Just Gotta Love The Ryder This Fleshlight Will Give You!

Dylan Fleshlight Ryder

Beautifully shaped in a definite resemblance of Bluebird Films star Dylan Ryder, this Fleshlight Girl is a phenomenal expansion to a line of porn starlet masturbators from Fleshlight. The  Dylan Ryder Fleshlight masturbator was painstakingly made to look and feel simply like the dazzling on-screen character herself; and consolidated with unimaginably exact specifying and an overwhelming internal surface, this is the nearest you’ll get to being inside her. When you get to use Dylan you’ll feel the delicate opening stick tenderly as you enter the energizing Lotus sleeve, which mirrors vaginal sex. The principal thing you’ll feel is a super tight, ultra ribbed channel that, as you infiltrate, gives you waves of pleasure.

All Fleshlight models have the capacity to modify how firmly the internal dividers hold you by differing the suction; slacken or take care of the top on the base of the packaging to see for yourself. The configuration of this masturbator truly is ideal for self-delight, the body is styled like a customary spotlight that looks not like a sex toy; as well as makes for a characteristic and agreeable hold. Besides essentially holding your Fleshlight Girl close by, you may need to wedge the case between love seat pads or cushions to be used hands-free, or use a mount that gives you a chance to use her in your favorite positions.

The progressive, ultra safe Superskin material making up the removable inside sleeve is amazingly delicate and practical feeling, you’ll cherish how it warms to the touch, warming actually to body temperature during use. You can play with the temperature all the more by warming up the sleeve in warm water first or using the Fleshlight Warmer and toss your lube bottle in while you’re busy for to a delightfully genuine feel. You’ll adore how Superskin keeps its shape like real flesh, its delicate and flexible, and grasps you tenderly. It’ll keep going quite a while if tended to appropriately, and once you’ve encountered the vibe of the Fleshlight, you’ll most likely need to draw out its life.


Male Masturbator Company


To clean, flush with warm water don’t use cleaners with additives. It’s vital to let it dry totally before putting away it away. The sleeve may get somewhat sticky after using it and if this happens, simply sprinkle it generously with Fleshlight’s Renew powder to restore the delicate quality. Something to note is that all Fleshlight sleeves feel better the more lube you use, so make a point to stock up before your session- a decent water-based lube is your most logical option, stay away from both oil and silicone equations, since they can disintegrate the material.

Dylan Ryder was conceived on February 23, 1981. Ryder was brought up in California and was a tease growing up and adored being looked at. She exceeded expectations in competitive swimming. When she turned 18 she moved to the Central Coast and took up nursing, and later turned into a drug and alcohol counselor.

Ryder was drawn into adult movies when she was 22 when she saw a Penthouse magazine. She found the models were so lovely and arousing and that they had something that Dylan knew she needed to investigate. She at last sent photographs to an adult organization.

Her first shoot was for Reality Kings and then made the most of her time in the business however for a short time turned her occupation into a prison guard in Arizona. Subsequent to working in such an unforgiving situation, she ached to be closer to her friends from the adult industry. After she moved back to California, Ryder needed to get back in the porn business and with another mentality and new and improved body she bounced right in! Ryder like such a variety of ladies discovered her sexuality and got to be love with her body in her mid 20’s. Dylan has been a leader in the adult industry since her arrival in July 2008.

She has kept up her position as a standout amongst the most prominent porn stars and a standout amongst the most sought contract stars in the business. Ryder keeps on showing her lively and sweet side while turning up the warmth with her exceptionally attractive figure. Ryder’s certainty plainly sparkles in every scene! Dylan has an incredible grin, wonderful huge eyes, a tall statuesque figure and flawless bosoms. Ryder is genuinely the aggregate bundle!

Dylan appreciates travel, loves visiting Disneyland, heading off to the California beaches, and swimming. She has featured in TV ads, numerous brochures and now she’s a fleshlight!


