Brent Corrigan’s Early Adult Movies – Free Event and Giveaways

Brent Corrigan Ultra Fan Image

Brent Corrigan is a gay adult movie star who will be arriving at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017 to promote a NakedSword Series which he directed named “Ultra Fan”. He will be here alongside famous icons from the gay adult movie industry including JJ Knight, Chi Chi LaRue and Sister Roma. They will be there to meet with their fans and sign autographs. There will also be free giveaways from Swiss Navy who will be there to give a gift to everybody in attendance. The gifts don’t stop there! Fleshjack Australia will have some freebies available for people to. Mr Peeps will also say hi to everyone!

During Brent Corrigan’s early career he worked with Cobra Videos and stared in some of the most popular gay amateur adult movies of his time. Now, Brent is one of the most highly skilled and celebrity ranked adult movie stars of our generation.

In 2004, Brent Corrigan starred in “Every Poolboy’s Dream” by Cobra Video. Brent Corrigan is walking along the beach and he appears to be homeless. He comes across an advertisement for someone would like to be employed as a pool boy to work for Jake Landaus and Brenden Michael at his lovely home. Landaus makes the rules in their relationship and he appears to really enjoy having Brent around. Corrigan is getting used of his job. Ferrara and Corey Savage are an openly swinging couple who have anal with two other hot twinks. This is the first sex scene is sexually charged and rampant.

Savage goes down on Angel Ramone until he is so hard, he blows a great warm load into his open mouth. When he finishes, Savage gets ready to insert his dick into the barely legal-looking fair haired Donny Price. Ferrara also wants a piece of the action, and has a good long play. Price gets to hot and cums into Ramone’s ravenous mouth. Ferrara is still rock hard and ready to finish screwing Savage and cums directly into his ass. Things do not stop there!

Starring: Brent Corrigan, Brenden Michael, Jake Landaus, Shaun Ferrara, Corey Savage, Donny Price, Angel Ramone and Scott Hanson


Brent Corrigan Ultra Fan Image
Photo: Brent Corrigan in Ultra Fan


In 2004, he starred in “Schoolboys Crush” by Cobra Video. Brent Corrigan appears to be hot and handsome, who is looking to get laid. Brent Corrigan wants to have some fun with Brent Everett and yearns for his body. Brent understands precisely how to use his big cock to make people yearn for more and he participates in cum shot contests.

The very first scene is of Benny Argento a friend of Brent’s who is playing around with Shaun Ferrara. Ferrera is known to be one skills gay adult movie performer with skills that people can only dream about. He is a very horny brunette and is one heck of a man. Argento submits to Ferrera wants and needs. Ferrara kisses Argento all the way to his pastel Unico Mundo underwear. Ferrara is ready for something more and licks Arento’s ass to deflower his prized man. The best part of Schoolboy’s Crush is when Argento is on the bed on his back with his hunky legs spread out wide with everything for the taking. Ferrara pumps hard with his thick erection. Amid this, Argento goes from delicate to hard, and he squirts. Ferrara twists down to lick it up, making Argento ask him how it tastes.

Starring: Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, Chase McKenzie, Shaun Ferrara, Lance Evans, Ryann Wakins, Jeremy Spencer and Benny Argento

In 2005, Brent Corrigan starred in “Cream BBoys” by Cobra Video, an unquestionable gay adult movie. In this full throttled video, sailors are wet and ready to pummel into five bareback scenes which are all worth seeing. Come aboard and have a look at the twinks sucking up loads of cum, these sexy sailors show their skills and cum neediness. A large number of the models really look like genuine couples who have chosen to report their lovemaking everlastingly on-screen.The star fascination of the film is today’s prevailing adult movie star Brent Corrigan (who is also known as Fox Ryder of the Velvet Mafia). Brent honestly commands the screen. Brent’s scene shows up toward the end; clearly the makers spared the best for last.

The film starts with the motion picture’s bolting co-star, Connor Ashton, a good looking hunk with a gathering measured rooster. He kisses in bed with a cutie named Kenny. They uncover that both young men employ great huge dicks. Kenny blows a velvety load into Ashton’s mouth and all over, trailed by awesome oral work on Ashton. Ashton’s dick ejects, drenching Kenny’s face, which Ashton licks off. For their second course, Ashton eats out Kenny’s smooth gap and gives him a good serving of anal sex.

