The Greatest Kegel Trainer On The Market!

Pelvic floor muscle weight lifter Kim Anami

If you have read some of my previous articles, you may have noticed that in about 90% of my posts I mention Kegel exercises. This is for a very important reason! If there’s one thing that I get excited about selling in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, it’s these products so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the incredible Elvie come into the store.

Elvie The Award Winning Kegel Exerciser

Anyone who is serious about pelvic floor training needs to know about the Elvie because, quite simply, it is the greatest Kegel trainer on the market! Kegel exercises are so important for all women to complete, with genetics, high-impact sport, aging, pregnancy and childbirth contributing to weak pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles can result in urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, poor core strength and difficulties post-childbirth. Strong pelvic floor muscles can mean these issues are avoided or even resolved, with also more intense and powerful orgasms achievable when completing regular Kegel exercises. So if your physical health is not enough of a reason to get going with Kegels then think about the pleasure that can be reached from committing to them.

Kegel exercises can be completed without a product however from my personal experience and from what I have come to understand about women, it is so easy to forget to do them. Investing in a Kegel training product means that you keep yourself accountable to complete them, with no toy more easy and exciting to use than the Elvie!

Elvie Measures The Strength Of Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Bluetooth technology has been a fairly recent addition to the sex toy industry, with most of the toys equipped with this feature used to control vibrations. The Elvie is a Kegel trainer that, when inserted into the vagina, measures the strength of your pelvic floor muscle contractions by connecting to the smartphone application. This app includes a range of 5 minute workouts and indicates whether you are completing the exercises correctly. These app workouts are interactive, with the gem on the screen rising to allow you to visualise the muscle contractions. The app keeps a record of the strength of your muscle contractions which allows you to track your progress as time goes on.

Kegel exerciser with smart phone app
Image: Elvie Kegel Exerciser And Mobile Application

Elvie’s Ergonomical Shape

The shape of the Elvie is reminiscent of a tadpole (Ok sperm if you want my honest first thoughts) with the larger end being inserted into the vagina with or without the changeable cover and the tail kept outside of the body. The cover is included for those who like a firmer, more comfortable fit in the body. It is important that the Elvie is not inserted too far into the vagina, with the app able to tell you if any adjustments are needed.

Other Features Of The Elvie

Elvie is made from high quality medical grade silicone that is very easy to keep clean. It is waterproof so using a mild soap and washing it under warm water will keep it spick and span. I am also thrilled that with the enormous range of pink and purple sex toys on the market, the Elvie is a beautiful mint green colour.

The Elvie includes a discrete and sleek carry case that also works as the charger. The battery life of the Elvie can last up to one month, with the USB charger easy to use.

Award winning Kegel exerciser
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To cover against any manufacturing faults, the Elvie includes a 2 year warranty. This will give you the peace of mind that you are making a worthy investment for a product that will last.

I am certainly not surprised to hear the rave reviews Elvie has received since its debut. As well as featuring in countless women’s magazines, the Elvie is recommended by physiotherapists, obstetricians and personal trainers worldwide.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

I have mentioned much about the physical benefits of Kegel exercises however what I feel most passionate about are the psychological effects achieved from connecting to our bodies and vaginas. There are many women in the world who are completely disconnected from their bodies, with feelings of shame or embarrassment when it comes to their genitals. Using a Kegel trainer like the Elvie not only leads to greater physical health but can mean that women can become more connected to and accepting of their genitals. Committing to the exercise a couple of times throughout the day – For example: upon waking in the morning, on your lunchtime break and before going to sleep at night – means that you are taking time for yourself, your pleasure and your health. It is crucial for women to take time to fill up their own cups and do something for themselves so that they can be more alive, loving and energised in their lives. I believe that the Elvie can be a gateway to a more embodied, connected, healthier and pleasurable life for women so for this reason it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Author: Stephanie Curtis, Sexologist, BA Nursing

Anal Play – I Did It My Way!

Fun Factory Flexi Felix Anal Beads In Black

Some of my most treasured possessions in my sex toy drawer(s) worthy of being saved in the unlikely event of a house fire include my anal toys. I find these toys to be the most used and loved in my solo and partnered sex life-there are so many different options that each lead to a uniquely pleasurable experience. Butt toys are a great way of experimenting with anal play and are particularly appropriate for those who may have some reluctance with this type of play.

I am proud to admit that 80% of my bootie toy collection consists of Fun Factory products. There are many reasons why I am a huge fan of Fun Factory’s amazing anal product line, their high quality, funky designs and potential for inducing exquisite pleasure being the obvious highlights.

My Favourite Sex Toy Is My Hand
Image: My Favourite Sex Toy

Fun Factory are a German based sex toy company, producing quirky, playful and amazing quality sex toys at affordable prices. They are made from medical grade silicone which I have found to have its own unique texture. Unlike other brands that have a silky-smooth feel, the silicone that Fun Factory use for their products is slightly textured and grabby. It feels amazing and is great when used with a high-quality water based lubricant such as Pjur Back Door Comfort Water Based Anal Glide. Medical Grade Silicone is a non-porous material which means it’s very hygienic hence great for anal play. With waterproof anal toys, I highly recommend using a foaming toy cleaner such as Wicked Foam n Fresh to keep them spick and span.

Safety is paramount when experimenting with toys and anal play. Unlike a woman’s vagina, the anus and gastrointestinal system is long and there is much larger room for error (To put it simply, you can lose things up there!!). To avoid a trip to the emergency department, it is vital that any toys you are using for anal play have a wide base and solid handle that is easy to hold onto so as to avoid missing toys.

Flexi Felix Anal Beads

To be perfectly honest, I used to have some big judgements of the Flexi Felix Anal Beads. I couldn’t understand what Fun Factory were thinking creating a butt toy with a weird alien head handle (According to Fun Factory, it is actually a beetle head). It freaked me out and I never actually opened the box until a few months of working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. Well you know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” This is exactly what I insist customers do when I present them with the Flexi Felix as I believe that once you really check them out, you will agree that they are amazing anal beads!! Their elongated shape means they are really comfortable to insert and remove. This is super important when it comes to any sex toy especially anal beads and means they are perfect for anal bead beginners. Flexi Felix Anal Beads are 32cms in total length and are available in black or pink.


Fun Factory Bootie Set Anal Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Fun Factory Bootie Set

Bootie Butt Plugs

The Bootie Butt Plug is a toy I hold near and dear to my heart as it was the first but plug I ever owned-my first introduction to butt toys in fact (I know, a very sweet story…Hold back your tears). Fun Factory have uniquely designed these toys, straying away from the traditional straight plugs and creating a curved plug with a tapered end that is a comfortable and snug fit. The base is intended to sit comfortably between your butt cheeks and is long enough to hold on to with ease. The Bootie plugs are available as singles in small, medium and large or in a box set with all three. The small is perfect for absolute beginners at 7.5cm in length and 2.5cm girth. The medium at 9.3cm length and 3.5cm width is a decent step up for intermediate users and the large at 11.1cm length and 4cm width is perfect for those who are experienced anal play peeps.

Fun Factory B Balls Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fun Factory B Balls

B Balls

What do you get when you combine a Kegel exerciser and butt toy?! The Fun Factory B Balls of course!! The latest addition to my collection, this toy is stepping up to favourite position due to the exquisite pleasure it brings to my life. The B Balls are available in single or double, with each ball featuring a weighted ball within which creates a subtle shaking and vibrating-like sensation when moved around-no batteries required either! The pulsations of this travel through your body, a unique feeling that I am sure both men and women will love just as much as I do. The B Balls are available in Black/Red or Purple/White. The only part of these toys I will fault is the design not being smooth all over. I am not a fan of any sex toys that have cracks or creases, especially anal toys and these do. Prior to use, I would recommend anal douching and giving them a thorough cleaning after use, ensuring to not miss these spots.


Fun Factory Duke Sex Toy Image
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Duke Vibrator

Out of all the amazing prostate vibrators available in store, The Fun Factory Duke is my number one seller. It has powerful vibrations with 2 intensities and 3 patterns, an easy to grip handle, is waterproof, includes a removable rechargeable bullet for use without the silicone prostate sleeve and comes with a 2-year warranty for any manufacturing faults. All of this at a really decent price. Now as a female I am sans prostate however I can vouch for these vibes as I have heard nothing but positive feedback.

If you are interested in their products, be sure to check out our Exclusive Interview With Laura Von Der Brelie From Fun Factory. Whether you are an anal play newbie or pro, Fun Factory deliver when it comes to making high quality butt toys available. Come into the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and check them out!! If you are looking for an anal play enthusiasts you can meet you match on the Plenty of Fish dating website.

Author: Sophie is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




Kegel Exercise Benefits With Evi!

Aneros Evi Sex Toy Photo

The Benefits of Kegel Exercises

I find kegel exerciser toys to be the easier products to sell to women of all ages because I have experienced them for myself and know how incredibly beneficial they can be for many reasons. From stronger & more pleasurable orgasms to eradicating urinary incontinence and greater recovery post childbirth, kegel exercisers are the holy grail of sex toys and a must for every woman to own. When I saw the Evi by Aneros, a very different style of kegel exerciser, I was intensely curious as to how good “Hands-Free Pleasure” would actually be.


