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The alarm clock made a loud noise that woke Frank from his deep sleep. He was so much enjoying his dream and he wished he could just reach out his hand to stop the alarm clock from making more noise. However, the alarm clock was far away.

Today was a special day for him and that was because it was his birthday. He was now eighteen years old. His friends have a lot of fun planned for him and even though he had tried everything he could to know what the plans were, the only snippet he got was that they were going to make sure he lost his virginity today.

Remembering that made him smile. Of all of the members of his circle of friends, he was the only one who was still a virgin. He didn’t even have a girlfriend. He couldn’t wait to lose his virginity. He had gotten into college the year before. He had felt like a kid; now, it was time to feel like a man.

He checked his phone and saw so many birthday messages from friends and family members. While he appreciated all the messages, the one thing on his mind was sex and losing his virginity. He decided to reply the messages in the evening when he was done having fun.

He had his bath and prepared for lectures. When he walked out of his room later, two of his friends, Pete and Jake were waiting and they both had goofy grins on their faces.

“Happy birthday!” the two screamed.

They both grabbed Frank and led him out of the building. Outside, a car was waiting and so were two more of his friends, Daley and Mike. They got out of the car and screamed “Happy birthday!” too.

“What are you guys doing here? You know I have to get to class right?” Frank said.

“No, no, no, no,” Daley said. “No class for you today, my friend. Today, you are going to have sex for the first time in your life and you are going to limit the number of masturbations you do daily.”

While the friends laughed loud and hard, Frank looked around to make sure no one heard what Daley had just said. Frank smiled. He really had weird friends. Daley was the son of a very rich man and he could get almost anything he wanted.

“Come on, let’s go,” Daley said. He got into the driver’s seat while Mike sat in the passenger seat.

Pete and Jake bundled Frank into the backseat and they sat on either side of him. Daley drove off.

“Where are we going exactly?”

“You will see,” Mike said.

“And you are going to love it,” Jake said.

After about twenty minutes, they arrived in front of a building which was a bar in the day and a nightclub in the night. The building also provided other pleasure options that only a select few people knew about.

The friends all got in and then all the people inside stopped whatever they were doing to shout, “Happy birthday, Frank!”

Frank was both surprised and moved. He couldn’t believe that his friends could do this for him. People came to meet him and wished him a lovely birthday. The party soon moved into full swing as people drank and danced.

Daley led Frank towards a room. “You are to go in there and have all the fun in the world. You are not to come out until you have achieved pleasure.” Then he pushed Frank inside the room.

As soon as Frank was inside the room, the door was shut. In the room was a bed and on the bed was the sexiest lady Frank had ever seen. She was dressed in a very skimpy bra and panties. She lay on her side while her legs pulled close to her breasts.

Frank could not take his eyes off her sexy buttocks. Beside the lady was a sex doll which was dressed in the same manner as the lady too.

“Happy birthday, handsome,” the lady said breathily. The voice alone made Frank’s dick rise against his pants. “I am yours for today. Come over and enjoy your gift.”

Frank rushed to remove all of his clothes. Soon, he was naked and his dick was painfully erect. He rushed towards the lady and pushed her back. He wanted to tear off her panties and slam himself inside her but he told himself to calm down and make sure that she enjoyed as much as he.

He kissed her and then move his lips down her chest and then her stomach. He continued his way down to her panties and kissed her pussy through the panties. She moaned and he loved the sound.

He helped her take off her bra and as her breasts spilled out, he sucked the nipples in his mouth one after the other. She rubbed her hands all over his hair. After sucking the nipples, he kissed her stomach and this made her shiver. He slowly and gently pulled off her panties.

Her pussy was shaved and he licked the outer lips before pushing his tongue deep inside. He moaned loudly. She came.

“Let me return the favor,” she said.

When Frank lay down, she bent over his laps and took his dick in her mouth. Frank had never received a blowjob in his life and this was mind-blowing. When he was about to cum, he warned her.

She straddled him and pushed his erect dick in her pussy. Frank felt he was in paradise as his dick penetrated her folds. She placed her hands and either sides of his shoulders and began to move back on forth as she rode him. Being his first time, Frank came hard and quickly.

“Wow!” Frank said. “I didn’t know sex was so amazing!”

The lady laughed. “That’s an understatement. You haven’t seen anything yet. I like you and I would love to meet with you again so that we can have more fun.”

Frank was shocked. “What? I came quickly. Aren’t you disappointed?”

“I like how gentle you were. I have never been treated that way before,” she said.

“Wow. Thanks. I would love to meet you again,” Frank said.

They exchanged phone numbers and then she grabbed the sex doll. “Here, keep this and have fun with it until we meet again. Practice whatever you want to do to me with it.” She kissed him and left the room.

Frank lay on the bed and slept off but not before thinking about how this was the best birthday party ever.

Bring Sensuality To Gay Sex

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Everyone whether straight or gay, wants a passionate, exciting and rewarding sex life. Whether you are new to relationships or with a partner for several years, your sex life remains an important part of your relationship. Unfortunately over time couples lose their intimacy and their eroticism. Here I discuss few ways you can light up the fire in your bedroom. Many people guess that gay sex is fabulous and frequent because both partners are men. After all, holly wood movies are showing us gay men with high sexual pleasure and a big cock that barely can be kept in their pants. This stereotype has led us to believe that gay men never get bored in the bedroom. Of course, gay couples like all couples, will say that this is not true. Gay sex life is not different from straight sex life. Sometimes it can be amazing and unique, and other times it just needs work. By following these guidelines you are ensuring that you will improve your gay sex with your partner.

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If you feel sensuality is missing from your relationship, discuss the issue with your partner and discuss things you’d like to try. The more you say, and the more you know about each other, the more sensual sex it is. This is because, if you’re having sex often, you can be certain that you know what both of you like and you both trust each other. You can feel confident being more emotionally open and letting yourself explore each other each time that you have sex. Beyond this, you’ll also have had more of a chance to discuss and discover what really turns you and him on. With patience and an understanding of your partner, you both can focus on learning to give and receive pleasure in a way which is not initially sexual. With a loving partner, there won’t be the need or the urgency to have sex fast. You can take your time on sensual foreplay.

It’s useful to recognize that, for sensual sex, you need to be fully in touch with yourself. Many aren’t. You need to be sincere with your feelings.  Getting in touch with your feelings goes far beyond sex. Feelings can be shown with a relaxing massage, a day at the spa, a meal with close friends or a hot, scented bath with a glass of wine. It can be about relaxing and closing your eyes to the pace of life while you let your mind wander and discover what you feel. It may be you would like to create a romantic scene to make love in, perhaps just changing the lighting and scent in your bedroom or taking it outdoors. Or it might involve after play, stroking and massaging each other after sex and sharing a few intimate thoughts. With a little care, gay sex with a long-term partner can become better and better and more sensual. You will be able to experience the sensual feelings of the first time with your partner. This way you and your partner will not get bored.

It is also important to discover your partner’s body. Gay men have the benefit of already knowing their partner’s anatomy, since they have similar body parts. This doesn’t mean that your partner likes the same stuff that you like, but you can explore his body and find out what he loves. By knowing what teases your partner, you have the advantage of offering pleasure and stimulating his mind.

As a couple you should experiment with new positions. Gay couples having just bottom or top sex is a stereotype. Raise things to a higher level by changing your positions and getting creative. Let your primal instinct guide you. Try having sex in public or in a different room in the house and see how it goes. Maybe you prefer experimenting with sex in the shower or in the beach. Be creative and enjoy sex as it meant to be fun.

Sex toys are not just for single people. There are several ways you can use and enjoy a sex toy as a couple. Consider using a prostate stimulator while performing a 69 with your partner and experience how anal pleasure can improve stimulation and sex overall. You can also find several sex toys including dildos, prostate stimulators and vibrating plugs. There are thousands of amazing and erotic sex aids that can help people improve their sex lives. If you both enjoy masturbation, why not get masturbation sleeves? Masturbation sleeves can come equipped with extras or customized with your own designs, and can be truly enjoyed masturbation as a couple. If you went for a business trip and you don’t have your partner with you, then you both can use masturbation sleeves over the phone or the internet and have simultaneous orgasms. Gay men don’t love only toys. Other things that can improve your sex life are erotica and porn DVDs. Enjoy written erotic stories and receive pleasure from visual stimulus while watching a hardcore gay movie with your partner.

Sensuality when you’re having gay sex can be rely upon your feelings of comfort, openness, friendship and love for your partner and your willingness and ability to indulge in your own feelings of sensual and sexual pleasure. Your partner may be a complete mystery. It could be a one night stand or a casual encounter. Casual encounters can be some of the hottest experiences that you can have, because you’re clearly there for some good hard core sexy fun. The setting can help or destroy the mood. So too will how you behave and what you say to each other. Many find best to keep the words to a minimum. The more you or he says the more individual you and he become to each other. The mystery will then fade. With a partner you do know well, whether in a relationship or otherwise, things can seem to happen in other ways.