The Importance of Adult Shops

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In this day and age there are a lot of things that adult shops can offer to a wide range of customers whether that strictly be a LGBTQI safe zone.  We also cater to many other people and i’ll tackle some issues that we actually help with and the benefit and good that we actually impact onto our culture which a lot of us overlook.  I think about this often. First and foremost I’ll tackle the males and what impacts and drastic changes we can make in their lives.

Men with erectile dysfunction can often be embarrassed by their completely normal medical condition, we offer a wide range of toys to help them with this from penis extenders, strap ons and even tablets which will help make them feel more confident and better equipped without the worry in the back of their head that their partner is not satisfied with what they can offer. And personally I know just from owning multiple fleshlights that times when I would get depressed or lonely these toys can offer a pleasing orgasm and makes yo feel a lot better than going out and wrecking yourself on alcohol or any other thing like that, sometimes all people need is a quick orgasm or the feeling of closeness or to act out a fantasy and things can change your perspective.

I find it astonishing how many couples come into the shop looking to spice up their sex life, they leave with couple toys such as some light BDSM gear and maybe a we vibe and the amount of joy on their face when they come back in and say things like “They helped so much that we’re going to do more stuff like that, show me ALL your  products” which i can tell has brought them closer to their partners or even relationships on the rocks, a little mix up and spice in their relationship life and suddenly you can be back to your honeymoon stage.


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I have a regular who comes and sees me and she had a double masectomy and does not feel “sexy” or self confident anymore and after showing her countless items we came to a conclusion of what she wanted and what her husband liked, and i remember her big grin when she left the shop and i really value things like that, sex shops are seen as taboo or meant to be a place where creeps hang out but i can assure everyone that’s not the case, alot of the interactions i have with the customers is pleasant and they’re more than happy to open up and tell me what the situation they’re dealing with is and i’m more than happy to recommend products that will help them on an individual basis.

Around 75% of women can’t actually achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, so even as a couples toy the body wand is fantastic, i’ve been in situations with ex gf’s and they weren’t able to achieve an orgasm and that really affected my head i was thinking “Am i not good enough?, am i not attractive” and i took it personally when i really shouldn’t have but it’s understandable why it would make you feel unwanted.

But the fact that we offer such a range of products from toys to movies to costumes, i think we are really doing a good job, and being able to push people in the right direction for their fetishes or anything like that is great, especially when it comes to taboo things when guys are scared of trying anything penetrative on themselves because they will feel less “manly”, i try to break down that stereotype and be up front and say things like ” It’s alot more common than you think, we’re not here to judge, honestly it feels great it’s a prostate it’s meant to be touched for sexual pleasure” and more often than not i will see them again and they’ll end up buying a similar toy.

Bit of a rant but i honestly think we make an improvement in every customers life in a positive way.  So get your wallet out and start shopping now.

About The Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres