I Was Caught With My Pants Down!

People in Water

We all know it, a graduation trip is an unforgettable moment, spent with friends you have been studying and living with for the past three years. I and a group of others decided to spend this two weeks traveling across Europe, ending up in different party places to properly celebrate with a very limited sense of responsibility.  This is the story where one night I was caught with my pants down. Among those destinations the one where things got the most out of control was surely Barcelona, a town where when the summer hits all of the evenings become drinking adventures. It was in Barcelona where I had in fact one of the funniest and craziest nights of my trip. We all went dancing in a club named Opium disco, situated just in front of the beach. As expected from a group of guys on vacation the primary objective was to find group of girls with whom we could spend the evening and with a little bit of luck the night as well.


Lovers At Sunrise

That night seemed to be just the right one as we soon met with a small group of Australian girls visiting Europe. I managed to get closer to one of them and we soon started drinking and dancing like there was no tomorrow, I had still no idea that while I wasn’t the only one, that I would be the one caught without my pants and for all the wrong reasons.  In fact, one of the so called tradition of partying in front of the beach in Barcelona is that when the sun slowly starts to get out and the club is about to close you should take of your clothes, leave them on the beach and jump into the sea.

This was exactly what happened and when the DJ announced that he was about to play only one last track I was already about to pull my pants down and run into the water with that gorgeous blonde Australian girl.  I therefore threw them on the sand and started entering in the water hoping the girl would have followed me. Of course that never happened and after a couple of minutes, as I turned around to see where she was I saw her standing and laughing at me with her friends while she was holding my pants. I had strictly no idea of why this was happening and the amount of alcohol that I drunk was not helping my logical thinking. However, I soon saw them running away still laughing and still holding my pants.

By the time I managed to get out of the water they were gone and I no idea where they headed to, finding myself half naked at 6am in the morning on a beach in Barcelona. Thankfully they did not take my wallet which was still on my bag and I had enough change left to buy something to cover up and go look for my friends with something more than just my white boxers which had by now become transparent because of the water. Of course, as a result of my infinite amount of luck the only thing that was being sold on the beach at that time were hats and pink pareos. I found them after only a few minutes and had to explain them while they were laughing why I had no girl and no pants.

Even if the walk home was somehow unusual as everybody was just starring at me laughing I had one the funniest and weirdest nights in my life where the only thing that I was missing more than the Australian girl were my beige pants. The air was definitely flowing between my legs with this silk wrap on and I’m sure I looked prettier than all the women put together. I tipped my hate to the people passing by. So I look back at this now years later on and laugh as I think about the night i was caught with my pants down. You know what, I’ll definitely do it again! Skinny dipping by myself was kind of fun, I just wish someone skinny dipped with me. Maybe next time, I’ll ask and see what happens.