Starring: Connor Ashton, D.J., Lance Evans, Nate Grant, Kenny, Cameron Lane, Brent Corrigan, Trevor Peterson, Corey Savage and Tyler

In 2005, he starred in “Naughty Boy’s Toys” by Cobra Video where Brent Corrigan and Cameron make a beeline for his loft in the wake of seeing a film together. Their bashfulness offers route to their shared fascination and the young men kiss. They begin pulling all their garments off. Cameron blows Brent and after that Brent gets on top of Cameron, who deep throats his erection. All horned up, each advises the other that they need to get laid, yet amazed to discover they are both bottoms. Brent has a thought about a sex toy they could use. He hauls out a 2 1/2 foot double headed dildo and recommends that they try it out. Cameron tries to take the enormous dildo in, yet you can see he is struggling at first saying he hasn’t been fucked in quite a while. Cameron proposes its Brent Corrigan‘s turn. Brent lays on his back. We already know that Brent adores his tremendous dildos when he starred in Poolboy’s Dream and Cream BBoys. Cameron drives it home. Cameron pumps the long dildo all through Brent’s gap and Brent is so turned on pre-cum spills out. Brent recommends utilizing the two heads on the dildo and the young men get on the lounge chair together. They embed the dildo from both sides. They stroke and spin their bodies. The dildo gets moved forward and backward.

Starring: Connor Ashton, Brent Everett, Nate Grant, Tyler Hall, Cameron Lane, Brent Corrigan, Cody Lockheart, Chase McKenzie, Reagan Miller and Aaron Phelps


In 2006, he starred in “Fuck Me Raw” by Cobra Video in Scene 5 where Brent Corrigan is cleaning up with Skylar. Brent washes Skylar’s trunk then as the foamy suds gush down over their erections, they rub up together then have a ton of fun playing “sword battle”. The young men get dry and go to the family room where Brent gets on his knees to suck and after the profound deep throating, Skylar’s erection becomes thicker. Skylar then lays Brent on a seat and sucks his cockerel, then lifts up his leg to provide him with a rim job. He sticks his tongue inside Brent. Brent  drops himself down onto Skylar’s exposed shaft, working moderately, then riding increasingly hard. Skylar lifts Brent up and twists him over the seat, and drives his hard erection somewhere inside, beating him quicker and harder. Brent groans and asks for more. Skylar gets to be to energized and discharges his heap inside Brent. It trickles out of Brent’s slackened gap yet Brent isn’t done and requests to be fucked more. Skylar pummels in back inside and pumps hard again until Brent jacks his cream onto the seat. Skylar hauls out and exhausts another heap on Brent’s opening, then stuffs it back inside, the fluid stream dribbling down over Brent’s sack. An extremely hot scene to end the first of our Brent Corrigan Series.

In 2006, he starred in “Take It Like a Bitch Boy” by Cobra Video in the scene called “Room Service”. Brent Corrigan is on the telephone in his motel room, attempting to get help from one of his companions. While his companion looks into the problem for him, Brent’s hand rubs over his pants to the now swollen erection underneath. He hangs up from the call, takes out his cock, and starts rubbing. He strokes increasingly harder. He hears a knock so he goes to the entryway attempting to conceal the lump in his pants and room benefit gets his supper. Brent’s PDA rings, and the server, Carson, tails him to the next room. Brent completes his call and signs the check. Carson inquires as to whether the needs any help. Brent looks at him and says, “Perhaps there is…” and begins to unfasten Carson’s shirt.

Be sure to stop by for Brent Corrigan at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017! It may be the only chance you will get to see him in person with so many famous adult movie icons!





Sister Roma and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Free Event and Giveaways

Sisters at San Francisco Women's March Image

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI) are also known as the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI). The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a charity, protest and street performance organization that uses drag and religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance by satirizing issues of gender and morality. At their inception in 1979, a small group of gay men in San Francisco began wearing the attire of nuns in visible situations to draw attention to social conflicts and problems in the Castro District.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have grown throughout the United States of America and are currently organized as an international network of orders. They are mostly a non-profit charity organization that raises money for AIDS, LGBT-related causes and mainstream community service organizations who do a lot of work in San Francisco. They promote safe sex, educate others about the harmful effects of drug use and other risky behaviours. Between 1979 and 2007 the Sisters were credited when they raised over $1 million for various causes. They continue to raise an average of almost $40,000 per year.

