.





The Silverado Cock Cage Revealed!

Male Chastity

The Silverado cock cage has become one of the most popular of male chastity devices.  It’s sleek design enable comfortable wear whilst not being allowing any cheating enabling the keyholder to have total control over your manhood.  It will take your chaste play to a whole new level.  Read all about this great device at our friends male chastity blog.




Rocky Wearing The Bullwinkle Chastity Device!

Rocky's Bullwinkle

I have always said it every now and again we men may be the weaker sex when it comes to controlling our sexual desires. If a beautiful, lean girl who comes for my groin with steamy caressing approaches me, I will definitely give in. It will not take much persuasion and the society will consider that a situation out of the ordinary. In fact, it will be strange if I do not jump in and go for a reckless sexual experience with this lady. That is why I have always believed that I need some external influence to protect me from such a situation.  The Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device has been my friend in offering protection room myself. I receive a lot of attention and opportunity in my life to engage in reckless sex. However, this device keeps my desire in check. All my raging bed trends and overwhelming desire to get some fun episode of sex is well managed with this small, yet effective device.

I was shopping for a chastity device that would stand out to be sexy and effective in its function as well. I do not like the cage device that makes you look like an alien or a man that cannot be trusted by his wife. I wanted a device that looks like I took the initiative to wear it myself which is true and that would mean something stylish. I got hooked to the Bullwinkle Male Chastity made of steel. Wearing My Bullwinkle Chastity Device It makes my subtle cock look strong as steel. It is as if wearing a steel vest that has all the curves of the muscles and the six packs. I feel sexy and protected at the same time because I cannot have what I want.

Male Chastity DeviceThe Features of my Bullwinkle Male Chastity made me like it from the instant I took a look at this device I realized that it is well crafted and made to look sexy. The stainless steel glitters and glows. Because I love my cock, I give it the best impression housing and that is what my Bullwinkle Male Chastity gives. It is delicately crafted from surgical steel the kind that is used to make medical equipment. It is easy to sterilize and keep clean. It comes with a padlock that ensures that I cannot escape from my decisions even with the most tempting sexy woman. It has a length of 5.0 inches and an inside diameter of 1.5 inches. Then there is a right that measures 45mm in diameter.

It comes with a hole at the tip so that your can wear it while urinating.  Wearing My BullWinkle Male Chastity Device has helped better my relationship and here are the reasons why I have always had the attention of women and looked at it in a purely sex oriented manner. This has had a toll in my relationship. Almost every week after work, I had been having unhealthy, reckless sexual encounter with different women. My friends have not been helpful with this. My promiscuous behavior resulted to loss of trust between my wife and me. Most of the time, I never wanted to have sex with these women or I out rightly knew it was improper but their persuasion always took the better of me.

This device was my savior. It created the wall between my sexual accomplices and me. We would drink and book a room but when it got to the actual business, I could not do it. Talk of control. I took control of myself. My wife not only trusted me because she never found lipstick on me or because I came home early but because she always had the key with her. She has since had peace of heart. What a lovely women she has become.  When I needed a chastity devices, it is for purely chastity purposes. I am the guy that says that this raging bull needs to be kept in its cage because many desire it and should not have it for purposes that are more weightier than the anticipated pleasure and that is way I got from the device. The lock keeps me on hold and nowhere to go when I need it and that is exactly what I get. So when it comes to effective protection then I get it.  It is also easy to clean and care.

Like everyone else, I love my cock. It is my responsibility to take care of my precious epitome of my manhood. If I am going to wear a device consistently on my precious equipment, then it has to be safe and clean. This device is made of surgical steel. This is the best material for an equipment that is to handle delicate areas of the body. My Bullwinkle Male Chastity is made of the kind of material that does not catch dirt nor does it stain. It is easy to clean and from the design of the device when you piss, there are no places for it to stain. All the piss flows out.

The comfort of my device is one of its greatest strength. The size just fits what is needed for a chastity device this makes it comfortable. From the curves of the chastity device, my cock is well accommodated and fits perfectly in its normal way. Then there is the issue of comfort. It comes with a ring at that top that just holds me well. The positioning of the lock is also deliberately located not to interfere with the desired comfort.  Just at the joint of the tube and the ring, there is a hinge. On the hinge, you have a lock. The design of the device makes it flexible. I can shake my cock without worrying about any pain or discomfort. While I am safe and protected, I can move around the way that I would have normally moved. The ring that I have attached to the base of my balls when wearing the device makes all the sense when it comes the needed flexibility.

