At Last The Secret To The Lingox Triple Masturbator Is Revealed!

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Aren’t you fed up with the same idea in all male masturbators? I wonder why manufacturers keep thinking like  “Hmm, let’s use silicone material for the inner sleeve and textured internal surface could give more fun”. Then, add more ribs and nubs and sell it as an improved version of it. Do you think that it is enough for men to satisfy? Sorry guys, it is not. We need more effort than that! Thankfully, Lingox realised that a blowjob without a tongue is not a blowjob and designed this awesome stroker.


Sex Toy: Lingox Triple Masturbator

First of all, I am really impressed with the material. Its soft, super gentle, very supple and has a slight refreshing odour reminded me of gumdrops that I ate when I was a child. I don’t know whether you’ve seen what I’m talking about but you can find an attached photo above. After having shared one of the unnecessary childhood memories of mine with you, let me continue to praise the men’s sex toy. The Lingox Triple Masturbator can be examined in three parts which are;

  • The Material and Design: Lingox Triple Masturbator inner sleeve is made of skin-like silicone material which is antibacterial, latex free and non-toxic. It has a slight odour as I said above but you need to put your nose in the mouth to smell it. You see the nubs and lines when you turn inside out but it is not that complicated, unlike the other masturbators. Apparently, the Triple wants to collect points with the tongue. The view you see is very tempting when you first open the toy, amazingly nice to touch and you can hardly distinguish it from a real mouth during play with plenty amount of water-based lubricant. The outer plastic case is perfectly designed to provide an easy grip for you. And also, you can take the sleeve out for easy cleaning. Lingox Triple Masturbator is almost 11 inches in length so if you are big in length you can use this toy easily but I cannot say the same thing for the ones with a thick penis. You will probably find it a bit tight, however, I believe you may have perfect sensations with the right amount of lubricant. I find the lips, teeth, and tongue to enhance the experience as they are all made from the super soft silicone so you don’t have to be worried about getting hurt by the teeth. You can simply close your eyes and imagine you are getting a real blowjob.
  • Adjustable Cap: Lingox Triple Masturbator has an adjustable cap to have intense stimulations. You can decide how much pressure will be on your shaft by screwing or unscrewing it. You have an empty mouth with a tongue and teeth (which are completely harmless unlike the real blowjob session), use your imagination and fill it up! Don’t forget the more vacuum the higher sensations you get. I believe this adjustable cap makes masturbation that much easier as some men’s sex toys have a hole that you are meant to press to maintain different pressures. This can prove to be challenging during masturbation.
  • Insertable Tip: Lingox Triple Masturbator is more than a masturbator; thanks to innovative designers who know the needs of a man, it comes with a bonus. They are really good at making men happier by adding little things to the design. What I am saying is an insertable textured tip enabling you to have anal play as well. There are multiple ridges all around the sex toy causing an overload of stimulation. As I mentioned in my other reviews earlier, life without prostate stimulation can no longer be thought for men. Put a condom on it, grab your favourite lubricant and you are ready to fly! I love this idea of a penetrative anal sex toy, as it is a hidden aspect of the Lingox Triple Masturbator. You really wouldn’t have noticed it if you walked passed it, it just looks like a torch.

All in all, I think I don’t need to emphasize again how much I like the sex toy after all comments that I’ve made above. This is the best one among the male masturbators I’ve ever seen so far. Don’t hesitate to have one and go for solo or couple play.

About the Author:  Goki is a consultant at the Oh Zone Caringbah and Park Street Stores.
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