Rocking Good Time In Bed With Monkey Rockers

Thom York once said that sex is more than an act of pleasure, and he’s right. It’s an art, and it takes skills to get someone turned on and Monkey Rockers may just be the thing to do so. So if you are looking to bring in some excitement under the sheets and you’ve tried every form of karma sutra position in the book, then adding sex toys to your sexual adventure might be the course you want to take.


Introducing the Monkey Rocker


A monkey rocker, also known as a sex glider, is a sex toy that is like a rocking chair except one with a dildo. It was first created by Dan Sierchert back in the 90s and now has become a staple for anyone wanting to add some extra pleasure to their sex life.


Monkey rockers are ideal for both couple and solo play. It’s trendy among sex furniture collectors since it does resemble a chair. Because it uses your body’s power or momentum, it’s effortless to use. All you need to do is rock back and forth on the rocker, and you can increase the intensity according to your body’s needs. The dildo attachment slides easily in and out with each rock, giving you ultimate control over the penetration depth and speed.


If you’re alone and want to pleasure yourself, imagine the fantasies in your mind as you sit on the rocker, close your eyes and feel every bit of sensation and pleasure coursing through your body. You can control how fast and intense you want the penetrations to be, perfect for anyone who needs to dominate and have complete control over their orgasms.


If with a partner, it’s double the excitement. Double penetration fantasies can be done for real with the dildo attachment on the monkey rocker and your partner’s penis.


Monkey rockers, despite not being battery-powered or needing to be charged, these rockers are pretty expensive. But the pleasure you get is as intense and as fun, as you want it to be. It’s worth doing some research to find out how a monkey rocker works and whether it’s suitable for your sex play.


Advantages of Monkey Rockers


If you want extra pleasure for yourself or with your partner(s), then monkey rockers are a great sex toy to invest in. Here are some significant advantages of using a monkey rocker:

  • It uses your own body’s momentum, so if control is what you’re looking for, then you’ll get it from the monkey rocker.
  • With a monkey rocker, you can control the speed as well as the depth of penetration.
  • You can pair a monkey rocker with other sex toys for both anal and vaginal penetration.
  • You can also take it up a notch and add double penetration with your partner’s penis
  • Monkey rockers operate quietly, and they don’t require batteries or charging
  • You can use monkey rockers whenever and wherever you please

What are the things to consider when choosing a Monkey Rocker?


Sex rockers come in all shapes and sizes to serve unique sexual needs. They are a little expensive for sex furniture, so choosing the right one is essential. You don’t want to simply purchase one without doing some form of research because if you don’t get the right type, you’ll probably not get the satisfaction you’re looking for.


While the price may be on the high side, when you speak to owners of monkey rockers, they’ll you that its’ worth every penny. Here are some considerations for you as a guideline when shopping for your very own sex rocker:


  • Your budget

Your budget can narrow down your search for a suitable rocker. Monkey rockers range from $90 and go up to $500, depending on their features.


  • Dildo compatibility

Some rockers come with dildo attachments for you to use your favorite dildo instead of using a built-in one. This way, you can get the most out of your dildo and the rocker.


  • Compatibility range

Some rockers are only compatible with a small number of dildos. This means not all dildos can fit into the rocker, so its worth checking the rocker’s specifications before you buy.

However, if you love change and like experimenting, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.


  • Features

The features of the rocker determine the price. The more expensive the rockers, the more expensive it would be. Comfort does matter such a padded thigh rests are an essential part of a rocker- it enables you to sit on the rocker comfortably for a more extended period. Check the weight limits of the rocker, too, so that you can choose the right size for your needs.


Is it hard to use the monkey rocker?


The sex glider, monkey rocker or sex rocker– call it what you want, is pretty straightforward to use a sex toy. You straddle the gap and use your body’s momentum to rock. The glider does the rest to pleasure you. You use your motion to control the rocker, perfect for those who want toys with a greater sense of personal control. You decide how deep, how complex and how intense your experience will be.


Do I need  monkey rockers?


You don’t need it like you need water to survive, but you will want a sex rocker to increase your sexual pleasure experience. You can play out your most profound and most pleasurable fantasies on your own or with your partner because you can ride yourself wild with one. By the end of the experience, you’ll be wondering why you lived without one all your life.


So is it worth your money? Yes, if you want to a change into your sex experience. Yes, if you’re going to spice things up under the sheets, and yes, if you’re going to pleasure yourself on your own.


The simple answer is yes. With a little bit of research on your part to read reviews and compare the different rockers on sale, you’ll be happy with your investment at the end of the day.


