Take Your Magic Mushie – A Real Steel Butt Plug!


There’s something magical about the human anus. When it is stimulated during sex, the excitement brings on a reaction that will cause an immediate orgasm in most impotent of men. This is known as an anal orgasm. That’s because, you’re touching the area of the scrotum that is very sensitive but not often stimulated during love-making. So with the insertion of a woman’s finger into the anus during sex, the arousal is awesome. Every man would love to have a Bohemian type of woman who is up for this. (Or down to this, however you want to look at it.) It’s sort of the ultimate extent a woman would go to to please her man, isn’t it?

But, who wants to, you know, put their finger into places unknown where there could be all kinds of ominous bacteria that could get under your fingernails? It’s pretty dangerous territory to explore with the tip of your finger. And it may be a little uncomfortable for your man if your fingernails are long. Well, he may like it, too. But, still…The Magic Mushie Butt Plug will make contact with a satisfying massage of the area, discovering new nerve receptors he never knew he had and creating visions of paradise.

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So, that’s why Magic Mushie Butt Plugs are a necessary part of every lovers’ bedroom anal play sex-toy kit. I’d keep them very clean and ready for action in a safe place, away from children and animals. The Magic Mushie Butt Plug is made of surgical steel. Like I was saying about dangerous territory, you’ll want something very safe going up your butt. Otherwise something very bad could happen. There’s a lot going on inside your butt. Maybe you don’t want to think about it, but it’s better to take a little caution with these things than to find out that you’ve started a problem in your body that may cause discomfort later.

What I like about the Magic Mushie Butt Plug is that it is safe. It’s actually medical standard safe. The price is also very reasonable. What you don’t want is to go cutting corners by buying a cheap butt toy that may have been made in China or somewhere where they use lesser quality metal. A cheap sex toy that’s coated with chrome, is actually quite dangerous because that chrome can peel off in time. You may not even see the little pieces coming off of it, but pieces could stay inside of the anus and cause irritation and who knows what else.

So for health purposes, you’ll want a butt plug that doesn’t contain magnesium or phosphates. Surgical steel is the only way to go. It won’t rust over time. Magic Mushie Butt Plugs are made from Hell’s Couture platinum surgical steel. So you can trust your butt to it. And your lover’s butt. For a memorable experience between the sheets, Magic Mushie Butt Plugs are the butt plugs to reach for. You didn’t know what you were missing out on. It’s sheer magic. Don’t settle for anything less. I wouldn’t want to take chances on my sex toys by trying to save money on cheap, uncertified toys made from questionable substances that come from who-knows-where with who-knows-what kind of quality. You want a dependable and high quality surgical steel butt plug so that when you grab for it in a moment of uncontrolled passion, you don’t need to worry where it came from or whether or not it will cause harm to your lover. Right? If you’re going to shove something up your lover’s butt, make sure it’s something that won’t cause bodily damage. That’s what love is all about.

One should have a pleasurable time when making love so that they are likely to want to do it again. Not, freak out at the thought of having discomfort because the sex toys are low quality. Your butt deserves only the best. Magic Mushie Butt Plugs took your health into consideration first. And pleasure was a close second. The Magic Mushie Butt Plug comes in different sizes to suit every anus. Not all anuses are built the same. Sometimes it takes a little wider size to fill the need and have the best affect. Choose the size that’s right for you and your mate.

Enjoy the Magic Mushie Butt Plug in your bedroom. They will last for years and bring you lots of fun! For your new sex toy to last longer, follow Hell’s Couture article on how to clean kinky sex toys.