Threesomes And More!

Group Sex
Threesomes can be a scary word brought up within a relationship that the other partner can just instantly be put off with only saying the word. This day and age i have found a lot more singles and couples are more open to exploring there fetish/fantasies and threesomesis starting to become not as intimating as they use to be. Not all of them need to start with just a couple and adding an extra into them. Some can just be three single people wanting to adventure out and have a bit of fun. Some are just drunken nights that things got a little heated and ended with two different people lying beside you the next morning. Whatever your story is then I always say try something once and if its not your thing then at least you got out your comfort zone and experiment a new experience.
For the couples that are totally against having another person come anywhere near there partners then there is a fun cool way to create a threesome feel without another person being added in. Go to your local adult boutique and grab a masturbator and some lube. There is so many amazing designs of masturbators to choice from, whether its plain or vibrating figure out the one that suits your partner the most. For lesbian couples, go and grab a vibe or even a rabbit. With using these sex toys on your partners they will have the feel like a real life human and with you using it on them then they can relax and get into the mood without the hassle of having to do it themselves.
Some couples just do not know were to even begin to search for another person to join in. We are lucky that now a days we have social media and the internet to help this process. This can help open so many doors to finding someone suitable.
  • Apps – The main one that i can recommend is an app called Fetlife. Its an app that is open to every sort of sex fantasies and fetishes out there. You can make a profile up and anyone interest can get in contact with you. The is great for being able to see pictures of them and have little conversation to maybe take the nerves away if you have any. I have seen on just some of the basic dating websites, couples that have made a profile to invite a third person into there relationship for the night.
  • Advert boards in an adult store. Not all of them do this but some do and its an easy way to leave an advert about exactly what you are looking for and just leave your phone number. I was in Oh! Zone Penrith the other day and noticed they had one hanging near the main door full of adverts.
  • Hiring an escort or prostitute. This way you will have someone professional and experience in this department. This is a great help for beginners starting this way and they can take control and guide you through it. Most of them will make you feel relaxed and comfortable in case the nerves take over a bit.
  • Swingers clubs – There are some good few to pick from if you don’t mind traveling into the sydney city way. Before you go you and your partner need to talk and discuss between each other to find out what each others limits and boundaries are going to be so there is no confusion or arguments when you are there. At these clubs they are so respectful and lovely people to experiment with that will make you feel excited and relaxed at the same time. Everyone there has been a newbie at some point so there so welcoming and friendly with you and help ease you into trying something new. There is strike rules so your do not ever feel under pressure to do anything your not wanting to.  With the swingers clubs its not only about swapping partners, some couples go there to just have threesomes, so pretty much everything goes as long as the other people are up for it.
  • Friends – You might not even realize that someone very close to use would be up for adding themselves into your sex life for the night. Yes this one is probably going to be your riskiest one but it could also be a very comfortable one also. The risky side is that they regret it after and then it can become a little awkward between use all. Another is some feelings may happen to get involve. The more comfortable fact is there is no strings attached but you know this person and feel very relaxed around them, also will know there back story and whats going on in there life to add them into the threesome triangle.
I always recommend safe sex before trying any new adventures. Make sure you are using condoms or even dental dams for females. We can all get a bit caught up in the moment and maybe forget so please wrap up and do not be silly. But have fun, experiment and get out that comfort zone we all tend to be to scared to leave. Its 2020 and judgment with people is getting a lot lower.
This article was contributed by a conultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Same Sex Stereotypes

Two People Kissing
Any relationship comes with certain stereotypes and misconceptions, but I can’t help noticing the large amount of Same Sex Stereotypes that exist with regards to relationships. People seem to forget that relationships are built on an individuals personality and characteristics not their gender!Below is a list of ridiculous yet hilarious questions I, and many, get asked whilst in a same sex relationship for your amusement.
Photo: Gender Stereotypes
  1. Who wears the pants/is in charge if you’re both the same gender? It might be a shock to some, but your gender doesn’t have a whole lot to do with how controlling/dominant you are in a relationship. I’ve seen plenty of relationships where the female is more dominant in the relationship than the male, yet in same sex relationships everyone is SOOOO curious as to who wears the pants. The truth is, every relationship is different because every individual in a relationship is different. In some relationships, both characters are dominant. In some relationships, neither shows dominant traits.
  2. Who pays for dinner? Refer to the point 1. I think it’s quite shocking that the male in a hetero relationship is expected to pay for dinner on a date in the first place! Me and my girlfriend share all expenses including food. Whilst it’s okay to treat your partner with a cute dinner date, no one should be expected to pay for anything in a relationship. Cube is looking just as confused as I am with this question…
  3. Who cooks and who cleans? One of my FAVOURITE relationship stereotypes – the woman cooks and cleans. Contrary to many beliefs, neither me nor my girlfriend enjoy cooking or cleaning and we definitely don’t argue on who wants to do it the most. What happens in a gay relationship? Do both men just not eat and live like pigs?
  4. In Lesbian relationship’s, you both must always must be crying and arguing. Whilst our house can be fiery when we’re both on our period, we aren’t a quivering ball of emotions all month long! We also don’t actively seek to jump each other, fight each other, or bicker at the first opportunity. In any relationship, your main goal should be to bring out the best in each other whether same sex or not. I often hear a lot of people saying that lesbian relationships must be very fiery – again, this is down to the INDIVIDUALS and not the gender.
  5. Every lesbian relationship has a butch and a femme OR all lesbians are butch. SO NOT THE CASE. As individuals, we are attracted to peoples characteristics, attributes, and personalities – this INCLUDES lesbians. Also, FUN FACT. Not all lesbians are ‘butch’.
  6.  I guess there’s no such thing as cheating in a gay relationship? UMMMMMMM. NO. Cheating is cheating. For some reason, I’ve had a lot of people saying that as a girl in a relationship with a girl, it’s okay to go and kiss other girls and it doesn’t have meaning. First things first – any relationship has a set of boundaries and expectations that each partner is expected to respect. If you have explicitly agreed in ANY relationship that you are exclusive, than you are exclusive because that is the wishes of both parties. The gender has no relevance. The act of ‘cheating’ means something different to everyone – but it definitely doesn’t just automatically lose it’s meaning or worth in a gay relationship because you are the same gender.
  7. But if you’re both girls, how do you have sex? This one cracks me up. It mostly comes down to people being ignorant and assuming that all sex has to involve a penis to be counted as sex. This is not the case. For some people, sex involves no penetration at all. It’s also a little bit insulting to think that what we do isn’t ‘counted as sex’ to a lot of people. But for real, Emily Blunt shows it best below.
I hope y’all enjoyed a few awful yet hilarious Same Sex Stereotypes that I’ve heard.

About the Author: Sofie is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres