My First Lesbian Experience

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It was the first date and they were meeting at Likanya’s house.  Roxy ensured she had made herself gorgeous with her silky honey brown hair that fell straight above her firm butt. The crystal blue eyes suggesting a sultry and sexy demeanor are always capturing the attention of others. Their chatting on the net had led to some frank and open sex stories. Likanya had shared an encounter from the Sydney Mardi Gras. It was quite enthralling since the whole thing was about lesbian seductions and romantic issues.

Roxy was new in the LGBTQI community but was invited to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade with Likanya to participate in the event that very night. She had dreamt of being a lesbian for many years but the dream to reality had not yet come to pass. When she had met with other lesbian friends, she felt strong impulses of sexual tension between her thighs but shied off from having lesbian sex.

Now they met, the discussion was all about sex with themselves. Roxy found Likanya with her Sri Lankin ebony smooth skin, big breasts and inviting lips the most beautiful woman she had ever met. They talked about themselves and how they played sex games on the internet. The discussion and games made them become more intimate. The conversation was turning Roxy on, all she could think of was tasting those sweet lips and tongue.

It was then that Likanya, the owner of the house, shared her lesbian dreams with Roxy.  Roxy listened to Likanya carefully with her jaws open and was amazed to realize the hidden dreams and fantasies were almost identical to hers. They both continued to admire each other and they began to watch movies together holding hands.

It was then that Likanya revealed that she had come into the house a few years ago to discover her girlfriend was watching lesbian porn DVD’s whilst wearing lace, lilac lingerie. Likanya said that is then that she discovered a passion for watching sex movies and that she was somewhat astonished how much they turned her on.

The two women in the movie they were watching were making love in the 69 position and Likanya began to squeeze her nipple while rubbing her private parts through her clothes with a finger. This immediate encounter made Likanya’s legs tremble as she dropped down her bag. She moved close and asked Roxy whether they should engage in what the two women were doing in the movie. The acts made Likanya burn like fire with lust and told Roxy that she was wet with desire between her legs. Roxy was also feeling it right down to the pit of her stomach and she wanted someone to make love to her for the very first time.

Roxy planted a kiss on Likanya’s lips and then began to lick those luscious lips forcing her tongue into Likanya’s mouth.  The carnal desire rose up between them and they kissed for many minutes passionately with the background moans of ecstasy coming from the movie in the background. She continued to kiss her on the face and neck. They both held hands and moved into the bathroom.

Roxy applied some Superslyde massage oil onto Likanya’s body and massaged it carefully. She then removed her bra and panty. She was amazed when she saw her private parts. Roxy was happy to see such an erotic body for her first time. They moved into the shower. The next question was whether Likanya liked her breasts. She fondled Likanya’s breasts.

They moved to the bedroom naked whilst the sounds of the hot lesbian DVD could still be heard in the background. It was initially quite romantic which made her keep kissing Likanya on the lips. Likanya began to move her body around spreading her legs, straddling Roxy on top and coming to the 69 position.  She began to move her wet and luscious pink pussy over Roxy’s face but Roxy was a bit shy and placed her hands over her face.  Her heart was beating a million times a minute or so it felt.

Likanya changed to a sex position where she moved Roxy’s hands away from her face and took her erect nipple into her mouth.  She sucked the puckering nipple and teasingly bit it.  Roxy could feel an orgasm building deep within her loins.  Likanya then moved down to her now throbbing cunt and began to like softly around her labia, then delicately sucking her clit and finally plunging her tongue deep into her pussy.  Roxy could hold on no longer and she climaxed over and over again squirting all over the bed and Likanya’s face.

Roxy then maneuverered Likanya’s pussy over her face and began to devour her juices and pussy. This made Likanya experience a beautiful feeling and felt as if not in this world.


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Roxy then inserted the finger in Likanya’s dribbling cunt and continued to move it in and out for several minutes and as Likanya became more and more aroused Roxy inserted another and then another.  Within five minutes Roxy had her whole fist inside Likanya and was fist fucking her.  Likanya was shouting out “More, fuck me hard bitch”.  So Roxy was fist fucking her with fury.  Lukinya screamed, “Fuck my ass”.

Roxy was a bit taken aback by this request but in the throes of passion she grabbed the bottle of Superslyde and inserted the top into Likanya’s ass and delivered a generous squirt up her butt.  With her other hand still in Likanya’s throbbing pussy Roxy slowly and gently began to penetrate her other fist in and out of Likanya’s now gaping hole.  Likanya was making a noise like a wildcat and thrashing about and screaming ”harder, harder” and it was not long before Rosy was fist fucking her anally and vaginal fist fuck.

Likanya’s finally yelled one more time loudly and then began to uncontrollably squirt everywhere.  Roxy removed her fist from Linkanya and she was prized to see that gape remain open for her viewing pleasure and as she removed her fist from Likanya’s pussy they both collapsed onto the bed.

It was many minutes later that they both simultaneously began laughing and agreed that they could not resist the feelings they were having and revisited the erotic encounter multiple times that afternoon as they both squirted on each others faces, go down on each other and even Roxy tried a bit of fist fucking – but only vaginally.

As early evening began to approach both the women decided it was time to get ready in order to participate in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade. Now that Roxy had had her first real lesbian encounter she could not wait to experience more.

When they got there they joined the Dykes on Bikes group and it all began to run smoothly.  It was soon that Roxy saw all the lesbian encounters and hot sexual experiences during the parade and events. She learnt that lesbians could create erotic stimulation through using their mouths, lip, and tongue on the erogenous zones of their lover causing great sexual fulfillment through oral sex. She saw lesbians kissing, embracing, sweet talking, biting, breast stimulation and foreplay. She was excited for her future lesbian encounters.