I Became An Alpha Masturbator!

In the world of personal masturbators, few products can compare to the Fleshlight. With its streamlined design and functionality, it’s easy to understand how it’s the No. 1 male sex toy in the world.

But a toy that is putting an end to the monopoly is the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1 from leading adult merchandiser California Exotic Novelties.

The following is a review based on by first impressions of this toy. Both positive and negative aspects of what I consider to be a revolutionary toy in a market monopolised by big name brands.

Upon initial inspection, the box is an appealing combination of bright imaging and impressive detail. From the bold silver font to the detailed breakdown of the toys impressive array of functions everything about the box drags you in.

Unlike most packaging for adult toys which are so convoluted and difficult to open they may contain nuclear launch codes instead of the latest vibrator, the Apollo is streamlined and easy to open whilst maintaining cleanliness and product integrity.

What I Liked:

There’s a few things I was a fan of with regards to the Apollo, The fact that’s its rechargeable is a huge plus, with most high quality toys forgoing the need for batteries. Despite the power of the vibrations, which are impressive, the toy itself is whisper quiet, a testament to the quality.

The entry point design is varied among the different models of the Apollo, with either a gender neutral design or a vulva based design that appeases men of all sexual proclivities.

The sleeve is very pliable and easy to remove which at first impression would mean an easier cleaning experience but the design of the sleeve is to promote greater suction which means unlike other masturbators that have a hole at the bottom of the sleeve, this sleeve does not. Which means a complicated inversion of the sleeve is required to clean it.

A major selling point of the Apollo is the customizable tightness. This is achieved by two pressure pads situated on either side of the toy which can be squeezed by the user to create the ideal pressure scenario.

With its streamlined design and ergonomic functionality the Apollo is easy to use, the one push start is very simple and the functions button making it effortless to find your perfect orgasm.

For all of this on offer with all the functionality and vibrational patterns, one of the most impressive things about the Apollo is its affordability. While it still retails at over $150. When you look at what you’re getting for that price. It’s definitely good bang for your buck!!!

Male Sex Toy

Now it’s time to acknowledge the flipside. No toy is perfect and the Apollo is no different. The following are my own personal criticisms on an otherwise fantastic toy.

As previously mentioned, the sleeve design does not allow for easy cleaning like other designs. While this allows for greater suction, I’m sure I’m not the only one that would sacrifice a little suction for greater cleanliness. Especially given the nature of the toy!!!

The texture of the sleeve was a little softer than I was expecting from previous experiences touching ‘faux flesh.’ In my experience the “Fanta-Flesh” range is the most lifelike in terms of suppleness and firmness. The design of the Apollo sleeve is a little soft and squishy for my liking.

My final criticism is the 30 function feature. I’m not sure if I’m lacking the sensitivity to pick up on the minutiae but I struggled to tell the difference with a lot of the vibrational patterns.

However the positives definitely outweigh the negatives in this situation. I would definitely recommend the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1.


Matthew is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Time To Try The Vibratex Maven Masturbator!!

I think the Vibratex Maven Masturbator is a really good alternative to the flesh flight and is worthy of it’s higher price point over other adult brands. it is easy to use, clean and it’s sizes and material make it perfect for most shapes and sizes to fit!  The packaging is a bit lacklustre but most of Vibtratex’s products come in that clear plastic box with a bit of branding and product information on the top and bottom and some flower details all over the clear windows. The box contains the Vibratex Maven Masturbator and nothing else it’s Japanese so its also very minimally designed. The box isn’t great for storage as it isn’t discreet and it’s not very sturdy.

The Vibratex Maven Masturbator feels really luxurious and the thickness to me feels the same as the fleshlight’s internals. The sleeve is made of deluxe soft wear skin, a TPE blend. The downside to TPE blends that are that they are porous and have a limited life if not cared for properly the upside to them is that they are silicone and water based lubricant safe! Oil and silicone based lubricant should be avoided as it degrades the material. Even after a couple of uses, it ends up splitting and tearing. (that includes hand creams or moisturisers.)

The internal stimulants of the Vibratex Maven Masturbator are a series of knobbly bumps all through the product. Maven is a beautiful bluish purple and has no anatomically correct opening although it does have ripples around the entrance kind of like fleshlights butt holes but not really. The lack of case allows you to make it as loose or as tight as you like with your own grip and it is still going to provide a better than masturbation feel. the closed tip is also helpful when it comes to clean up. Many people have stated theirs has lasted them around 12 months when they washed it with a mild soap and toy spray and let it dry completely when inside out.


Vibratex Masturbator Sleeve
Sex Toy: Vibratex Maven Blue Masturbator Sleeve

Maven and masturbation sleeves, in general, can help people overcome premature ejaculation. The sleeve is textured and has more stimulation than your regular hand. Whilst you’re using the Vibratex Maven Masturbator for masturbation, your body will get used of the stimulation this means your body can take the time it needs to become desensitized. Desensitisation will make you last longer in bed but it will still make you feel pleasure which is the opposite of what the majority of delay sprays. After a while, you’ll get used of the sensations of masturbation and be able to tune into how your body operates. This will help you to understand when to change how you masturbate.

Vibratex Maven Masturbator is more than just a solo sex toy that can also help couples connect since the maven is caseless it so much lighter than original fleshlight.  Maven is a good product for those who don’t want to commit to a larger product that may not be fully discreet, a product they can have more control of the stimulation over and those who want something that is low maintenance,

Adult Smart Online Sex Shop Product Reviews for Vibratex Maven Masturbator:

5 out of 5

“Vibratex Maven Masturbator is worth the money. Ive tried others but they were too small to fit a larger penis. this one is larger than most and more durable. Ive had it for a while now and enjoy it, It hasn’t ripped or tore like some of the others Ive tried. Closed end for less mess and cleans easy. Love it…”

5 out of 5

“Vibratex Maven Masturbator has got to be one of the best items I’ve purchased on Amazon! I would absolutely recommend this product; in fact, I already have to a couple of my friends. The texture is very smooth and feels great – incredibly close to the real thing! Should you buy it to incorporate in the bedroom…absolutely, no question about it.”

5 out of 5

“First time ever trying a product like this. A little lube goes a long way with this thing. Its super smooth and wraps around like glove. Easy to clean just flip it inside out use warm water and soap. The best part is Vibratex Maven Masturbator won’t get pregnant!”


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