Benefits of Kegel Exercises FAQ Image
Image: Benefits of Kegel Exercises


I have been intrigued by the Aneros products since I begun working at Oh Zone, not understanding what it was about these toys that warranted the higher price tag for non-vibrating toys. I have sold many of the Aneros for Him hands-free prostate massager products and have heard consistently amazing reviews of these toys from male customers. The Evi is the one and only female-specific product of Aneros and has received a great deal of applause from women online but is a product I haven’t sold in store yet. The price tag can be a slight deterrent for women trying toys that are unique, as it is a pricier option. There is often a fear of spending money on a product that ultimately is going to end up sitting around being unused. Despite there being so many amazing toys that are guaranteed to pleasure and please, I was excited to take one for the team and purchase the Evi for a field test. I am happy to say I’m so glad I did!!

Evi by Aneros!

The Evi is a kegel exerciser, G-Spot stimulator and Clitoral Stimulator in one. What makes this toy so unique is the design. The Evi features a short bulbous dildo shaft that when inserted into the vagina, sits snug against the G-Spot. It is shaped to fit most woman’s bodies so it stays in easily. The handle is a long arm that sits against the clitoris and when completing kegel exercises, pushes ever so slightly against the clitoris which is a very pleasurable sensation. Many of the kegel exercisers on the market are ball shaped toys that are inserted into the vagina which does not provide clit stimulation and does not necessarily stimulate the G-Spot either. I love that the Evi stimulates it all and fits really comfortably against the body.

The Evi comes in a solid white box with a flip magnetic lid. It’s perfect for storage of the toy and roomy enough to accommodate some of your other toys. I think it’s great when toys come in reusable packaging, it’s good for the environment and means that your toys don’t end up dust covered sitting in the bottom of your bedside drawer.

The Evi is made from really smooth, high-quality red silicone. This material is perfect for these types of toys as it’s non-porous and super easy to clean. Simply use some antibacterial toy cleaner after use and make sure you give it a wash before use in case it’s picked up any dirt or dust in between uses. If taken care of properly, the Evi will last a long time.

The Evi is a really easy toy to use (Once I got my head around which way to put it in that is). When inserted into the vagina and the arm facing the clitoris, using the Evi is as simple as completing some kegel exercises. This involves the squeezing and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles which brings the bulbous end firmly up against the G-Spot and the arm up to the clitoris. Aneros also recommend laying on you back with your knees bent and feet planted, rocking your hips back and forth with the Evi inserted. They also recommend swivelling your hips in circles to activate the Evi’s capabilities.


Aneros Evi Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Aneros Evi


My Experience With Aneros Evi

I found the sensations ignited from using the Evi were subtle and pleasurable but they were not strong enough to make me orgasm from using it alone. I could definitely feel that by doing the kegel exercises, I was becoming more sensitive to these sensations the longer I used it. Plus it’s always a good thing to have a new toy to inspire me to do these exercises. I intend to put in more practice using the Evi because I believe it is one of those toys that requires regular use for the full benefits to be experienced. This toy has a lot of potential and I would highly recommend it to women looking to mix up their kegel exercising program.

There wasn’t much about the Evi that I could really fault. Wearing it with underwear or pants as you go about your day is quite uncomfortable due to the clitoral arm, so unlike other kegel exercises that you can pop in and walk about with, the Evi is more suitable for bedroom play or picking a calm, windless day to wear a dress with no underwear!! I also would reassure women wishing to purchase the Evi that it isn’t necessarily a one-time use=mind blowing orgasms kind of toy (Well at least it wasn’t in my experience). It requires a bit of practice to find positions that really suit your body but in saying that, I think that this kind of practice and exercise is worth the end results.

The Evi is a unique and the sophisticated design of the kegel exerciser that I would recommend to women looking for something different than the regular kegel balls. With regular use of this toy, you’re guaranteed to get your money worth in orgasms!! You can buy Aneros sex toys from Adultsmart.


About the author: Sophie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave






Tighten, Tone & Enjoy With FunToys Geisha Balls

Kegel, pelvic wall, geisha balls, ben wa,

The pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body. They help stabilize the pelvis, and they support the organs of the lower abdomen, bladder, and uterus. You can think of the pelvic floor muscles as a web of interrelated muscles, tendons, and ligaments that form a supportive hammock at the base of the pelvic bowl. One of these muscles, the pubococcygeus, also known as the PC muscle, goes around the openings for the urethra, vagina, and anus. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak or damaged, the integrity of these openings can be compromised.

Childbirth, chronic coughing, aging, and inactivity are among the causes of weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles. A weak pelvic floor can lead to problems like incontinence, diminished sexual enjoyment, and a dropping of the organs into the pelvic muscles which is the case with problems like a prolapsed uterus or bladder. So! As you can see, it is extremely important to maintain and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles! This is where kegel exercising comes in (named after Dr. Kegel), that is highly recommended for strengthening the pelvic floor.

