Thoughts about Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls on Bed

There are certainly lots of fascinating items for sale in our sex stores, and I have what I call my bucket list. It’s a list of the things around the store that make me wonder “Wow, do people really buy that? Or “what the hell is that even for?’ well I didn’t have to work here for very long to find out that people do buy absolutely everything we sell. As for what everything was for, thankfully Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre staff are brimming with knowledge about everything sex related and have turned out to be a much better resource.

I have a peculiar soft spot for the sex dolls, they are one of the only things in the store I have not sold for its designed purpose. (At least not knowingly) I have only sold them as gag gifts. For to me they are synonymous with what I thought of as a sex toy when I was young. I bought one myself actually a few years ago and attempted to fashion a shower curtain out of it.

Surely guys aren’t blowing up these plastic things and fucking them! What about the seam for god sake? It would be like sticking your dick in an inside out freezer bag!

Sex Dolls are not what the used to be though, technology has made them extremely life like. The more life like they become though, the more I am freaked out by them. The same can’t be said for everyone though. There is a large community of mainly men out there getting way more from their dolls than sex. These guys are forming genuine emotional attachments to their dolls and sharing their lives with them, to most this would be even weirder than the fact that they fuck them.

Some of the most realistic Sex Dolls nowadays can cost thousands and thousands of dollars they come with custom built orifices.  The Sex Dolls have removable vaginas, eyes that can be manipulated and interchangeable, magnetised faces. They have bodies covered in high tech silicone and can have metal movable skeletons that can be positioned at whim. Gone are the days when all the wannabe doll screwers had to choose was basically a beach ball with a face, and every time they penetrated the thing it popped! They are already making robotic ones that can talk back and companies are utilizing all the AI technology they have at their real life fingertips.


Blow Up Porn Sex Doll
Sex Toy: Bonnie Rotten Collection Fantasy Fuck Doll


The ultimate aim is to get the Sex Dolls to talk back and interact, but having read the websites for the dolls and delved into the forums. The product is clearly marketed to and used by men who want a partner that never answers back. They extol the virtues of sharing your life with someone who listens to you unconditionally when you talk about your bad day. A doll that never looks like she has let herself go, a perfectly giving and understanding, non-judgmental girlfriend. The men are sold the dolls as having hearts aren’t cold like real women, although their bodies are, that is unless you purchase warming devices, (yes they can have heating systems).  You could argue that they are just like a super-almost-human version of a fleshlight and funnily enough the inventor of the Flesh light, Steve Shubin, was after a patent a few years back to make a lubricating vagina.

The Sex Dolls are mainly used by males, but not exclusively. You can purchase realistic sex dolls for only a few thousand bucks! According to “Real Doll” (the Ferrari of doll makers), they are mostly bought by gay guys. It is well worth checking out what the dolls look like. I even joined the doll club on the Real Doll site so that I could have a proper snoop around and see what makes these ‘Idollotras’ tick (I think I made that word up). Jolly interesting it was too.

Japanese people love Sex Dolls, this didn’t surprise me, and neither did the fact that they have Doll brothels, with doll prostitutes, One Japanese man even made a sex doll that doubles as a drinking fountain. I thought that was quite cool.

I have watched a couple of great documentaries about Sex Dolls. One involved a married couple in the UK who own hundreds of dolls, they live in a little suburban house and the dolls are all arranged doing normal stuff, just having dinner with them and watching TV. The couple say they don’t ever have sex with the dolls.  Frankly, just hanging out with them, is probably even more disturbing than fucking them.  We all know the British and Japanese are well known for their kinks, but it isn’t either of these countries that are major purchasers of these dolls. The Philippines come in at number one closely followed by…..Australia! Yes!  Sydney and Melbourne beat any city in the world including any in America. These dolls are out there amongst us right now stealing our men!

You may not see them though because it is actually illegal to fondle Sex Dolls in public. A guy in the US was arrested in a shop car park for making out with one.  Some of these dolls are criminals too. Their cunning owners strap them into car seats next to them so they can sneak into the carpool lanes. They are not all on the wrong side of the law though, some are out there protecting their owners from being burgled when on holiday by staying home and guarding the house.

In 2011 one Australian couple were saved from drowning when they clung onto their blow up Sex Doll and Australian officials amusingly issued a statement that sex dolls “are not recognised flotation devices.”

The Sex Doll documentaries out there on this subject are fascinating and well worth a look, there is also the movie with Ryan Gosling, Lars and the Real girl. The advances in technology I mentioned, both with robotics and Artificial intelligence mean that these dolls are going to get more and more realistic. ‘Westworld’ may not be just a science fiction series on Netflix in 100 years’ time. It might be actual science. The creators at Real Doll are already creating dolls that talk back to you.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres