Penis Enlargement Using A Vacuum Pump!

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Why Use LA Pumps?
Vacuum enlargement is among the most successful methods in penis development methods. The La Pump deluxe system is designed to assist those who suffer with penis size problems, girth problems and erectile dysfunction problems. These issues cause low self-esteem, low sex drive and their partner to reach sexual satisfaction. During sex, the state of mind plays a big role and size and girth of the penis are the baseline of assessment. Most ladies use the size of the penis to determine whether the act will be fulfilling or not.
What Are LA Penis Pumps?
The La Pump range is made with a view of combining safety and comfort with the best possible pumping system on the market today that allow state of the art penis enlargement and development.  The leader in penis enlargement technology many have copies but none can compete with our results and designs.  Don’t be fooled or taken in by cheaper boxed brands that just don’t dot the job. L.A. Pump s are guaranteed that they are quality product without fault or defect one year from date of purchase.  Obviously this excludes normal wear caused from usage or misuse or damage from accident or commercial use.  The pumps are used for many purposes including penile dysfunction and many doctors recommend our products above all others.

How LA Penis Pumps Works: The LA penis pump increases the penis size over time. An erection involves your brain, blood vessels, hormones and nerves. As you age some of these start to fail causing an insufficient amount of blood to remain in the penis to maintain an erection. A vacuum pump pulls blood into the penis, where it is maintained by a tension ring, however, it should be noted that Vacuum Erection Device systems can be used to enlarge practically any external organ like the clitoris, testicles, nipples, foreskin or breasts.

LA Pumps are made of an acrylic barrel with a pump that may be joined straightforwardly to the end of the penis. All cylinders are hand crafted to ensure quality and multiple sizes to ensure your size requirements and are also made for a one size fits all methodology.  As you progress in size you can simply purchase larger sized cylinders.  A narrowing ring, cock ring or band is set on the barrel at the flip side, which is connected to the body. The barrel and pump are usedto make a vacuum that helps the penis become erect. After you use the pump, the narrowing ring, cock ring or band is ued on the base of the penis to help keep up the erection.

Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package
Sex Toy: LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package


Whats in the Deluxe LA Penis Pump Enlarging Kit:

When I bought the deluxe penis enlargement kit, it came with a set of; deluxe gauged pump, two by ten inches crafted penis cylinder, customs silicone donut and Award winning the lubricant. All these items in the kit are supposedly custom made and have a proven record of achieving results and high performance. High performance of the individual items is a reassurance that the kit will only deliver results but in the most efficient manner. Penis enlargement through this method has no limit, and the user can go on and on. It is important to note that, achieving the biggest penis is not the ultimate goal, but ability to retain blood that gives a hard steady erection necessary for a positive attitude towards sex.

Step to use LA Penis Pumps

  1. Connect the pump to the cylinder by pushing the male coupler on the pump hose to the female coupler on the cylinder. You will hear an audible click when the two couplers are successfully connected. (to disconnect the couplers push in on the metal tab on the side of the female connector and the hose will be released). The female coupler attached to the cylinder may be turned clockwise to release pressure from the cylinder and tightened so the vacuum will remain in the cylinder. You should be warned to never over-tighten the coupler to avoid permanent damage. Premium pumps have an air-release mechanism on the side of the body of the pump, which you just push in and release while cylinder is still attached.
  2. Before placing the penis inside of the cylinder lubricate penis well with a personal lubricant. This is a good opportunity to show customers our range of water based lubes as well as our “Premium Pumpers Lube”. The penis should be lubed well so it will be drawn into the cylinder with limited friction, ensuring comfort and maximum results. It is also recommended to apply some lube to the flared area of the cylinder to help in attaining a good vacuum seal.
  3. Penis should be placed in the cylinder, with the cylinder held tightly against the groin area of the body and pumped gently the best comfort level is reached, each person’s comfort level is different.
  4. You can release the hose from the cylinder with the quick disconnect valve after you have reached the desired pressure or in case of an emergency. The valve allows pressure to be held without being attached to the pump.

Penis Pump Tips:


  • Lubricate and Trim Pubic Hair: Penis Pump suction can be ‘how’s your father’ in the event that you haven’t trimmed and lubed around the base of your cock to make a water/air proof seal, yet once that is carried out.!”. When pumped up, they stay pumped up. The extent that growth… At lower pressure, the pumps feel awesome. They certainly make things feel more engorged, and will positively pop the veins down your pole out (making them more conspicuous). At higher suction, they can be a touch uncomfortable; The weight can extend your inward tissues out, creating a dull throb. This isn’t just with the LA Pump stuff however, this is with all pumps. Be watchful with the pressure you use – ensure it is comfortable!


  • Use Rope Style Penis Rings: The one issue I had is that I like to slide a ring onto the cylinder of a pump, pump up and afterward slide the ring off the cylinder and around the base of my pole. That is not by any means conceivable with these cylinders, as they’ve got the broadened base edge. I’ll need to get one of the flexible “rope” style rings, however I think that would work fine. I didn’t have any issue popping a cock ring on rapidly after I pumped some, yet I did lose a touch of the expanded gain I had achieved from the pump.


Pumps should be cleaned after every use and stored dry. Cylinders can be cleaned with a mild antibacterial detergent. Cylinder connectors should be loosened slightly prior to storage (not screwed tight). Cleaning cylinders or pumps in an automatic dishwasher is NOT recommended.


Just like any muscle, the penis can be enlarged over time if you consistently train it just like you would with your biceps. This device is going to provide any user with the growth and the harder/thicker/longer penis that they have been waiting for. Not only is the pump going to massively increase the customers size, it’s going to massively increase their confidence as well!




Penis Pump Users Guide

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Vacuum Enlargement Devices are one of the most useful and favorite products for the enlargement of the penis. Many people have different ideas and concepts about penis pumps.  Using these devices correctly can assist in the elongation and enlargement of the male phallus and there are many clinical experts and doctors that endorse their use and it is very effective over the long-term.

Hydro Pump and Kit

Things such as motion efficiency and performance of the pump are  important and be aware of the health of your penis because the power is in your hands and since it is a delicate body part you want to make sure that you are treating it right. The simplest approach to make your penis more active and large is by pumping it. Don’t pump it with your hands as that will change into masturbation. Using a vacuum enlarging device allows the users to pride the benefits of increased penis size and its thickness. Here’s what you do – slowly pump it up, release the pressure, then slowly pump it up again. Repeat. Every few times that you make a ‘set’ of pumps – you want to ensure that you up the pressure just a little bit. Consider it like working out, do a few reps, do a set of reps and then increase the ‘weight’

Another important feature is that it helps with sexual stamina and is directly proportional to the active muscles while making your muscles active for better and longer performance.

Don’t think about the enlargement as being  secluded and alone. Increasing the size of your penis is not difficult. It can be done by stretching the penis easily through a vacuum device. The main point of the vacuum is to stretch the skin and increase the strengthening of the penis. With the passage of time, the penis increases in size from childhood through to late puberty but the material can decreasing as the age increases. You can also lose size from having prostate surgery as well. You need to equal these factors during this period. Don’t overuse the penis pump. It will enable the clients and users to try new sexual adventures. Would you like to feel the depths of orgasms? Many adult stores recommend enlarging your penis with a penis pump. This penis pump actually creates an intense vacuum that presses the penis veins and walls gently.

Are you ready to enter into a new world of sexual performance? Order the a penis pump by placing your online order via a adult store. They allow the buyers to add the sex tools and products that are the leaders of the sex toy industry. Check the prices of the pumps but more importantly focus on the quality. Don’t neglect to compare the pumps with the other brands available in the markets.

Online stores will have a range of pumps available in various designs, styles, shapes & sizes. They can supply you with almost any penis pump and they will show you how real sex feels like. The effectiveness of any Penis pump is by a large margin pegged on its quality. There might be many products in the market currently, but not all of them are effective. In fact, most of them that claim to guarantee results quick turn out to be useless with nothing much to celebrate about. In the end, buyers end up disappointed and count their losses for failing to go for quality. You must therefore be cautious when shopping for these products because if you fail, you risk losing your hard-earned money.

Power Penis Pump

Some of these considerations are rather basic, but very vital. Think about buying one of those penis pumps that is either too large or too small. Penis enlargement takes time; it is a process that requires lots of understanding and the need to get things right from the beginning. Therefore, purchase a pump with a medium-size pump and because a small one may not realize any enlargement and even bar the growth of your girth. On the other hand, you risk, squashing your scrotum if you choose a large cylinder. Instead of a bigger penis, you risk ending up in a hospital bed with permanent damages on your manhood.

Preferably, go for a product that has a pressure gauge as well as a valve to relieve the pressure. These two are very important as they will make you have control of your pumping sessions when using the Penis pump. With a pressure gauge, you can keep an eye on the force lest you go beyond the level considered to be safe. A pressure relieve valve on the other hand makes it possible for one to reduce the pressure easily if the discomfort levels rise beyond normal and become painful. Doing this bars any possible challenges that you may experience when pumping and therefore is one of the safest things to do.

It is worthy pointing out that pumps that are fitted with some of the gauge and valve are a bit more expensive than the usual ones, but they are worthy the additional costs. Also, you should trust the manufacturer so much that you immediately start using the penis pumps straight from the shop. Instead, though you might be anxious to start pumping, you should ensure that you rinse the whole cylinder in hot water with a dishwashing liquid or just normal liquid hand soap. This will kill any germs that might have been accumulated with the packaging and make it safer for use.

Sharing of penis pump is highly discouraged. Just like a condom, dildo or any adult item, you must fight the temptation to share your pump because doing that exposes all users to infections. It doesn’t matter how much you share in common with your friends, but sharing a pump is out of question. Sterilizing alone might not sufficiently kill the germs, let a pump be used by a single user for a specific time period. Prices vary, but you must make it a point to find value for your money, take your time, shop right and get the best product.

If you have resolved to use an LA penis pump for your penis extension efforts, it is important that you get it right from the beginning. Assuming that you have already purchased the right pump from your nearest adult toys vendor, followed the instructions and everything else is set. The first thing you should consider before you start pumping is to shave off any hair from the areas that will be in contact with penis pump. Shaving creates the right seal between the skin and the pump.

You should then carry out some routine warm-up so that the blood flow in the penis is stimulated and lower the risks of any damages during pumping. This is especially necessary if you haven’t been conducting any penis exercises like jelqing. A simple exercise can be to immersing a towel in hot water (not scalding) and after the excess has been squeezed out, place it around the penis for approximately two minutes. Ensure that the LA penis pumps are set for work during this exercise, which should be repeated for about three times, and you can rinse the cylinder with hot water too during the same time.

The penis should then be stroked gently to attain a full or semi-erection. The point of contact of the cylinder and the skin should be rubbed with some Vaseline for a perfect seal. Thereafter, the cylinder should be fitted on the penis and gradually start adding pressure till the point you feel some form of discomfort but nothing painful. The pressure on the penis shouldn’t be raised to a level that you experience any form of pain as you risk hurting your penis. Therefore, you should stop the pressure on your LA penis pump before you hurt yourself or your penis extension efforts may just backfire on you, be cautious.

You should start pumping for about ten minutes or as instructed by the manufacturer and during this time, you don’t have to be idle-you can carry on with your chores so long as they don’t require a lot of movements. You can sit back and watch your favorite program on television, browse the web or play some computer games. You should then reduce the pressure on your LA penis pump after ten minutes, disengage it from the penis and tenderly caress the penis for up to three minutes. Doing this enables the blood vessels to open up and resume normal blood circulation. You can then insert the pump for an additional ten minutes and repeat the process until the penis is tender.

Pumping should never be overdone. Take breaks to allow blood flow, skip some days to give the penis time to normalize and don’t use a lot of pressure. Most people have realized permanent growth in their penis sizes by doing it right over time by doing it right. For the best results, you must first get the right LA penis pumps from the market and pump as instructed. You shouldn’t stop after realizing some minimal growth, keep doing it and with time, you will be proud of your results.

LA Pump System – Vaccum Enlargement Explained!

LA Pump Deluxe Package

There are currently many different types and brands of penis pumps but we believe that LA Pumps design the best sexual health aids, but the effectiveness of their usage is by a large margin pegged on how effectively they are used. In fact, there is no single pump that can work for almost anyone. This is because the pressure levels they cause varies, and therefore are the end results. You must understand your current penis size and the one you would like to attain after using a Boston pump and find out if you can find it.

man in blue underwear
Image: Man looking in his underwear

These devices are manufactured by different people, and with technology and need to reduce cases of injuries during pumping, you should find one that has a wage of measuring the gauge. It is actually a very important consideration as pumping without keeping an eye on the pressure levels of your LA penis pump might result in bruises. Some people have ended up in hospitals or with permanent injuries for failing to differentiate between pressure when pumping and pain. Most manufacturers ask users to stop usage the moment they feel pain during pumping. It is a common cautionary measure that always result safeguards your penis. Therefore, if the device comes with more technologically advanced safety measures, it is better than one without.

You have read the guides on your favourite penis pump choices,  bought your penis pump and started your pumping session. You feel fulfilled for started that important journey towards the realization of your ideal penis size and therefore, cannot wait for another great session. Well, there are some important things that you should always bear in mind after every pumping session. To stimulate blood circulation in your penis, you are advised to wrap a warm towel around your penis. This should be done whenever an LA pump is used.

It is also important that you rinse the penis pump with hot water and some dish detergent or soap. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that your pump lasts longer and is free from any germs when used next. Furthermore, if you were using lubes, the hot water washes off the lubricant better than cold water. Though highly discouraged, there are still some people who share their pumps. For example, gay couples may use the same penis pump but if you do plan on sharing your penis pump you should ensure that it is properly sterilized. However, a penis pump, just like most sex toys is not meant to be used by more than one person.

Storage of an LA pump is also a very important consideration to bear in mind. You actually don’t want to throw it around the house but somewhere secure and free from the reach of children. Note that adult toys belong to the bedroom, and it doesn’t matter if you are single or married with children. Keep them safe in a drawer and if you still have the original packaging, then keep them into the box. Make it a routine and never leave your penis pump lying around in the house because it might accumulate germs from the surrounding.

After every pumping session, take some time to relax, and maybe take an energy drink. Penis pumps are used for two main purposes; penile size and penis firming. If your main issue was penis enlargement, then relaxing on the couch for sometime gives the body the time to relax and the blood to flow to the penis freely. If you use the LA penis pump to attain an erection, then you should proceed to the business at hand and have a good time.

You must use a quality product to get the best from it and therefore, you should first ensure that the penis pump you are using is of superior quality and best suits your penis. There might be many similar products, but not all may work for all. Take your time to shop for the best penis pump from the nearest adult store or online and work towards the realization of your core objectives. The success of your penis pumping sessions will by a large margin depend on the consistency of using a penis pump and therefore, ensure that you do it more often for the best results. Nothing is as fulfilling as having a penis size you are proud of. Actually, one that your sex partner will yearn for and look forward to feeling it.