Early members of the group, when they are not hiding their masculine features or facial hair, are characterized by San Francisco gay community historian Susan Stryker. Susan Stryker is the embodiment of a gender bender. Their appearance has changed over the years; the nun motif remains the same but it has now been joined with exaggerated make-up that accentuates the rebellion against gender roles and religion. The Sisters have attracted controversy both within and outside the LGBT communities but have received the harshest criticism for obvious parodies of Catholic icons and policies.

One of the most outspoken and highest profile members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is Sister Roma who is hosting a meet and greet in Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017 from 6pm at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. So come along and meet this iconic drag queen who is an activist for the LGBTQI communities.


Womens March San Francisco Image
Photo: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Womens March San Francisco


Community Involvement

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have been involved in various causes including the promotion of safe sex, raising money for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer research. They host important community service activities like the Gay Games, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and raising the “first legal $1000” for a city proposition to legalize medical marijuana. Sister Roma “There’s No Place like Rome!” organized the “Stop the Violence” campaign in the Castro where the Sisters distributed placards in homes and businesses to signify which were safe places to go and whistles to be used to alert those nearby in case of attack. They have sponsored dances for LGBT youth and given to or worked for a variety of similar objectives.

Over the years the Sisters have been named as saints who are supported by hundreds of people who have helped on various projects behind the scenes. They actively organize projects, coordinate actions, performing at events as an artist or emcee and serve the greater LGBT community in other ways. Sometimes they canonize community heroes who have recently died. It is customary for the Sisters to award sainthood with the addition of an elaborate “saint name”. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence notable saints include:

  • Assassinated San Francisco Supervisor: Harvey Milk
  • California State Senator: Carole Migden
  • Mayor of San Francisco: Gavin Newsom
  • Mayor of New Paltz, New York: Jason West
  • San Francisco Supervisors: Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty
  • General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Susan Leal
  • Founder of the Radical Faeries: Harry Hay
  • Authors: Armistead Maupin and Tonne Serah
  • Actresses: Margaret Cho, Ethel Merman and Rosie O’Donnell
  • Professor of Christian Theology at King Alfred’s College, Winchester : Dr Elizabeth Stuart,
  • Medical marijuana activists: Brownie Mary and Ed Rosenthal
  • Film maker and artist, Derek Jarman
  • French photographer: Jean-Baptiste Carhaix
  • Former City Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco: Mabel Teng

Community Activists and Organizers

  • Michael Brandon
  • Molly McKay and Davina Kotulski
  • Mr. Leather Washington 2002: Tony Buff
  • Jackie Forster
  • Peter Tatchell
  • San Francisco photographer who documented the early Sisters: Greg Day
  • The first Chair of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest AIDS charity in Europe: Tony Whitehead
  • Ian Campbell Dunn
  • Lisa Power

Community Drag Icons and Activists

  • Juanita More
  • Trauma Flintstone
  • Connie Champagne
  • Donna Sachet
  • Heklina
  • Peaches Christ





Giving back to the LGBT community

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Photo

It is that time of the year again, the month of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It has officially begun and the celebrations of love, equality and resistance are in full swing.

In the current state of the world, when you are feeling helpless or insignificant. Kindness, acceptance and a little bit of love can go a LONG way and do wonders for the mind and soul. Just because it’s the Mardi Gras it doesn’t mean you have to only help during this month. Giving back to the LGBT community is essential to the progression of society’s views towards the LGBT community and can be done in many ways, at any time of the year. So how can you give back to the LGBT community?

  1. Attending events like Fair Day and the Official Mardi Gras Parade: Indeed, Fair Day was yesterday, but it is definitely worth a mention. Fair Day is an wonderful FREE event in Sydney which has been known to attract over 80,000 individuals from all walks of life. Fair Day has a whole bunch of tents for food, drinks and a stage with drag shows as well as music. Most importantly, you’ll find a bunch of tents with petitions! You can sign the petitions and learn about the issues within the community as you go. There are a lot of petitions running at the moment that are aimed to make a whole lot of changes in Australia for the LGBT community. Some of the petitions include marriage equality, adoption rights for LGBT individuals who wish to start a family and much more. Signing a petition is a great way to get the ball rolling to make a difference in current worldly issues and is a great, easy way to give back to the LGBT community.
  1. Attending a movie or two during the Film Festival: The Mardi Gras film festival is a platform for queer documentaries and movies that are otherwise not shown on mainstream TV or movie theatres. This makes it the perfect opportunity to support local, national and international actors, producers, directors and many more of the LGBT community. Their relentless efforts to put queer individuals on the big screen.
Ellie Goulding in "I Do Down Under T-Shirt" Photo
Photo: Ellie Goulding in “I Do Down Under T-Shirt”
  1. StartOver: StartOver is one start up to definitely keep an eye out for. The guys at StartOver had a stall at Fair Day this year and were promoted their new application which is soon to be released. The application is called, you guessed it, “StartOver”. The application will be a platform for individuals who are either coming out, planning to come out or are confused on what to do and how to do it. You are able sign up to the application which will allow you to receive free mentoring from someone within the LGBT community. Anyone can volunteer to become a mentor to, as long as you’re over the age of 18. StartOver will be a great platform to give back to the LGBT community and assist individuals in a really vulnerable time in their life. People who sign up will receive a day of professional training on how to be a mentor.
  1. Share your story with a website like www.Story.LGBT – Already out and proud? Share your story with organisations like Story.LGBT to show those who are just coming out that it gets better! Story.LGBT is the first ever online catalogue of coming out stories and is designed to help to show people that they’re not alone.
  1. Say I do down under: Support marriage equality by donning a ‘Say I do down under’ t-shirt or an Equality t-shirt.
  1. Equality Campaign: Fax your local MP. Let them know why ALL Australians deserve equality.


Why support the LGBT community? The LGBT community is still largely marginalised and mistreated around the world, even in 2017. Only yesterday, whilst giddily stumbling into my Uber driver’s car, still laughing and grinning from a day of being surrounded by likeminded people did my bubble get sharply popped by the needle of our driver. “Why are the streets so busy?” asks my Uber driver. “Today was Fair Day!” my partner and I both said in unison, grinning. “That explains all the dudes in fucking skirts. Unbelievable” He says, shaking his head. The awkward silence for the rest of the trip was deafening.

It truly sucks that in 2017, two girls have to choose to stay quiet, rather than stand up for their LGBT friends out of fear for getting judged, mistreated or worse.  It’s not good enough. Any support, whether through showing up to rallies, attending the official parade or wearing it on your damn sleeve is undeniably imperative to the change of views of people who are like my Uber driver and those similar. Thanks for reading!



About the Author: Chloe is a Consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Sister Roma is Coming to Town – Free Event and Giveaways

Sister Roma Photo

Sister Roma was born on the 22nd of December in 1962. She is a humble 20 year veteran member of San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc. According to her biography page on the Sisters website she joined in 1987 and was the first of the group to be publicly elevated and veiled. In 1991, Sister Roma introduced the STOP the Violence Campaign to combat hate crimes throughout the city as well as on college campuses. She has been a social right activist ever since. This article will delve into Sister Roma’s celebrity studded career history that has made a mark all over the world.

Sister Roma has done coverage of the GayVN Awards and served as emcee for the awards held at San Francisco’s Castro Theater on the 24th of February in 2007. Sister Roma is also the art director at gay adult movie studio named “Hot House Entertainment”. She co-hosts an online live-format talk show about the adult movie industry named “The Tim and Roma Show” with a large range of guests. The Tim and Roma Show discuss film projects as well as events in the LGBTQ community and the news within the gay adult movie industry.

Sister Roma has served as an emcee and celebrity judge for countless community and charity event including: Judge at the world’s longest running and possibly largest drag king event named the San Francisco Drag King Contest; Judge for Will Clark’s 2005 benefit Adult Movie Idol; Emcee at the world’s largest BDSM and leather event; California’s third largest spectator event the Folsom Street Fair; Emcee for the 2005 Bad Boys by the Bay; Main Stage emcee at San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade which is the largest LGBT event in the United States; Emcee for Super Heroes and Villains Krewe de Kinque’s Bal Masque benefit for Tenderloin Tessie’s Holiday Dinners (serving Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to homeless people of San Francisco); Emcee at the annual San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s public anniversaries often held in the city’s parks and emcee at the Free Speech Coalition’s 19th annual Night of The Stars awards event held at Los Angeles’ Centre Studios.

Sister Roma also acts professionally as well as in more casual drag performances in clubs. In 2003 she appeared in Ronnie Larsen’s “Sleeping with Straight Men at Theatre Rhinoceros with Mink Stole. In Falcon Studio’s 1997 film “High Tide Roma” appeared with drag star and adult movie producer Chi Chi LaRue. In 2006 Sister Roma was nominated for Best Nonsexual Performance Gay Adult Video News (GAYVN) award for her portrayal of Mona Lott, the maid of Wet Palms which is a ten episode gay adult movie soap opera series. She also has performed at San Francisco’s longest running drag show Trannyshack. Sister Roma writes a bi-weekly column Drag It for San Franscisco’s gay alternative magazine Gloss.

Ultra Fan Poster
Photo: Ultra Fan


For the 24th annual Folsom Street Fair held on the 30th of September in 2007 the official poster artwork featured a photo of the well-known LGBT and BDSM community members. They were clothed in festive and fetish attire alongside Sister Roma who dressed as Mary Magdalene. This event was said to be an innovative version of the culturally iconographic of the famous “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The photograph was complete with table draped with a Leather Pride flag, cluttered with sex toys, whips, and various BDSM restraints. The artwork by FredAlert was used on the official event guide as well as produced as collector’s posters that were posted throughout the city for advertising. Some conservative religious groups criticized this as anti-Christian and blasphemous event. Even though numerous parodies and homages of the Last Supper painting are readily available like Renée Cox’s controversial Yo Mama’s Last Supper.

Sister Roma’s Filmography credits include:


  • 2007 Grunts: Misconduct – Armed force life is unpleasant and to a great degree there is a lot of work to do. Sergeants bark demands and anticipate that they are to be followed just as strictly as they are given. As the Grunts are prepared to be fighters, down time turns out to be increasingly essential. Kinship comes into full play on the war zone. Their friendships are fortified in the couple of minutes of rest. What happens when the sergeants aren’t around? How do the men let off their sexual steam?
  • 2007 Santo Domingo – Santo Domingo is an adult movie made by Raging Stallion Studios and Colin O’Neal Productions that takes you through the exotic jungle of men of the world.
  • 1997 High Tide – There is a beautiful man in Hawaii who has everything. He has a wonderful home, a job and girlfriend. He has everything going for him. Though he finds a lost love. Starring Falcon Exclusive Superstar Tom Chase and Matthew Anders.

Received Special Thanks

  • 2005 Arabesque – An award winning gay adult movie by Raging Stallion Studios. This adult movie stars Huessein, François Sagat, Manuel Torres, Sarib, Ivan Andros, Joey Milano, Joey Russo, and J.C. It has won two GavVN awards for Best Group Scene and Best Music. It has also won three Grabby Awards including Best all-sex Video, Best DVD Extras & Best Group-sex Scene.


  • 2016 Dragged – A documentary crew follows the lives of drag queens, staring Sister Roma’s real life.
  • 2014 Folsom Forever – In 1984, San Francisco was the home for gay men and leather. Their community was faced with demolition as they also handled the AIDS crisis. They community hosted a Folsom Street Fair to raise funding for their AIDS charities. This documentary follows the lives of people within the community including Sister Roma and how they inspired their community to become one of the biggest outdoor kink and fetish events.
  • 2005-2006 Wet Palms TV Series – In the Wet Palms bedroom of Peter Dune, a previous nightclubbing lover who is also a men’s underwear model. Peter gave up his old lifestyle for his new partner named Tucker Bang. Tucker’s, a kind hearted writer who’s works at gay talk magazine “JettSetter”. The distributor of Jetsetter is attempted to get into Peter’s pants.
    • Party of the Year (2006) Stars Sister Roma
    • Separate Lives (2005) Stars Sister Roma
    • Family Reunion: Part 2 (2005) Stars Sister Roma
  • 1999 Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities – Monika Treut investigates trans-gendered people’s opinions living in the society and their worldly views. Likewise with Treut’s first film “Jungfrauenmaschine”, Gendernauts enters a minority area of San Francisco culture. The people in this film are individuals whose born gender does not reflect their social identity.

Come see Sister Roma for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the 3rd of March at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney.









JJ Knight Is Well-Endowed – Free Event and Giveaways

JJ Knight Gay Adult Movie Star Photo

JJ Knight is visiting Australia leading up to the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. As part of the visit, he is meeting and greeting fans from 6pm to 7pm on the 3rd of March 2017 at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. He will be attending the night with Brent Corrigan and Sister Roma. Brent is promoting his new series Ultra Fan a Naked Sword Production which he directed and stars in with JJ. Sister Roma is traveling with Chi Chi LaRue to Park Street Books to do promotional work with Swiss Navy.

The event will be one not to miss, it may be the only way that you will see these adult entertainment superstars in one place!  Do not miss out as everyone will receive a free giveaway from Swiss Navy. There will also be giveaways from Naked Sword and FleshJack Australia. Get your signed merchandise at the venue or just grab a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab a selfie.

Just so you know a bit more about JJ Knight. He is a 6’2” hot stud with a whopping 9.5’ cock.   Not quite a twink being in his early 20’s and born on the 24th of July.  He comes from Southern America. He is known not only for his massive cock but also his even temperament and chiseled body.  He is a Falcon Exclusive model and has only been appearing in adult movies for a little over a year.

Some of JJ Knights adult movies include:

Into the Blue – Underneath a bright clear sky, with palm fronds swaying in the breeze, Seth Santoro dives into the cool, blue waters of the swimming pool. His swimsuit shows off his smooth, toned body. JJ Knight lounges nearby, watching intently as Seth swims his laps. A bulge grows in JJ’s bathing suit that can’t be contained: he whips out his hard cock and strokes it slowly, enticingly, waiting for Seth to notice. Slowly, Seth emerges from the pool, his own suit displaying the unmistakable outline of his boner. He walks toward JJ, bends forward, and wraps his lips around the sensitive tip of JJ’s cock head. As the sun shines on JJ’s abs, Seth works his way down JJ’s immense shaft, lubing it up with his spit. They strip and share a kiss before Seth turns around for JJ to rim his tight hole. Bending forward, Seth pushes his hairy ass into JJ’s face while sucking on JJ’s massive cock. Spinning around to face JJ, Seth sits down on JJ’s meat. As JJ’s cock stretches and fills Seth’s hole, JJ Knight begins thrusting up from below, pressing deep into Seth’s most sensitive spots. Standing up, JJ fucks Seth from behind. As Seth braces himself against the lounge chair, JJ picks up speed, ramming his enormous meat into Seth’s tight hole. Seth rolls on his back and raises his right leg to the sky, allowing JJ’s cock to penetrate deeper than ever. The sensation brings Seth to orgasm: jerking his cock, he shoots a massive, thick load across his furry stomach. JJ reaches for his cock and pumps out stream after stream of hot white cum right into Seth’s face. Drenched in cum, Seth pulls JJ close and exchanges a tender, creamy kiss.

Urban Spokes – In downtown San Francisco, JJ Knight pedals away from the business school when he nearly collides with Connor Patricks. Luckily, Connor only has a few scrapes, and JJ invites Connor back to his place to clean up. Once inside, they take thing to the next level. JJ pulls Connor close for a kiss, which sets off an instant chain reaction. Their clothes come off, Connor drops to the floor, and JJ pushes his gargantuan member down Connor’s throat. After rubbing their cocks together, JJ eats Connor’s ass, using his tongue and his fingers to push spit directly into Connor’s tight, pink hole. With Connor in doggy style position on the couch, JJ presses the head of his cock between Connor’s ass cheeks. Once he’s all the way inside, he starts picking up speed, stretching Connor’s hole wide with intense thrusting. In one fluid motion, JJ Knight picks Connor up and spins around, landing in a seated position on the couch with his cock still inside Connor’s ass. Connor shows off his powerful legs, using them to lift himself up and down while riding JJ’s megacock. With his rod filling Connor’s hole, JJ reaches around with his right hand and strokes Connor off, causing him to shoot a massive load. JJ works his cock until his cum explodes all over his chest. As they lay together on the couch, JJ tells Connor to check out ‘Urban Spokes’, a club full of hot gay cyclists who like to ride bikes and ride each other.