I have some tips on the care and use of the Bullwinkle that should work for anyone who desires this superb equipment.  I always take my time when wearing the device because it should be done right. Preferably in the morning when dressing up to leave the house.  I have always ensured that I clean it daily after work in the evening and let it dry overnight. Having it dry matters a lot.  I always leave the key to the lock at home. I do not need to have the power to redeem myself from my decisions and allow my wife to be the keyholder. Hopefully you got some useful information about chastity equipment that I have learnt from my Bullwinkle Male Chastity Device.



Male Chastity Is The Right Choice For Me!

Cheating Husband

The important question in my life in marriage was between sex and marriage, which one was more important.  In my case, it was not just about my marriage, it was also about my relationship with the women in my life.  Being unfaithful at times may be out of control.  In my case, it was out of control because my multiple sex partners would still come to me and my body would be pulled towards them. Then I got My Male Chastity equipment.  I realized that I was not giving my family the attention that they needed. I always quarreled with my wife because I was unavailable to help her with family matters. I also spent a lot of money entertaining my sexual partners and booking rooms. I remember at some point my marriage was in the brink of collapsing. We separated for two nights until a friend of mine suggested that we visit a relationship expert.

The relationship expert created the right environment for us to discuss our marital problems. Although I had been denying that I was having a parallel sexual relationship to my relationship with my wife, I discovered that she already knew. During the forum, she told me of various occasions when she got hotel receipts in my pocket. I confessed  to cheating and agreed to get help. The relationship expert advised me to change my mindset and focus on my responsibility as a father.

This did not work. I still got seduced back to my behavior and found myself reconnecting with my sex buddies. I lost control of my sexual behaviors. I Googled for solutions until I got an article that recommended the use of male chastity toys.  I got the equipment and started using it. I told my wife about the equipment and she agreed to hold the key for me. This equipment really helped my life and relationships when it came to abstaining. I would wish to get back to my past behavior because all my other partners were available and convincing, but because I wore the toy, I was restrained. I must say that my mind was already conquered. If I was to make the decision based on how I felt and thought, I would have been lured because I was willing to go the mile. However, I did not have the key.

My Male Chastity

Other than helping with abstaining, the equipment proved useful to blend with the human body morphological design. It is much more than any other solution that you may look for. It is convenient in many ways including the following.  The device  is  always with you. You strap the chastity equipment on your waist give your wife the keys and you are ready to live your well-controlled life. Being that the equipment is strapped to your body, you can move around with your friends, act like everything is normal but you will be rest assured that you will not involve in illicit sex before your guard is always with you in the most essential area. Better still, your partner will be confident that you will not be making mistakes because my male chastity key is with them. My equipment left my wife the keyholer with a peace of mind and I was also protected from myself because it was always with me.

Better still, your partner will be confident that you will not be making mistakes because my male chastity key is with them. My equipment left my wife with a peace of mind and I was also protected from myself because it was always with me.  Protects erection and sexual drive. The way to control your sexual drive is through the mind. I agree with that. From experience, the mind needs something to motivate it and push it to make the right decisions. The equipment does this. When I had the equipment on, my erection was controlled. Whenever I tried to have an erection, the toy restrained it. This way, my sexual drive was suppressed. Ultimately, my mind was withdrawn from whichever sexual desires that were coming up. I must say that this approach to sexual control is effective and unrelenting.

At first, I got equipment that held my cock tight. I could feel that my penis was constrained whenever I wore equipment. When I had an erection, it became painful and I was hurt. I had to get one that fit me properly and  there are many sizes from which I could choose one that I felt was the right size for me. I opted for one that was loose enough to let me feel comfortable but held me whenever I felt like having an erection. With such comfort, I did not even feel the equipment within me.

Concealable within I realized that most of my friends who stopped the promiscuous behavior wore the equipment under their pants. I did not know this before. They looked normal and wore the same clothes that they wore without any indication of an additional equipment under their pants. I only knew that my friends wore the equipment when I informed them of my development. I was surprised and promised to always keep my protector with me. Moreover, I can comfortable use it when going to the toilet without any challenge. I also learnt that they come in different designs and sizes. You can get any chastity equipment for various designs and that are made of varied materials. All you need to do is have an opinion of what you need.

