Being Bound and Dominated By My Wife!

Man Wearing A Chastity Device

Some men love being dominated by a woman and this one loves the feeling of submission it gives him.  Recounting his true tale of a man in chastity and tips and tricks of how to wear these devices for extended periods of time.  Slowing down or stopping his masturbation has increased the desire he feels for his HotWife and allowed him to experience a cuckolds lifestyle.

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My Male Chastity Story

Female Dom

I want to explain how I use my male chastity device and I want to inform you guys about the pleasures you will enjoy with your manhood being under lock and key and it won’t damage your marriage or relationship. When talking about the intricacies of Male Chastity strategies most guys out there claiming to be experts are really online liars. The fact there are many guys who like to have a cock and balls locked up indefinitely by their wives, girlfriends or male partner is astounding. The numbers of these kinky guys I believe are very small, and this article will explain what I have learned about male chastity devices.

My First Experience Wearing a Chastity Device

A few days before I was to get married I purchased a CB3000 which seemed to be the most popular of chastity devices on the market. This I presented as a joke to my wife as a surprise present before our wedding as she had expressed to me doubt that I could remain faithful to her after marriage. I actually wanted to find how seriously she took this as she had been cheated on earlier by previous boyfriends and always seemed to carry that distrust towards me.  She actually started experimenting with it and although the first time she insisted we try it and put the device on me it came as a bit of a shock – although silently and subconsciously I was pleased. We experimented and found out ways that the use of the device actually enhanced our pleasure. She started liking it so much – and I guess the thought of being in control – that after some time she would keep me bonded in my device for weeks at a stretch which gradually increased to months at a time.


Male Chastity Ring


The trouble was that I could not masturbate and I started missing this activity. I had to beg her to release me and let me enjoy my freedom for the bare minimum, just a couple of days but she begin to take great pleasure in punishing me and keeping me deprived from sensory pleasures without her permission. She is no longer afraid that I will fool around with other girls or guys. I have become more caring towards her as I shower her with more love and attention when my cock is locked up. I have actually caught her recommending a male chastity devices to her closest friend whose husband had been found to be cheating on her. She told her friend that she should to keep him locked up in one of these when you are not around and he will never cheat on you again. And if he refuses to wear it he is obviously going to cheat on you again.

The erotic denial a males chastity device gives is obvious. I first started with complaining profusely. But now I realise that I have actually started enjoying the situation and am now I am a chastity fetish fan. Having my cock locked up in a male chastity device actually has the effect of turning me on and I find it more exciting when my wife dominates me and I have to ask her to release me.

I wanted to know more about my kinky obsession and went to consult an urologist and know whether there would or could be any adverse impact on my health if I used these male chastity devices. He let me know that there is not even a single resource or place for doctors which gives information on this condition or in all the medical and urological writings.So I went and did a bit of research on my own and got my male chastity device customized so that there would be a reduction of the amount of compression on my organ when I had an erection. As I am not a newbie now in the game and I did not use it for short periods of time I wanted to make sure all would be well and my health would be taken care of.

I searched a lot of sites and finally found a male chastity device that was perfect for me. The chastity devices here have great names also! The names serve as a turn on. Some of the product names include Torture Puzzle, Tigers Cage, Hell’s Dungeon, Grinder or Exoskeleton just to name a few which I looked up. These are all sold by quality vendors and not only are much more safe but the cock cage also cannot be removed without the help of a key. I finally purchased a silicone cock cage which is made of flexible material and partly adjustable and can be worn for prolonged periods of time.

With my wife’s permission and after consulting with my doctor I selected an expensive chastity device which had no rings and did not have the cock rings which are the cause of tissue compression. The Doctor told me that erection was a natural process and night time erections may help the flow of blood and also exercise the erectile and vascular tissues to keep them healthy and ensure that the cock does not waste away, atrophy due to non-usage. The cock is just like any other muscle and if not used for protracted periods of time it is bound to wither away. So I am very alert as I hope to have many more healthy erections to live for.