Dylan lists her favourite things as:
• Books: Any true crime.
• Car: My Denali
• Drinks: Beers, I love trying new beers….Wine, I can handle 2 glasses, Champagne: gimmie a bottle!
• Holidays / Festival: I love Christmas! I start decorating and playing holiday music before November!
• Month/s: Feb, Aug and December
• Music: Everything! Hip Hop, Rap, Country, R&B, 40’s music, 80’s music, Rock…Especially holiday music!
• Quotes: ‘Relax, It’s Just SEX’, Larry Flynt
• Season/s: Summer and Winter
• Snacks: Fruits, veggies, Think Thin White Chocolate bars…
• TV Shows: Nancy Grace, Hells Kitchen, Its Always Sunny in Philly, Anything on E! or Bravo.. When I have time to watch TV.
• Video Games: Super Mario Bro on Wii
• Can’t Live Without: Water, I drink at least 8 bottles a day! Fresh fruit and veggies…I just love to stop at farmers markets, roadside fruit stands, and little hole in the wall places…I should be a food critic. I am a huge foodie! I love to shop too!
• Clothing Brands: Juicy Couture, True Religion, BEBE, Anything from Victoria’s Secret PINK!
• Fast Food / Restaurant: Jamba Juice and Starbucks
• I never leave home without: Cell phone, wallet, keys, and a bottle of water.
• Movies: The Time Travelers Wife, Boiler Room, Jumper, Usual Suspects, anything Tim Burton.
• Places to Shop: Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Trashy Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, BEBE…
• Restaurants: I’ll try anything once!
• Shoe Brands: I live in heels, flip flops, Uggs!
• Sports Team/s: 49ers,Chargers, Yankees, Lakers, UFC
• Vacation Spots: Anything with sandy beaches or somewhere rich in history! I’m such a tourist!

Some of Dylan Ryder’s movies include –
My Sister Celine (Video)
2011 Sexperts (Video)
2011 Katwoman XXX (Video)
2011 Backdoor to Chyna (Video)
2011 Girls in White 2011 3 (Video)
2011 XXX Avengers (Video)
The Poser
2011 Keeping It Up for the KardASSians 2 (Video)
2011 Masturbation Nation 11 (Video)
2011 Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Oprah (Video)
2011 This Ain’t Cougar Town XXX (Video)
2010 Cranked (Video)
Chilli Manilli
2010 Booby Patrol (Video)
2010 Office Perverts 5 (Video)
2010 BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody (Video)
Lap Dancer 4
2010 Hot and Mean (TV Series)
– ROB THIS! BITCH! (2010)
2010 Bonny & Clide (Video)
Lake Girl 1
2010 Looking for Mr. Right Now (Video)
2010 Bra Busters (Video)
2010 Girls Who Want Girls (Video)
2010 Big Tits at School 9 (Video)
2010 Mad Love (Video)
2010 Jersey Shore XXX (Video)
2010 Texass Tales (Video)
2010 Opposites Attract (Video)
2010 2 Chicks Same Time 8 (Video)
2010 Busty House Calls (Video)
2010 Dirty 30’s 11 (Video)
2010 Infidelities (Video)
2010 Kung Fu Beauty (Video)
2010 Maid to Order (Video)
2010 MILF Blown 2 (Video)
2010 Tattle Tale (Video)
2010 This Ain’t Two and a Half Men XXX (Video)
2010 Whitezilla Is a Mother Fucker 3 (Video)
2009 Big Tits Boss 7 (Video) (as Dylan Rider)
2009 MILF Gasms (Video)
2009 Everybody Loves Lucy (Video)
2009 Keeping It Up for the KardASSians (Video)
Kourtney Kard-assian
2009 Masturbation Nation 2 (Video)
2009 Mommy Got Boobs 4 (Video)
2009 Dirty 30’s 9 (Video)
2009 Immoral Hotel (Video)
2009 My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend 2 (Video)
2009 My First Sex Teacher #19 (Video)
2009 Naughty Athletics 8 (Video)
2009 The King of Coochie 3 (Video)
2009 This Ain’t Dancing with the Stars XXX (Video)
Judge #3
2009 Wife Switch 7 (Video)
2008 MILFS Like It Big 2 (Video)
2008 Screw My Wife Please 65 (Video)
2008 Doctor Adventures 2 (Video)
2008 2 Chicks Same Time 3 (Video)
2008 Cheating Wives Tales 11 (Video)
2008 Double D Housewives (Video)
2008 MILFs Lovin’ MILFs 2 (Video)
2008 Strap-Ons 4 Dummys (Video)
2008 The MILF Collector (Video)
2008 Truly Nice Ass 8 (Video)
2007 My Space Too (Video)
2006 First Time Swallows Vol. 6 (Video) (as Dylan Katz)
2006 All In: A Wild Night in Vegas (Video)
Undercover Agent
2006 50 to 1 3 (Video)
2006 Dirty Chicks Craving Meat Sticks (Video)
2006 Playgirl: Lessons in Love (Video)
2006 Strap-On Club (Video)
2005 Blow Me Sandwich 8 (Video)
2005 Fine Ass Bitches 3 (Video)
2005 Soft in the Middle (Video)
2004 Toe Jam 5 (Video) (as Dylan Katz)

Play With Misty For Me!

Misty Lotus

Ever wondered what it might feel like to fuck a real porn star? Possibly Misty Stone? Well now you can with the Misty Stone Fleshlight Lotus. This Fleshlight is a true mold of Misty Stones vagina and is to scal so now you don’t need to simply watch porn envisioning what it might be like to fuck these incredible girls, now you truly can!

This incredible vagina used the best possible materials to create a vaginal sleeve that has incredible feelings and sensations caused by the Lotus Texture that if not like could even be better than the real thing. Imagine how much of a turn on owning a Fleshlight like this could be and the amount of erotic fun you could have? No more exhausting porn watching sessions of feeling truly alone. Now you can truly experience fucking porn star!

Porn star Misty Stone is of African American heritage, the Fleshlight maker ILF is breaking new ground with this Fleshlight by putting it out as the first Fleshlight with a cocoa skin tone. This move is long past overdue and a heap of Fleshlight fans have been sitting tight waitingfor it for quite some time as there are so many of us out there that love ebony girls. Within the Fleshlight it has so much to offer in the chambers with ridges, bumps, nodules and ribs across the sensual four chambers.


Misty Fleshlight
Stone Fleshlight

The lucious lips of the vagina feel truly life-like. It’s got a screw top toward the end to conform weight and suction which is a truly a pleasant highlight as it makes me have unique sensations every time with a simple change of the suction. Before we get to my experience I will say a couple of more things, make sure you’ve got a water-based lube before you purchase this as it feels much better when generously lubed up and will make the Fleshlight a heaps better. Lube is an absolute necessity to have. Also be prepared for an absolutely new porn viewing experience with this sex toy as it truly does have something extremely extraordinary and addictive to it.

Alright so my thoughts about how the male sex toy felt and works.  Well put simply it feels as good as a human vagina.  For an out of this world experience put it between the mattress for a full on hands free experience.  It may sound a bit funny but you will not regret it and you can go as hard and as fast as you  like.

Misty Stone Lotus truly is amazing when you watch her porn whilst using it and and with just a little imagination it will take your orgasms to a whole new level.  The mind is a beautiful thing and watching Misty being fucked on screen and me matching those thrusting motion is an ethereal experience.  It really takes you to sexual heights that you will not have reached before.  Once you are finished it is relatively easy to clean and store away.

The inner surface begins with a 0.8 x 0.6 inch (20 x 15 mm) smooth walled chamber, which has a ring of level hemispheric knocks toward the end. The shape and size of the bumps are practically identical to those of the Speed Bump Insert. Next is a 0.4 x 0.6 inch (10 x 15 mm) chamber containing another ring of hemispheric ridges. This is trailed by a third 2.35 x 0.7 inch (40 x 18 mm) chamber that has a ring of hemispheric bumps at the chamber passage and additionally the way out with a crisscross molded edge surface in the inside. Experienced Fleshlight users will be acquainted with this edge surface as it has been somewhat obtained from the Vortex Insert. The fourth chamber has the same structure as the former chamber aside from some extra bumps toward the end.

Upon entrance into the Misty Stone Fleshlight, the penis head gets to be seriously enveloped by the three rings of bumps and the two channel masturbator. While the bumps apply centric sensations, the entrance encircles tightly as it slips over the penis head, creating a fantastic and tight sensation. At the point when the penis achieves the third chamber, the transversal winding edges grasb the head and the edge of the penis from all sides, making a totally fulfilling and encompassing sensation completely different from the first entrance chamber. It feels really great massaging the penis in and out of these chambers.

With a normal penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), you can completely reach the third chamber however you will miss out on the fourth chamber because all Fleshlights are built to accommodate a man of 8 inches before you reach the end of the stimulating chambers.