Hail Ceasar!

Hail Caesar

The downstairs of my home used to house an amazing home entertainment system. It was so damn good I even had to get the walls soundproofed. It was where the wife and I spent most of our spare time together. Back before we grew apart. All for the better. No happy marriage ends in divorce.

Now however, freed from her vanilla ways, the downstairs is an all new area of home entertainment. And those soundproof walls are a lot handier now.

Because now it’s a dungeon.

My most recent edition to the room has easily become my favourite piece. The Caesar 4.0 Love Machine. Though while I love it, almost as much as Laura does, it does seem like an odd term for this brutal machine.

We decided to do something a bit different with it last time. Well, besides amping it up more than we had before, we also live streamed it off Chaturbate, an experience that paid for the machine and then some, though we really only did it for exhibitionism.

For those that don’t know what the Caesar looks like, it’s essentially a solid black stand, with a heavy duty base (that I’ve bolted to the floor) and an adjustable arm on the top. From this arm are a few appendages, namely the thruster that can go up to 260 strokes a minute! Now you see why it’s bolted down. Less exciting, but important for that session, is a mount on top of the arm to fit a camera too, and another mount to hook up a wand to.

As we had done before, I tied Laura up to my converted gym stand. One of those ones that you can lay back on, with the seat that can be angled, and the heavy bar at the end to have the barbell on top of. Except I changed the ends of the legs, so the barbell stand is at the base, and drilled some holes into the feet of the other end, to which I attached some leather cuffs with adjustable lengths of straps.

Laura sat on the bench completely naked, the back of which was arched to sixty degrees, and her hands bound to the floor. Her thighs were almost against the barbell arms, and her ankles were braced at the top.

The Caesar was set with the double thrusting accessories, the eight inch dong on top, and the almost as big, self lubricating anal penetrator. For the wand, we always use a Doxy Massager.

With all the toys just an inch inside each opening we were ready to start streaming,  though the wand was raised to not touch her yet. Laura was well lubed up and aching for me to turn the machine on, but withholding that from her was half the fun.

Chaturbate is streaming service where ‘cam-girls’ (or men or couples) create a live video chat room, where their followers watch live and send through ‘tips’ for various rewards. It’s real money and for a lot of them out there, their main source of income. For us though, we just wanted others to watch Laura taking the Caesar, and let them be in control of just what she gets. I can sometimes give in too soon when she really begs for me to amp it up higher.

We had decided on rewards for certain tips, and since this machine didn’t respond electronically the way most of the cam-girls toys do, I would monitor the live feed and adjust the control box and wand as required.

As viewers started logging into our chat room, the buzz was quick to ignite. At first the people simply commented on how hot Laura looked strapped in there, the look of desperation on her face as she yearned for the machine to start. Once Laura remembered that of course the audio was also streaming, she began to plead with her crowd, as she always did to me.

I watched the screen of my laptop as the numbers in the room began to grow.

7, 20, 30, 60, 75…

Yet still there were only comments coming in. No tips. Laura was growing more and more frustrated. The camera was set to capture everything just right. With her legs up and spread open, the tip of each toy could be seen sunk inside her. Her full breasts had the perfect amount of light on them, the right contrast of shadow beneath them. Her nipples stood erect, from anticipation and no doubt, the slight chill still resting in the air.


Finally, the first tip came in. I read it and smiled, knowing how much it was going to annoy Laura.

I reached across to the control wheel, which was sitting atop the small fold out card table, next to the laptop. I eased the dial around, and watched the timer application I had running on the computer.

The two toys, both attached to the one thrusting rod, gently eased into motion. Laura gasped, more in relief than in pleasure, as the toys inched in and out of her, but never going more than fifty strokes a minute. Not that it went for that long. After ten seconds, I turned the dial back, and the machine stopped.

‘No no no no no!’ Laura cried out. Her back arched as she tried to push herself against the dildos. But I’m not an amatuer. I set the machine and bench up just right. With her legs hoisted up the barbell arms, that inch was all she had to work with.

‘More more more!’ She added, her voice louder and louder. ‘Please!’


Apparently her pleas had worked. I adjusted the speed dial as requested, knowing that in another fifteen seconds she was going to be greatly let down again.

This time though, she moaned louder than she had pleaded. A deep, guttural moan that came from deep beneath her heaving breasts.

Ting ting ting ting ting ting!!!

The bell on the computer went off, like, a lot. It was quickly a struggle for me to keep track of all the durations and speed requests coming in.

Laura was in heaven. I think after that first, very brief go, she realised she couldn’t rely on knowing how long each ‘ting’ was going to last, or how powerful it was going to be, so she savoured every thrust that came her way.

I felt myself harden as I watched the tan dildo part her labia and disappear inside her pussy while the black, gently curved anal dong opened up her ass.

The machine was now out halfway, 130 strokes a minute, or a little over two strokes per second. Laura’s body pulled against her restraints, a natural reaction to try to ease against the pounding.

She was so lost in the moment she didn’t even notice me step up to the machine to adjust the Doxy wand, until she felt its lowest setting rumble against her clit.

‘Oh fuck!’ She cried out again through gritted teeth. She managed to open her eyes long enough to see me move back to the computer, before closing them again and straining against the intense sensations she was experiencing.

It wasn’t until I saw some of the comments that I realised how much noise was coming from between her thighs. The whir of the machine had overpowered it but when brought to my attention, I could barely hear anything else except for the gushing and thrashing of the flesh and juices against the machine.

It may not have been required, but the next time I returned to her side to up the power of the wand, I dribbled more lube onto Laura’s clit, and watched it trickle down between her thighs. It made its way down to her anus, not that it needed a top up with the self lubricating plug pounding away in her ass.

Returning to the screen, I found there was a whole heap of new tips that had come in. I put a pause on any new ones while I tried to tally up everything that had come in. Laura was in for even more of a wild ride.

The fucking machine was now up to 75%, as was the wand. The speed of the two dongs repeatedly entering her kept her fully gaped. Through gritted teeth, Laura managed to unload a plethora of blasphemes and curse words as she struggled to find her breath in between.

It wasn’t long into this setting when she came for the first time, her words fading into cries of pleasure and obscure high pitched noises. But this seemed to be a tipping point, as she fell into constant waves of orgasm, each time she sounded almost like she needed a break after cresting a wave, before happily rising up over the next.

I watched as her legs tried in vain to pull against the restraints, her shoulders too rising, anyway she could try to spread the sensations throughout her body.

As I was just about to stand and make the final adjustments to the toys, a small bell sound let me know another tip had come in. The only one I hadn’t removed, as it didn’t involve Laura. Well, not completely. And this wasn’t going to be a struggle at all, my erection already made it tricky to slip my pants off.

I moved over to Laura. Her eyes were shut fast, her whole body pulsed as the machine gushed in and out of her. I turned the Doxy up to the max first.

Right choice. Her eyes flew wide open and the sound from her mouth was more something akin to a noise heard from a maternity room. Deep, guttural, primal. As much as the restraints allowed, she writhed her hips and before I could turn up the Caesar machine, she squirted long and hard, her juices splashing against my hard cock and naked legs.

Even more excited after that, I cranked up the machine to full bore, and made my way around until I was standing behind Laura’s shoulder.

The toys worked Laura almost as before, as she continuously climaxed, one after the other, but this time, each orgasm saw her spray herself more and more. I even saw some land on the camera, but figured the viewers would love the idea of that dripping down their screens so I left it.

I used her juices as lube when I started wanking myself beside her face. Watching the double penetrating machine throttle her back and forth, her tits wobbling up and down with the motion, was the hottest fucking thing I’d ever seen.

Sometimes I’d see her eyes open, but they were cross-eyed, and didn’t seem to even acknowledge that I was there, chucking my meat inches from her face.

No, Laura was in a whole other dimension. And loving every minute of it. With her eyes crossed and turning red from lack of breathing, she reminded me of Carter Cruise and her infamous coming face. Except it was more like a compilation video with how often Laura rolled into it.

Listening to her continual moans and watching her bouncing tits, I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to finish myself off. My pace quickened, my own groans started gaining volume too.

‘You better put that load on my face,’ Laura managed to say with a husky voice between moans. She was trying to keep her eyes peeled on me, watching my hand chugging away, her own juices flicking from my cock onto her face already.

Laura came again, one of the deepest and longest I’d ever heard her have, well topping all the previous ones, at least from tonight. She wailed as she did, this time her voice higher pitched, like a songbird, and though I couldn’t imagine she had much left in here, she gushed a long constant stream, unable to hold it back at all.

This threw me over the edge and I felt it all gather in my pelvis and surge forward, before shooting its way from my thick slippery tip and exploding over Laura’s face. I moaned and cursed as always, let her know I was there, and she opened her mouth to receive my hot load.

It splattered across her sweaty face, some caught in her mouth which she rolled around her tongue before being hit by the second barrel. My legs quivered as I squeezed the last out, letting it trickle onto her smiling face. I wanted to collapse in a heap, but there was still a machine tearing Laura in half (in a good way).

I cranked the machine down to half speed before easing the Doxy wand back until it was fully off. Laura’s moans and movements also eased back, still enjoying it all. Not even ten minutes ago, this setting of the fuck machine was curling her toes, now it was like a warm oil massage to her.

I wound the Caesar all the way back until finally it came to a stop. I watched Laura’s body quiver and shake as I started unbuckling her from the seat.

‘Enjoy that?’ I asked.

‘I don’t even have the words to describe how I’m feeling right now.’ She was smiling, glowing, yet completely exhausted.

‘Anything I can get for you? Water, towel, blanket?’

‘Just the computer.’

I handed her the laptop and she went about starting to reply to some of the comments that were still coming in, smiling and waving at the camera. While she thanked our audience, I logged into our session on my mobile and saw how many subscribers we’d now gotten, and just how much money we’d made (not the point, sure, but a great bonus). I started thinking about how we could top it next time, and how me might be able to hook the two toys up to an app that could look after following the tips, without me manually changing it. I do have a friend that’s pretty handy with that sort of thing, and with this sort of money, we’d even be able to pay him.

Seeing Laura beaming her smile at the camera, the sheen and glow of her naked skin, the heave of her breasts as she still caught her breath, I knew we were going to have to do this again, and definitely sooner rather than later.

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