Ultra Fan
Photo: Ultra Fan


Desert Getaway – After a hike through scenic Joshua Trees, Sebastian Kross and JJ Knight return to the vacation house and head to the secluded back patio. JJ rubs his hands on Sebastian’s tattooed chest and undoes Sebastian’s belt. Out pops Sebastian’s giant boner, and JJ showers it with oral worship. Letting his own shorts fall to the ground, JJ unveils his unbelievable giant cock. With giant gulps and lots of spit, Sebastian gets to work on JJ’s monster meat. But it’s Sebastian’s ass that really gets JJ going: he parts Sebastian’s cheeks and works his tongue deep into Sebastian’s crack. Standing up, JJ Knight lubes up his dick and tries to be smooth about sticking it to Sebastian. Turning around, Sebastian says, ‘Maybe next time, but I came out here to fuck you.’ That works just fine for JJ: he bends over and offers his ass up to Sebastian’s tongue. When his ass is wet and ready, JJ throws his legs over Sebastian’s shoulders, and Sebastian slams his cock into JJ’s hole. When they switch to doggy style, JJ’s massive cock flaps back and forth with the motion of Sebastian’s thrusting. JJ’s tight ass brings Sebastian to climax: he pulls out and unleashes a massive stream of cum that drenches JJ. Sebastian slaps his dick on the puddle, splashing white semen everywhere. Turning around, JJ jerks out a massive load into Sebastian’s open mouth.

Pitching Tents – After horsing around in the river, JJ Knight and Jeremy Spreadums strip off their wet clothes to their tight, white briefs. Their sexual chemistry is so intense, Jeremy can’t resist dropping to his knees and sucking JJ’s insanely huge cock in broad daylight. Retreating to their tent for more privacy, they make out on the bed and Jeremy deepthroats JJ’s massive rod. Reaching down, JJ massages Jeremy’s spreadable ass cheeks, then repositions himself behind Jeremy to get a taste. Using his tongue, JJ probes Jeremy’s hole with slick spit. With Jeremy ready to receive, JJ pushes his enormous member into Jeremy’s hole. Their doggy style fucking picks up speed as Jeremy pushes his ass into JJ’s crotch, pushing JJ’s cock ever deeper. Dismounting, JJ lies down on the bed and invites Jeremy to go for a ride. As Jeremy rides JJ’s cock, his muscular legs and beefy torso flex and swell. JJ thrusts up from above, then moves to missionary position. Jeremy puts his left leg in the air and enjoys the feeling of JJ’s massive meat stretching his hole. As JJ pummels Jeremy’s sweet spot, the sensation builds until Jeremy explodes with gushers of cum that drench his torso. Pulling out, JJ Knight strokes his load out into Jeremy’s waiting mouth. Hot rivers of cum accumulate on Jeremy’s chin as JJ empties his balls. When he’s finished, JJ leans in for a kiss, and his cum smears across both their faces as they enter a passionate embrace.

About Last Night – After a long night of bachelor partying, Brent Corrigan finds his buddy JJ Knight, the groom, crashed out on the couch. It’s early in the morning, and they’ve barely slept, but that doesn’t stop them from having one last fling before JJ’s married off to someone else. Brent pulls back the blanket and opens his mouth wide to get a taste of JJ’s monster cock. Reaching into his buddy’s briefs, JJ fondles Brent’s throbbing boner. After JJ uses his mouth to moisten Brent’s cock, they rub their dicks together as they kiss. Turning around, Brent parts his amazing ass cheeks and JJ dives in face first. With JJ’s tongue wedged in his hole, Brent moans and shudders with pleasure. Now on the floor, Brent gets in doggy style position and JJ mounts him with vigorous thrusting. They grind together, taking turns providing the momentum for their intense penetration. JJ Knight gets back on the couch and Brent climbs on to ride JJ’s cock. Thrusting up from below, JJ’s massive balls swing through the air. Rolling over into missionary position, Brent grabs his cock and strokes himself as they reach the point of no return. With JJ still inside him, Brent shoots a white hot load. JJ stands up and sends jets of white cum into Brent’s open mouth. After Brent sucks every last drop of cum from JJ’s cock, they press their faces together in a final cum-covered kiss.

So once again don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet with this hung hunk on the 3rd of March 2017 just before the Sydney Mardi Gras.