Maybe you think its archaic or perverted but it works. You will agree with me that anything that saves your marriage and relationship is worth trying. I love the equipment because you can easily conceal it. This way, you may wear it without feeling the stigma that comes with the realization that you are wearing something that prevents you from indulging in non-permitted sexual behavior. My Male Chastity will not break when interfered with. However, it protects my marriage from breaking. It is the best equipment that has come my way because it has given me the trust of my loved ones and has held my family intact. My wife opens the lock for me and allows me to be free when she is around. Then I cannot deviate. She has thus trusted me again and our relationship has become more happy with the developed trusts.


Male Forced Into Chastity

Cuckolded Male

Forced Into Chastity

Keeping the racy impulses under check is what a male chastity device is about, especially when it is forced chastity. The length of the cage keeps the pulse under control as there is no way out. The interiors are crafted in such a way that the user does not get inconvenienced. The devices can be used both as a means of retaining celibacy or as a toy that creates a barrier to the rush and urgency of a sexual encounter. When the normal biological urges are kept under a leash, the moments of passion are expanded for a long stretch of time, making the release more enjoyable than if it had been allowed to go on unhindered. It is best suited for a long session of passionate play whereby there is a steady state of arousal that can be extended for as long as the couple would like to engage.

When used as a token of sincerity, it allows the female to keep her partner under surveillance not of the covert manner but of absolute overt functionality. There are a couple of rings which are flexible and create an ideal solution for males who want to prove their allegiance to their partner. The material engineering capabilities have contributed to the creation of a mechanism that is comfortable as well as unobtrusive. When the chastity device is used during a normal work day, it needs to have all the features for ensuring cleanliness as well as ease of urination. At all times, the wearer will have no option of straying thoughts, if that is the problem that they are seeking to overcome. For the female, it is a way of keeping a partner under their gaze even when they are away.

Cage with Urethral Tube

Design and choice of materials are both very essential for the male chastity device to fulfill its purpose while not bearing on the mind of the wearer even in a minor way. The new devices have improved designs which enhance the comfort of the device. The cage is accompanied by the rings which can be up to five in number allowing the user to vary them to suit a comfortable fit. The inner diameter of the rings is of different sizes.  My favorite men’s chastity device is the caged tiger.

Plastic is used to fabricate the chastity device as is steel. The brass locks might become a problem when passing through a metal detector. If this is an issue, a plastic locking system can be opted for. The devices have evolved into a new design paradigm with the steel models making them funkier than the plastic versions. The rings are designed differently to create new types of appearances that offer variety over the basic design.

They are available in attractive pouches and can make for a very exciting gift. It offers an exciting variation to the normal foreplay. When used as a restricting device, it carries out is functions to total perfection. The comfort of the user is absolutely secured with the high quality of steel that is used to make the updated versions of the device.  Forced chastity for me is a way of life and has made me closer to my partner.  Why don’t you try it too?

Forced male chastity is about surrendering yourself completely. Your consent to give another person control of your penis is surrendering your sexuality to your key holder of choice. When you confine your penis, your key holder completely possesses it. It might stay on your body 24 hours, yet you can only ever use it when you need to go to the toilet. This is an extremely significant type of surrender. You are losing control of your most loved toy. It’s hers now. How significant this is relies on upon how essential sex is to you. On the off chance that you resemble the vast majority of us, sex is something at the highest point of our pleasure list. At the point when that lock clicks close, your discharge is claimed by another person. She doesn’t need to ever give you a chance to come back again. Regardless of the possibility that you thought you were simply playing for a brief time frame, on the off chance that you have a protected gadget, she can shroud the key and have you at her leniency. Intense stuff!

That may feel like an exceptionally hot thought, however consider the truth. It resembles joining the armed force; once you are in, you are trapped, so you better figure out how to like it. The other basic point is that you are believing somebody with your penis. An excessive number of men are so frantic to attempt upheld celibacy that they will let the principal lady who consents to hold the key take control. This is typically a mix-up. The straightforward certainty is that there is significantly more to authorized virtuousness than a gadget and a key holder. To work and make the dream wake up, you require an association with your key holder first.