But the fact remains that doctor’s advice, however frightening and scary like causing cancer and impotence does not stop the addict from smoking or stopping or my wife from locking my cock a male chastity restraint for protracted periods. I was scared about the Doctors warnings so I went and took some second opinion.

Male Chastity Devices are a Type of BDSM Foreplay

What I found out was that like all other sex toys the chastity device which I purchased was a much sought after bondage item which is not controlled nor certified as safe by the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Obviously there are little or no known complaints of guys becoming impotent due to their squeezed up cock and balls due to wearing chastity restraints, because nobody is unhappy when wearing them and everyone is enjoying the tightness and restrictive pleasure of wearing them. My Doctor also helped me by consulting with his friend who was a specialist on urological trauma and told me that the fact is that are not too many reports of people being injured by wearing or because of over use of male chastity restraints.

I was able to get hold of a blogger Metal who Incidentally told me that he was also a renowned consultant for cocks which had been locked up for years together. Bondage and Discipline coupled with Sadism and Masochistic leanings were Metal’s area of expertise. He reassured me that he had a lot of clients with locked up cocks who had no difficulty in getting an erection when their devices were removed. The pain of the erection in the beginning always turns into pleasure.

Metal advised me that play with my custom chastity device is a kind of foreplay, which is really, really long and prolongs the pleasure to give a kind of tantric euphoria which passes on to transcendence. But there are rules that are good and need to be followed. Maybe you must strictly not allow yourself to be unhooked before being chained to the bed posts. A second useful rule suggestion by Metal and endorsed by my wife is that if I am allowed to cum then immediately afterwards my cock would get a sound spanking for being naughty and would get locked up in my chastity device for long stretches to which I happily agreed.

I have finally come to the conclusion that wearing a male chastity device enhances my marriage and would recommend to my friends that this is how I use my male chastity device and if they want to live a less kinky sex life they could always do so too.

Chastity Device Rules

First we should get this straight a cuckold’s role in any relationship is that of a support person. His wife of better half needs come before all his own needs. So at the earliest time after the roles are determined and you choose to live a cuckold lifestyle he should be introduced to a male chastity device. The obvious reason for this is there is no place for him to waste time stroking off his own penis as it will deter him from the more important task of keeping his wife happy and serviced. It is my opinion that the chastity device be used even before marriage, whilst dating even so that the boundaries can be set early in the piece and the cuckolded man, if you wish to call him that does not take advantage of any situation especially when it comes to masturbation or sex.

As the key holder in my relationship I will not allow my cuckolded man to ejaculate at any time without my permission and this includes when I choose to take the chastity device off too. There is nothing more empowering to have his penis enclosed for a long period and then after release still deny him his release. It will only make the moment you do allow him to to be all the more exciting and rewarding. My husband begs me for sex that I permit him to have about once a month. To see how excited he gets when the time approached is in some way pathetic but in other a real turn on. Knowing that whenever I want it his cock will be erect and ready to service me empowers me and in most cases denies him. Chastity can be an important part of teasing and denial play. Teasing and denial is a form of Discipline where the wife takes pleasure in purposely teasing her cuckold both physically, verbally and even mentally. I love a cuckolded lifestyle and my husband does too!

Early on, before we got married, I let him know that I would be permitted to have affairs outside out marriage but that I would never cheat behind his back. In fact all the affairs I have had I have explained to my lovers the situation and I have brought them home for him to watch. For him to know his hot wife is desired by other men but that I choose to stay with him, as he is convenient for me. My husband kept pestering me to put him in chastity. He had one of the plastic belts from before we were married, which I didn’t like the look or design of so I went all out and got him a steel cock cage. I put him in under one condition: That he stays is going to stay in it for six weeks at a time, only being allowed out when I choose to allow him. He agreed although the first time he was only in one for a month. He constantly begs me to let him out and let him cum, but I won’t break our agreement now and I’m going to see to it that he doesn’t and keep my man in chastity.

I love the look of it on him, the way steel chastity cock cage contains & looks on my man’s big dick and he has mentioned to me that he loves the feeling of the cold steel around his cock and balls. I don’t get why men like to have that part locked up, but I certainly love it when he wants me with his whole being. It is great to be the key holder and in charge and certainly he is more receptive and kind to me. I also make his hands cuffed to our bed and legs shackled to the bed once or twice a week while I tease and shave his dick hair. This way there is no chance of escape of the chastity and I further enforce my dominance.

He only gets to have 10 sexual encounters with me per year. He is usually let out for 1 day for each encounter. Last night because he was really good I had him serve dinner to me and my 3 girlfriends who were in sexy short skirts and high heel sandals and he was stripped naked with only the cage on and out of his g-string that he always wears for me. We all grabbed his cage and his butt while he served us dinner. After we were done and he cleaned up we decided to only shackle his legs, free his dick out of the cage and he had to have sex with each one of us. He pleased each of us and to keep him horny we pleased each other too. He got drained good and when we were done he got locked back up in the cage for the next fun encounter.

My man loves being locked up in his male chastity device and it is great to know that if or when he is to see someone else it is at my command and will.  I love keeping my man in chastity and he loves it too.


Chastity Restraints! Pain or Pleasiure?

woman controlled business man

Chastity role play can turn sexual frustration into the most powerful sexual experiences. Though they’re often associated with tortures, chastity restraints are one of the most popular devices today. That’s because they’re now used as sex toys for orgasm denial and control. Teasing your partner while he’s wearing a male chastity device enhances the psychological arousal by preventing his erections.

chastity age with ball clamp

What are chastity restraints?

A chastity device or restraint is a small device used for physical limitations during sex and foreplay. For some men and couples, chastity restraints are used every day. Some chastity restraints are meant for short term use, since they’re made of metal. Others are designed for cock and ball torture and are too intense to be worn for long time. The focus here, though, is on using male chastity restraints for short term fun, where the focus is on delaying pleasure and delaying ejaculation. The ideal chastity restraint is the one that prevents erections without causing pain. The most comfortable chastity restraints are the ones created for long-term wear, because they’re made of washable, skin safe materials.

In order to be both comfortable and effective, a male chastity restraint should fit perfectly when the cock is flaccid without leaving gaps. Both the cage length and the diameter of the cock ring need to be considered, so measure your cock to get the right fit. Some chastity cages come with a set of different size base rings. The base ring of a chastity restraint should have the same diameter as a cock ring that fits you well, so it supports the weight of the cage correctly and keeps it in a comfortable position. To measure your cock, wrap a string around your cock and balls and measure the length of the string. Then divide the result by 3.14 to get the cock ring diameter

It is easy to wear a chastity restraint. Wear a chastity restraint when your cock is soft. Put a little lubricant on the head and shaft of your cock and let the restraint slide on. Chastity restraints should be used only when they do not cut off circulation. Also clean your chastity restraints before and after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. Men will find chastity restraints very fun during oral sex. Oral sex becomes an incredible tease and lap dances offer unique pleasure while a man wears a chastity restraint.

cock chastity cage spiked ring

Are chastity restraints painful?

Nearly everybody who wears this gadget will eventually become erect for some reason. For most people it may feel like your penis confined in a small space whilst your penis is being pushed up. The tip of my penis is held in the enclosure. It also feel very tight around the balls as they grow in shape or size to fill out the chastity device. If you enjoy these sensations it can feel quite overwhelming and you will love it. You will find that your chastity device will rise according to your erection and the development will make you feel the power of the device sexual control and security. In the case your wear a bared chastity device your  penis will remain inside the enclosure. The head and shaft swell and push against the bars, which visually will look like the tissue behind the base ring swells. There are many devices to choose from which will display your penis completely different to the next.  Most people with BDSM collections will collect a multitude of different products to have a new experience each time. It is also a lot of fun to switch the devices to get your heart fluttering just a little bit more with your lack of control due to your dominating sexual partner.

Most good online adult stores offer a large variety of chastity restraint devices.  Chastity restraints are being used every day by thousands of men. You never know, the guy walking next to you in the mall might be wearing a chastity restraint under his jeans right now.