Sex Toys for High-end Escort Girls to Carry

Sex toys are a hot topic. Nowadays it seems like everybody is talking about it which is evident when you take into consideration their massive increase in demand lately. The industry is constantly on a path to change, improve and redesign the art of giving pleasure. There has been a significant increase in the number of high-end escorts using sex toys to satisfy their VIP client’s need. Almost every high-end escort uses these Sex toys to give pleasure to their exclusive clients.

Here is a list of toys that the escorts make sure to travel with

  1. The Petting Ring:

Reinvent the way to male masturbation with a petting ring designed by Betony Vernon. This exquisite piece of erotic jewellery is the first choice of every exclusive escort, this piece goes on between your index finger and your thumb. This ring is designed to tickle and stimulate the skin providing extra pleasure to the receiver. Everybody is trying it out and loving it, did you try yours yet?

  1. Gold Crystal Cuffs:

Try out Swarovski black diamond-studded crystal handcuffs made with 18 carats plated gold. Trust me, it is as good as it sounds. If you want to take your fantasies to a new height, then you can’t miss this sexy gear. The best part about this is the fact that these are detachable cuffs turning themselves into a piece of beautiful jewellery when you need it to be. Else we are pretty sure you are well aware of its use in your bedroom. Now that’s what we call a mix of luxury and convenience.

  1. The Cock Ring:

This one is a must for all the escorts. Cock rings come in different materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to leather and metal. C- Rings can be worn around the base of the penis and sometimes the testicles to make the erection harder, bigger, and longer-lasting. You can add a pure silver cock ring to your essentials for an extra bit of luxury, right? Grab it soon and give your client a long-lasting night which they shall remember for years to come.

  1. Love Swing:

We all have fantasized about having sex on a swing, I mean, who will not like that?! Sex swings have the potential to take sexual intercourse to its extreme, of course, in a good way. A sex swing enables excellent freedom of movement to try out challenging sex positions which makes sexual intercourse much steamier and more effortless. If you like trying out extreme sex poses then this will make your job much easier and exciting, get ready to experience maximum satisfaction with minimum effort.

  1. Ben Wah Balls:

This needs no introduction also known as Kegel balls, these have been around for centuries. They are often used to strengthen vaginal muscle, helping maintain the looseness of the vagina, making it tight again. These come in various forms, weight and sizes according to your personal needs. These balls are usually hallowed and they insist on some weight. When inserted inside the vagina, it’s known to provide extreme sexual stimulation that lasts until you get it out, which is a reason why it is known by many names like orgasm balls, venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls, pleasure balls and more. Although, it does not bring the user to immediate orgasm but rather teases them for long hours.

  1. Good old Lubes:

We all know that having good lubrication is an essential prerequisite for having great intercourse. We all have probably heard this saying called “The wetter, the better!”. It goes without saying that investing in good lubrication is a must. Lubes come in three categories: Water-based, Silicon-based and Oil-based. Choose one that suits you and it will go a long way.

  1. For sensation lovers

Some people attain orgasm just by some tingling sensations. If you happen to be an escort who loves to give orgasm to their clients then get yourselves a 10-tool kit by Agent Noir Neon Wand. The kit consists of a power tripper, an electro whip, a neon wand, a pinwheel handcuff, tongue, mushroom and a silver attache case.

  1. Pet masks

Roleplay has always been an innate part of foreplay. Some escorts like to dress up and pretend like one of their client’s fantasies, seeing the light of day- wearing a pet mask to get their true animal side out. You can easily rock the show by wearing a, wait-for-it – a sexy fox mask. Go for either a half-face or a full-face mask. The velvet and lace will make the mask an amazing accessory to play with.

Thus, working as an escort will expose you to a world of kinks. An escort has to fulfil the client’s demand to get paid. Sometimes, preparing these skills can be difficult as not every escort is trained in such a manner. Every escort has their own set of styles which they don’t wish to change. The more famous and popular an escort is, the more demand the client will have. Be it bondage or roleplay, sometimes you even might not be prepared.

Things to be cautious about

Apart from the above-mentioned items, an escort should always carry their lubricants and protections in order to avoid infections and unwanted pregnancy. Make sure to always play it safe. Many times, you might be in the mood to have sex with a client, so carry your favourite lubes in your bag.

Also, your toys must be enticing. Choose toys that you are comfortable using with your clients. There’s no use in playing around with toys that you won’t enjoy. The tool kit that an escort brings to the client must contain toys that can be willingly used. Sometimes, playful teases work the best. Just a tickle with the feather can make your client wet. It could even give them an ultimate pleasurable moment. An escort should know the G-spots so that they could send chills to your client. For someone who likes anal, a buttplug can make reach heaven. Tell them about the charges before trying anything kinky on your client. Ask them if they are comfortable or not.