Sex Toy: Funtoys Geisha Ball


Geisha Balls:
A product that I highly recommend to use for kegel exercising is Funtoys Geisha Balls. They’re a bright and beautiful 5 stage system of muscle training, made from body safe materials. Inside the box, comes 4 different colour/weighted balls, a special silicone strap and a user manual. The idea is that you start with the combination of smaller weights and gradually increase in weight as you become more advanced.

What do you get from using Geisha Balls?

  • Strengthened vaginal muscles
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improved bladder control

It should be noted that prior to performing Kegel exercises, it is recommended to empty the bladder completely. Kegel exercise should be performed up too three times a day for optimal results (note: this has been the general consensus online). In some cases, it takes up to 12 weeks of practice for individuals to notice any change in their symptoms! So remind people to stay patient! Like anything, it’s not going to be an overnight change.
Furthermore, once more experienced/advanced, you can wear your Geisha Balls anywhere! I would recommend starting at home though, to save the embarrassment of them falling out at the shops or whilst walking down the street… can you imagine?!

What I Love About Fun Toys Geisha Balls:

  • The strap is silicone, not material like LELO’s similar version
  • It’s colourful and pleasing to the eye
  • Its ridges would also make it stimulating whilst in use
  • There are 4 different weighted balls providing lots of different combinations of weights

The Funtoys Geisha Balls the silicone strap allows for a different type of exercise you pose in many positions and pull on the strap and force your muscles to resist and pull back on the balls strengthening them in other ways rather than the set and forget method and the geisha balls trump the Lelo Luna Beads tenfold. I have all sized Lelo Luna Beads and I far prefer the geisha.

These Smart Beads Will Send You Luna!

Luna Beads

Lelo has a new smart bead called the Luna that is a Kegel exerciser that takes the cake. Uniquely this product features SenseTouch which is trademarked technology in sex toys that is innovative as it tracks your usage and then works out what is perfect for you. Kegel exercising is very important especially after child-birth as it stops leakage, strengthens your pelvic floor and walls that in turn allows you to experience stronger orgasms. All that from a sex toy that you are going to enjoy. Who could ask for more from a sex toy health product?

Although the main function of kegel exercisers is to strengthen your internal muscles this little sucker can also be used as a normal vibrating egg that you can use on many intimate parts of your body. Imagine the joyful sensations placing it on the clitoris, or nipples or on your lover’s testicles. The material makes it safe for both internal and external usage. Rather than just using it for kegel exercising you can use it as a bullet for clitoral stimulation or play with it on your erogenous zones. You can definitely sexually experiment the with Lelo Smart Luna Beads kegel sex toy.

The Lelo Smart Luna is made from mostly body safe silicone although it has a ABS plastic ring where it opens to allow for insertion of batteries. The silicone is very firm allowing you to really squeeze down with your pelvic muscles and is very easy to wipe clean after use.  The shape of the Lelo Luna Beads is designed for your kegel muscles to flow with the shape of the sex toy. Recommended is an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner as that way you can ensure that your toy will always remain hygienic and ready to use.

Kegel Exercising
Sex Toy: Lelo Smart Luna Beads


There is a handy loop on the kegel sex toy that allows you to insert it fully should you wish to use it during the day but also allow easy removal by placing your finger in the loop and drawing it out. As the silicone is smooth it will allow you to simply focus on squeezing your muscles and strengthening them. When the vibrator is on this will occur automatically. It is recommended that first time users do not go out with the exerciser inserted but to use it at home until you get used to it. It is always advisable to use a high quality lubricant when using it.

The Luna Smart Bead is oval in shape but has a bulge in the middle. It is shaped ergonomically to fit snuggly in the vagina making it comfortable for long term use even for those starting out. The bulge at the bottom stops the sex toys from ‘falling out’ of the vagina when using it out. It is a comfortable length and size that makes it suitable for all.

The Vibrating Smart Bead takes on AAA battery but unlike most Lelo sex toys it is not rechargeable. To insert or replace just twist off the cap. Regular battery life differs but is around to 8 hours mark.

There is a circular button on one side of the boy that turns it on and off. SmartSense should do the rest and will adjust the vibrations and modes to suit you best. There are five scales and they are Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced and Master (which should probably be called Mistress don’t you think?). The first time you turn the Kegel Exerciser it will default to Intermediate and thereafter let SmartSense take control. You insert it in a similar style that you would a tampon.

The first time you use the sex toy it will buzz three times and then go through a full routine or exercise which takes approximately 5 minutes. How your body handles this first session will determine where you begin your next. The more you use the exerciser the stronger your pelvic muscles become and you will see better results sexually for you and your lover. The vibration routines are there so you can do different workouts throughout the day.  So using Lelo Smart Luna Beads for performing kegel exercisers is going to give you positive sexual results and enhance your sexual lifestyle for long term change.


About the author: Jacinta from Fyshwick